Monday, December 31, 2007

Coachman Replacing JBL as Smackdown Color Man

Ugh. That is all I can say about the WWE decision, or should I say Vince McMahon's decision to put Jonathan Coachman with Michael Cole as the new announcing duo on SmackDown. We knew that JBL would be leaving, but I personally thought they should have put Tazz, who already has a history on Friday nights and did a solid job, back with Cole. Coach can grate on ones nerves really quickly, and I realize that he is supposed to be a heel, but the bottom line is he is not that good of an announcer. He proved that on the three-man team that he, JR, and the King made up on RAW when they were doing the show together. Bad decision by the company.

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RAW Preview for New Years Eve

Taped for tonight on Raw:

- Ric Flair vs. Triple H. If Flair loses, Vince McMahon will fire him and force him to retire.

- Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy.

- Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Santino Marella.

- WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James.

- Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Umaga in a Royal Rumble qualifying match.

- Hornswoggle vs. William Regal.

- Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Vince McMahon, Jillian Hall, Ron Simmons, Big Dick Johnson, JBL and Chris Jericho will also appear on the show.


Upcoming WWE DVD Releases for 2008

Below are DVDs slated to be released by WWE in 2008:

* The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin - 02/12/2008
* Triple H: King of Kings - 03/25/2008
* Evolution of the Hardys - 05/06/2008
* The Rock - 06/03/2008
* Best of Starrcade - 07/08/2008
* Summer Slam Anthology - 08/05/2008
* Life and Times of Mr. Perfect - 08/05/2008
* Edge - 11/04/2008
* Randy Savage: Macho Madness - 11/18/2008
* Sting - 12/09/2008

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Story Behind the Majors Brothers Name Change reports that Vince McMahon was behind the decision to repackage SmackDown's Major Brothers.

The WWE Chairman only learned that the two were not really related several weeks ago, says the story. Upon learning that they were lifelong friends, rather than brothers, McMahon was "stunned and frustrated," contending that the current fans would not accept a fake sibling gimmick.

He pushed creative to meet with the team and develop new names, hence the wrestlers are now Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

Their current affiliation with Edge came about after creative followed through on McMahon's directive. Their individual personalities should come out over the course of the gimmick.

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Jericho Featured in Winnipeg Sun Feature

Article from today's Winnipeg Sun:

Chris Jericho has always been in pretty good shape.

He first began working out at age 15 while growing up in Winnipeg and has been in the gym ever since.

Things changed a bit during his two-year sabbatical away from the ring. Sure, he still looked great but he admitted his routine was getting a bit stagnant as time went by.

"I was on the same workout program for three years, which is never good," Jericho said over the phone recently from his home in Tampa, Fla. "I was just too lazy to change. But I started working with a personal trainer which shocks your system because you never know what you're going to get."

Jericho recently returned to the WWE after a few years off. He was about 25 pounds lighter than when he was wrestling and a personal trainer helped get him into ring shape and pack on some pounds. Boxing, cardio on a treadmill and exercise bike, and lifting heavier weights helped.

"But it's not the same as being in the ring," said the 37-year-old. "In September, I went to Lance Storm's wrestling school in Calgary and went through the drills. It was good to get back to the basics, get back in the groove and work on some new moves with Lance."

An avid wrestling fan since the age of eight who never missed AWA or WWF programming, Jericho returned to the WWE in late September. He said he never considered jumping to the rival TNA promotion which, over the past few years, has acquired such ex-WWE talent as Kurt Angle, Booker T and Christian Cage.

"I have respect for them (TNA) starting up and existing this long," said Jericho. "But for me my dream was always to work in the WWE. It took nine long years to get there and, creatively, I left on very good terms. I had no axe to grind with Vince (McMahon) and no agenda. Unless he told me to go to hell, there was no chance I'd go to TNA."


Y2J said dressing-room morale is "great," and he doesn't feel things are a lot different since he left to recharge his batteries.

"A lot of new faces you see right off the bat," said Jericho. "Wrestling is a tight-knit profession and after two or three weeks of traveling together, you get to be close. You fight for this dream and there's only a specific small number who are good enough to be in the WWE."

Jericho said the fire to return to the squared circle surfaced while writing his acclaimed autobiography A Lion's Tale.

He's had a handful of matches since returning, including a pay-per-view contest against Randy Orton at Armageddon. He's been happy with how his body has responded so far but, above all, he's loving wrestling again.

"I needed to get my mental fire back," said Jericho. "It was a challenging last few months before I left. I didn't want to be there. I'd had enough. It's kinda like if you buy an extra large pizza and you eat as much as you can and there's half left. The next day you don't want to taste it, smell at it or look at it. I was mentally burned out. But now I'm back doing what I do. I've been able to come back, update and modify my character. It's all part of the challenge."

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Former RAW Tag Champ Hurt in Atlanta


Former World Tag Team Champion Lance Cade was injured after separating his left shoulder at a live event in Atlanta on Friday night.

According to athletic trainer Chris Brennan, the severity of Cade’s injury cannot be determined until he undergoes an orthopedic evaluation.

“Lance could be out of action for four to six weeks,” Brennan told “Of course, those numbers could change depending on the orthopedic evaluation.” will update this situation as more information becomes available.

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Next WWE Diva in Playboy Is....

WWE Diva Maria recently did a photoshoot for Playboy Magazine. She follows in the footsteps of Sable, Torrie, Chyna, and Candice to have already posed for the publication. Usually the release date of the publication comes around WrestleMania, so don't be shocked to see her issue come out around Mid-March

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Rumble a Quick Sellout

From Pro Wrestling Insider

According to, the 2008 Royal Rumble at Madison Square Garden has sold out in less than five hours. It's likely additional tickets will be released as WWE releases sections initially blocked off for production purposes, but everything that was placed on sale this morning was sold.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Smackdown Your Vote! And Rock The Vote Tag Team In ‘Rock The Caucus’ Effort

STAMFORD , Conn. , December 28, 2007 – World Wrestling Entertainment®’s Smackdown Your Vote! is teaming up with Rock the Vote to support its “Rock the Caucus” initiative in Iowa . WWE® is using the star power of its Superstars to urge Iowa high school students of voting age to get active and make their voices heard by attending either the Democratic or Republican Caucus on Thursday, January 3, 2008.

Smackdown Your Vote! tapped ECW Champion CM Punk™, WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy™, and WWE Diva Maria™ to appear in a special promotional poster that was distributed to high schools. It can be downloaded at and at A Public Service Announcement was created featuring Mr. Kennedy and it is airing on CW cable network affiliates in Iowa . The PSA can also be seen on WWE is also utilizing grassroots and social networking sites to promote these items.

“The Iowa youth vote is a much-coveted voting bloc in 2008, and being courted by campaigns in a way we haven’t seen in years,” said Heather Smith, Executive Director, Rock the Vote. “The high school bloc is especially critical in Iowa where any Iowan who will be 18 by November 4, 2008 is eligible to caucus in January. This mean nearly every 17- and 18-year-old in the state is eligible to participate in his or her first caucus on January 3rd.”

“As the first major electoral event in the presidential race, the Iowa caucuses are generating considerable excitement. We want to get high school students in Iowa equally excited to participate in the Caucuses,” said Gary Davis, Executive Director, WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote!. “WWE and Rock the Vote are leveraging the power of both organizations in this election to promote involvement and awareness in the political process.”

Rock the Vote and Smackdown Your Vote! joined forces earlier this year on a nationwide poll of young voters that was conducted by Sacred Heart University . The poll found young adults increasingly engaged in politics and on track for a strong turnout in 2008, a finding bolstered by 18-29 year olds’ record turnout to the polls in 2004 and 2006. Rock the Caucus is intended to continue this momentum by mobilizing young voters in the first-in-the-nation primary, cueing up a year of energy and action among young voters and for Rock the Vote and Smackdown Your Vote!.

About Rock the Vote: Rock the Vote’s mission is to build the political clout and engagement of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country. Rock the Vote uses music, popular culture and new technologies to engage and incite young people to register and vote in every election. And we give young people the tools to identify, learn about, and take action on the issues that affect their lives, and leverage their power in the political process.

Rock the Vote is creative, effective, and controlled by nobody’s agenda but our own – we tell it like it is and pride ourselves on being a trusted source for information on politics. We empower the 45 million young people in America who want to step up, claim their voice in the political process, and change the way politics is done.

About Rock the Caucus: Rock the Caucus is a joint, nonpartisan program between Rock the Vote, Iowa ’s PIRG’s New Voters Project, and Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro. The goal of Rock the Caucus is to mobilize young adults to the January 3rd Iowa caucuses and ensure that, at the first-in-the-nation caucus, young adults’ voices are heard loudly and clearly. Rock the Vote’s Rock the Caucus efforts are targeted at turning 17- and 18-year-old high school seniors out to their first caucuses by securing pledges to caucus at high school assemblies, class presentations, via online social networking sites, at mock caucuses, and during after-school parties on January 3rd. For more information, see or visit our Rock the Caucus Facebook page here:

About Smackdown Your Vote!: founded in July 2000, Smackdown Your Vote! is a non-partisan campaign to encourage young people to become active participants in their democracy and vote. Working with non-partisan partners and the major political parties, WWE and its Superstars have the sole focus of encouraging more young people to register and vote, and to have more candidates for political office address the credible issues of Americans under 30.

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and For information on our global activities, go to

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Congrats to our Winner in Our Let's Wrestle RAW vs SmackDown 2008 Giveaway!

A big CONGRATS goes out to Wendy Fairfull, our winner of a XBox 360 Copy of RAW vs SmackDown 2008! She subscribed to our email list and was picked at random among the many people that signed up in the one week we were doing the contest. Wendy will get a FREE brand new copy of the RAW vs SmackDown 2008 Game for XBox 360! Congrats again Wendy!


Carlito Staying with the WWE - Here's How

The Following is from Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Several weeks ago WWE superstar Carlito was very upset with his role in the company and asked for his release. Vince McMahon and Carlito had a meeting at the December 3rd RAW in North Charleston, South Carolina. Carlito vented his frustrations but Vince was able to convince him not to leave.

WWE management sees Carlito as a valuable asset for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that he's a young, talented and charismatic performer, they did not want another one of their recognizable stars jumping to TNA. Additionally, Carlito has strong ties in Puerto Rico, Central and South America, which will help WWE's expansion into those territories.

Carlito’s unhappiness began earlier this year when he was not booked for WrestleMania 23. He told the Ottawa Sun newspaper that he should have been booked for the show and WWE was foolish for not using him as a heel. Carlito’s father Carlos Colon also grew frustrated with WWE because he wanted his WWC promotion to be utilized as one of WWE's developmental territories. WWE was not interested.

Carlito is now back on good terms with WWE. Ever since the meeting with Vince McMahon, Carlito has been treated better on television. They rewarded him on the RAW anniversary special by featuring him in a ladder match with Jeff Hardy. Management loved the match and everything seems to be smoothed over.

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Cena to Be Ready for a Match at Mania?

Good news on the John Cena front, as Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Cena is making great progress off the injury that has kept him on the sidelines for the last few months. Cena is doing well enough that he was able to go to Iraq and appear on the "Tribute to the Troops" show. As far as when we will see John in-ring again, it may be as soon as WrestleMania, which would be a HUGE boost for the event. The report says that it looks as if it can happen, Cena would take on Randy Orton, who by then would not have the WWE Title.

There is also talk that if Cena is not well enough to be in any sort of match, he may be well enough to at least be at the show, or to make some sort of run-in. As for a match with Orton, it would likely be a second-tier match on the card, with the two main events being the biggest pushed, then the Hogan-Khali (if that is what they in the end go with), and then the Cena match along with the JBL-Y2J match being in that second tier of matches.

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Wilson Still Hurting; Still Off TV

Torrie Wilson has been off TV for awhile, and here is a quick update on her as posted in a newsbit on Lords of Pain:

On her MySpace page, Torrie Wilson posted an update on the back injury that is keeping her sidelined. Torrie wrote: "On the health front, my back problems don't seem to be getting any better and I am actually starting to feel worse believe it or not! It's gotten to the point that I can barely stand up in the morning. I've never really been hurt before so this is really REALLY annoying to me. I can't stand feeling frail and just want to go back to my active lifestyle. I am looking into another type of treatment right now that looks promising so let's hope this problem goes away soon. Please pray for me! I have actually been out of the action in the wrestling ring for quite some time and am really starting to miss it."

She also gave an update on how business for her recently launched clothing store is going. Torrie wrote: "The success of my store so far has been absolutely unbelievable! I guess lots of people in my area agree with the fact that we needed some cool shopping. I actually had to temporarily shut down my online store because we just couldn't keep up with the traffic that the online store was getting along with how busy the actual store is."

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Latest Comments from Jim Ross' Blog

Jim Ross is back at it again with another blog update at Below are some highlights:

Jillian's Christmas CD

- I am shocked, but happy for the success of anyone in the biz. Do you think it has become a gag gift or has anyone heard it and thinks it is better than many of us have pre-judged? I still think Jillian’s singing is akin to Ellen Degeneres’ dancing.

William Regal & Mean Gene Okerlund DVD's
- Mean Gene is one of my all time favorite people in the biz, and I would love to hear him speak on his favorite moments in his career, including interviews and matches he has called. The AWA library would help provide some great memories.

I don’t see a specific Regal DVD anytime soon, which doesn’t lessen Regal’s skills or the fact that you are a fan of his. Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame also might be a little premature for Regal at this time, however the UK native’s in ring abilities are unique and enjoyable to watch. I, too, am a William Regal fan and would like to see him wrestle more on Raw.

Ron Killings

- How would I know? Remember, I don’t work in that department any longer, nor do I discuss with those folks who they are, or are not speaking with.

Undertaker vs. Batista @ WM23
- His reaction to The Undertaker defeating Batista at WM 23: I was simply being a fan, Kim. It was very exciting. You have to admit I had a pretty good seat. I am NOT anti-Batista whatsoever, but I AM an Undertaker fan for many reasons, largely hinged around the singular word “respect.”


WWE's Top 10 of 2007

- With 2007 coming to a close and this being the last report of the year, I thought it would be good to do a little "Stories of the Year" top 10 list - so here we go:

1. Chris Benoit Double Murder/Suicide - Could be the biggest story in the history of the sport. Shook the foundation of how things in wrestling are looked at, and still today hard to fathom.

2. Main Eventers Injured - The list is alarming: Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Shawn Michaels, John Cena. No star was bigger than Cena, as the company was able to overcome each of the other injuries without much of a hitch, but Cena's injury really changed things. It was good to see him on the Tribute to the Troops show this last week, and in the end maybe the injury in the long run will be a refresher for his character.

3 . WrestleMania 23 Sells out Ford Field
- While the event lacked the man who helped sell out the Silverdome 20 years ago, Hulk Hogan, the event was still memorable for all the right reasons. Two great main events with Cena vs Michales and Batista vs Undertaker, and the Money in the Bank was memorable as well. A great card overall and a great venue.

4. ECW all but Dead - Like it or not, ECW of today is not even close to that of last year, when you at least at RVD, Sabu, Sandman and a few others that were originals. Now you have top guys like C.M. Punk, John Morrison, Big Daddy V, and Mark Henry. Change is not always good.

5. The Vince McMahon Death Angle - It was a shock angle that was scrapped when the Benoit murders/suicide took place. It was a distasteful angle anyway, and some thought it was fate that a real life wrestling death took place while a fake one was going on.

6. The Rise of Jeff Hardy - For years many thought that Hardy had what it took, but his out of the ring issues always seemed to hold him back. Plus many questioned his true dedication to the sport long term. Now he seems as focused as ever, and it's paying off.

7. The New Substance Suspension System - Back in August the company made waves when they suspended 10 guys, including big names like Jeff Hardy, Booker T., Umaga and others. It made an impact that hopefully these guys will finally get it.

8. Mr.McMahon's "son" - Yes, a pretty interesting storyline till the end, when the kid ended up being Hornswoggle, the pal under the ring of Finely. Since then, he has had a big role on TV, playing a big part in making McMahon's as well as Coach's life tough. The storyline should have belonged to Mr.Kennedy, but he blew it by not stepping up.

9. RVD and Booker T. Say Good-Bye - Two great long-time WWE guys decided that they had enough, and took the high road out. RVD did come back for the RAW 15th Anniversary show, but don't expect a full-time return. As for Booker, he's now in TNA.

10. RAW 15th Anniversary - A mega show that turned out to be better than the Armageddon PPV that took place six days later. It was great to see some of the old stars, and while the show went three hours, it seemed like with all the great highlights and what went into the show, it could easily have went longer.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A tribute fit for a King

It's great to see the WWE put in another fantastic show for our Soldiers serving in Iraq. Say what you want about Vince McMahon and how he runs his business, but time and again he does a great thing for the troops. No other major sport/entertainment organizations puts on the type of show he does. He takes his top level talent, including himself this year, and goes overseas to put on a Raw from the middle of Iraq. The security necessary to do this must be huge, but the payoff is so worth it.

When watching the show its great to see the interaction between the Super Stars of the WWE and the Soldiers. Everyone from the WWE is so humble as they take time to joke around and take pictures with the men and women serving over there. I can't stress enough how much this impressed me. In an era were entertainers feel they are God's gift to the world and we all should bow down and worship them, it's great to see this level of appreciation . The looks on the faces of those who interacted with the wrestles was process. Bringing this small piece of home must boost the moral 10 fold, and it shows we all appreciate what they are doing over there for this country.

The matches themselves were not bad either. You would figure after a 22 hour flight the wrestlers could be forgiven for putting on a less than stellar performance. But these guys and gals gave there all, and had some good matches. Even John Cena, wounded wing and all, gave the FU to Vince. The wrestlers had fun with the crowd, including Y2J taking a camera and snapping a pic of a wounded Randy Orton, the Divas giving kisses to the Soldiers, Jeff Hardy high 5ing those at ring side during the match, and DX calling the troops into the ring.

Overall this is great the WWE takes time to do this every year and they should be praised for it. I know there is still plenty of bashing of wrestling going on now due to the Chris Benoit saga, but show me another sport that takes time to do this on such a grand level. I don't see the NBA, MLB or the NFL doing anything of this magnitude, and they all have their skeletons with steroid's, drug abuse and a never ending rap sheet of players getting arrested for various infractions. So to the rest of the media, lay off wrestling for their troubles, at least they try to do some good.

Finally, on behalf of Matt Loede and myself I would also like to extend a special thank you to the troops. We can never show enough gratitude for the sacrifices you men and women make to help make this country one of the best in the world. We all miss you and love you guys, and can't wait till you can all come home and be with your loved ones again. So Happy Holidays to all our readers and listeners, and once again thank you to all those who serve proudly in the US military.

Best of ECW Preview Toinight on Sci-Fi

The last edition of ECW on Sci Fi in 2007 will look back on some of the greatest (and most extreme) moments from the past year.

Going into 2008, ECW Champion CM Punk’s title might as well be a golden target in the Land of the Extreme. As if Big Daddy V and Mark Henry didn’t add up to a big enough problem for the champion, Chavo Guerrero is now making efforts to knock Punk off of the pinnacle point in ECW. Thanks to United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter making room for him, Guerrero made sure the Straightedge Superstar wouldn’t go to bed without a headache. What further measures will this hungry competitor take to crash CM Punk’s party?

WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison’s luck may have run out. After weeks of success in combining their efforts, the duo fell to Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang on ECW on Sci Fi. Can they recover and get past their differences to keep hold of the gold or are their days as champions numbered?

Also on ECW, Shelton Benjamin tore through questionable competition – a man taking part in his first match. Is there something out there that can bring him down or is the self-proclaimed “Gold Standard” right when he claims there is no stopping him?

Tune into a very special edition of ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT and relive memorable moments from 2007. And find out the answers to all of these questions and more the following week when the Superstars return to the ring.


Styles Rips JBL's Mic Work on SmackDown

In ECW's Joey Styles' latest blog entry on, he takes some pretty good shots (one has to wonder how true they are) about JBL and his work on SmackDown. here is the entry:

"This week's Most Extreme Player is former and, in my humble opinion, future WWE Champion, John "Bradshaw" Layfield. After being goaded out of retirement by Chris Jericho, JBL made the decision to leave the SmackDown broadcast table to return to the ring on Raw. JBL was the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history, and has the potential to do so on Raw as well. In addition, JBL appears six times weekly on both FOX News and FOX Business as a financial commentator.

However, none of the aforementioned is the reason that I have selected JBL as my MEP this week. The fact is, myself and millions of English speaking SmackDown viewers owe a huge debt of gratitude to Y2J for getting JBL to relinquish his headset and allowing all of us to resume watching SmackDown with the sound on.

What an early Christmas gift! No more JBL cliches such as "Ballgame!," "The lights are on bright," "He smells like smoke because he's been through fire." Not to mention JBL's outdated sports references to everyone from Ben Hogan to Honus Wagner.

Just when I thought nobody could butcher color commentary worse than Ernest "The Cat" Miller did years ago, along came JBL, tempting me to drive my pencil into my own ears at every WWE pay-per-view. JBL spent more time talking about himself in his Foghorn Leghorn voice than he did talking about the matches he was supposed to be calling. While I have no doubt that JBL will one day be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame as the great in-ring superstar he is, the self-professed Wall Street wizard will not be joining Gene Okerlund and Jim Ross in the announcer's wing.

While I don't believe that I am going to be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame anytime soon, (if ever), I take comfort in the fact that unlike JBL, I did not force millions of our viewers to learn how to operate the closed captioning on their televisions.

I wish JBL the best in his future endeavors if only so I never have to suffer through him calling another match."

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Two WWE Stars Looking to Bring in Former WCW Star

The following comes from Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Both Rey Mysterio and MVP are pushing WWE officials to sign former WCW wrestler Norman Smiley to a contract, either as a wrestler or an agent.

Smiley, 41, has worked a number of dark matches for WWE over the past few years, but has never landed a WWE deal. Smiley worked a dark match with Vladimir Kozlov a few weeks ago. The match went well and Smiley received a huge pop from the audience when he made his entrance.

Smiley helped train MVP as a wrestler when he was starting out. And of course, Mysterio knows Smiley from their time together in WCW and Mexico.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Tribute to the Troops Preview from

On Christmas Eve, WWE brings you our most important broadcast of the year. Spend the holiday with our troops in Iraq, as WWE presents its 5th Annual Tribute to the Troops.

As the only entertainment event broadcast from Iraq, WWE Superstars and staff brought the excitement of a WWE live event to our soldiers stationed in the Middle East. They also spent lots of time meeting with the brave men and women making up our Armed Forces.

Join us as Tribute to the Troops, WWE’s way of bringing the troops home to you for the holidays, airs Christmas Eve at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

Here are the matches that were taped for the show:

- Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
- Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito
- Mickie James & Maria vs. Kelly Kelly & Layla
- Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry
- Ron Simmons vs. Hardcore Holly
- DX vs. Umaga & Mr. Kennedy


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Because it Was Just so Cheesy....The Edge & Vicki Video Package

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WWE Returns to Action Next Week with House Shows

WWE will return to Live Action next week with a couple of house shows, the first of which will be Wednesday the 26th in Nashville at the Sommet Center. It's a RAW house show, with stars to appear including:

Randy Orton
Triple H
Jeff Hardy

Also on Wednesday, the SmackDown/ECW crew will be in Albany at the Times Union Center. Both crews are on the road Thursday, with RAW in Chatanooga, Tennessee, and the SmackDown/ECW crew in New Jersey. Here is the promo for the show in New Jersey:

WWE returns to the Meadowlands for their last Tri-State area appearance of 2007 on Thursday, December 27 with the Superstars of Smackdown and ECW live featuring:

Batista vs. Edge - Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali
CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerreo
ECW Championship Match

Open Challenge to any WWE Superstar from MVP for the United States Championship

Kane vs. Big Daddy V (w/Matt Striker)
Jesse and Festus vs. John Morrison/
The Miz
WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Jimmy Yang/Jamie Noble vs. Mark Henry/Chuck Palumbo
Tag Team Match

Christmas Bikini Contest- Kelly Kelly-Victoria-Michelle McCool-Layla

Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke

Also To Be There: The Major Brothers, Teddy Long

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Some of the Latest from JR's Blog

Another entry from Jim Ross on his Blog- here are the highlights

CM Punk Drinking Beer At Raw XW Show
- When asked about the rumor of CM Punk drinking beer at the RAW XV show: Ah, more rumors… Punk drank no beer at all - and neither did a few others.

Who Played Doink the Clown At XV Show
- On who played Doink the Clown at the XV show: Matt Borne, the original and evil Doink the Clown, was there and he looked great. Matt was a great in-ring performer in his day, without question.

Mick Foley vs. Michael Hayes
- When asked about internet rumors saying Mick Foley and Michael Hayes got into a heated argument at a recent Roundtable taping: I must have missed it and I was there, Paul. I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary, but a little cussing on that show isn’t that unusual. But surely one would not assume that any wrestling website could be wrong or perpetuate a rumor, would they?

Big Show To Return?

- On why Big Show wasn't at the show: I assume a return for the Big Show is always possible, but I don’t know why he wasn’t at the Anniversary Raw. Perhaps he was simply not available. I saw Show in November in Miami and he looked to be in excellent shape, as he has been preparing for a boxing career that doesn’t seem to have taken off for whatever reasons.

Hulk Hogan's Reference To Randy Savage

- Backstage reaction to Hogan's reference to Randy Savage: I never heard it mentioned by any one at the event and have only heard it mentioned in the internet world. Most likely, no one had any significant reaction to it, because it was simply Hogan saying something to get a rise out of folks, like it did you. This answer is to all the other messages I received about this. Subject closed, as it is non-news.


- On the WWE announcers situation: Tazz would then have to be replaced on ECW, but there are some potentially good talkers who might mesh nicely with the talented Joey Styles. As far as who broadcasts the Royal Rumble, I have not heard, nor is it an issue with me who does it. It is the most challenging event of the year to broadcast.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Edge Heads one and all

So the reign of terror of Vickie and Edge grows in magnitude as the former Major Brothers join the unholy fold. This is one of the 3 major stories of tonight. So before we get to them let's do a quick run down of the other stuff. Rick Flair made a major speech about how great it is to possible face Triple H in his final match. Great way to trick the fans into possibly thinking the next match is Flair's last. I'm not buying it one bit. Flair is to big to end his career in this way. Even if he loses to Triple H , trust me he will be back somehow. Festus beat Deuce, or was it Domino, or maybe Dice Clay in a Santa match. I'm not sure who lost, but does it really matter. And Finlay and Hornswoggle beat Kahli and Ranjin Singh in a hilarious humiliation of Singh. Please let this end and restore some dignity to Finlay's decent wrestling career.

Now onto the big stories. First, another great 6 man match with Punk, Kane and Mysterio vs MVP, Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Everybody but Henry once again did a great job with some great moves and performances in the ring. This match was a good way to keep things fresh until the Royal Rumble and let some great performances show. We know MVP and Mysterio will continue, but how else will the other situations fall. I would love to see V and Punk develop more, as the first short lived program between them was decent. I say give V a shot to show everybody in the WWE what he can really do. As for Kane, I hope they have better plans for him than Mark Henry. Kane may not be the most exciting performer, but at least he give a good effort every night. Just look at the last Mania. He turned a horrible match into something that at least was entertaining for an opening match. As for Henry, give it up WWE. You have tried to make him popular, and it has failed time and again. Cut your loses and let him go.

JBL tonight announced he is leaving Smack Down to return to the ring on Raw. I love this, as JBL is such a lovable jerk. He has the perfect heel attitude, he is full of himself, hates everyone else, except other jerks and is great on the mic. This will clearly give Jericho something to occupy himself with until he is ready for a major title push. Not sure how long JBL will last, as he is not in the best shape. He may want to return to the ring, but how far will that desire last. He has enough money and other distractions in life, so one has to wonder if his heart is really in it full time. I hope he lasts for at last a year, because in my opinion his presence is really needed. Especially since Raw does not have a heel with his charisma.

Finally lets get to the start of the new Rated R era on Smack Down. Now armed with the former Major Brothers, Edge started his mockery of everything held sacred on Smack Down. With the help of his "lover", Vickie Guerrero, they were able to screw Batista in his rematch tonight. It ended up being a 3 on 1 match with Edge and the former Majors vs Batista. So the Animal pinned one of the former Majors, but Vickie lets us know the belt can only change hands if Edge is pinned. So the match continued, and Batista looked as if he was ready to win, as he was ready to put the Batista bomb on Edge. But those former Majors used a chair shot to earn the DQ and preserve the title for Edge. This dalliance with Edge could be a big push for the Majors, or they could fade into obscurity as a plot device. With the air time they have received in the past month, this could be the start of good thing for them. Let's wait and see.

SmackDown Preview

With the support of his love, General Manager Vickie Guerrero, plus literally Major assistance from Edge imitators Brett & Brian, Edge turned Armageddon’s Triple Threat Match against Batista and Undertaker into the “ultimate opportunity,” winning the World Heavyweight Championship. But on SmackDown this Friday, the Ultimate Opportunist will find himself in The Animal’s path, as Batista has invoked his rematch clause for the championship. Will Edge be able to keep the gold around his waist, or can Batista make sure that this Rated-R title reign is short-lived?

Meanwhile, the living ring legend who’s no stranger to gold – former 16-time World Champion Ric Flair – will also be on hand for Friday Night SmackDown. The “Nature Boy” hasn’t been seen on SmackDown since Mr. McMahon informed him on Raw several weeks ago that the next time he loses in singles competition, he’ll be forced to retire. Could Friday night mark the final SmackDown appearance for Flair, especially since after defeating Umaga on Raw Monday, he learned he’ll square off against longtime friend Triple H on New Year’s Eve?

And what will SmackDown commentator JBL have to say in his Farewell Address on Friday night? The self-proclaimed “wrestling god” announced this past Monday night that he would be leaving SmackDown’s color commentary duties to join the Raw lineup of Superstars. Will the always-outspoken JBL choose to make an amicable exit Friday night, or does he have some harsh parting words for the SmackDown roster? And does he have any response to the comments made this past Monday on Raw by Chris Jericho?

For the answers to these and other questions, be sure to watch Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.

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Complete Lineup for Upcoming RAW 15th Anniversary DVD

Here is the complete lineup for the RAW 15th Anniversary DVD:

For fifteen years fans have looked forward to the over-the-top sports entertainment every Monday night, and WWE Raw has always delivered. The longest-running original entertainment show in television history, with more than 700 episodes, the show has had its share of wild and unforgettable moments, both inside and outside the ring, including Brian Pillman pulling a gun on Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge and Lita's live sex show, D-Generation X's invasion of WCW, the shocking McMahon purchase of WCW, and more. This DVD shares those moments and recaps them for fans of all ages.

For fifteen years, fans have looked forward to over-the-top sports entertainment every Monday night, and WWE Raw has always delivered. The longest-running original entertainment show in television history, with more than 700 episodes, has had its share of wild and unforgettable moments, and this 3-disc DVD set shares those moments with fans of all ages. Get ready for sports entertainment history, including:


* First RAW – January 11, 1993
* Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair Loser Leaves WWE Match – January 18, 1993
* Parking Lot Brawl – May 10, 1993
* Razor Ramon vs. The Kid – May 17, 1993
* Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty Intercontinental Championship Match May 17, 1993
* Gorilla Monsoon Fires Bobby Heenan – December 6, 1993
* Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid WWE Championship Match – July 11, 1994
* The Search for The Undertaker – August 1994
* King’s Court with William Shatner – January 9, 1995
* Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart – November 20, 1995
* Vader attacks WWE President Gorilla Monsoon – January 22, 1996
* A Touch of Goldust – May 27, 1996
* Pillman’s Got a Gun – November 4, 1996
* Mankind vs. The Undertaker No Holds Barred – December 9, 1996
* Shawn Loses His Smile – February 13, 1997
* The Ninth Wonder of the World – February 17, 1997
* Original ECW Invasion – February 24, 1997
* Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog WWE European Championship Match - March 3, 1997
* Bret Speaks His Mind – March 17, 1997
* Flag Match – United States vs. Canada – July 21, 1997
* Stone Cold Stuns the Boss – September 22, 1997
* Bret Screwed Bret – November 17, 1997
* Sable in a Sack – December 8, 1997
* Gold Meets Water – December 15, 1997
* Christmas with DX – December 22, 1997


* “Tyson and Austin!”- January 19, 1998
* DX Special Report – February 2, 1998
* Dumpster Diving – February 2, 1998
* Formation of the New DX- X-Pac Returns – March 30, 1998
* Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon – April 13, 1998
* DX Invades WCW – April 27, 1998
* DX Nation – July 6, 1998
* Zamboni 3:16 – September 28, 1998
* The Debut of Mr. Socko – October 5, 1998
* McMahon’s Cement Corvette – October 12, 1998
* Bang 3:16 – October 19, 1998
* Mankind wins the WWE Championship – January 4, 1999
* Stone Cold Beer Truck – March 22, 1999
* Monster Truck vs. Town Car – April 19, 1999
* Mean Street Posse vs. the Stooges – May 10, 1999
* The Greater Power Revealed – June 7, 1999
* Y2J – August 9, 1999
* Rock: This is Your Life – September 27, 1999
* Bossman Sympathy – November 8, 1999
* What Happens in Vegas… – November 29, 1999
* Jericho not the new Champion – April 17, 2000
* Shane Purchases WCW – March 26, 2001
* Milk-o-Mania – August 20, 2001
* Triple H Returns – January 7, 2002
* Past Meets Present – February 18, 2002
* Worlds Unite- Bischoff Hugs Vince – July 15, 2002


* “The Rock” Concert – March 24, 2003
* Kane Unmasks – June 23, 2003
* Musical Chairs with Eugene – July 5, 2004
* Evolution Turns on Randy Orton – August 16, 2004
* Are you ready for some wrestling? – November 22, 2004
* Batista Turns on Triple H – February 21, 2005
* Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels – Gold Rush Tournament Match May 2, 2005
* John Cena Drafted # 1 to RAW – June 6, 2005
* Edge / Lita Wedding – June 20, 2005
* Shawn Michaels turns on Hulk Hogan – July 4, 2005
* Jericho is Fired – August 22, 2005
* Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle - WWE Iron Man Match – October 3, 2005
* A Stone Cold Homecoming – October 3, 2005
* Eric Bischoff Trial – December 5, 2005
* Edge / Lita – Live Sex Celebration – January 9, 2006
* DX Impersonates Shane and Mr. McMahon – June 26, 2006
* Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena – Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship - July 3, 2006
* Edge vs. Shawn Michaels – Street Fight – January 22, 2007
* Shawn Michaels Returns! – October 8, 2007


Jeff Hardy Featured on the "No Way Out" Poster

With Jeff Hardy in the main event at the February PPV - No Way Out, the company has featured him on the poster. The event will also be highlighted by an elimination chamber match with six superstars, one of which we know is the Undertaker (since he is supposed to win it and move to fight Edge at WrestleMania).

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Who Will Replace JBL as the Color SmackDown Annuoncer?

Now that John Bradshaw Layfield is back to wrestling full-time, the company is looking at who is going to take his place alongside Michael Cole on SmackDown on Friday nights. The company from what we have heard is expected to make a decision fast, with Vince McMahon having the final call on who it's going to be. The word is that there is a short list, and that one of the possible announcers on that list is Michael Hayes, who has some announcing background in his resume. He is the lead writer on SmackDown, so being the color guy as well is going to be tough, but we'll see.

I like the thought of Tazz re-joining Cole on Friday nights, but the problem there of course is what do you do with ECW? Maybe give Matt Striker, who is a better talker and manager than wrestler, could fill the void if Tazz moves back to Friday nights and Striker could fill the role with Joey Styles. Needless to say I would be somewhat surprised if the company brought someone in brand new we have not seen before. Just not their style. Look for someone we know, and someone that will be asked to be as outspoken as Bradshaw was, minus the outrageous references.

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JBL Set to Have His Own Energy Drink

Baywood International, Inc. Enters into Joint Venture with John ''JBL'' Layfield's Layfield, Inc. to Tap into Energy Beverage Market

Baywood International, Inc. Neil Reithinger, President & C.E.O announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Layfield, Inc. to create and distribute specialty beverages nationwide.

The companies have jointly formed Layfield Energy and will roll out their first product in January, 2008 through major retail outlets and direct to consumer via a dedicated website. The product will be supported by a comprehensive multimedia marketing campaign.

"I know how to make a big splash and, believe me, we will make a huge one. I have endorsed several products over the years, and now I am truly thrilled about being involved with my own project. I am not only going to be endorsing the product, but I will be running the company full time with the great management at Baywood," stated John Layfield. "I believe in my marketing team and I believe in the product and, together, this will be a great ride," Layfield expressed further.

"Developing products that appeal to a mass audience is an essential part of our business," said Neil Reithinger, President & C.E.O. of the Company. "And working with JBL has been just fantastic. We're as excited as he is."

About John Layfield:

John "Bradshaw" Layfield ("JBL") wrestled in 1995 to 2006 with World Wrestling Entertainment for 11 years, becoming the longest reigning champion in "Smackdown" television history. He now appears regularly on Fox Business as a guest Financial Analyst and political commentator. He has sponsored charity events for Make-A-Wish Foundation and The American Freedom Festival, raising monies for U.S. Soldiers. He wrote a personal financial planning book "Have More Money Now" and subsequently has appeared on every major network as a financial and political commentator. He has been to the Middle East seven times to visit the soldiers on behalf of the WWE, AFE and USO. Mr. Layfield joined Northeast Securities, Inc. in 2006 as Senior Vice President focused on new business development and he has significant experience and broad contacts in media and entertainment as well as knowledge in alternative energy.

About Baywood:

Baywood International, Inc. (OTCBB:BAYW) is a nutraceutical company specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of its own proprietary brands under the names Baywood PURECHOICE(R), Baywood SOLUTIONS(R) and Complete La Femme(R). The Company's products are distributed through independent and chain health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other direct-to-consumer channels both internationally and domestically. Baywood's wholly-owned subsidiary, Nutritional Specialties, Inc./dba LifeTime(R) or LifeTime(R) Vitamins ("LifeTime"), is a nutraceutical company that was established in 1988 and specializes in the development, marketing and distribution of its own brands under the LifeTime(R) name. LifeTime's brands currently consist of approximately 370 products that are sold directly to independent and chain health food stores, pharmacies, natural food stores, and other direct-to-consumer channels across the United States. In addition, LifeTime's products are sold internationally through distributors in Canada, Croatia, Turkey, England, Dubai, Holland, Sweden, Portugal and certain parts of Asia. For more information, call (888) 350-0799, or for more information, visit

This press release may contain forward-looking statements, made in reliance upon Section 21D of the Exchange Act of 1934, which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties or other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results, performance, or expectations implied by these forward-looking statements. The Company's expectations, among other things, are dependent upon general economic conditions, continued demand for its products, the availability of raw materials, retention of its key management and operating personnel, its ability to integrate the business of LifeTime, need for and availability of additional capital as well as other uncontrollable or unknown factors which are more fully disclosed in the Company's Form 10-KSBs and 10-QSBs on file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hogan Stars in the New American Gladiators

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Wacko Former WWE Jobber Damian Demento Goes Off!!

For those of you that recall the first Monday Night RAW, or watched the WWE through the early 90's (92-93) you may recall a charatcher Damian Demento, who wrestled the Undertaker on the first RAW. Well, recenlty he featured on the WWE's official website when they looked back at the RAW 15th Anniversary. Now the wacko has taken to You Tube to put out some videos giving his take on the business. Trust me, this totally seems like a guy who actually DOES want to get back in the ring. Check it out:

And here's a classic (if you want to call it that) match with Demento vs Tatanka on RAW back in 93:

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worlds Strongest Man CD available today

You heard it right wrestling fans, the Worlds Strongest Man compilation CD is available today at Amazon. It features bands like Seether, Korn, Mastodon, Shadows Fall, Underoath, 12 Stones and Submersed. If your a fan of the Worlds Strongest Man or just a fan of hard rock check out this CD. Check out the links below for free downloads or check out whats happening in the world of the Worlds Strongest Man.

Free downloadable track from 12 Stones available here:
(This track is only available for 90 days or until it receives 10.000 downloads)

You Tube Channel:


On sale today at Amazon:

Ranking the 15 WWE PPV's in 2007

The PPV's for 2007 are officially in the books in the WWE, and now that they are done and we're looking ahead to the Royal Rumble and 2008, let's take a quick look and rank the 07 PPV's in the company:

1. Wrestlemania - 4/1/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels - What else needs to be said? If this isn't #1 each and every year, then somthing is wrong. Great show, great atmosphere, and the company I thought did a great job as usual making this a special event.

2. Royal Rumble - 1/28/2007 - Undertaker Wins Royal Rumble - Always a strong event, and I thought the ending to the Rumble was very strong with Taker being a first-time winner.

3. Great American Bash - 7/22/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley - Overall I thought this card was very underrated, but the way the main event was done and leading up to it made this a very good card.

4. New Year's Revolution - 1/7/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. Umaga - A solid way to start the year PPV-wise, and I am kinda shocked they scrapped this PPV overall. The Cena-Umaga match was good, but the dark cloud will be the HHH injury during the DX match with Rated RKO that kept him out half the year.

5. Backlash - 4/29/2007
- WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge - Usually this PPV deliveres coming off of Mania, and it did here for the most part with a good 4-way main event.

6. Cyber Sunday - 10/28/2007
- World Champion Batista vs. The Undertaker - Special referee Steve Austin - The Taker/Batista match made the card, but the Orton-Michaels cheap finish was not well recieved with the crowd, nor should have it been. Always an interesting card.

7. Survivor Series - 11/18/2007 - World Champion Batista vs. The Undertaker - Hell In A Cell - The HIAC gimmick hits 9 out of 10 times, and it did here as well. The booking on this card was good, and the HHH-Hardy win on the Survivor match was well put together.

8. No Mercy - 10/7/2007
- WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton - Last Man Standing - The booking on this show is what made it a pretty good one following the Cena injury. First HHH wins the belt, then loses it in the main event. Pretty good overall night as they made the transition to Orton as champ.

9. Summerslam - 8/26/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Not good at all that this usual mega-card is 9th of 15 for PPV's. They really didn't build the card as well as they could have, and while the Cena match was good, the HHH vs Booker was underwhelming, as was the rest of the card.

10. Armageddon - 12/16/2007
- World Champion Batista vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge - Good way to end the year, this card was made with the main event, as well as the work by Y2J and Orton in the semi-main. Didn't expect a ton from this card and thought it delivered.

11. Vengeance - 6/24/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. King Booker vs. Mick Foley vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton - Top heavy booking with six guys in the main, adding an interesting blast from the past with Foley. The match had its moments, but as most of the year showed, it belonged to Cena.

12. Judgment Day - 5/20/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Great Khali - Anything with Khali and main event should be avoided in the future, and while this was passable, I can't believe they went back to it the next month.

13. No Way Out - 2/18/2007 - John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker & Batista - The main was nothng more than a big tag with the four WM guys teaming up, and while the ending was cool with Batista turning on Taker, overall the feel had nothing more than a big RAW.

14 One Night Stand - 6/3/2007 - WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Great Khali - Falls Count Anywhere - Said it before, say it again - anything with Khali and main event in the booking should not go together. Sad part is even a good worker like Cena couldn't make this all that good.

15. Unforgiven - 9/16/2007 - The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry - For as good as Taker is, Mark Henry is just that bad. Head scratcher as to why they put that on last, but in the end, nothing could really save this card with a lame Cena-Orton DQ thrown in.

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Latest Wrestling Topics from Jim Ross on His Blog

Good Old JR is back with his latest blog, and here are the wrestling related items that he talks about. You can check out the whole entry here: JR's BLOG

- Indeed the Raw 15th Anniversary show was like a family reunion of sorts, perhaps a little dysfunctional, and it was great catching up with the “alums” and hearing what they were doing these days. Trish, Lita, and Sunny all looked super and would easily fit fight back into the WWE Diva mix if that was a direction they chose to travel. However, after one has been off the road for a while the challenges of travel often time dissuade one from returning to the biz at least full time. Travel is hell these days.

- The WWE has plenty of material for a Fabulous Freebird DVD but one would assume that it would be after the World Class DVD that is currently and runs its course. If you haven’t checked out that particular release I certainly encourage you to do so.

- I honestly think that Hulk was simply having some fun at Macho Man’s expense with Hogan’s ad lib during Hulk’s promo on Raw in Bridgeport. From what I can ascertain, there is no love lost between Hulk and Randy….or at least that is what most of us are lead to believe. The ad lib came from nowhere and means nothing substantial to the best of my knowledge. However, it seems to have served its purpose as lots of folks seem to be talking about it…..BROTHER!!

- Obviously you think that the Rock should have been on the Raw Anniversary show but unfortunately he was unable to attend. Several invited individuals were unable or unwilling to attend. As I see it that is there call and we had a lot of fun with those that did attend. I am not a Rock basher nor do I think he owes the wrestling business anything. From communicating with him as I do on a semi regular basis I do know that wrestling is in his blood and that he keeps up as best he can with what is going on but his schedule is overwhelming right now as he is striking while the iron is hot with his movie career. I am proud of his success and feel his contributions to wrestling will stand on their own merit and as most fans do I hold out hope that we will see the “Great One” on a future WWE project.

- I thought the Ladder Match was the highlight of the Anniversary Raw. You are right in that the Tag Title win by Holly and Rhodes was essentially forgotten after it occurred as the show continued to roll on with other business.

- Several folks pointed out that HBK and The Rock had been in the ring together with HBK officiating a HHH-Rock bout which I had forgotten. My original point was I did not recall HBK wrestling The Rock but I appreciate so many of you commenting on them “being in the ring together.” Rock vs. HBK would be a match I would love to see but it will never happen except perhaps in a video game.

- Glad you enjoyed Raw in Bridgeport in person. Helluva live show it would seem to me. As best I know RVD’s surprise appearance was a “one off” and I know of no plans on Rob returning full time at this time anyway. Who knows down the road? Backlund is always a welcome sight and he only lives a few minutes from Bridgeport. Bob had been a stalwart WWE competitor as the company’s top guy for many, many years. Younger fans who never saw the serious side of Backlund the wrestler should not confuse him with his Mr. Backlund persona.

- Interesting fact from my friend and wrestling historian Dennis Brent who is a former magazine publisher in World Class, WCW and the WWE and who may become more involved in our site in the near future…..Mike Rotundo aka IRS who won then eliminated himself in the battle royal on the Anniversary Raw was also the winner of the first match ever on the very first Clash of Champions broadcast on TBS. Rotundo beat Jimmy Garvin on March 27, 1988 in Greensboro on the night that Flair and Sting had a 45 minute draw. There were, as best we can figure, 6 people at the Anniversary Raw that appeared on the first Clash…Rotundo, Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and yours truly. For the record, that first Clash had only 5 matches.

- Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bobby Heenan who recently underwent jaw surgery as a result of his cancer treatments of some time ago. I have always said that Heenan and Jim Cornette were the two best ringside managers I ever saw perform and I am sticking with that story. Bobby was one of my first true friends in the WWE when I originally came there from WCW and was considered by many WWE insiders as “the enemy”. Bobby’s amazing wit and uncanny timing has never been replicated and there is no one on the horizon who is remotely close to “The Brain’s” abilities. God Bless you Bobby and get well soon my friend.

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RAW Ratings Take a Dive

Fresh off the heels of Armageddon with what I felt was a really weak showing, and no push from three hours and tons of special guests, RAW was back to normal this week as the show did a 3.5 cable rating. The show did hours of 3.5 and 3.5 and there was only a 0.03 difference between the two. Monday will be the special "Tribute to the Troops" show that was shot last week. It will air in the normal time slot on Christmas Eve on USA.

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One Day Left to Enter the Let's Wrestle RAW vs SmackDown 2008 Giveaway!

Hey wrestling fans, we have one day left to enter our Let's Wrestle RAW vs SmackDown 2008 Video Game Giveaway. We also will be giving away three copies of the brand new RAW's Greatest Hits CD to three runners-up. Below are all the details on the contest!

With a special thanks to THQ, we here at Let's Wrestle are offering one lucky fan a brand new copy of the latest WWE video game - SmackDown vs RAW 2008! We have a copie of the game to give away for either the Playstation 3, Playstation 2 or the XBox 360. In order to qualify for the game, all you have to do is sign up for our daily feed by putting your email address in under the "Subscribe to Let's Wrestle" box on the right under the monthly archives. Each person that puts their email address in to sign up for our feed between today and next Thursday at 5pm EST will be entered in a drawing for the game. We will contact the winner and get their address and what system of the game you want. Good Luck!!!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sh*t Sandwich

Yes, I know its been used before. But I feel my favorite review of Spinal Tap's album Shark Sandwich is more than appropriate for tonight's ECW show. Two good matches sandwiching two lack luster matches ( and that's putting it kindly). The show started off explosively with a rematch of last weeks tag match. Miz and Morrison once again took on Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. This match delivered big time with plenty of high flying moves courtesy of Yang and Moore. As I said last week , I love this pairing and tonight they proved they deserve a title shot, if not a chance to be champs. This match was of pay per view caliber as Wang and Moore left nothing on the table with huge moves in and out of the ring. We also saw the possible end of Miz/Morrison as good ole Johnny Boy cost them the match by accidentally kicking the Miz in the head as the Miz was tying up Yang. the good news for them was the belts were not on the line, but I think its time these men refocus on ECW.

Now to the matches that no one really cares about. Shelton Benjamin continued his reign of terror by beating on some local stiff. They are easing Benjamin into his run at the championship and if this is what they have in store, let's hope it gets here soon. Benjamin needs to make the most out this opportunity, as many in the WWE feel he can be a great star. The only problem is he has yet to deliver consistently. Just look back to the Money in the Bank match at Wrestle Mania 22 to see what he can bring.

We also had Kenny take on the every popular Nunzio, who was dressed as an elf tonight. Of coercer Kenny had no trouble beating Nunzio. Not much else to report on this one. Wait, did I mention Nunzio was dressed as an elf. Yeah, I guess I did, but did I mention he was passing out candy canes. See, I knew I forgot something very important about this match.

The main event had a lot of potential as I was anxious to see CM Punk up against a major opponent. Tonight he had his chance against MVP. The match was not bad, but it was not really good either. It did prove Punk can hang with his Smack Down counterparts and one has to wonder how long it will be until he gets his chance and being on one of the WWE's big shows. For over the past year he has been a big fan favorite and has participated in some big matches against top WWE superstars, but he still is stuck on ECW. As of right now they don't even have a major program for him. I know he has found himself in the dog house a few times, but come on guys , give the kid a chance to show what he has. He proved tonight he can a least hang with your mid card guys. As for his future program it might include Chavo Guerrero, who made an odd run in tonight. Not sure what Chavo's beef with Punk is, but I guess we'll find out soon enough what it all means

Monday, December 17, 2007

Raw is lackluster

Well it took long enough to get Raw rolling tonight. it was almost over an hour before anything close to entertaining started. Not a good way to keep momentum going after a solid pay per view. It started off with a Divas tag match under the theme of Santa's Little Helpers. Other than providing eye candy, there was nothing else that came of this. That match was over quickly then we were treated to 20 minutes of Vince's mental break down. Not that the Divas match had the place rocking, but this long vignette really sucked the life out of the show. When it finally came to a head we found out we would get Triple H against Regal and Coachmen. Safe to say this was a wash as Triple H would win.

We were also treated to a long verbal spat between Y2J and JBL. Of course Jericho was a bit ticked off at JBL for costing him the title against Orton at Armageddon, so he wanted a piece of JBL. But lo and behold JBL would not show up at the arena but finally was goaded into showing up on Raw to face Jericho in the future. While it was a good exchange between the men it still took away from the show considering we already had a long scene earlier with Vince and his mental state.

On the match front we saw Rhodes and Holly successfully defend their titles against former champs Kade and Murdoch. Not really impressed tonight with Cody Rhodes as his in ring presence is very flat. Just watch how he enters the ring with very robotic gestures. Not sure what he is trying to accomplish, but he better pay attention to Holly if he wants to stay in the spotlight.

Great to see Carlito get rewarded for his great ladder match last week with getting teamed up with Santino Marella. They had a big win over London and Kendrick tonight, but I'm not sure were this team can go. Carlito has shown he can be a good performer in the past and I feel there is nothing to be gained with teaming up with Marella. This can only hurt his chances of returning back to being a major player.

Rick Flair survives another night as he wins via count out against Umaga. This was another of those momentum killers due to the verbal side being to long. Flair had a long speech about this possibly being his last match and how he wanted to give his all if it was. This took us to a commercial before the match started. The match was good, especially Umaga breaking the barrier around the ring, but we really need to have less talking, more wrestling. We did find out later in the show who Flair will face next. It shall be Triple H on New Years Eve. Should be interesting to see how the deal with these 2 friends going at it in what could be Flair's final match.

The main event featured HBK and Jeff Hardy against Orton and Kennedy. If this was a preview of the main event at the Rumble with Hardy against Orton for the title then it looks like we have a good one on hand. All 4 of these men put on a great show in this match, especially coming off a pay per view. Like I stated earlier, the matches tonight were good, it just felt like it took forever to reach them.

2008 Royal Rumble Commercial

In case you haven't seen it - here's this years Royal Rumble commercial:


WWE Superstars Spread Holiday Cheer At Home, To Troops In Iraq

STAMFORD, Conn., December 17, 2007 – World Wrestling Entertainment® and its Superstars have been spreading holiday cheer both abroad and stateside this month, leading up to WWE’s presentation of its fifth annual holiday special, “WWE Tribute To The Troops,” which airs on USA Network on Christmas Eve at 9 p.m./8C.

The holiday TV special is based on the experiences of WWE® Chairman Vince McMahon and the 19 Superstars and Divas who in early December met and entertained U.S. troops stationed in Iraq . It features the stories of military personnel on the front lines, their interaction with WWE Superstars, and their participation in the special live wrestling event that culminated the WWE tour. Hosted by Armed Forces Entertainment, the tour marked the fifth holiday “Tribute to the Troops” event WWE has produced since 2003. The WWE “Tribute to the Troops” tour is the largest celebrity production to visit troops in Iraq , with WWE Superstars visiting 20 forward operating bases in three days.

Upon returning to the U.S. , WWE embarked upon appearances supporting toy drives in Boston and Stamford , Conn. , featuring Superstars and Divas who participated in the Iraq tour. The toy drives, done in conjunction with United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation and the Stamford Police Department in Stamford and the Boston Globe’s Globe Santa Program in Boston , obtained thousands of toys to be donated to needy children.

On Tuesday in New York City , WWE Superstars Jeff Hardy™ and Lilian Garcia™, who also participated in the tour of Iraq , will sign autographs for fans as part of a Tribute to the Troops Toy Drive being held by WWE and USA Networks, in conjunction with the United States Marine Corps Toys For Tots Foundation.

"This year, we wanted to not only do something special for U.S. military personnel in Iraq, we also wanted to highlight what our military does here at home to help those less fortunate during the holiday season. The U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots Foundation is a great example of how that assistance is provided,” said Gary Davis, WWE Vice President, Corporate Communications. “I give credit to our Superstars and Divas who returned from entertaining the troops in Iraq and then immediately gave of their time to support toy drives in Stamford , Boston and New York City . We hope that our efforts will encourage others to seek similar opportunities to support their local communities during this holiday season.”


New WWE DVD's ready to Roll in 2008

Wrestling Observer has announced the following as far as WWE DVD's in 20078 are concerned:

WWE will be producing DVD's for Batista, Bobby Lashley, Curt Hennig, Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Hell in a Cell in 2008. There will also be a box set for the SummerSlam series from 1988 to present day. Of course in the footage will be the late Chris Benoit, whose name they will not use to promote the discs.

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How the Card for WrestleMania 24 Seems to be Shaping Up

I know we are still three plus months away, but the writing seems on the wall for some of the matches that we'll see at the big one - WrestleMania 24. The massive event in Orlando is going to try and pull out all the stops, and here are some quick match predictions based on the events currently going on in the WWE:

WWE Title Match - Triple H (C) vs Batista

This one has been teased a few times already. The setup is that HHH wins the belt from Orton at the Rumble or possibly No Way Out, and then Batista, now the ex-champ on SmackDown, wins the Rumble to set up the title shot.

World Heavyweight Title Match - Edge (C) vs Undertaker

Right now this one is the most obvious match on the card, as for the next 3 months Edge and Vicki Guerrero make life tough for Taker, stopping him at every turn. Then Taker wins the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, forcing the title match.

ECW Title Match - C.M. Punk (C) vs Shelton Benjamin

This could be the best ECW title match they have put out there since the brand started. Punk is solid, and Benjamin still has all the talent in the world, which would make this a very good match. I hope they let this build and give this match at least 10-12 minutes on the show and don't rush it.

The Great Khali vs Hulk Hogan

Setup on last Monday's RAW 15th Anniversary, as Hogan saved Hornswoggle from Khali, yet never did what we all know he is going to end up doing to Khali - slamming him. Can't see this angle going any other way, and Khali's stock will be that of gimmick jobber to lose to the Hall of Fame Hogan.

Chris Jericho vs JBL

Match set up on Armageddon and on the Tribute to the Troops show, a match that will be better with the promos then it will be in the ring in my opinion. They really should save it for Mania, as JBL's first match back in over a year and a half should not be a TV match or even at the Rumble or No Way Out. They can really let this build if they want, and they should.

WWE Women's Title Match - Beth Phoenix (C) vs Candice Michelle

Basic solid women's title match with Phoenix putting the belt up against the former champ in Michelle who wants revenge for the injury that Phoenix "caused" her that sidelined her.

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Official RAW Preview from

After scores are settled and titles were decided at Armageddon, our Superstars will “wing” it to Buffalo, N.Y., and the HSBC Arena for Monday Night Raw.

WWE Champion Randy Orton almost failed to weather the assault from challenger Chris Jericho. It took the surprising interference from SmackDown commentator John Bradshaw Layfield to allow Orton to escape with his gold via disqualification. Why did JBL attack Jericho? Will the self-proclaimed “wrestling god” appear on Raw and address the controversial ending to the WWE Championship Match?

And what does Jericho have to say about all of this? Will Y2J seek revenge on the Legend Killer and/or JBL on the shores of Lake Erie?

Orton already knows who he’ll defend his WWE Championship against at the Royal Rumble in January. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy stunned the Mellon Arena crowd with a victory over Triple H to earn a WWE Championship opportunity at the Rumble next month. What does Orton have to say about his upcoming challenge? How will Triple H react to Hardy’s upset win? Will he want a rematch from the “Rainbow-Haired Warrior?”

And the title train keeps on rolling for Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. Can anyone in the Divas locker room rise up and upset the Glamazon to take her gold?

Find out as Monday Night Raw airs from Buffalo, N.Y., at 9/8 CT, live on USA Network.

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Armageddon Recap and Thoughts

Well, the final PPV of 2007 is in the books, and while both co-editor John Sefcik and I had our doubts and concerns about the card, overall I thought it was a good and entertaining show that kept my interest for 2 hours and 40+ minutes. Here are some general thoughts on the show:

- Mysterio and MVP was a good start. I think that MVP has developed so much over the last year, he really can hang with just about anyone. Thank the late Chris Benoit for that, as his feud with him early in 2007 was the turning point to his wrestling career. The ending was sort of lame, but leads you to wanting to see these two in the ring again.

- The ECW match was the letdown of the night, as the crowd for it seemed flat, and while the effort was there, I thought that the Henry&V combo could bring any tandem down. The ECW title pic is still cloudy, now more than ever with V getting the clean pin over Punk. I guess the eventual plan is for Punk to end up in a possible Mania feud with Shelton Benjamin, meaning that a continued feud with either V or Henry is a warm-up for that.

- Kennedy vs HBK was pretty solid for the most part. Kennedy still needs to step it up in my opinion, as in big matches he seems to just lose focus for some reason. I am sure that with the ending we'll see more of these two down the road.

- Hardy vs HHH was really sloppy at times, as the storyline going in and during the match was great, and the mind games during the match I thought made it better than the actual match. The pair have very contrasting styles, which made it at points tough to watch. Overall, as I said on the Post match show last night, look for a triple-threat or even four-way to develop for the Rumble with HHH, Hardy, Orton and possibly Jericho.

- The Finlay vs Khali match was the weakest of the night, and that was to be expected with the limited Khali. Finlay deserved to get the win, I just didn't think he'd get it with the companies continued love affair with Khali. Now I guess we'll see Khali move to lumbering jobber status, and down the road the plan is for him to be the gimmick jobber that loses to Hulk Hogan at Mania.

- The WWE title match was better than I thought it would be, and I though Y2J really stepped up. Give credit to Randy Orton as well, as both men worked hard, and I thought they did a good job with the setup for the JBL-Jericho feud that we'll now see. It's an interesting twist, but at the same time now we'll see if Y2J moves to SmackDown, or JBL comes to RAW. In the end, this will be Y2J's Mania match, and it should be solid.

- Women's match was okay, with the premise that Mickie finally got some offense in on Beth Phoenix. It was okay at best, with the plan to get Candice back in the title picture upon her return from injury and for that to be the Mania match.

- Main event was strong, with two points in the match making it better than it was - the part where Edge rang the bell, and then the other two Edge's taking bumps to save the real Edge so he could get the pin. When you look at it, it has taken Edge less than one month back to become the number one heel in the company, better than Orton or anyone else for that matter. It reminds me of the Stephanie McMahon-HHH era when they ran RAW, we'll now see Vickie Guerrero and Edge run SmackDown. A good ending to a good night.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let's Wrestle WWE Armageddon Post-Match Show

Join Matt Loede and John Sefcik for the WWE Armageddon Post-Match Show, brought to you by RAW’s 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits CD. The pair talk about all the big happenings from Armageddon, the winners, the losers, and what will happen next in the WWE. Check out the show and give your thoughts at!

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AP Covers Latest in Legal Fight Involving Chris Benoit

From The Associated Press

ATLANTA — A fight over the estate of pro wrestler Chris Benoit -- who killed his wife, son and then himself in June -- could soon be resolved, a lawyer for Benoit's father said Sunday.

Separately, lawyer Cary Ichter said, the league Benoit performed in, Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment , has balked at the idea of making a financial contribution to Benoit's two surviving children from a previous marriage.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt did not immediately return a call to his cell phone Sunday seeking comment.

The dispute over the estate, estimated to be worth $1.5 million to $3 million, involves a fight between the family of Benoit's slain wife, Nancy, and Benoit's father, Michael, who is acting on behalf of Benoit's other two children, who live in Canada.

Ichter told The Associated Press that he hopes to know in about a week whether the two sides will be able to resolve the dispute or if further litigation will be necessary. He declined to detail what terms are being discussed.

A central issue in the dispute is the order in which the killings occurred.

Lawyers for Benoit's mother-in-law, Maureen Toffoloni, filed a petition in August asking a court to determine the order of the deaths, which could affect whether she gets any of the estate, which includes two homes, several bank and investment accounts and other assets.

Investigators have repeatedly said that Benoit killed his wife, then their son and himself during the weekend of June 22 at their suburban Atlanta home.

District Attorney Scott Ballard has said the wrestler used a cord to strangle his wife, then killed his son with a choke hold, then placed Bibles next to the bodies and hanged himself on a piece of exercise equipment.

Under that scenario, the estate would pass to Benoit's surviving two children, according to Ichter.

But if the boy was killed first and then the wife, under Georgia law at least some of the estate would pass to Toffoloni, lawyers in the case have said.

That's because of a forfeiture statute that takes into account the fact that Benoit was the killer. As such, the law for purposes of estate distribution would consider Benoit to have died before his wife and son.

Ichter has said that if the boy was killed first, the estate would pass to the wife and, since she was killed, it would then pass to her family.

An attorney for Toffoloni, of Daytona Beach, Fla., has said he doesn't believe the order of deaths is clear, and that is why he has asked the Fayette County court to make a determination based on the law.

As for the issue of a payment from the WWE to Chris Benoit's two other children, Ichter said he and a local attorney for the league had been discussing the idea of compensation for the children. Ichter said he told the lawyer that Benoit's father might accept $2 million for the children. About a week ago, the attorney told Ichter the WWE wasn't interested in talking about it further, according to Ichter.

Ichter said his client has not decided yet whether to sue the WWE.

Investigators have not given a motive for the killings, but the question of whether steroids played a role has lingered. Anabolic steroids were found in Benoit's home, and tests showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Some experts believe that use of testosterone can contribute to paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as "roid rage."

Benoit's father believes years of head trauma his son suffered while in the ring contributed to the killings


Bacon, Bagels and Biceps Brunch Tickets on Sale Monday

From PWI Insider -

On Monday morning, tickets go on sale for another WrestleMania tradition: The Bacon, Bagels and Biceps Brunch. The event, taking place on Sunday, March 30 at the Rosen Centre Hotel on International Drive in Orlando, Fla., will be presented by The David Maus Foundation for the benefit of Make-A-Wish. The Bacon, Bagels & Biceps Brunch was first presented by Donald Trump in 1988 on the morning of WrestleMania IV. For the following 20 years, it would be the jump-start to WrestleMania Sunday for our enthusiastic fans. Tickets are available Monday, Dec. 17 at 10 a.m. ET at for $125 each. Purchases include a full brunch, exclusive WrestleMania souvenirs and interaction with a dozen WWE Superstars before heading over to the Citrus Bowl for WrestleMania XXIV.

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Two Current Stars Want Ron Killings in the WWE

One time WWE star and then TNA star Ron Killings is a free man, out of TNA and possibly taking a look at coming back to the WWE. That's at least the hope of two current WWE stars - Jeff Hardy and Umaga, who both are already telling company officials that bringing Killings in would be a good thing for the company. Word is Killings already has a spot open for him in AAA Mexico if he wants it, and on his MySpace page he talks about going back to his "original stomping grounds." If that's the WWE or not is a big question mark, as there have been no other leaks about anyone talking to him about coming in. When he was in WWE, he had a rather quick run as a tag-team with Road Dogg, back when he was known as K-Kwick. Once again, a comeback would likley be much bigger this time due to the exposure that he got when he was one of the upper level guys in TNA

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Could "Sunny" Days Be Coming Back to the WWE?

According to Wrestling Observer, the one wrestler (or diva for that matter) that looks like she'll have the best chance on being back in the WWE is none other than Tammy "Sunny' Sytch. Word is the company was very impressed with her attitude as well as what she brought to the WWE's 15th Anniversary of Raw on Monday night. Observer is stating that Johnny Ace talked to Sunny about her contact info, and about her doing some segments for WWE 24/7. The rumor mill has been buzzing since Monday that Sunny would be back on WWE TV in the not so distant future, so don't be shocked based on what Observer is reporting as well as what we are saying here that Sunny will be back on an either part or full-time role with the company by late winter or Mania in Orlando. Bottom line is if she can stay clean (and all reports are is that she is) then she can be an asset to the company.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let's Wrestle WWE Armageddon Pre-Match Show

Join Matt Loede and John Sefcik for the WWE Armageddon Pre-Match Show, brought to you by RAW’s 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits CD. The pair discuss and break down the matches on the card, bring some news and notes your way, as well as give their predictions. Check out the show and give your thoughts at!

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Predicitions for Armageddon

Let me take time to peer into my crystal ball and see what Armageddon has in store. First off, Finaly vs. Kahali. Look for Finaly to win and the beginning of the end for Kahli. Triple H and Matt Hardy. H gets his title shot and hopefully Hardy spring boards his career. Mysterio/MVP will be a win for MVP and a start of a great feud between these two men. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Sorry Mickie, I love ya but Beth is going to win this one. Jericho and Orton will have Orton retain his title. To soon for Y2J to be champ, maybe after Mania. Punk/Kane vs V/Mark Henry. A big win for V and Henry so they can push Henry's lack luster performances. Edge, Batista and the Undertacker will see the ushering in of the Edge and Vicky Guerrero reign of terror on Smack Down. And finally Kennedy and HBK. Look for Kennedy to win and hopefully run with this push and make a solid name for himself. For more in depth coverage of Armageddon don't forget to check out the pre and post show with Matt Loede and myself. Also don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and register to win a free copy of Raw's Greatest hits.

Armageddon - RAW 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits CD Prediction Contest

Armageddon is just one day away, and as the show approaches, we here at Let's Wrestle are ready to give away another great prize - an official copy of the new RAW 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits CD! That's right, all you have to do to get on board with the contest is send us your match predictions, along with your email address and mailing address to the following email - We will pick our winner on tomorrow night's Let's Wrestle Armageddon Post Match Show, which will be up on the site about 30-40 minutes after the conclusion of the PPV. Here below are the match listings that we want to hear your winners on:

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Triple Threat Match For The World Heavyweight Championship

Batista (c) vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge

Number One Contenders Match

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

WWE Women's Championship Match

Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James

United States Championship Match

MVP (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

CM Punk (c) & Kane vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

Finlay vs. The Great Khali

Send in your predictions to and you could be the winner of a new RAW 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits CD!

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