Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday Night Raw 7/24

4th Row on the TV side for Raw is quite the experience. It was a solid show for the most part, considering it had to be thrown together with the McMahon's and HHH gone for Steph's baby's birth. I don't quite know how they totally expect to keep a storyline going with the whole "who's the baby's Dad" thing. I think it would almost be better if they made it official, both on TV and on their website that they state that HHH and her are married and he is the father of the baby. It would not hurt the storyline whatsoever, and may make it better leading up to Summerslam. As for Hogan, the response for his first show in Cleveland was off the charts. I think he'll think twice before skipping a shot to be on TV in Cleveland like he did last year during the buildup with the match with Shawn Michaels. Speaking of that, Umaga's move on Michaels was one of the best I have seen in a long time. Doing that to a 250 plus pound man takes some kind of power. Wow. All in all, a good show that is doing a good job with a major PPV coming up.

Till then

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baseball Season Is Upon Us!

Baseball season is upon us and I am headed for the ballpark with my Philadelphia Phillies game tickets in hand. I got some great seats this year and I can’t wait to see the Philadelphia Phillies play the rest of the Atlanta Braves series at Turner Field. I’m pretty excited about the Phillies versus the Washington Nationals series too. We started the season with two wins in a row which makes me think I am going to need to get tickets for Phillies versus the Florida Marlins games to see how they kick off the month of May.

True fans attend at least a few away games each season. Since I am in Philadelphia, I can jet over to Pittsburgh to pick up some Pirates tickets for the Phillies trip to PNC Park. I could also take a trip to Boston with Red Sox tickets for their three game series versus the Phillies at Fenway Park. I have a feeling that this is the year to see as many Philadelphia Phillies games as possible, but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t attend at least six or seven Phillies home games a season. That’s not to mention all the away games I manage to grace with my presence.

I can’t wait to see some Los Angeles Dodgers games and some of the New York Yankees schedule so I can scope out the competition. I think we have an edge over a lot of other teams with Bobby Abreau and Albert Pujols at the plate. Philadelphia may have had a slow start, but they’ve got some great players who, with a lot of hard work, could lead the Phillies to a winning 2006 season. I can’t wait to see the Phillies improve as the season goes on. I was lucky I didn’t get Phillies Opening Day tickets because we lost the St. Louis Cardinals game match ups.. I am not going to lose faith over a couple of losses, though. This is baseball after all, so we will have plenty of opportunities to redeem ourselves.

So whether you are traveling to see Phillies versus the Milwaukee Brewers games or sitting in the cheap seats at Philadelphia Phillies versus Baltimore Orioles games, you should remember that supporting your team is an admirable thing that shouldn’t be done from the comfort of your couch. Get out of the house, buy some Phillies tickets and bring the family out to the ballpark for some good clean fun this 2006 MLB season.

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