Thursday, October 28, 2010

JR Blog: Guerrero’s Daughter, King of the Ring

Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a new blog up, and below are some of the highlights:

On Lesnar vs. Taker: The buzz created by the seemingly impromptu ‘confrontation,’ and I use that term loosely, after the UFC event between the Undertaker and Lesnar seems to be subsiding. I do not know conclusively what actually occurred in those few seconds but one might ask, were the two, former business associates merely ‘fishing’ for a response? If so, the response from the WWE fan base, in particular, was significant. What then does that mean? I suspect that it means nothing as it relates to a future ‘dream bout’ between the WWE’s most prolific, active superstar, who has never lost at a Wrestlemania event, and the man formerly known in WWE as ‘The Next Big Thing.’ Could a one time, re-entry into the world of sports/entertainment be a lucrative move for Lesnar? Of course it could. Not only for the cash that he would earn for his Wrestlemania performance but also, potentially, for other ancillary income such as licensing, merchandise, and overall promotion of the Lesnar brand including Lesnar’s biography which comes out sometime in 2011.

On Vickie and Shaul Guerrero: I had a nice visit with Vickie Guerrero, who has lost over 30 pounds BTW, in Minneapolis Sunday about her daughter Shaul starting soon with WWE in Florida Championship Wrestling. Like any Mom, Vickie is anxious to see how this matter works out with her oldest daughter leaving El Paso and moving to Tampa. Who wouldn’t be? Vickie will find herself in the unique position of being the wife of a wrestler, the late, great Eddie Guerrero, an active performer and now the Mom of a potential WWE performer. Vickie is very supportive of her daughter’s dream to become involved in the ‘family business.’ I hope that Shaul will continue to take college courses on line which is extremely important for many reasons not the least of which is that the 20 year old beauty is an excellent student. Nothing is more powerful than education and I think that it would be tremendous some day if WWE strongly suggested that anyone seeking a career in a WWE ring have a college degree.

KOTR Return:
Good to see the return of the King of the Ring which will be the apparent focus of an upcoming, 3 hour Monday Night Raw. The concept will apparently start and end on one night which sets the premise for the night and then will deliver the pay off with the crowing of a King of the Ring. At least that is my uninformed impression.

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New Ticket info for WrestleMania XXVII

WWE presents WrestleMania XXVII

Date: April 3, 2011
Time: 6:30pm EST
Venue: Georgia Dome
City/State: Atlanta, Ga.

On-Sale Date: Saturday, November 13th at 10:00am

Ticket Information: Get your tickets at the box office, all Ticketmaster outlets and , Starting at $25

Charge by Phone: 1-800-745-3000 (Toll Free)

Prices: $1000 First Two Rows Only (Including take-home commemorative chair), $850 (Including take-home commemorative chair), $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, and $25

The greatest spectacle, the grandest stage, and All the WWE Superstars joined by athletes, entertainers and tens of thousands of fans from all around the world. Witness this once in a lifetime event experience!!!!


WWE Inks William Regal to a new deal

WWE has re-signed William Regal to a 42 month contract renewal. Considering that Regal is 42 years old, this may indicate that WWE has plans for him past his in-ring career.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slammy Awards and "Old School" Raw planned

In addition to the return of the King of the Ring tournament for the Nov. 29 episode of Monday Night RAW, themes for two other three-hour episodes of the program have been announced.

The November 15th episode of RAW taking place in Hershey, Pennsylvania will feature an “Old School” theme with appearances by WWE Legends.

Advertising for the show is as follows: “WWE throws it back Old School when Monday Night RAW takes place live from Hershey’s Giant Center! See your favorite RAW/SmackDown and WWE Legends Live in Hershey!”

It has also been announced that the December 13th RAW in New Orleans, Louisiana will feature the annual Slammy Awards show. Superstars from both RAW and SmackDown are scheduled to appear.


"King of the Ring" coming back to RAW

The WWE website announced that the three-hour Monday Night RAW event taking place on November 29, 2010 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will feature the return of the King of the Ring tournament.

The synopsis reads: “In a single evening, one man will become a legend as the King of the Ring Tournament returns for the first time in over 2 years live from Philadelphia. On a special 3-Hour Raw Event Superstars from Raw and SmackDown will battle for the honor to be crowned King of all WWE and royally solidify their spot in sports-entertainment history.”


Updates on Lesnar & Undertaker Including a New Creative Idea and More

- Here are some more notes on the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker after Lesnar’s loss at UFC 121 last Saturday night:

* Taker and Michelle McCool’s tickets were provided by UFC, which is nothing out of the ordinary.

* Taker chartered a flight from Anaheim, California to Minneapolis, Minnesota since he didn’t want to risk flying commercial and having problems that would get him to the building late.

* It’s said that almost nobody knew about the confrontation before it happened. UFC boss Dana White was out of the loop as well as MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, who did the interview. It was luck that Helwani was there interviewing Taker as even if he wasn’t, the confrontation would have went down.

* A lot of people thought the confrontation was legit based on heat between the two in the past. While Taker and Lesnar were never best friends, there was always mutual respect between the two.

* Dana White has made it clear he won’t allow any contracted UFC fighter to do pro wrestling and told TMZ they have Lesnar signed to an exclusive contract that doesn’t allow him to do boxing or wrestling, without UFC’s permission.

* There has been talk going around about Lesnar working WrestleMania 27 in a deal similar to that of Floyd Mayweather from a few years back. Some sources don’t believe a formal offer was made but are sure that the talk did exist. This information was a well guarded secret that very few people knew about.

* WWE creative didn’t know what was real or worked the next day but were eventually clued in and told to start coming up with ideas. There is talk this week of Lesnar special refereeing Undertaker’s WrestleMania match, which now could be against Kane or Wade Barrett.

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Poll: Would you pay to see Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at WM 27?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kane vs Edge at Survivor Series?

Local advertising for the November 21st Survivor Series pay-per-view is promoting WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge.

Edge of course was one of the soul survivors, along with Rey Mysterio, on the victorious SmackDown team this past Sunday at Bragging Rights.

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Eddie Gurrero's daughter inks a developmental deal

Shaul Marie Gurrero, the 20-year-old daughter of Eddie & Vickie Guerrero, has reportedly signed a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to her mother Vickie Guerrero, the beautiful young model / singer is already traveling on the road with WWE. Earlier this month, Vickie was asked by a fan who she was riding with to a live WWE event, to which she responded, “my oldest daughter.”


More on the latest with Nexus/Cena

On Monday’s RAW, it was announced that John Cena will be the special guest referee for Randy Orton’s WWE title defense against Wade Barrett at Survivor Series. The match stipulation states that if Cena can help Barrett win the belt, he will be relieved from his duties as a member of Nexus.

To update how long John Cena will be a part of Nexus, a commercial that aired during Monday’s WWE RAW announced Randy Orton & Mark Henry are scheduled to face Sheamus & Wade Barrett in a tag team match at the Raw World Tour house show to be held in Biloxi, Mississippi on December 12. The ad stated John Cena would be in the corner of Sheamus and Barrett during the match.

While these TV ads are always subject to change, it’s worth noting that WWE is advertising Cena as a member of Nexus as far off as December.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie Being Made on WWE Star Finlay’s Family

Another wrestler will be soon entering the movie business, this time Dave “Fit” Finlay is the focus of a new film from director Ronan McCloskey, reports the UK Sun newspaper.

The film is a documentary and looks at Irish wrestling in general while also focusing specifically on Finlay’s family.

“The Finlays” is the name of the film and on completion is set to air on Setanta Ireland and the BBC in the UK.


Ross talks about the Lesnar-Taker rumors

Jim Ross had the following to say on Twitter about the possibility of Brock Lesnar wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27:

“Do people actually believe Brock Lesnar is going to lv UFC & meet Undertaker @ WM 27? Really? Some do. Amazing.

If I were advising Brock, I’m not btw, I’d say finish ur UFC run as WWE is always a 1 off option. Brock will NEVER go back on rd full time.

Some fans come off as desperate when ‘got’s 2 have Taker-Lesnar @ wm 27. Wishful thinking by & large. Brock’s still ufc’s ‘face’ & ppv guy.”

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More on the Taker-Lesnar talks

If you caught UFC 121 or saw the post-fight interview with the Undertaker, you saw Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker get into a confrontation following Lesnar's 1st-round TKO loss to Cain Valesquez. While some say that there is legitimate heat between the two stars, others are saying the confrontation was scripted to set up a potential WrestleMania showdown between Taker and Lesnar. That's why the Undertaker said to Lesnar, "do you want to do it?"

Following Undertaker's loss to Kane last night in a Buried Alive match, thanks to interference by Nexus, The Undertaker will be taking some time off to undergo shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The Undertaker is expected to return around Royal Rumble to build up a program leading to WrestleMania.

WWE has already offered Brock Lesnar a lucrative one-fight deal for WrestleMania. However, it appears unlikely that the match will happen. First, Lesnar's UFC deal would prevent him from doing the match. Therefore, the fight will need to get UFC President Dana White's approval which is a longshot at best. Lesnar would likely be booked to lose to The Undertaker and Dana White wouldn't want to harm Lesnar's already fragile reputation following his last loss.

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Undertaker and Brock Lesnar exchange words after UFC 121

The Video that everyone is talking about today, Undertaker (with wife Michelle McCool) next to him, talks to AOL Fanhouse about the Lesner loss from Saturday night.

Now you can see Taker ask Brock as he walks past "You wanna do it?" meaning does Lesner want to come back and fight Taker at WM 27?

It would be fun, as the two have had great fights in the past.

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WWE Tribute to the Troops back on for the WWE

The Wrestling Globe Newsletter is reporting that the annual WWE Tribute to the Troops event is back on, but will not take place overseas this year. The show is scheduled to be taped on December 15th from Fort Hood in Kileen, Texas, which will mark the first time ever that WWE has taped the annual event on domestic soil.

No actual airdate has been confirmed as of yet, but the latest word is that the show will air as a one-hour special on NBC.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWE offers a deal to Brock Lesner to fight Undertaker at WM 27

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that World Wrestling Entertainment has made an offer to Brock Lesnar to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

The news was kept secret from the majority of the creative team, and there has been a lot of talk today with people asking what the latest was.

It’s thought that Lesnar will not be saying anything publicly for at least two weeks.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's Talk Wrestling 2010 Bragging Rights Predictions

Here's our picks for Sunday night's WWE PPV - Bragging Rights

WWE Title Match
Wade Barrett with John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Going with the swerve of the year here, as John Cena will go heel, deciding in the end the old adage, "if you can't beat em, join em." In the end, Cena will have a shot to either help Barrett or Orton, and he'll pick Barrett, help him win the strap, and then the two will hug.

Monday night on RAW, in another swerve, Barrett will surrender the belt to the new Nexus leader - John Cena, and just like NWO back in the day, Nexus will take off and become a true WWE force.

Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Title
The Undertaker vs. Kane with Paul Bearer

Taker has really shown his age as of late, while I have been happy and surprised with the run that Kane has been on. I can't imagine Taker losing AGAIN to Kane, so he'll get a win here and win the belt, which will make up for the fan favorite sadness of Cena going heel and Barrett winning the WWE belt. I honestly don't see Taker having a long reign with the belt though.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown Elimination Match
The Miz, Sheamus, R-Truth, John Morrison, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson and Santino Marella vs. Big Show, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Tyler Reks

Always an interesting match, and last year it was highlighted by the turn of Big Show, and now he's the leader of team Smackdown. I like Smackdown's team better, but think that with RAW losing last year, they will give them the win, and the win will go to Miz and Punk.

WWE Divas Title Match
Natalya vs. Layla

Don't really care, but Natalya should be able to take care of Layla, the weaker of the two La-Cool members.

United States Champion vs Intercontinental Champion
Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Good match, and Bryan has been getting quite a push as of late, which despite the hate from Michael Cole, I think it will keep going here. This actually will be the show stealer of the night, and it's a shame because I think it will be the open of the show.

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Final 2010 Bragging Rights Card

Unless WWE adds another match on Sunday, here is what looks to be the final card for the Bragging Rights pay-per-view:

WWE Title Match
Wade Barrett with John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Title
The Undertaker vs. Kane with Paul Bearer

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown Elimination Match
The Miz, Sheamus, R-Truth, John Morrison, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson and Santino Marella vs. Big Show, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Tyler Reks

WWE Divas Title Match
Natalya vs. Layla

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

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Latest news on 2011 WWE PPV Dates

The new 2011 WWE Divas calendar lists the following WWE pay-per-view changes that are different from what was previously announced:

* Extreme Rules on May 1st in Tampa, Florida at the St. Pete Times Forum. The event was originally announced for Orlando, Florida at the Amway Center.

* Fatal 4 Way on June 19th at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. The event was originally announced for the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

* Money in the Bank on July 17th at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, which is new information.

Other dates for 2011 pay-per-views announced include Night of Champions on September 18th, Hell in a Cell on October 2nd, Bragging Rights on October 23rd, Survivor Series on November 20th and Tables, Ladders & Chairs on December 18th.

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Undertaker pulled from matches in Europe

The Undertaker has been pulled from several shows on WWE’s November tour of Europe. Taker was advertised in matches against Kane and Big Show but new listings have the matches as Kane vs. Big Show.

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Latest News on Matt Hardy

WWE officials discussed Matt Hardy’s departure weeks before even granting him the release on October 14th. Some in the company wanted Hardy gone as soon as he asked for it but certain things slowed down that process. One of the main things was the feeling that releasing Matt would keep Jeff Hardy in TNA longer than his current deal calls for.

There was also a feeling that with Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign going on, they didn’t need a talent out there doing anything he could to get released. There was a bit of heat on Hardy for posting a video online of an unmasked Rey Mysterio in the background eating lunch.

People close to Hardy say that he is definitely headed to TNA and those in the company expect him to come in as well. There is already some negative attention on Hardy within the TNA locker room regarding all his odd videos that have been posted online.

There has already been talk within TNA of doing a Hardy Boys vs. Beer Money feud that would elevate Robert Roode and James Storm. Apparently Matt and Jeff are very aware of this possible feud also.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

USA Network close to bringing back "Tough Enough" reports today that the USA Network is close to ordering a reincarnation of WWE’s Tough Enough, which aired years ago on MTV. Deadline notes that Tough Enough “is expected to run in tandem” with Monday Night RAW.

The return of Tough Enough is part of USA’s attempt at having more reality TV programming.

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Spoiler for this weeks RAW and Smackdown

The entire WWE SmackDown roster is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for tonight’s Bragging Rights go-home edition of Monday Night RAW. Furthermore, the RAW roster is booked for tomorrow night’s SmackDown tapings in Winnipeg. This is being done for a final push going into Sunday’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view.

WWE has confirmed that Big Show will be on RAW tonight with his Knucklehead co-star Bobbe J. Thompson. WWE hasn’t announced any other SmackDown stars appearing on RAW tonight but that’s the word coming out of the building toda


Bret Hart Talks About WWE Not Selling His Shades These Days

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was on hand for the Maritime Wrestling Expo on Saturday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Reader Ryan attended the event and noted Hart’s response to a query regarding WWE not merchandising classic “Hitman” shades upon his return to the organization:

“During the meet ‘n greet with Bret Hart, when I was getting my Bret Hart shades (purchased back in 1996) signed, I told Bret that I was surprised they didn’t start making the Hitman shades again when he came back to WWE. In mid-signature, he stopped, looked up (seeming to lament), and said “They were going to, but we couldn’t find the people who used to make them.” I’ve not heard a reason for this reported anywhere before, as it seemed a no-brainer to sell an incredible amount of these cheap-to-produce items… but assumed much like his lack of return to the pink-and-black tights, that he was letting go of another piece of The Hitman’s past. Sounds like he was an active participant in the search for the old producers, and was disappointed that they couldn’t be brought back.”


Vince McMahon asks WWE Fans to "Stand Up"

Vince McMahon has asked fans to "Stand up" and respond to how the company has been perceived by the media due to their coverage of Linda McMahon's Senatorial campaign.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Matt Hardy Officially released from WWE

WWE announced today that Matt Hardy has been officially released from the company. Their statement reads: “WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy, effective as of October 15, 2010. WWE wishes Matt Hardy the best in his future endeavors.”

Matt Hardy's release comes as no surprise as it's been rumored to happen for several weeks. However, many WWE officials were hesitant in granting Matt Hardy his release since they didn't want to see him rejoin his brother Jeff and reform the Hardy Boyz in TNA. Matt must be happy with the situation as he's been wanting his release from the WWE for a while now. Matt has been extremely outspoken about joining TNA and has mentioned the possibility on several occasions, including this video blog.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the situation, writing on Twitter: “WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy. Know no details just that fact. Good luck to Matt. Probably best 4 all involved.”

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why TNA went Heel with Jeff Hardy

TNA Wrestling’s decision to turn Jeff Hardy heel was made approximately seven weeks ago. The creative department felt that it was adamant that the group Abyss had been referring to as “they” for the past several months include the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and it was determined that Hardy and Rob Van Dam were the prime options.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WWE to move forward with One Title?

According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, there is conflicting discussion as to whether World Wrestling Entertainment will unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII. While it was a big topic of conversation a few weeks ago, a well-placed source is skeptical as to whether company officials will follow through with the idea.


Freddie Prinze, Jr back with the WWE

Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. returned to World Wrestling Entertainment this past Monday and started work as a “producer and director.” His last stint with the company was in 2009 when Prinze was a member of the WWE Creative team, which didn’t last long as he opted to leave after several months.

It’s no secret that Prinze is a lifelong wrestling fan and has appeared at many WWE shows, including when he “Guest Host” RAW last August, getting beat on in angle with Randy Orton.


No Tribute to the Troops show this year

World Wrestling Entertainment has confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that they will not be holding their annual Tribute to the Troops event this year. While there are no plans to hold the special event this year from an overseas base, company officials have discussed the possibility of visiting a base in the United States and doing a similar-style event.


Update on the Final RAW member for Bragging Rights

Following Monday’s RAW, one spot remains for Team Raw for the WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Match at WWE Bragging Rights. The remaining spot was tabbed for Mark Henry, and may still be, but he missed the show because his brother is in a coma after suffering a stroke last week.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Latest Blog from Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

“The Nexus storyline has been one of the better ones in the WWE in a long while. Now as it maturates and moves forward guys like Justin Gabriel, who had a nice bout with Orton Monday Night, needs to become known for more than his dynamic 450 Splash. Same for Otunga and Slater. What are their lasting claims to fame going to be? Now is a pivotal time for these members of NXT to begin to erase the prominent ‘sidekick’ logo that’s figuratively stamped on their foreheads and either take a more impactful role with NXT leader Wade Barrett or begin to subtly move away from Barrett’s reign.”

WWE Bragging Rights: “Why is it exactly that MNR and SDown have such a fierce rivalry? What’s at stake other than ‘Bragging Rights?’ Has SD been bragging about their tag team victory since last year’s PPV? Would it be more viable if something tangible was at stake to the winning team in the Raw vs. Smackdown Tag Bout on the October 24 PPV that emanates from Minneapolis?”

Batista Doing MMA: “As I have written before, Dave Bautista is serious about his MMA career and is realistic in that Dave knows that by getting such a late start in the game that he will have to accelerate his training and then maximize the time that he has to be physically productive in a MMA environment. UFC would not be a good place to seek employment for Dave but his negotiations with Strikeforce do make sense. If the two sides can strike a win/win financial deal and Showtime finally figures out how to promote a fight and make it be perceived as special while at the same time build a star on all the platforms that are available to them, then a Bautista-Strikeforce arrangement could help all involved.”

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Why Mark Henry wasn't on RAW Monday

Michael Cole noted on commentary during last night’s RAW that Mark Henry could not be on hand for the event because he was tending to personal matters. According to, the RAW Superstar’s older brother, Patrick “Shorty” Henry, is fighting for his life after suffering a stroke on Oct. 3. He has been in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit at the College Station Medical Center in College Station, Texas since. Henry also had two brain surgeries to stop bleeding.

Friends and family are taking turns talking to “Shorty,” waiting for him to wake up.

“Keep your prayers coming. God works miracles,” says Jennifer McGrath, Patrick’s wife. “We have faith and we need him back. His babies need him.”


NXT Rookie Diva Jamie Keyes released

Florida Championship Wrestling removed NXT Rookie Diva Jamie Keyes from their official roster page. PWInsider confirms that following her elimination from NXT last week, WWE has released Keyes from her deal.

Keyes, real name Brittany Beede, was signed by WWE in March of this year. She served as NXT ring announcer on season 2 before being a Rookie on season three. She was eliminated last week.


Updated 2010 Bragging Rights Card

Coming out of RAW, here is the updated card for WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view:

WWE Title Match
Wade Barrett with John Cena vs. Randy Orton

RAW vs. SmackDown Match
The Miz, R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Big Show and 5 Others

WWE Unified Divas Title Match

Natalya vs. Layla or Michelle McCool

A gimmick match, possibly a Buried Alive match, between The Undertaker and Kane for the World Heavyweight Title is expected to be announced at tomorrow’s tapings.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

JR and Joey Styles Comment on Cole’s Move to SmackDown

JIM ROSS: “I would like to see a series of SD bouts someday w/ Rey vs Kaval. Del Rio has main event potential. Just needs time 2 evolve. Cole helps SD.”

“Seems like I struck a nerve saying Cole helps SD announcing. Got my ass kicked! :) Just saying Cole makes me listen. Good or bad, I listen.”

“Michael Cole is on SmackDown again. WWE’s three man pay per view announce team makes me watch with no subtitles. Now SmackDown too? Ugh.”

“Why does Michael Cole have 3 personalities for RAW, NXT and SmackDown? If a segment on RAW is horrible TV would Michael say so on live TV?”

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Jeff Hardy wins TNA World Heavyweight Title - Turns Heel after

Jeff Hardy won the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Title in the main event of tonight’s Bound For Glory. Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle to win the belt after turning heel with help from Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bragging Rights Ad for the Target Center Advertising Taker-Kane "Buried Alive" Match


Main Events-

The Undertaker vs. Kane- “Buried Alive” Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Championship Match-Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (w/ Nexus’ newest member-John Cena- in his corner)

Also in action: Sheamus, Edge, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and many more


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Big Show and Miz Braggng Right Captains

It was announced on last night’s SmackDown that Big Show will be the Captain of Team SmackDown at WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view. As noted on Monday, The Miz will be Team RAW’s Captain.

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Justin Bieber in talks to be at WrestleMania 27? reports WWE is negotiating with singer Justin Bieber to sing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania 27.


One more match for Stone Cold?

Steve Austin was recently interviewed by UK Newspaper The Sun. During the interview, Austin talked about the possibility of returning for one more match. Although the possibility of that is highly unlikely, Austin didn't rule it out saying that he'll never say never. Here are some highlights from the interview:

“I watch all wrestling whenever I can, I watch WWE and I watch TNA. I’ve just always had that passion for the sport. That’s what inspired me to enter the ring in the first place, I watched wrestling avidly as a kid and back then it was guys battering each other in smoke filled arenas and blood flowed freely. And that’s why I still watch WWE and TNA all the time today, it’s entertaining and takes me back.”

“I’m lucky, you know my neck is 100 per cent these days, I can do my own stunts and fight scenes where I can. I don’t claim to be a tough guy, but I give it a go.”

“I never thought I’d say it, but when I’m asked about one more match these days I do tend to say ‘never say never’. So don’t rule it out.”


Monday, October 04, 2010

RAW Tonight - Cena joins Nexus, Bragging Rights PPV

Tonight’s WWE RAW will take place from Wichita, Kansas at the Intrust Bank Arena with the first build to the Bragging Rights pay-per-view. The storyline between Edge and the General Manager will also further as the GM has demanded an apology from Edge tonight.

The Intrust Bank Arena website is advertising John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Title and a battle royal with RAW’s top 7 stars, SmackDown’s top 7 stars and all of the Nexus members. WWE’s website is promising that Cena will show up tonight in full Nexus gear.

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville will be the special guest star of tonight’s show.

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WWE Stars allowed to use YouTube

Apparently WWE is allowing talents to open up YouTube accounts after all, as seen last week when Melina debuted her account. WWE performers have to get officials’ permission first. Look for more Superstars to launch YouTube accounts in the next week or so.


Notes from Last Night's Hell in a Cell PPV

After last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view ended, The Undertaker sat in the ring a few minutes before his music started playing. Taker rolled out of the ring and sat there looking confused before leaving.

Several kids at the show were seen in tears after John Cena lost to Wade Barrett. Some parents and their kids were seen leaving the arena after Cena lost the match.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Jim Ross blogs about the WWE ratings decline

In his latest blog, Jim Ross addresses WWE’s ratings decline:

Lots of talk about Monday Night Raw’s last couple of TV ratings and them being lower than normal. There are two primary reasons for this matter, in my opinion. Monday Night Football provides immense competition on cable TV on Monday nights. ESPN/ABC has a huge investment in the NFL and they spend countless hours promoting each Monday Night Football contest. MNF on TV is a right of passage in America. ESPN battles with the USA Network for ratings supremacy and popping big numbers on MNF is the key to ESPN’s success from September thru January. The flexible scheduling is much more amenable to strong football ratings and that did not exist years ago. Bottom line is that football has seemingly become America’s game of choice and MNF still has significant cache as a brand.

Secondly, and this is the old promoter coming out in me, if the attractions are spot on and personal issues are hot enough to create ‘water cooler talk’ then more viewers are likely to tune into Raw. After doing approximately 600 episodes of Monday Night Raw, we knew we always had to battle MNF and even Nitro back in the day. We always strived to create compelling TV and to earn our share of the marketplace. We were fortunate that we had a deep roster of talented, experienced athletes who, in one form or another, clicked with the audience. WWE has some very talented individuals performing on Raw and some are involved in thought provoking storylines. But the biz in general needs new stars to become established ‘box office’ sensations and that simply doesn’t happen over night and honestly for some performers it will never happen.

Personally, I see WWE going through somewhat of a transition period as it relates to the development of new, top talents. I still enjoy watching Raw each week to see how quickly these younger guys evolve and accept the personal responsibility and challenge of becoming a main event star that draws ratings and sells tickets and pay per views. I’ve said many times in this space that the journey from debuting on TV until a talent makes it to the next level, if they do make it, is 3-5 years and particularly starting from scratch and with little or no experience.

Not having viable wrestling territories where a talent could ply their trade under a variety of philosophies and gain invaluable experience is a determent in today’s wrestling world when developing new stars. Does that mean that new stars can’t be developed? Of course not, but I do feel that the process to get from inexperience rookie to a PPV headlining main eventer is longer and more challenging.

I’m very excited about many young, WWE talents and feel with confidence that some will be headlining major events in their career. The question that I can’t answer is exactly when that will occur but until then I will remain patient and continue to enjoy Raw and any other program WWE produces including Friday Night Smackdown which moves to Syfy and emanates from OKC this Friday night. We’re talking a TV show here folks that airs first run about 51 weeks a year and producing a ‘hit’ every week isn’t possible. Can all programs be better? Certainly? Should wholesale changes be implemented? Not in my opinion. Rebuilding a roster takes time.

Bottom line is that I’m not nor do I encourage any one to consider pushing the proverbial panic button but I do feel that the lower TV ratings will motivate everyone in the process to try logical and different things while utilizing different people in unique scenarios.


Mick Foley interviewed by WWE about his new book

WWE’s website has a new interview up with TNA star Mick Foley to promote his new book, Countdown to Lockdown. Here are some highlights: “A Whole New Career” may be the most interesting – and most brutally honest – chapter in your book, where you recall transitioning from being an in-ring competitor to a WWE commentator.

FOLEY: Vince had asked how I’d feel about announcing at the premiere party for Anamorph, a movie that his daughter-in-law Marissa had produced. To this day, I don’t really know if that was something he thought about and speculated on, or if he just decided to ask me at that very moment. Like I said, Vince tends to go with his gut feeling.

My immediate comment was, “I don’t know, Vince. I’ve heard about you on those headsets.” He laughed it off and said, “Actually, I’m getting better at that.” All I can say is, if what I heard represented “getting better,” then I truly feel for the announcers who had Vince produce them before he got better. [Laughs.] You really go into detail as to how things degenerated from there, but you don’t do it in a nasty way; you’re just very honest and offer a lot of insight as to what it’s like to be at that announce table. Which leads us to the chapter called “The Magic Headsets” …

FOLEY: Yes, the headsets were magic because the moment you put them on, all the respect you thought you had earned seemed to disappear. [Laughs.] I like that chapter, and I think anyone who reads it will find themselves laughing. My wife enjoyed it because she thought I was getting my feelings out without being bitter.
Just to get this out there – because it is so surreal – you no longer work for WWE. A professional conflict with Vince McMahon is the reason you’re no longer with WWE. And who was it that offered you the opportunity to promote Countdown to Lockdown on

FOLEY: From what I understand, it was Vince McMahon’s decision to mention the book on Raw, and it was his decision to offer me the opportunity to talk to It is literally among the craziest things I’ve ever heard of. [Laughs.] I think it’s unprecedented, and it has a lot of people talking. And I’m flattered to do this. I think it shows what kind of respect Vince has for me and, deep down, he genuinely likes me and appreciates what I did when I was with the company.


Talks serious about turning John Cena heel

The possibility of turning John Cena heel has been discussed much more seriously than in the past, according to the Pro Wrestling Torch.

Vince McMahon made it clear when the idea was previously broached that it would not even be considered due to the tremendous amount of revenue Cena draws via merchandise. While there doesn’t appear to be any firm plan in place, McMahon has since changed his tune on the subject as he is now open to listening to suggestions. Meanwhile, this week’s issue of Figure Four Weekly adds that there is ‘strong talk’ of a turning Cena heel come WrestleMania season.

However, according to one person who works for WWE shop and knows the numbers, he doesn’t see a heel turn happening in the near future. Cena is said to be too valuable in that department and it would be too much of a risk even if PPV numbers and TV ratings went up as a result.

According to Dave Meltzer, one idea was for Cena to play a role similar to Bret Hart where he’d be a heel for adults but still be a babyface for the kids.


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