Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Push for Dolph Ziggler Over?

Source: F4Wonline

- For those keeping track, Dolph Ziggler has taken part in twenty-six Intercontinental title matches at various events (televised and non-televised) within the past few months, losing all but two. He won one match via count-out with another match being ruled a double count-out. Furthermore, he has come up short in retrieving the title on television on seven different occasions including Night of Champions, SummerSlam, Hell in the Cell and four separate episodes of Friday Night SmackDown.

Ziggler was at one point scheduled to win the title from Rey Mysterio over the summer, but the high-flying Superstar vetoed dropping the title to him on more than one occasion. When push came to shove as a result of a 30-day suspension for violating the company’s drug testing policy in early September, Mysterio agreed to drop the title to John Morrison.

Now it appears that the ship has sailed on Ziggler nabbing the gold as WWE officials have reportedly “given up on him.”

On a related noted, Ziggler was voted the “Most Deserving of a Title Shot” among his peers in the “Superstar Survey” taken for the latest issue of WWE Magazine.


Maria Set to Return to Smackdown Soon

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE Diva Maria, Bill Goldberg and others finished filming for Celebrity Apprentice last week in New York City. The season is currently scheduled to air in the Spring of 2010. Maria is set to return to the SmackDown brand any time now.


Some Early Plans for the Big Matches at WM 26


- There is a feeling in WWE that something 'special' needs to be done with The Undertaker for WrestleMania 26 this year, and more importantly something fresh that the fans haven't seen before. This is why the potential match with John Cena is being touted at the moment.

- There is also talk of a Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania 26. As often as the pair have wrestled each other, they have never had a match on a WrestleMania stage and it is something that has been talked about over the last 2 months.

- At one point, there had been a plan for a CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio match at WrestleMania 26, but this is unlikely to happen now considering Mysterio's injury problems.

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Lawler and Ventura Given Cheat Sheets on RAW

On RAW this past week, both Jerry Lawler and Jesse Ventura were given "cheat sheets" with photos of the Superstars in the different matches. In Lawler's case, he doesn't watch ECW or SmackDown and Ventura didn't really know anyone besides the top guys.

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Reason Behind the Kofi Kingston Push

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE has given up on Jack Swagger's push as he has not quite panned out as officials had thought he would.

Part of why WWE is pushing Kofi Kingston to the top if because they feel they need another African-American babyface star and they had given up on several other stars that were picked for the spot.

The other two stars who WWE have the most faith in right now are Sheamus, who is a workout partner of Triple H, and Drew McIntyre, who Triple H and Shawn Michaels have endorsed.

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Highlights of the Latest Jim Ross Blog

- Jim Ross' has a new blog up at - the following are among the highlights:

* I am pleased that I will not be on the air in Dallas when Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban will be the guest GM in early December and be forced to have to say the obligatory "I love Mark Cuban" or "Mark Cuban is a great guest GM." Cuban may well hit a home run and I hope for the show's sake that he does. Cuban is without question an entertaining personality who loves the soundbyte, sports world and getting on referees during NBA games but he also tried to kill OKC's chances of getting a NBA franchise. The NBA's OKC Thunder helps the community in which I live and they do great things within the community for many, under privileged youngsters.

* In a totally biased and egocentric statement, I still feel the best broadcast team ever in WWE was The King and JR. Hey, I said I was biased so lighten up Francis.

* I still think that it's a good thing to see Sheamus getting a shot at a PPV main event which will occur in a Tables Match for the WWE Title against John Cena. Some fans have written us that they don't like it and that Sheamus is the wrong, young guy to get this opportunity. I feel that Sheamus' "sizzle" is a work in progress just like every other young wrestler but I also know conclusively that Sheamus will bring the steak and physicality to his match with Cena.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Latest Blog from Jim Ross

Jim Ross has a new blog on Here are some of the highlights:

- WWE’s TV people hit home runs with their new music, graphics packages, and the overall “look” of the show on HD.

- I like the short, smaller set as WWE used the short, live event entrance for the show instead of the long ramp entrance which kills a bunch of seats. Over 20,000 fans were in the Garden Monday night of which we heard on multiple occasions. We may have heard it with such regularity that I thought we might might be the audio daily double at the end of the night. Seriously, that was a huge crowd and an accomplishment for any event. I don’t know but I assume that that short entrance way was for MSG or other similar arenas and that the traditional entrance will be used next week but that’s an assumption.

- I think we are approaching a non productive trend in the business as it relates to the announcing. We are all guilty, me too, of doing too much hyperbole, talking about too many things that are not related to a bout. In other words sell, sell, sell. “The most historic, most anticipated, most watched, most longest running, most amazing main event, most..most ..most.” This isn’t a knock on my fellow announcers as I have been just as guilty, if not more, but after being home for several weeks and hearing a bunch of wrestling on TV it begins to become noticeable and not in a good way.

- Kofi Kingston can look back on this night in MSG as perhaps the night he stepped up and touched the next level. I thought Kofi and Randy Orton’s physical interaction was the wrestling highlight of the show. That was some big time stuff from two young, talented competitors.

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Backstage News on Sheamus Retiring Jamie Noble

The idea to have Sheamus powerbomb Jamie Noble on the floor at RAW two weeks ago came when WWE writer Christopher DeJoseph was watching an old tape of WCW Saturday Night and saw Vader powerbomb someone hard outside of the ring. DeJoseph thought it was cool how scary and powerful Vader looked so they had Sheamus do the powerbomb on Noble.

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Shane McMahon Meets with UFC

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms that Shane McMahon recently had a meeting with UFC officials at their offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada. When UFC President Dana White was asked for more information about the alleged meeting, White responded with, “No comment.”

When Shane McMahon announced that he was leaving WWE, many were speculating that Shane wanted to get involved in MMA and some even believed he was contemplating starting his own promotion.


WWE and USA Network Agree to a Deal

World Wrestling Entertainment® and USA Network today announced a four-year renewal agreement that will keep ratings juggernaut WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW® on the network through fall 2014. WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW, a cable mainstay for more than 16 years, continues to be one of the most watched regularly scheduled programs on ad-supported cable television, contributing to USA’s status as the number one cable network.

“I couldn’t be happier about continuing one of the most successful collaborations in television history,” said Bonnie Hammer, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. “Vince McMahon and his entire team are an invaluable part of the USA family.”

“USA Network is a true partner and not just a network that distributes WWE’s premiere television show, WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW,” stated Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. “I am thrilled to have a long term deal with USA Network.”

In recent months, WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW has featured celebrity guest hosts from the worlds of TV, movies, sports and music including: Shaquille O’Neal, Jeremy Piven, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Barker, Snoop Dogg, Ben Roethlisberger, Rev. Al Sharpton and many more. The run of guest hosts has produced a ratings increase of +11 % more total viewers, +16% more P12-17, +9% more P25-54, + 3% more P18-49 and +17% more households compared to the same time period last year.

WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW is currently averaging: 5.5 million total viewers, 2.7 million in P25-54, 2.7 million in P18-49, 1.3 million in P18-34, 620,000 in P12-17 and 3.7 million households year-to-date on USA Network.

USA Network is the #1 network in all of basic cable and is seen in over 98.5 million U.S. homes. A division of NBC Universal, USA is the cable television leader in original series and home to the best in blockbuster theatrical films, acquired television series and entertainment events. The award-winning USA website is located at Characters Welcome.

USA Network is a program service of NBC Universal Cable a division of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

J.R.'s Latest Blog - The Warrior in the HOF? Piper on RAW

Jim Ross posted a new blog over on Here are some of the highlights:

- The gentleman who wrote and displayed the "J.R. is Overrated" sign that was shown on Raw Monday night emailed our Q&A section of the site and I responded to him. You can check out the email and my response in their entirety in the Q&A section. He's from the UK, says he has a Masters Degree, and seemed to be protesting the "Michael Cole backlash" as he put it. I did not know that there was a "Michael Cole backlash" but that may be another case of "there you are" as my Dad used to say.

- For the record, I don't have a burning desire right now, while addressing my present health issues, to get back on weekly TV whatsoever. I am much more focused on the medical tests that I will undergo tomorrow which are the results of previous tests done a week or so ago. Yes sir, I'm ready for this little journey to end and to be 100% ready to rock....and that will happen.

- The WWE Hall of Fame class for 2010 seems to be garnering more interest as our email flow gets stronger. Lots of speculation that the "Ultimate Warrior" will be inducted this year. I have no clue but the fact that "Warrior" lives in Phoenix, the site of WM26, being a significant reason as to why makes zero sense to me. Either the man deserves to be introduced or he doesn't no matter his zip code. I personally feel the former Blade Runner is deserving and just because the guy is considered "controversial" should not exclude him from any accolade. Warrior's accomplishments and contributions to the business are what counts and hearing Warrior's acceptance speech live and in person would be classic and likely a "Wrestlemania Moment."

- Rowdy Roddy Piper will no doubt be at the top of his game Monday night in Madison Square Garden when he hosts Monday Night Raw. I know that Hot Rod considers "The Garden" hallowed ground, as most of us veterans do, and who knows how many more times the WWE Hall of Famer will be in such a key role in this arena? I expect all sort of Survivor Series oriented fireworks in NYC Monday evening.

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WWE Laughs Off the Latest Dixie Speech on Impact

A number of people from WWE watched Dixie Carter’s speech on iMPACT last week on YouTube, with many laughing at it. One person within WWE made the following statement to the Figure Four Newsletter regarding the TNA President’s speech:

“After investing the previous two hours of Impact on hyping how Hulk Hogan and TNA are ushering in this new era of euphoria with this huge game changer move and perhaps making their fan base feel like this is finally the place to be right here and right now, they kick off this week’s show with THAT video. A video that comes across totally out of context even if it’s not a ’shoot, brutha’, where a sea of sleepy, droopy-faced and indifferent talent sit in bleachers and are lectured to by a woman that has about 2% conviction in the speech she’s giving.

For the talent, it’s a big old ‘F*** you, it’s my way or the highway’. For the viewer it comes across as ‘Hey, you know that whole big Hulk Hogan hype we sold you on last week? Yeah, buyer beware – it’s not as cool or as euphorically kick ass as we kind of suggested it was last week.’ I don’t think it served any purpose other than to further amp up Dixie’s ego. It was like a bad public speaking class.”


Stacy Keibler Says She'd Like to Host RAW

Stacy Keibler recently spoke to Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun and was asked whether she’d be the special guest host of WWE Raw when the show comes to her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland on November 30th.

The former WWE Diva said she reached out to WWE about hosting, but never heard back. “No one has contacted me. I actually had my management contact them, and nobody ever got back to us [laughs]. So I guess they’re not interested,” she said.

Keibler was also asked about whether she’s heard anything from TNA Wrestling about working for them. “[TNA] hasn’t [contacted me], but Mick and I talk regularly,” she said. “They haven’t contacted me to do anything, plus I still have my deal with ABC, so I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that.”


Flair and Hogan Set to Square Off November 21st

Above is a new promo for the Hulkamania tour of Australia featuring Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan as well as the full card for the November 21st event in Melbourne.

* Nick Dinsmore and The Pimpfatha (Godfather) vs. Rock of Love

* Spartan 3000 Matt Cross vs. Shannon Moore

* Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) & Black Pearl vs. The Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart

* Brutus Beefcake with Jimmy Hart vs. Heidenreich

* Bikini Challenge with Lacey Von Erich, Stephanie Pietz, Kiara Dillon and Koa Marie Turner

* Sean Morley (Val Venis) vs. Ken Anderson (Kennedy)

* Orlando Jorden & Edward Fatu (Umaga) vs. Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) & Brian Christopher

* Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan

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The Push of Eric Escobar is Over

Word is that WWE has pretty much given up on the push of Eric Escobar as he’s been working more in FCW as of late. WWE may find another role for Vickie Guerrero unless things with Escobar turn around.


Hogan Talks About His Role in TNA

Hulk Hogan recently appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show to discuss his role in TNA. Hogan stated that he was the new TNA booker. Hogan also talked about how he was going to be overseeing the company and “changing things around.” Hogan said that his contract does not have him wrestling for TNA and that he’s strictly been brough in to run the show.

When asked about Vince Russo, Hogan stated that he has the ability to fire Russo, but is giving him another chance. Lastly, he said TNA is spending big money, so TNA is trying to take their company to the next level.

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Rumored Names for the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame


With Wrestlemania 26 just around the corner, we’re starting to hear some talk regarding who is being considered for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010.

Names rumored to be included in the Class of 2010 include Ted DiBiase, the Road Warriors, Demolition, Ron Simmons and Slick. Other names that are being mentioned, but are less likely are Ultimate Warrior, Lex Luger and The Honky Tonk Man.

Ted DiBiase is considered to be the most likely.

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The Miz Speaks to The Orlando Sentinel

WWE’s United States Champion The Miz recently spoke with The Orlando Sentinel. Here are some of the highlights:

You got to interact with him (Ozzy Osbourne) but can you flex your pecs to “Crazy Train” like Chris Masters’ did?

(laughs) I think that actually stole the entire show. It’s what everyone is talking about! A man that can flex his pecs to “Crazy Train”. I mean, did that really happen? Chris Masters isn’t the type of person to go out there and start shaking his boobs but then all of a sudden he just starting doing it. It was absolutely incredible.

What was your first reaction when you heard that Shane McMahon was leaving the company?

My first reaction – I thought maybe he wanted to do something else that wasn’t wrestling-related. Maybe he wanted to venture off on his own which I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does. I’m not sure exactly what he’s going to do but if I was a son growing up with a father as powerful as Vince McMahon, and always kind of doing what my daddy did and that kind of stuff. I think it’s very noble of him to say you know what, I want to venture out. I want to do something different. So, hopefully he’ll do great and I imagine he will.

Next year at WrestleMania, you’ll probably be in your first singles match for that event. Where do you expect to be when it comes to that show?

For WrestleMania 26 – which tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 7th – I plan on doing something very big. WrestleMania is our Superbowl. WrestleMania is the biggest event that we all wait for, that we all look forward to. So when that moment comes, I plan to be ready. I’m hoping to have a singles match. If not, I’ll hopefully be in the Money in the Bank where I can win an opportunity to go up for the World Championship or the WWE Championship. So I look forward to WrestleMania. There’s always something that’s unpredictable, that shocks and awes audiences, that people will talk about for years to come. Last year, if you remember, Mickey Rourke came on who is an Oscar nominated actor and actually knocked out Chris Jericho. You had that amazing, amazing match with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker that was an instant classic. So I’m looking forward to this WrestleMania where I’ll actually get to be into it and hopefully make a classic match and memorable memories for everyone.


Vince Upset with Shane Leaving


Regarding everyone wondering what’s up with Shane McMahon leaving WWE, it has become the new “Randy Savage talk” backstage within WWE. It’s clear that Vince isn’t happy about Shane leaving the company, especially after some of his comments on today’s conference call with investors.

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Wrestlemania 26 Tickets On Sale this Sat, Nov 14

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

JR Blog: Taker and HBK’s Last Matches, Big Show’s Movie

Jim Ross is back with another blog on Here are some of the highlights:

- Yours truly had a great conversation earlier this week with the Big Show who is spending ample time in the New Orleans area working on a WWE Film that he feels is going to be really funny. Show is a big hearted, funny guy and has natural comedic timing from my personal dealings with him over the years. We laughed about one of his “recruiting trips’ to WWE where he came to our home in Norwalk, Connecticut for dinner and ate, let’s say, an ample amount of wife Jan’s apple butter and hot biscuits. Jerry Brisco and myself were the two guys that courted Show when he was thinking of staying in WCW or coming to WWE. I’m happy that we got our man who has the potential to be a huge, box office, wrestling attraction if he is not over exposed. I think the big guy’s movie exposure will provide Show with some unique opportunities over time in the film world.

- Got a wonderful text message from HBK that had me tearing on Friday. What a wonderful spirit and heart possessed by HBK who is arguably the greatest in ring performer currently active in the business. He is for my cash. The man Shawn Michaels has evolved into is a credit to his Faith and his family and would be great for young wrestlers to observe closely. Wrestlers, not unlike any other grouping of talented, insecure, and creative types need leadership on a consistent basis. That includes mentoring, hands on handling of issues and the honesty that it takes to build a sound, long term foundation that promotes individual growth which in turn helps build companies. Those that are in a position to manage significant aspects of the biz need to always remember that their most important assets are their talent and how talents are managed, developed and lead is going to determine the long term success of any company, wrestling or other wise.

- Two of my goals in wrestling are to broadcast HBK and the Undertaker’s last bouts which I get the feeling will not be any time soon. There is no reason for either man to contemplate retirement while the money is huge, they can adequately manage their travel schedules and most importantly that they still love what they do. Obviously, their health overrides every thing but both men seem to be holding up well and can do more with less than the vast majority of their peers. As a matter of fact, most wrestlers try to get too much in their bouts which causes a disconnect with many fans because of the break neck pace where maneuvers and situations mean less and less.


Singles Match Added to Survivor Series Card

PWInsider reports that Rey Mysterio will get a chance at revenge on Batista, as the two SmackDown superstars will square off at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 22nd. With that match confirmed, here’s the updated announced card:

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Title Match
The Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista


Gimmick Match on ECW Next Week

In addition to the ECW Title match between Christian and William Regal on next week’s ECW, The Hurricane will face Paul Burchill in a match. If Burchill loses, he and Katie Lea must leave ECW and if Hurricane loses, he must take his mask off.


Injury Update On Edge

Edge, who currently is recovering from a torn achilles tendon, commented on his current status during an interview with “I’m doing stairs on it now,” Edge said. “I started therapy. I’m on the long road to getting back. I’m on the road now. Before I wasn’t even on the road. I had crutches and I was in a cast, but now I can I can actually do some things like walk again and I can wear shoes.”

The former WWE World Champion was also asked whether he will be ready to return to action next year. “It will definitely be next year,” Edge said. “It won’t be anytime before next year. I would love to come back in time for WrestleMania and earlier, but it’s too soon to tell. It’s been four months. They said six months, so who knows.”


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The 2009 Survivor Series is right around the corner, and now you can win an official WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PRIZE PACK here on Let's Talk Wrestling!

Simply email the answer to the following question to

Name the 10 Wrestlers in the main event of the First Survivor Series in 1987 in Richfield, OH

Don't forget to check out the mega main event at this years Survivor Series - Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena in a triple threat match for the WWE Title!

The prize pack includes:

1 Survivor Series anthology DVD

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Big News on a Match at Survivor Series


The working idea this past week was to have a Team Kofi vs. Team Orton match under traditional Survivor Series rules at the Survivor Series pay-per-view later this month. The teams would be Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry and a partner vs. Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and a partner.

A rumor going around was that the SmackDown creative team had been planning a Team Batista vs. Team Mysterio match also.

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Hulk Speaks Out on Wrestling Again, His WWE HOF Ring

There is an article featuring Hulk Hogan on The Chicago Tribune. Below are some highlights:

His WWE Hall of Fame ring (which incidently covers a "Linda" tattoo on his finger): "I think Vince McMahon paid $20 for it. My high school ring was better than this thing."

His Musical spirations: "I was in England
presenting an award with Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, and she told me the [Rolling] Stones were looking for a bass player. I sent her a ton of merchandise that she asked for and said ‘Tell Mick I’m a great bass player.’ I never heard a word back."

Wrestling again: "People might say I'm too slow or crippled to get back in the ring. I can't say they're wrong. I heard Stone Cold [Steve Austin] say 'I'm not hanging around and embarrassing myself like some of these old guys.' I wonder who he's talking about, you know?"

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Shad Gaspard Says He Doesn't Have Swine Flu

Via his Twitter recently, Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard said he had recovered from Swine Flu, and implied this is why he missed the recent SmackDown match and the Bragging Rights PPV - Gaspard is now dispelling this claim:

"Thanks all for the support! I was just sick no swine flu...Cryme Tyme has the dopest fans!"

"Ok we doin out there? But seriously I was just feeling a lil sick...any one have good pig flu jokes? I will post the best ones"


WWE Announces New Movie

WWE announced on their website today that principle photography will wrap this week in New Orleans on their next movie, Knucklehead. The movie stars
Big Show, Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains and Melora Hardin from The Office. The movie is a comedy adventure which also stars Dennis Farina from Law & Order and others. The movie is currently scheduled for a theatrical release in the Spring of 2010.

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Lawsuit of the Warrior to be Dismissed

Partial source: PWInsider

Warrior's lawsuit against WWE will be officially dismissed with prejudice on November 27th. Judge Rosyln O. Silver is giving Warrior's team until the 27th so they have a chance to file anything that may put the case back in motion but it appears that the case will be done this month.


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