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Armageddon Recap and Thoughts

Well, the final PPV of 2007 is in the books, and while both co-editor John Sefcik and I had our doubts and concerns about the card, overall I thought it was a good and entertaining show that kept my interest for 2 hours and 40+ minutes. Here are some general thoughts on the show:

- Mysterio and MVP was a good start. I think that MVP has developed so much over the last year, he really can hang with just about anyone. Thank the late Chris Benoit for that, as his feud with him early in 2007 was the turning point to his wrestling career. The ending was sort of lame, but leads you to wanting to see these two in the ring again.

- The ECW match was the letdown of the night, as the crowd for it seemed flat, and while the effort was there, I thought that the Henry&V combo could bring any tandem down. The ECW title pic is still cloudy, now more than ever with V getting the clean pin over Punk. I guess the eventual plan is for Punk to end up in a possible Mania feud with Shelton Benjamin, meaning that a continued feud with either V or Henry is a warm-up for that.

- Kennedy vs HBK was pretty solid for the most part. Kennedy still needs to step it up in my opinion, as in big matches he seems to just lose focus for some reason. I am sure that with the ending we'll see more of these two down the road.

- Hardy vs HHH was really sloppy at times, as the storyline going in and during the match was great, and the mind games during the match I thought made it better than the actual match. The pair have very contrasting styles, which made it at points tough to watch. Overall, as I said on the Post match show last night, look for a triple-threat or even four-way to develop for the Rumble with HHH, Hardy, Orton and possibly Jericho.

- The Finlay vs Khali match was the weakest of the night, and that was to be expected with the limited Khali. Finlay deserved to get the win, I just didn't think he'd get it with the companies continued love affair with Khali. Now I guess we'll see Khali move to lumbering jobber status, and down the road the plan is for him to be the gimmick jobber that loses to Hulk Hogan at Mania.

- The WWE title match was better than I thought it would be, and I though Y2J really stepped up. Give credit to Randy Orton as well, as both men worked hard, and I thought they did a good job with the setup for the JBL-Jericho feud that we'll now see. It's an interesting twist, but at the same time now we'll see if Y2J moves to SmackDown, or JBL comes to RAW. In the end, this will be Y2J's Mania match, and it should be solid.

- Women's match was okay, with the premise that Mickie finally got some offense in on Beth Phoenix. It was okay at best, with the plan to get Candice back in the title picture upon her return from injury and for that to be the Mania match.

- Main event was strong, with two points in the match making it better than it was - the part where Edge rang the bell, and then the other two Edge's taking bumps to save the real Edge so he could get the pin. When you look at it, it has taken Edge less than one month back to become the number one heel in the company, better than Orton or anyone else for that matter. It reminds me of the Stephanie McMahon-HHH era when they ran RAW, we'll now see Vickie Guerrero and Edge run SmackDown. A good ending to a good night.

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