Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nash Heading to California to Do a Move

Kevin Nash was not backstage at last night’s RAW Supershow in Cleveland. As noted before, Nash is headed to California to begin working on a movie. Most expect him to be brought back in the future.


WWE Announces the "Release" Of Miz and R-Truth

In keeping with the current storyline on RAW WWE.com has announced the release of The Miz and R-Truth:

"WWE has come to terms on the release of The Miz and R-Truth as of today Sept. 19 2011. WWE wishes Miz and R-Truth the best in all of their future endeavors."

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Lawler Hurt Legit During RAW by Mark Henry

According to WWE sources, Jerry Lawler was legitimately on RAW this week following Mark Henry's World’s Strongest Slam through the announcers table. The table reportedly did not break as planned and Lawler's back was said to be in "extreme pain" and he was taken to a local hospital via ambulance to be examined by Doctors. Jim Ross tweeted the following today: “Many asking about King. I’ll respect his privacy but don’t expect to see him in KC for Raw. Hope I’m wrong. He’s gonna be sore 4 days.”

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

WWE Inks Former ROH Star Claudio Castagnoli

WWE has signed former ROH star Claudio Castagnoli.

Castagnoli, one half of the ROH tag team "The Kings of Wrestling" (along with Chris Hero), has reported to WWE developmental and will be known as "Antonio Cesaro."

Cesaro has already changed his Twitter account to reflect his new name (@AntonioCesaro) and his Twitter account description reads:

"The official twitter of Very European Antonio Cesaro. Swiss world traveler, FCW Superstar and coffee connoisseur. Universal European Uppercut Master"

At this time, there's no word on the WWE status of Chris Hero. Both men impressed WWE officials during their tryouts and the most recent talk was that they'd be brought in together as a tag team.

Back in July, Cesaro was interviewed by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas for the Right After Wrestling radio show and had this to say about going to WWE without his ROH tag team partner Chris Hero:

“I think I would prefer to go as a package with Chris Hero. But I would be comfortable working there on my own. We have a the unique ability to perform in a singles environment and in a tag environment. I think we definitely have very good chemistry and we have greater potential as a team.”


Beth Phoenix Discusses CM Punk vs. Triple H, Her Relationship with Natalya & More

Sirius XM’s Busted Open Interview: Beth Pheonix
Hosts: Doug Mortman and Mike Riker
Busted Open can be heard Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Sirius 94, XM 208

Beth on working with Goldust: I have nothing but great things to say about Goldust, and really what he brings to us is the time that he spends working with us. He has such a wide variety of opinions and experience on the business, things that like, you know he’ll come to me with advice that I never really would have seen it that way you know. And he has a completely different perspective, and he has really, really put in so much effort and cares about the divas division and I have nothing but glowing things to say about him. If you see what you want to see and your liking what you are seeing, Goldust is a big part of that.

Beth on CM Punk vs. HHH: Well this match, you know, maybe has as much meaning for all of us on the roster as it does for the WWE Universe. Because if HHH loses, he is no longer the COO of the company. And on the other hand, CM Punk has kind of been the one guy to stand up and step up for all of us who have felt pushed aside or under-appreciated, so it really is kind of a conflict of heart. Because I like what HHH has been doing as the COO, he has really you know made some changes in the company that have affected us in a positive way. So um, you know, I understand Punk’s gripes, but at the same time me as a talent, I really like what HHH has done so it’s really a toss up. I think it could go either way, and it’s really going be the match I want to see the most.

Beth on her relationship with Natalya: Myself and Natalya have been longtime best friends in the wrestling business, you know we respect each other and we have very similar stories. I grew up really, you know, idolizing her family so we have a lot of, um, our mission is really what we have in common aside from other things, but you know we are our own thing. It’s unfortunate what happened with Karma because I would have loved to have her as an opponent at some day, at some point, but right now like I said it’s just all about me and Natty and that’s all we are really worried about.

Beth on CM Punk giving buzz to the wrestling world: I think there’s like a feeling of kind of like an anti-establishment growing, you know like a revolution. I think there’s like, there’s a feeling that, you know, that we got back when Stone Cold was standing up to Vince McMahon. I would make comparisons back to that because, you know, CM Punk has basically stepped outside the box and stopped being a nice guy and said what’s on everyone’s mind. But rather than being villainized for it, we all kind of support him on that and saying like wow, thank you, thank you for being the one to stand up and say something. So, there are a lot of us that, certainly over the summer it was probably the hottest topic in wrestling in years, and um I feel like going forward this match is going to be a determining factor in where the company goes as a whole.

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Orton and Hart’s Thoughts on Night of Champions

WWE’s website has new interviews up with Bret Hart and Randy Orton talking about Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. While Orton says it will be hard to top CM Punk vs. Triple H as match of the night, Bret Hart predicts that Mark Henry will defeat Orton for the World Heavyweight Title and that John Cena will defeat Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title.

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WWE Confirms The Rock & John Cema Teaming at Survivor Series

The official WWE website confirmed Friday evening that The Rock will be returning to the squared circle at the Survivor Series on November 20. He will be participating in a Traditional 5-on-5 Tag Team Match at the show.

Their statement reads: “WWE sources have confirmed that The Rock and John Cena will be a part of a Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Team Match.”

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Team Punk vs. Team HHH at WWE’s Survivor Series PPV?

Word going around at Tuesday’s WWE tapings was that creative has discussed popping the big CM Punk storyline at Survivor Series with CM Punk and Colt Cabana’s team taking on Triple H and Kevin Nash’s team. One idea was thrown to have Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli on Team Punk.

WWE is looking to keep the Punk and Triple H storyline going through the fall to help against Monday Night Football competition.

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Mickie James Not Ruling Out Return To WWE

TNA Women's Knockout Champion Mickie James was asked on her official website if she would ever return to WWE.

"This is a tough question that I often get asked and usually avoid answering. I can't say that I never will or would go back to the WWE." James said.

"I honestly never intended on leaving until I retired. However we don’t choose our destiny. We just live it. I am very happy at TNA and am enjoying my time here for as long as it lasts. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow inside and out as a performer, artist, and a woman. One really never knows what tomorrow holds. That's why you make the most of every moment. Good, bad, or indifferent, and own it like only you can."

She also gave her thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame, writing: "To be inducted in to the Hall of Fame is a huge honor for any one person in this industry. It not only gives you credibility as the mark you made in the pages of history to the fans, but notoriety for the path you paved for everyone who followed in your footsteps."

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William Regal Wants a Title Shot Before Retiring

SmackDown Superstar William Regal, who has been announcing and wrestling on NXT as of late, says he wants a World Heavyweight Title shot when WWE returns to Liverpool, England later this year. He wrote on Thursday:

“Trying to think if Teddy Long owes me a favour.I need to get a World Championship match on Smackdown on Liverpool. Maybe the last chance I have of becoming the first English World Champion in front of WWE’s loyalist fans.

Some people are saying I’m passed it.Maybe so but @WWE,look at it as charity.Give an old rogue a chance.”

Regal later re-tweeted a ton of feedback from fans supporting him getting a title shot and wrote:

“I normally never retweet about wrestling,WWE or me(I don’t need to because I’m so over anyway)so sorry to everyone who it’s driving mental. I just want @WWE to take notice.Give back to your loyalest fans(and purely selfish reasons as I want to be the first British World champ).”

At a live last November in the UK, Regal announced to the crowd that would be his last tour because he is retiring soon. Regal will apparently be sticking around long enough for this year’s tour, probably longer. Regal is under contract to WWE until 2014 and in addition to his recent work on NXT, he has worked as an announcer in FCW.


Update from Mason Ryan’s Return to WWE Programming,

Mason Ryan debuted a new theme song called “Last Days” on this past Thursday’s WWE Superstars as he returned and defeated JTG. It appears WWE is going the babyface route with the former Nexus member.

On a related note, during his entrance on Superstars, Mason came out to the stage and turned his back to the crowd, raising his hands in the air as he looked up to the Titantron. A fan showed Chris Jericho this on Twitter, saying Ryan was stealing Jericho’s entrance, and Jericho replied that Mason had “no respect.”


Thursday, September 08, 2011

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kevin Nash Removed From The RAW Roster

In the opening segment of the Raw Supershow, WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H fired Kevin Nash after Nash revealed that he had snuck into his office and sent a text to himself from Triple H’s phone, instigating his attack on CM Punk at SummerSlam. Nash was then shown leaving the venue with John Laurinaitis.

In accordance with the storyline, Nash’s profile has been removed from WWE.com’s Raw Superstars section. He is once again listed as a WWE Alumnus.

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Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Channel, Rumored WM28 Matches, SmackDown On Tuesdays

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has answered several fan questions on his Twitter account, @JRsBBQ. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote on Tuesday morning about:

SmackDown Moving To Tuesdays:

"Will WWE move Smackdown to tuesdays live on Sy Fy? Heard nothing official but personally I like the idea. Live TV hard to beat. So, TBD."

WWE's New Cable Channel:

"WWE Network moving forward briskly. Not sure of details but tv biz buzzing & interested. 'Assume' nothing other than it's gonna be a hit."

What He Thinks Of TNA Wrestling:

"Have many friends there & wish them no Ill will & only success."

Rumored WrestleMania 28 Matches:

"Amazing how many folks think I actually known the WM28 card here in September. I'd guess NO ONE KNOWS the card. NO ONE."

What He Thinks About Zack Ryder's Potential:

"Working diligently to become a player & I hope that he makes it."

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Comments from Eve & The Bella Twins on the 'Diva Drama' from This Weekend

WWE's website has posted a follow-up article to the Divas drama that has been going on Twitter the past few days. Here are quotes from the Divas:

Eve Torres: "The truth is people who have not been in our position and are not here living the life we do have no idea what we go through as Divas. They lump certain Divas together as ‘model Divas.’ The truth is, I was never a model. I have an engineering degree. I can be somewhere else, but I chose to be here and I chose to fight for the Divas division every week. I’m still a woman and I still like to have fun. And who doesn’t want to see Kelly Kelly’s butt in someone’s face? It's great."

Brie Bella: "People can’t stand the fact that, yes, we were models, but now we can kick anyone’s butt in the ring. That’s pretty much what it comes down to. We've actually worked harder than them, because we didn’t come from a wrestling background. When we came into this business, everyone was against us. And look where we’re at now. We succeeded. In your face."

Nikki Bella:
"I think what first set us off was saying that the world cringed when Brie won the [Divas Championship]. Actually, no they didn’t — at all. We weren’t raised in a wrestling family and we didn’t come out of our mom’s womb lifting weights."

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Edge Says He Got Closure at SummerSlam, Talks About Never Returning

The Miami Herald has published part 2 of an interview with former WWE Superstar Edge. Here are some highlights:

Participating in SummerSlam but not currently watching the WWE product:

"Yes, but I still didn’t watch anything. I went out and did my thing, and that was it. Actually, what that show did for me was really give me closure. When I went out there, I was like, ‘All right. I’m good.’ If that never happens again, I’m fine with it.”

Returning for one more match like Steve Austin says he could be able to do:
"I don’t really want to think about it, and also the WWE doctors told me they’ll never give me clearance to do it. It’s not going to change. My spine is shrinking. So it’s not like four years down the road it’s gonna suddenly open back up, and in order for it to open back up, I’d need to get surgery which would weaken my neck even more, which definitely stops me from ever doing it again.

What doctors told me is they won’t clear me. Now, I think [Austin] has the same thing as me. So coming back he has to pass all that stuff, and if you can’t pass it, they won’t clear you. It’s not a matter of, ‘Ah, well maybe one more.’ Well, maybe one more, if they clear you. Great, but they told me I’d never be cleared. So that makes everything easier for me. It immediately got rid of, ‘I can come back for one more.’ It’s like maybe I could, but they told me they won’t let me. So they took that all out of my hands. It’s funny because people have said, “Oh, OK, so you’re going to comeback for one more.’ It’s like you’re missing the point here. I didn’t retire because I wanted to. I retired because they told me I had to. There’s a big difference there.

Even the weekend with ‘SummerSlam,’ I did an autograph session, and fans were asking, ‘When you coming back for one more.’ You don’t understand. They told me I can’t. People will give you flack, and it’s like, ‘No, I’m not walking away from this to become an actor. I was told that they will not let me do this. ‘You’re done.’ No choice in the matter. ‘Sorry.’

Actually, it did make it easier that they said that because I don’t have to sit around and think, ‘OK, well, they said I could sit out a little more, but there’s a huge risk. There’s this. There’s that.’ They took the decision out of my hands. At first, I was like, ‘Oh, what are you kidding. I can do this. I still feel pretty good. Sure, my neck hurts a lot, but I got a plate in it. What do you expect?’ Well, when all of a sudden that’s taken from you, and you don’t have that choice. For me, it really did make it easier, because I didn’t have to sit down and go, ‘OK’ and make any decisions. The decision was made. It was made by my body obviously but also by them.

So I don’t have any second guessing or that maybe in two years I can come back and do that one last match or anything like that. Yea, I’m done, and that’s all there is to it, and you have to accept it."


Mick Foley Discusses Working with WWE Again, His Time in TNA and More

Mick Foley recently spoke with Brian Fritz of BetweenTheRopes.com, which you can subscribe to on iTunes at this link. Here are some highlights and the audio below:

How he would sum up his time in TNA:

It was frustrating. It was enjoyable. It was great for my family. It was a great way of life for three years as far as being home and not having to entertain too many commitments. But it was a little frustrating.

On getting back with another promotion like WWE:

I'm looking forward to the prospect of doing something soon on television again. I have no idea when that might be but I think it will be in the next several months.

On whether or not he would like to do broadcast work again:

(laughs) You know what? I'm not ruling it out. I'm not ruling it out. Sometimes I think at the end of my run in TNA I wonder what would have happened if I had would have been just a little more willing to accept the job under the terms, under those unusual terms that WWE broadcasters have. And the truth is JR and I would be a pretty good team and I'd be really woven into that fabric of week to week television. And I doubt that being yelled at would even bother me any more. I might be willing to give it a try. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

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MSG Sends Out Email About Survivor Series - Hypes Rock Teaming with Cena

The WWE has basically given away already the spoiler of the November Survivor Series, telling those on their mailer list from the text below that The Rock will be on the card teaming with John Cena.

WWE Presents "Survivor Series"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

WWE Pay-Per-View returns to Madison Square Garden in New York City for the first time in over three years with "Survivor Series"!

The People's Champion-The Rock returns to action for the first time in 8 years to join John Cena and all your favorite WWE Superstars at "Survivor Series."

Also witness live...Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, Mark Henry, The Miz, R-Truth and many more!

Presale tickets are available Wednesday, September 7 at 9am to Friday, September 9 at 11:59pm before they go on sale to the general public on Saturday, September 10 at 10am.

Tickets start at $39.50!

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