Saturday, May 30, 2009

J.R. Talks About the Release of Mr.Kennedy

Jim Ross updated the blog section of He spoke on the release of Mr.Kennedy

"Sorry to year that 33 year old Mr. Kennedy was released at the end of the week by WWE. Kennedy got the old 'future endeavored' send off that has happened to many. If Kennedy can remain healthy, one would like to think that he his string of injuries is behind him, and can continue with his career in the relatively near future, many feel Kennedy has the skills to be a main eventer on a consistent basis. Kennedy is a studious guy and likely won't find it difficult to secure work. Sometimes a fresh start is good for a wrestler and I hope that's the case for Kennedy or what ever his next wrestling name will be."

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WWE Pulls a Shocker - Releases Mr.Kennedy

WWE announced the following on their website earlier this evening:

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Mr. Kennedy (Ken Kennedy) as of today, May 29, 2009. WWE wishes Ken the best in all future endeavors.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

ECW Title Match Anounced for Extreme Rules

A new angle was announced on tonight’s ECW that Tommy Dreamer has signed a one-day contract extension in order to wrestle at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view on June 7th.

It will be Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger vs. ECW Champion Christian for the ECW Title in a Triple Threat match under Hardcore rules at the pay-per-view. ECW General Manager Tiffany said Dreamer wins the ECW Championship or he’s gone.

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Update on Undertaker's Status

The Undertaker's minor hip surgery was a success. He had been suffering from hip and back pain from quiet some time, but just worked through it. The goal of the surgery was to relieve the pain in both areas.

WWE isn't pressuring The Undertaker to come back early. Rather, they feel that it's a good time for The Undertaker to take time off, despite the fact that there are other top guys currently taking time off as well. With The Undertaker out of the picture, wrestlers such as Chris Jericho, Edge and Rey Mysterio have been stepping up as lockerroom leaders.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Triple H the Mystery Partner Tonight on RAW?


Triple H was backstage at last week’s RAW despite not appearing on television. HHH has maintained his behind the scenes role in the company while selling his storyline injury which he received from Randy Orton.

While nothing is for sure, WWE sources over the weekend claimed that he was regarded as the most likely person to be revealed as the mystery partner in tonight’s 10-man tag match on RAW. Although that is purely speculation from those within WWE, and is not a spoiler by any means.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big Match Annouced for RAW

WWE held a press conference earlier where Shane McMahon announced that RAW and SmackDown for next week would be moving to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. During the conference, they played down the idea of going after Kroenke Sports and The Pepsi Center legally. While not stated at the conference, WWE needed to move the Tuesday tapings due to it being logistically impossible to get the production stage and everything else from Los Angeles on Monday night to Colorado Springs in time to tape. Tickets went on sale tonight at 8PM EST.

Fans who purchased tickets to Monday’s RAW in Denver can either get refunds or exchange their tickets for tickets to the WWE live event at the Denver Coliseum on August 7th. WWE has also canceled a RAW live event for this Sunday, May 24th in Loveland, Colorado. No word yet on refunds for the Sunday or Tuesday show but they should be offering refunds soon.

WWE also announced a big ten man match with WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes. Ted DiBiase, The Miz and Big Show taking on WWE US Champion MVP, Batista, John Cena, Jerry Lawler and a fifth “player” yet to be named.

Vince McMahon said the following in a press release: “WWE is extremely grateful to the Lakers and the Staples Center for the hospitality and professionalism shown to WWE during this whole situation. We apologize to all of the WWE fans in the Denver area who have been inconvenienced by Kroenke Sports Enterprises. We look forward to bringing two consecutive nights of WWE excitement to Staples Center this Monday and Tuesday night.”

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jim Ross on Denver, Lawler, and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update on Some of the highlights:

- Interesting week. The “Debacle in Denver” has had many people buzzing including some aloof, talking heads on ESPN SportsCenter who seem to get orgasmic when they get the opportunity to utilize witty banter to knock the genre of wrestling and its fan base. For the record I am NOT referring to my friend Jonathan Coachman.

I feel badly for the fans in Colorado who lost multiple WWE events because of the scheduling snafu at the Pepsi Center. Most know what a “Lewinsky” refers to so I wonder if arena scheduling issues might be referred to as “Kroenke’s” in the future?

Denver Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Phil Kroenke likely won’t be treated too kindly this Monday night on Raw by Mr. McMahon. Kroenke’s image may make Mr. McMahon’s treatment of Ted Turner back in the WWE/WCW Monday night war feel like Ted was a blood relative of the McMahon’s.

- With Jerry Lawler wrestling in Monday’s main event, I wonder if ‘Ol J.R. will get to join Michael “Oh, My” Cole at the announce desk on Raw? I enjoyed sitting in with Cole in Louisville even though some folks are wondering why I was so “conveniently” available Monday night.

- Seriously it is a good question and we should have explained it. When Smackdown doesn’t have Monday live events we are going to record the SD WWE Superstars bout that airs on Thursday night on WGN America. This will be prior to Raw unless it is a west coast Raw and then one would assume our Superstars bout will be recorded after Raw. For those that need to know, ECW’s Superstar bout will still be recorded on Tuesdays.

- The WWE produced Monday Night War DVD set for release soon should be a dandy. I hear that Jim Crockett was awesome in his interview. The former head honcho of Jim Crockett Promotions has been off the radar for years and I will be very anxious to hear his comments. I also think WWE got comments from David Crockett, Harvey Schiller, former TBS Executive, Kevin Sullivan, and Bill Goldberg among many individuals who had plenty to say about the WWE vs. WCW rivalry. This truly should be a super DVD and one that will no doubt create controversy which equates to cash.

- I did a lengthy interview for a Batista DVD this past week in my spare time. Just kidding about that spare time thing. Batista is an interesting individual to talk about as his life’s journey as been extremely unique. Dave is lucky to not be either dead or in prison the way his younger years unfolded.

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DVD Coming for Batista

Jim Ross revealed in his recent blog that WWE is working on a new DVD for Dave Batista and JR has already filmed an interview for it. Ross also says that WWE has got comments from names such as David Crockett, former TBS executive Harvey Schiller, Kevin Sullivan, Bill Goldberg and others for their upcoming WCW themed DVD.

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Manu's Sister Rips on Randy Orton

Vale Anoa’i, the younger sister of former WWE Superstar Manu (Afa Anoa’i, Jr.), issued a statement to Mike Aldren of The Sun this past week concerning Randy Orton’s comments burying her brother in a recent interview with the very same news entity.

“(Randy) had no business trashing my brother in an interview, Anoa’i told Aldren. “Manu was released, that’s punishment enough. Randy doesn’t have to go and keep digging the thorns in even deeper after the fact.”

Although, it should be noted that the subject of Manu’s departure from Legacy was brought up by the person conducting the interview and considering he’s always been one to shoot from the hip, Orton simply gave his honest response.

In case you missed it, Orton said the following about Manu in an interview posted on The Sun website last week: “Manu had some respect issues. There are a lot of different reasons he wasn’t good for Legacy, but the reason he’s not with the company anymore had a lot to do with his backstage attitude. His father was the great Afa, of the Wild Samoans, and Manu had been in the ring since his early teens. Now, in his early 20s, technically he’s been in the ring for more than a decade - but not really. Really he’d only been in the business a month by the time I knew him. He carried himself like he had been in the business for 15 years. He thought he knew everything. He thought he deserved a first-class seat when we went overseas. He thought he didn’t have to pick up in the lockeroom after the show was over, like the new guys do. He didn’t feel like he had to pay his dues, because he’d already paid them. What he doesn’t understand is that wrestling once a week for 10 years doesn’t count. When wrestling is all you do, when everyone in the world knows who you are and you’ve held titles and main-evented PPVs – that’s when you start to get to the point where you might deserve a little something extra. I don’t think he applied himself in the gym or when it came to his diet. He just thought: “Hey, my dad is Afa, the Wild Samoan, so I get a job. I deserve to be here.” He just didn’t get it.”

He did however, bring up Manu during a recent interview with WWE Magazine, revealing why he was kicked out of Legacy when asked how the group is different from wrestling stables of the past.

“Respect, that’s something that Manu, who had a chance to be part of Legacy, didn’t have,” Orton told WWE Magazine. “He grew up in the business, and you would’ve thought he’d have that ingrained in his mind. He had been wrestling since his early teens, and he thought that he was already a veteran in his early 20s. That’s what got him fired from Legacy. But I think we’re looking to include another part man in the stable to make it all the more powerful. I’ll say no more.”

Cody Rhodes echoed similar feelings regarding Manu in an interview with Monday Night Mayhem earlier this month. Rhodes described how many people initially thought Manu would fit the bill in Legacy, but after all was said and done, he did not.

“Manu is a great example. He had a pedigree and a wrestling background, but he didn’t have what it takes on any level to be in the Legacy,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes added that the main difference between himself and Ted DiBiase vs. Manu was that they all acknowledged that their fathers did assist them to a degree with their wrestling careers, but that they are “doing their own stuff” since their fathers “opened their door” for them.

Behind the scenes, Orton reportedly suggested for Manu to be dumped from the group, feeling he wasn’t in the same league as the other members, and didn’t fit in as a result. WWE officials apparently sided with Orton as Manu was booted from the group in an angle that aired on the January 12, 2009 edition of Monday Night Raw. His departure from the group ultimately led to his release from World Wrestling Entertainment as the company didn’t have anything else for him once they opted against sending him back down to developmental.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Matt Hardy Talks About His Brother Jeff's Contract

Matt Hardy appears to be hinting that his brother Jeff Hardy has signed a new contract with WWE in a new MySpace blog. Matt wrote: “The deal has been reached, the contract has been signed as of May 19th, 2009.. Why? What about Matt? I’m sucking it up and giving every fiber of my being for..for them. With a legitimately excruciating broken hand.. but really.. for what? Nothing really ever changes.. I hope this makes everyone happy..”

There is still no official word on Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract situation, but we will keep you updated.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creative Talks About Turning Cena Heel

During a WWE creative meeting recently, one member of the team brought up the idea of turning John Cena heel. Vince McMahon lit the guy up about how foolishly short-sighted the idea was.

There’s a feeling that with all the merchandise revenue Cena brings in, turning him heel is a bad idea, at least until his merchandise cools off a little. The second reaction from someone close to the situation is that maybe the guy shouldn’t have been lit into like that because they should be open to discussing ideas even and even if it’s a bad idea, it should be encouraged as something different.

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Latest Update on Shawn Michaels and His Return

Shawn Michaels recently told WWE officials that he is looking at taking more time off than originally planned. The idea is that Shawn is financially set for life and his kids are at that age where they like him around and he realizes that’s a short window.

The original plan was for Shawn to return at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view but he asked to stay out until late this year or early 2010, in time for a good angle at WrestleMania next year. Of course all of this could change depending on what he’s thinking and if any top WWE Superstars come down with injury. Back in 2007, Shawn was talking about staying out longer after knee problems and when John Cena tore his pec, Shawn ended up returning earlier than he wanted.

Shawn has also made more noise about retiring at WrestleMania but at other times he’s said he doesn’t see why he can’t make occasional appearances like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have, until he’s well into his 50’s, which is a long way away. He has also mentioned that once his kids are teenagers, being at home so much won’t be as important and at that point he’d be more open to spending more time on the road.

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Denver RAW Moving Monday Night to Los Angeles

Kroenke Sports Enterprises announced Wednesday that despite reaching an agreement in principal with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on Tuesday afternoon, a formal agreement could not be reached to reschedule the WWE Monday Night RAW event originally scheduled for Monday, May 25.

As of 4:30pm MDT on Tuesday, May 19, KSE believed that it had used its best efforts to meet WWE's terms for rescheduling the event to this Sunday night, May 24 at Pepsi Center. The new terms were very favorable to WWE and the KSE team believed Mr. McMahon was on board with the new deal that would have allowed Denver fans to enjoy the event.

However, McMahon apparently changed plans overnight and has now decided to move the event to Los Angeles. The event is now scheduled to take place at STAPLES Center on Monday. Fans with tickets for the Denver show will be able to receive refunds at the original point of purchase beginning Thursday, May 21 at 10am.

"Despite the propaganda campaign launched by WWE and Chairman Vince McMahon, the KSE team maintained a professional manner throughout this process. We had hoped for, and worked hard toward an amicable resolution - which we verbally had on Tuesday," said KSE Executive Vice President Paul Andrews. "We understand there will be many disappointed WWE fans in the Denver area. It's unfortunate and disappointing that WWE executives ultimately chose this path. The sensationalism employed by WWE in this instance is not surprising. The amount of publicity and coverage enjoyed by their group over the last few days has clearly become their new business goal instead of finalizing what we thought was a favorable solution and would have ultimately allowed their fans to attend the event."

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Monday, May 18, 2009

WWE Issues Presser on Possible RAW Issues Next Monday

WWE issued the following press release today regarding next week’s RAW in Denver being bumped due to the Denver Nuggets vs. LA Lakers game at the Pepsi Center.

May 18, 2009

STAMFORD, Conn., May 18, 2009 – World Wrestling Entertainment®’s live, internationally televised broadcast, WWE Monday Night RAW®, (USA Network, 9:00 PM ET) to take place at the Pepsi Center in Denver next Monday, May 25th is in jeopardy of being cancelled by the Denver Nuggets. The WWE and Denver Nuggets are currently at an impasse in resolving a scheduling debacle by the team and the Pepsi Center.

A sell-out crowd is expected to attend the WWE show at the same time the Denver Nuggets are slated to square off against the Los Angeles Lakers for Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. WWE has held the May 25th date with the Pepsi Center since August 15, 2008.

“Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25th date for a potential playoff game,” said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

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Backstage Update on Ric Flair


While not officially advertised, Ric Flair is expected to be on Raw tonight. He’s doing a short-term program for a number of reasons. He’s obviously been texting them wanting to come back and he does want to wrestle (reaction is mixed on that account, essentially it’s up to Vince but last night’s angle would seem to indicate he’ll probably do something at the next PPV), and they believe the Raw ratings are down because of the lack of star power, and Flair has historically been a ratings draw.

The Flair/Batista angle is meant as sort of a filler program because they want to keep HHH out several more weeks.

Flair has been keeping busy, working an indie show on Friday night in Lincolnton, NC and on Saturday night was at the NASCAR All-Star race as a celebrity guest of Coca Cola. The crowd and the announcers were doing the “Wooo” when they showed him doing it.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Judgement Day Review - Match #7: Edge vs Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship

The finale of the 2009 edition of Judgement Day sees Jeff Hardy take on Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. Could the "Rated R Superstar" keep the strap, or would Jeff take the belt back to the Hardy family?

Matt: Pretty good finale, but did anyone actually think that Jeff would win the belt? Edge just won it last month, and there is no great rush to move it onto Hardy, who still has somewhat of a blurry future with the company. With Matt coming back and attacking Jeff, the only thing I can think of is another stip match with Matt vs Jeff at the June PPV. Not a great finale, but a good one, and the right way to end it with Edge keeping the strap.

Back to back lack luster matches. It was to be expected in the Big Show and Cena match, but you had to expect more from Edge and Jeff Hardy. Memories from old TLC and tag matches should have set the table for a great title bout, but this one did not deliver. There were some good moments, including some amazing moves outside of the ring, but the pace was a bit dull at times. Plus the Matt Hardy interference was unnecessary as it didn't even result in a immediate pin for Edge. This pay per view for once had some solid under-card matches, too bad the main events forgot they were supposed to steal the show.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #6: The Big Show vs John Cena

John Cena is back, just a few weeks after being thrown through a spotlight at Backlash. He's ready to get some revenge on The Big Show, and survive in the process. Read our thoughts on the match.

Matt: Well, I wouldn't call it a "miracle victory" like Michael Cole did, but Cena getting Show over his head in the end was pretty impressive. I once again expect to see these two in a match in three weeks at the "Extreme Rules" PPV, and this time, there probably will be some extreme stip with it. It's kinda nice to see Cena not in the title pic, and Show looked pretty good as well. We will see where they go from here with this one.

John: A bit anticlimactic. On night with great high intensity matches, we basically finish it up with a slow paced one. Overall it was not bad, bt compared to all the previous matches this one stood out like a sore thumb. I ended in the classic Cena gets his butt whooped all night then gets a rush of strength for the win. This angle has gotten old and really does noting to Cena's credit. If you are to be a top star in the WWE you need to at least show up for most of the match. I know it's entertainment and not real sport, but come on, nobody can get a super human rush of strength everytime in order to win matches.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #5: Randy Orton vs Batista for the WWE Title

Match five saw our first major title match, as Randy Orton defended the strap against the dangerous Dave Batista. Who would come out on top in this battle between former teammates from Evolution?

A very cheap ending to a match much like we saw between Orton and Cena awhile back. This time it's Batista that gets screwed, but in the end, the pop was all about Ric Flair coming in and helping Batista, meaning I think we'll see a rematch at "Extreme Rules" between the two in 21 days with Flair in Batista's corner. Overall, a pretty good match, but there will be more between these two.

John: A terrible way to end this match. I though it was a great time for Orton and Batista to step out of Triple H's shadow and show they are the future of the WWE. And up until the end this is what was taking place. Then they have to use a DQ to end it and a cheap Rick Flair appearance. Did we really need Flair. Yes it has old school Evolution ties, but does it really help sell the story. Let Orton and Batista develop their own story line, we don't need Flair or any others muddling up their showcase.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #4: Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio for the IC Belt

Can Rey Mysterio keep the IC strap after his match with the newest addition of SmackDown - Chris Jericho? Read below and hear what we have to say in this latest 2009 Judgement Day match:

Matt:This was a fun match and by far the best of the night. I wasn't sure with Mysterio's injury if he was going to be able to go at it 100 percent, but he was and it paid off. Jericho is one of the best guys on any roster, and Mysterio and he put on one heck of a show. I am sure that we have not seen the last of this feud, but for now, this win by 619 was the best fight he's had in sometime, and it was a great match to watch.

John: Wow, an Intercontinental title match between two great competitors. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. It's great to see this title returning to its former glory. This was a great display of back and forth action. Have to give some major credit to Mysterio as he took a good pounding from Jericho. Yes the results are already made, but this was a well earned victory for Mysterio. Please WWE keep this one going and help maintain the luster of the Intercontinental title alive.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #3: John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin

A couple of high fliers took to the sky for match three of the 2009 Judgement Day, as John Morrison took on Shelton Benjamin. Here's our review of that match.

Matt: Well, you can sense that Morrison is going to get a major push as a face, no doubt, and this feud with Benjamin has been a good start to that run. Can you say a young Shawn Michaels? That's kinda what Morrison seems like to me, but at the same time, he's got a long way to go, and needs to keep getting better in the ring and by all means, staying healthy. You could almost see him hurting himself on one of those crazy leaps. As for the match with Shelton, another good performance, and let's hope that his star keeps rising.

John: Great display of the great young talent the WWE has on its roster. Morrison defiantly showed he is ready for singles action and should be making some serious noise in this company very soon. This could be a good feud for Benjamin also, if they let it go on for awhile. Benjamin has been trying to establish himself and always comes ups short. The display he showed with Morrison tonight allowed him to prove he still is a great talent. Hopefully we see more of these two in the future.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #2: Christian vs Jack Swagger for the ECW Title

Match two was for the ECW Championship, as Christian took on former champ Jack Swagger in the first title match of the night.

John: Typical ECW match. Gets the job done for being filler in the WWE universe. Nothing special about this one as Christian retains the belt. The attempt to portray Christian as a cheater s lame an adds noting to this one. Hopefully there will be bigger things in Christians future.

Matt: Your typical title match with the challenger getting most of the offense, only for their to be a cheap ending with Christian getting the win with a "strap" pull? Yes, good to note that the ECW belt is still a joke, and that will be the last time tonight we get to see the team of Josh Matthews and Matt Striker. Christian seems lost in his second time around with the WWE, and you have to wonder if this is what he thought he'd be doing coming over from TNA. Oh well, at least we move on to Benjamin and Morrison.

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Judgement Day Review - Match #1: CM Punk vs Umaga

The 2009 edition of Judgement Day is underway in Chicago, and the first match is hometown boy C.M. Punk vs Umaga. Here is our review of the opener of the annual May WWE PPV.

John: A good start to the event with good display of old fashioned hard knock wrestling. I felt it was a bit of a surprise to let Umanga win as this match was in Punk's home town. Also, other than this minor feud there would not seem to be much in it for Umaga. With Money in the bank you know Punk will get his title chance, but Umanga has a long way to go till he returns to main event status.

Matt: Well, so much for the hometown boy winning here. A solid opener between two solid guys in Punk and Umaga, but it would have been tough for me to believe Punk getting over, even in his home state. I still have no real idea of the long-term direction they have for Umaga, but this was an impressive return, and I think squashes any thoughts on having him turn face, which is the right thing to do. He's a good heel, and having him win strong here was the right thing to do. I still wonder if we'll see Punk later on in the evening.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Updated Card for Sunday's Judgement Day

Here’s the updated card for tomorrow’s WWE Judgment Day pay-per-view after Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison was added last night.

WWE Title Match
Batista vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Title Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

ECW Title Match

Jack Swagger vs. Christian

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio

John Cena vs. Big Show

CM Punk vs. Umaga

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on Some Names for SmackDown vs RAW 2010

According to a fan who attending a voiceover session in Los Angeles this past weekend for WWE’s SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 video game, the following names are set to be included in the next game. Keep in mind that more names than these will be in the game, but these are just the ones they recorded chants for this past weekend. The person attending the voiceover session was verified by The person, who remains anonymous for confidentiality reasons, says they read about eight pages of chants and stuff for the matches and wrestlers. The guy running the voiceover session was the former ring announcer for MTV’s Wrestling Society X promotion. Indy wrestler The Human Tornado was also there and they had to chant “Tornado” for the create-a-wrestler nicknames.

Here are the names:

* Ricky Steamboat, possibly Bruiser Brody (”Bruise em up, Bruiser, Beat em up” was the chant so this is assumed), Evan Bourne, Vladimir Kozlov, Trish Stratus, Ted DiBiase Sr., Dusty Rhodes, Christian, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Santina Marella, Goldust, The Brian Kendrick, Primo, Carlito, Randy Orton, MVP, Maryse, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, The Great Khali, Mike Knox, Ezekiel Jackson and most interesting of all, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Regarding Savage, the person assumes Savage will be in the game because the chant they had to record was “Let’s go Macho, let’s go.”


JR Blog: Rey Mysterio Injured, Hart Foundation, The Miz, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update on Here are the highlights:

- I really enjoyed watching ECW Tuesday evening and the introduction of David Hart Smith joining his cousin Natalya and “might as well be family” Tyson Kidd which I thought was really cool. I have huge respect for the Hart Family and being on site when this rendition of the Canada Wrestling Dynasty debuted was a thrill for me. Smith is an athletic freak and demonstrated much more aggression than I have ever seen from him. I clearly see that the son of the late British Bulldog and Diana Hart can and will get even more physical and nasty much sooner than later which will eventually take him to the Promised Land. Tyson Kidd is a tremendous hand as well and Kidd’s match with the veteran Finlay was more exciting to me than any match that I saw on Monday night and Raw had some interesting bouts. Natalya adds so much to this presentation as well and she is my favorite WWE Diva if you are keeping score at home. Business just picked up on ECW and I am jealous that this trio aren’t SD regulars.

- Rey Mysterio got banged up by a very physical Shelton Benjamin in a match that will air Thursday night on WGN America on WWE Superstars. Benjamin has been much more aggressive lately, as is his long time friend Charlie Haas, and Benjamin’s aggression banged up the IC Champion to the level that Rey was unable to make much of an impact on Friday Night Smackdown but somehow the incredible Mysterio does manage to put his unique stamp on Friday night’s show.

- Rey vs. Jericho for the IC Title might be a show stealer at Judgment Day as the Winnipeg native Jericho is going to be looking for his unprecedented 9th IC Title, more than any one in WWE history. Yes, Rey vs. Jericho is definitely still on for Judgment Day and it will likely be a viable candidate for match of the PPV.

- Mysterio’s injury, which occurred just moments before we were to start the SD taping, caused Friday Night Smackdown to really have a spontaneous, exciting feel which I think will come across clearly on the MyNetworkTV presentation. It was an especially exciting night for Todd Grisham and me at ringside. I know that when I returned to the Dayton Marriott I was beat like a government mule but not in a bad way. We left it all out there as you will hopefully see Friday night. I was so beat that I by passed any opportunity for a “night cap.”

- For the 3rd week in a row, The Miz significantly stood out on Monday night Raw. Miz’s in ring work has evolved amazingly well since day one in WWE but Miz has always been able to talk and that, too, has gotten better.

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What's the Latest with Triple H?

Triple H has been expected to remain out of action, despite Shawn Michaels and Undertaker already being on the shelf, and the possible loss of Jeff Hardy soon. However, it's been confirmed that Triple H is currently officially booked to return to house show schedules immediately after the upcoming WWE Judgment Day pay-per view. It's very likely that Triple H will be returning at the PPV unadvertised. There has been talk about doing an angle where he costs Batista his match in the main event. This would even the score with Batista, who cost Triple H the title and an "injury" to Randy Orton while distracted by "The Animal" during the match.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Match Listing for Upcoming Randy Savage DVD

DVD matches and extras listing are as follows:

He was one of the most controversial superstars in history of sports entertainment, through his complicated relationship with Miss Elizabeth, his dramatic WWE championship tournament run at WrestleMania IV, the formation and explosive breakup of the MegaPowers with Hulk Hogan, his reign as the Macho King, and his shocking jump to WCW. “Macho Man” Randy Savage brought a chaotic poetry to the ring. He’s widely considered one of the finest in-ring competitors of all time, and his interviews were always a sight to behold. For the first time ever, fans can relive the entire storied career in Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection, a 3-DVD set that spans two decades of exciting and intense matchups.

Disc 1

WWE Debut
Randy Savage vs. Rick McGraw
Prime Time Wrestling - July 9, 1985

Savage's Choice for a New Manager

Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat
Boston Garden - December 7, 1985

One of the Most Hated Men in Wrestling

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
Madison Square Garden - December 30, 1985

Setting His SIghts on a Different Title

WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship
Randy Savage vs. Tito Santana
Boston Garden - February 8, 1986

Old Generation Meets New Generation

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Bruno Sammartino
Boston Garden - January 3, 1987

The Greatest Match in WrestleMania History

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat
WrestleMania III - March 29, 1987

Attempt to Regain the Intercontinental Championship

Randy Savage vs. Honky Tonk Man
The Main Event - February 5, 1988

The Road to the WWE Title

WWE Championship Tournament Final
Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase
WrestleMania IV - March 27, 1988

The Return Bout

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase
Madison Square Garden - June 25, 1988

Special Features

A Match Made in Heaven
The Wedding of Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Elizabeth
SummerSlam - August 26, 1991

Disc 2

Megapowers Unite

Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant & Ted DiBiase
SummerSlam - August 29, 1988

Year Long Reign

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
WrestleMania V - April 2, 1989

Macho King & Queen Sherri

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
The Main Event - March 22, 1990

Intergender Mayhem

Randy Savage / Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes / Sapphire
WrestleMania VI - April 1, 1990

Career on the Line

Retirement Match
Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania VII - March 24, 1991

Love Bites

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts
This Tuesday in Texas - December 3, 1991

Flasely Accused

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
WrestleMania VIII - April 5, 1992

Special Features

Elizabeth's Debut
Championship Wrestling - July 30, 1985

The Coronation of the Macho King
Superstars - September 30, 1989

Disc 3

Back On Top

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Shawn Michaels
European Rampage - April 19, 1992

Popularity on the Rise

Randy Savage / Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair / Shawn Michaels
Worcester, MA - July 22, 1992

Behind the Mic

WWE Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Yokozuna
RAW - February 28, 1994

A Change of Scenery

Lifeguard Match
Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
Bash at the Beach - July 16, 1995

Rivalry Renewed

WCW Championship Match
Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
Nitro - January 22, 1996

The Rise of nWo

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Great American Bash - June 15, 1997

Team Madness

WCW Championship Match
Randy Savage & Sid Vicious vs. Kevin Nash & Sting
Bash at the Beach - July 11, 1999

Special Features

Nothing But Garbage
Prime Time Wrestling - October 29, 1985

Yesterday's Newspaper
Prime Time Wrestling - December 3, 1985

A Champion's Prerogative
All Star Wrestling - March 1, 1986

The Most Important Man in the World
Prime Time Wrestling - April 21, 1986

Talkin' About History
Prime Time Wrestling - May 5, 1986

Free Word Association
Tuesday Night Titans - July 2, 1986

Cuppa' Coffee
Prime Time Wrestling - May 11, 1987

The Cream of the Crop
Prime Time Wrestling - May 11, 1987

The Beat Goes On
Superstars - September 19, 1987

Bow To The Macho King
Madison Square Garden - November 25, 1989

Macho King Rules The Peasants
Saturday Night's Main Event - January 27, 1990

You Don't Say No To The Macho King
Madison Square Garden - January 21, 1991

A Little Bit Insane
Saturday Night's Main Event - February 8, 1992

Whatever It Takes
Superstars - June 13, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs
Superstars - October 24, 1992

One Cool Dude
Monday Nitro - June 17, 1996

nWo Madness
Monday Nitro - April 28, 1997


Roddy Piper Starring in a New Flick

WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is starring in a new movie called Fancypants, which is about a pro wrestler who is afraid of conflict in real life. Producer Daniel Hanson says the movie is a comedy/drama, a tale of redemption and says the character bashes heads in the ring but is afraid of old ladies in the supermarket. The movie was shot in Chicago and may debut in theaters as early as August of this year. Production work is still being done as the film crew recently filmed scenes at a Lucha Libre show in Los Angeles and are now working on visual effects and the soundtrack.


Jim Ross: HBK’s Injuries, TNA Becoming WCW, Jeff Hardy and More

Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of his website at Here are some of the highlights:

- JR on a possible Ricky Steamboat DVD: I have not heard word of a Steamboat DVD being on the drawing board but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t. Perhaps after his Hall of Fame experiences and Ricky’s bout versus Jericho at Backlash there will be some interest. There’s plenty of great material for a good DVD without question.

- JR on why WWE didn’t sign Christopher Daniels after a 1999 match: I specifically don’t know. Perhaps WWE did not see any thing in him at that particular time that excited them creatively. Daniels has been a really solid hand for years nonetheless.

- JR on top stars leaving and TNA being WCW: I’ve head nothing of Taker, HBK or Dreamer retiring. People used to ask similar questions as in will any one ever be better than Magic and Bird and along came Jordan….and then Kobe and Lebron. I don’t know who or when but the law of averages say that someone’s star will shine brightly as a newly minted WWE main eventer in the future. HBK and Taker are extraordinarily special without question but records are made to be broken but only time will tell. I lean toward the yes side of the argument. TNA will never be WCW unless TNA is purchased by one of the biggest media companies in the world which isn’t likely.

- JR on Jeff Hardy and if he is booked to win at Judgment Day: It might I suppose. I don’t know any of the creative plans and if I did why would I spoil that info by discussing them here? I don’t see Jeff “retiring” either but taking a break from the road is never a bad idea if one can afford to do so and I am assuming that he can. Time will tell.

- JR on Shawn Michaels: I am unaware of any new injuries but HBK has a litany of old, nagging injuries that are requiring him to take some time off to heal and to recharge his batteries.

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Legacy Opener and More Announced for Tonight’s RAW

WWE has announced that opening RAW tonight will be WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase to address their actions from last week’s show that sent Shane McMahon out of the arena on a stretcher.

Also announced for tonight’s RAW from Columbus is an “Exhibition Match” between John Cena and The Miz, as ordered by RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Update on the WWE Announcing Situation

There has been a lot of internal talk lately about the future of WWE’s announcing teams. With Jim Ross being 57 years old and Jerry Lawler turning 60 this year, it’s set that Michael Cole, Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews are the lead announcers. Vince McMahon is said to be happy with the situation because he now believes that the announcers should be colorless in the sense that they aren’t the stars but the wrestlers are and there’s a feeling that Ross and Lawler are stars.

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Florida Wants another WrestleMania

Several Florida cities have thrown their names into bid on hosting a future WrestleMania event. Word going around is that the event they are focusing on is WrestleMania 29 in 2013. One would think that WWE would return to Madison Square Garden for WrestleMania 30 in 2014.

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Stephanie McMahon Holds a Talent Meeting

Stephanie McMahon held a meeting with the WWE talents at the recent TV tapings and told them that now is the time the company is looking to make new stars and that nobody is going to be held back. The company wants everyone working as hard as they can to make it to the top. They also encouraged people to come up with ideas for their characters and storylines.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Storyline Coming Up Between Jericho and Mysterio

Although it is not set in stone for a main television program, Chris Jericho has been working with Rey Mysterio at house shows and is pushing for a long term storyline between the pair.

Live reports reveal that in their matches Jericho has been trying to remove Rey's mask, which may hint at the eventual storyline.

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Story on Jim Ross/Backlash Incident

For those wondering about the incident at Backlash involving Santina stating she was "in love" with Jim Ross, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the announcers didn't know that was going to happen and what was discussed at the production meeting and what was later on the written script were two different things. It was basically another example of Vince McMahon bullying Ross on TV, which is something he seems to enjoy and has done repeatedly in the past. It was obvious to many that McMahon was feeding Michael Cole the lines about how JR should "come out of the closet" and referring to him as "Mr. BBQ man" to which JR responded, "Who fed you that line?"

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Latest On Jeff Hardy's WWE Contract Situation

The latest on Jeff Hardy re-signing with WWE is that he is giving mixed signals to friends on his intentions. It was previously reported that he gave friends the impression that he would re-sign, but new reports are saying that he is giving the impression of taking time off without signing a new deal.

Some people backstage have admired Hardy's decision to take time off without signing a new contract. There was fear in the past that if a wrestler took time off they would be punished, but wrestlers now realize if you have a certain status with the company then such a move could be pulled off. The Big Show and Chris Jericho took time off in the past and received a big push upon their return.

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This Weeks Billboard Recreational Sports DVD Top Ten List

This week's Billboard Sports Video Rankings are:
1 - WWE: Greatest Stars Of The 90s
2 - UFC 92: Nogueira Vs. Mir
3 - UFC: Best Of 2008
4 - NFL: Super Bowl XLIII Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers
5 - Bluetopia: The LA Dodgers Movie
6 - UFC 91: Couture Vs. Lesnar
7 - UFC: The Ultimate Fighter: Season 8
8 - WWE: The Best Of Raw: 15th Anniversary 1993-2008
9 - Phil Mickelson: Secrets Of The Short Game
10 - TNA: Cross The Line Vol. II


Monday, May 04, 2009

Undertaker Taking it Easy for Awhile?

Undertaker is suffering from both knee and hip problems and wasn't brought to last week's SmackDown/ECW duel taping as a result. At the show, there was talk he would be undergoing minor surgery on his knee, but nobody seemed to know for sure. There was also a feeling that his knee could have more serious damage when opened up.

The long-term uncertainty on both Undertaker and Jeff Hardy is one of the reasons company officials sped up the planned John Morrison babyface turn and made sure that CM Punk would be perceived as a top star on the brand from the onset.

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Update on Superstar Billy Graham

From: Pro Wrestling Insider

World Wrestling Entertainment sources confirmed this afternoon that the company does not intend to prevent former WWF champion Superstar Graham from using his ring name now that they have released him from his consultant's contract.

I was told the verbiage in the contract was simply standard issue for all performers, but since Graham has been using the names forever, there isn't an issue in WWE's eyes and he is free and clear to do whatever he wishes outside of their auspices.


Batista Speaks on Missing Mania, Retiring, More

The Ringside section of the website recently interviewed Batista this weekend before accompanying Manny Pacquiao to the ring for his big fight. You can read the full interview at the link above but here are some highlights:

A hamstring injury kept you sidelined until the RAW after WrestleMania. How’s that feeling now and are you confident you can stay injury free after so many setbacks?

It’s feeling good, I’m 100%. But I hear this all the time, I don’t think I’ve had that many injuries.

I’ve had a few but it doesn’t seem like I’ve had any more than the next guy. They were pretty serious injuries but it’s not like I’ve had to stay out extended periods of time to get over them.

Even this last one for example, I was supposed to be out for six-to-eight months and I came back in three-and-a-half months.

Seeing as you were obviously good-to-go the night after WrestleMania, were you disappointed not to be involved in the big show?

Oh yeah, definitely. I actually went up to see Vince about a month before the show because I felt my leg was healing up so fast.

I told him “I think I could be ready for WrestleMania” and he said that they’d definitely be able to use me. I actually found out the Thursday before WrestleMania that I wasn’t going to be in it.

Really? Wow. Do you know what the plans were for you?

I think it was something very similar to what happened that Monday night (where I saved HHH and the McMahons from The Legacy), but they felt it would work better on RAW than it would at WrestleMania.

I didn’t really ask questions, just said “Okay, if that’s what you guys want”.

Is that something (a heel turn) you think your character might be ready for?

Ummm, yeah I think so. Like I said, I always enjoy being a heel. There aren’t any plans that I know of, but I’m sure (I’m turn) at some point before the end of my career.

I would love to go out as a heel.

You’ve spoken in the past about not wanting to stay in wrestling forever, how long would you like to continue for?

It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I really just have mixed feelings about it right now. I have just about another year left on my contract which I want to fulfil and when I start getting close to the end of that contract that’s when I’ll make a final decision.

So we might only be seeing you for another year, maybe?

Yeah, that’s a possibility. Absolutely. I turned 40 while I was out injured and I just don’t want to overstay my welcome.

I see a lot of young kids coming up and I’d like to make room for them, you know.


Jim Ross Returns with Another Blog Entry

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at Here are some of the highlights:

- Reid Flair, the youngest son of “The Nature Boy” was arrested again last week for another DUI and apparently in possession of heroin. The drunk driving matter is a serious issue but the heroin business takes this matter into an entirely new level of severity. Reid needs extensive, professional help immediately and he needs to take that help seriously, as in life or death serious. The young man is lucky that he is still alive and is flirting with disaster as would any one who uses and abuses illegal drugs and/or alcohol. I think being in the wrestling business should be the furtherest thing from Reid’s mind right now and quite honestly the wrestling biz simply might not be the right vocation for the son of arguably the greatest in ring performer of all time. Following any famous father’s footsteps is a daunting task for any athlete or entertainer especially in the relatively small world of pro wrestling. Reid Flair needs to address his issues and prioritize getting healthy and not worry about learning how to be the “next Naitch” or Reid’s next booking. Reid’s generation, in general, has entitlement issues that will never serve them well and that usually lead to disaster to some degree including the ultimate disaster of facilitating one’s own demise. The good Lord gave Reid a break but my suggestion to Reid is for Reid Flair to not to P.O. Him, man up, and prioritize living his life clean and sober. I’m pulling for Reid to kick out of this matter and get his life on track and to evaluate if putting all his eggs into the “wrestling basket” is prudent thinking.

- We get tons of emails about tag team wrestling in today’s TV wrestling marketplace. Bottom line is this…..great tag team wrestling has its place in the business w/o question and I am a long time fan of some of the greatest tag teams ever in wrestling. Back in the day, no one wanted to follow a Midnight Express vs. Rock ‘n Roll Express bout on any card if they didn’t have to. However, teams like that don’t exist any longer. Period. Bottom line. End off story. If teams can come together organically and develop natural rivalries with other quality teams, then I say go for it. However, to simply throw teams together, as some fans suggest, for the sake of having a tag bout on TV makes little sense to me. Over the years, with some exceptions, the big money in wrestling has always been in one on one bouts and that fact hasn’t changed today in my view. With the overall lack of quality, main event level depth within the business today, I do not see red hot, tag team wrestling returning any time soon to the scene especially if fans are looking for several, established teams to dot the landscape.

- Ever wonder why most wrestling bouts utilize no time limits on TV or at live events? Me, too. I think using time limits adds to the drama much like main stream sporting events that utilize a game clock in various fashions. I personally like the sense of urgency that time limits provides a wrestling match. Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion.


Updated Judgement Day Card

Here’s the updated WWE Judgment Day pay-per-view card coming out of this weekend’s SmackDown:

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs. Batista

World Heavyweight Title Match
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

ECW Title Match
Christian vs. Jack Swagger

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Highlights of the Recent WWE Shareholders Meeting

The 2009 WWE Annual Shareholders Meeting was May 2nd. Here are some of the newsworthy items from the meeting:

* Kevin Dunn missed the meeting due to an illness & may have been hospitalized.

* Vince McMahon said that he is not interested in running an MMA promotion.

* Vince McMahon said that WWE is looking into creating a Wednesday night TV program. He feels that it would not be overexposure due to the huge number of TV stations available & that being on TV every weeknight would make it easier for the fans to follow along with the storylines or catch up if they miss any of the TV shows.

* A shareholder requested the creation of a WWE affinity program. Vince McMahon agreed to look into possibly doing that.

* Donna Goldsmith said that WWE has major marketing plans for Summerslam 2009, including a huge party leading into the event. Vince McMahon predicted that Summerslam 2009 will sell out.


Tommy Dreamer, New ECW GM?

There is already talk within WWE of replacing Tiffany as the General Manager of ECW in the near future, reports The Sun. A lot will hinge on what Tommy Dreamer decides to do.

His contract is legitimately expiring soon and there is talk of making him the General Manager of ECW should he decide to re-sign with the company.

Internally, the feeling is that Tiffany isn't projecting well enough in her role and that she has poor delivery on the mic.

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