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Who Will Replace JBL as the Color SmackDown Annuoncer?

Now that John Bradshaw Layfield is back to wrestling full-time, the company is looking at who is going to take his place alongside Michael Cole on SmackDown on Friday nights. The company from what we have heard is expected to make a decision fast, with Vince McMahon having the final call on who it's going to be. The word is that there is a short list, and that one of the possible announcers on that list is Michael Hayes, who has some announcing background in his resume. He is the lead writer on SmackDown, so being the color guy as well is going to be tough, but we'll see.

I like the thought of Tazz re-joining Cole on Friday nights, but the problem there of course is what do you do with ECW? Maybe give Matt Striker, who is a better talker and manager than wrestler, could fill the void if Tazz moves back to Friday nights and Striker could fill the role with Joey Styles. Needless to say I would be somewhat surprised if the company brought someone in brand new we have not seen before. Just not their style. Look for someone we know, and someone that will be asked to be as outspoken as Bradshaw was, minus the outrageous references.

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