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Punks Speaks on Being Straight-Edge, Avoiding Painkillers

Below are some highlights from an interview with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, done by Chicago Magazine at

Q: Why did you decide to go straight edge?
A: My dad had a bit of a drinking problem, and drinking was something that I just didn’t want to do.

Q: So you don’t take drugs of any kind? Not even caffeine?
A: I’ve been known to have a cup of coffee. To me, it’s an interesting debate: Where do you draw the line? I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do mind-altering drugs, don’t do steroids or take painkillers. I don’t have promiscuous sex.

Q: How can you not take painkillers?
A: I take a lot of naps.

Q: Your signature move is called Welcome to Chicago, Mother******? What is it?
A: A Kill Hannah song. I saw them play at Metro a while ago. I thought, That’s Chicago to me; that’s the essence of the city. I chicken-wing some poor sucker’s arm, lift him in the air, turn him, and drop him on my knee.

Click HERE to read the entire interview


WWE Thinking About Their Own Channel?


It appears WWE is considering moving their 24/7 programming from an on-demand pay-per-view subscription service to its own television channel. Currently the company is doing a marketing study which is probably being done to try and present the cable companies with evidence that people will switch to or from satellite, based on the ability to see the WWE channel as a free service.

It’s known that Vince McMahon has talked about WWE needing its own TV channel for years now. One advantage of having their own channel would be if the USA Network or MyNetworkTV changed their minds on carrying WWE programming, wasn’t interested in anymore or had some sort of power shift, then WWE would have its own channel to air their programming on.

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Steve Austin in the Ring at Mania 25?


Reports are indicating that WWE has begun to discuss the idea of Steve Austin wrestling one more big match at Wrestlemania next year in Houston, TX. If plans for the match go through, WWE would be inducting Austin into the Hall of Fame the night before the match. This is of course NOT confirmed, and Austin has said in the past that he will only agree to a final match if the planning is to his liking.

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Wacky Damien Demento Says He's Pushing Legal Action Against the WWE


Updated 2009 WWE PPV Event Dates

Here are the latest dates for 2009 WWE PPVs through September's Unforgiven:

1/25 Royal Rumble
2/15 No Way Out
4/5 WrestleMania XXV
4/26 Backlash
5/17 Judgment Day
6/7 One Night Stand
6/28 Night of Champions
7/26 Great American Bash
8/23 SummerSlam
9/13 Unforgiven


WWE Tweaks the Rules for Next Weekends Championship Scrambles

Five days ago, WWE posted the rules for the Championship Scramble matches at Unforgiven on the WWE Fan Nation website. The rules, at the time, read as follows:

- The match has a 20-minute time limit. The champion and a randomly selected challenger will start the match, with a new challenger entering the match every five minutes.

- If a Superstar scores a pinfall or submission on any other Superstar in the match, he is declared the "temporary" champion for match purposes (and is not officially recognized as champion in the title history). He holds that designation until another Superstar scores a subsequent pinfall or submission on any other Superstar.

However, has since changed the rules, and declared that "two randomly selected participants" will start the match, so the defending champion will not necessarily be in the ring for the full 20 minutes. Here are the new rules:

- The match has a 20-minute time limit. Two randomly selected participants will start the match, with a new challenger entering the match every five minutes.

- If a Superstar scores a pinfall or submission on any other Superstar in the match, he is declared the "interim" champion for match purposes (and is not officially recognized as champion in the title history). He holds that designation until another Superstar scores a subsequent pinfall or submission on any other Superstar.

- The last Superstar to earn a pinfall or submission within the time limit will be officially declared the World Heavyweight Champion.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Creative Not All That High on New Talent

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The creative team is said to not be high on new WWE stars Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana), Ryan Braddock (Jay Bradley) and Gavin Spears (Shawn Spears). That pretty much explains why it took them so long to be called up to the main roster and why they didn't at least a get a few wins at the start. All three wrestlers have yet to win a match on WWE television. The feeling on Spears is that he was only good when he was in a tag team with Cody Rhodes in Ohio Valley Wrestling over a year ago. In the case of Ryan Braddock, it's being said that he "only has one speed."

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Big Daddy V Says He's Getting Into Movies


Former WWE Superstar Big Daddy V did an interview with and was asked about his WWE release. The former WWE King of the Ring winner responded with the following:

“You know what, man? I got sick. I went down with pneumonia. I got sick and it ravaged my body a little bit. I’m feeling better now – better than I’ve felt in many years. Me and WWE decided together that I’d take a little time off. I’m getting into movies now. I just finished my first movie a few days ago in Utah. I’m very excited about doing something new. I just want to send a shout out to all my fans. Thanks for all the support. The well wishes and everything, but Big Vis is very healthy and I’m doing very fine.”


Walter "Killer" Kowalski Passes Away at 81

From: Wrestling Observer

Walter "Killer" Kowalski passed away this morning at 2:15 AM. He had been taken off life support nearly two weeks ago following a massive heart attack on August 8th. Following his Hall of Fame wrestling career Kowalski also trained a number of stars, most notably Triple H.

From the AP:

Pro wrestling pioneer Walter "Killer" Kowalski has died from a heart attack. He was 81.

Kowalski died Saturday after his family decided to have him taken off life support. Kowalski had been in critical condition at a hospital in Everett, Massachusetts, since the heart attack on Aug. 8.

The death was announced on Kowalski's Web site.

The 6-foot-7, 285 pound Kowalski earned his nickname in 1954 after dropping opponent Yukon Eric during a match in Montreal. He became famous for various moves, including a stomach vice grip called the "Killer Clutch."

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Foley Denies Signing with TNA at WWE Licensed Autograph Event

Mick Foley, who has been the talk of the wrestling community as of late due to the fact he's supposed to be gone and going to TNA, made a stop in Cleveland today at the Indians baseball game and threw out the first pitch and signed autographs for fans. I made my way through the line and got a chance to speak with Mick on the TNA rumor and what exactly is going on:

Matt: "Mick, so what is true on these rumors of your leaving?"

Foley: "I didn't even know there were rumors."

Matt: "Various sites are reporting you are leaving WWE and signing with that true?"

Foley: "Who reported that?"

Matt: "It's all over wrestling sites on the net"

Foley: "Well, I can say that is NOT true, though I may try out a PPV with them."

So there you have it, a first-hand conversation that while Foley will likely end up in TNA, the deal, according to him, has yet to be inked. At least not yet. Foley's WWE conract ends on Monday, and today's appearance at the Indians game was not even promoted on the WWE's list on their website.

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Notes on the Upcoming Hell in the Cell DVD Set


Devin Melsom sent the following notes on the forthcoming WWE Hell in the Cell DVD set:

*For those who have not seen the Taker/Austin vs. Kane/Mankind match, it is really just a segment, so don't expect too much from it. Basically it was there so Taker could get some retribution on Paul Bearer.

*The other match that some people may not have seen is the Foley vs Kane match. It is a fairly ordinary and short TV match. The highlight is a bump Foley takes from the side of the cage through the announce table. He over-shoots the fall, and his head cracks the floor. Ouch.

*The Wrestlemania 15 wash-out between Taker and Bossman is left off the DVD. It is not missed.

*There is an intro before each match to give you an idea of what was going on in the build-up to each match, which is a welcome addition.

*Mick Foley hosts and provides some good insight that I had not previously heard (perhaps he mentions them in his books, but it has been years since I read them). He says that it was Terry Funk's idea to have Taker and Foley start on top of the cell, a move which Foley now regrets.

*Once the DVD moves through the Foley related matches, things get less interesting. Foley is really just going through the motions, as he was not involved in the matches, and doesn't have much insight to provide. Personally I think participants from the matches should have been brought in to give their recollections of the matches, but hey, that's just me.

*I would struggle to recommend this DVD to someone who already has most of the matches. The Six-man has not been released on DVD before, so that provides some value. The only other two not available on DVD are not enough to justify the price tag, and seasoned fans will probably not learn too much new from Foleys commentary in between matches.

*If you have not seen some of the PPV cell matches then I would recommend this. There are some really good matches on here. My personal favorites are Taker/HBK, HHH/Foley, Taker/Lesnar and HBK/HHH. Shame the Edge/Taker match came too late to make it on.

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Darkness Returns

We have now reverted back to the old Undertaker who embraces the black arts in order to inflict fear upon his enemies and I for one love it. Yes the ending of Smack Down last night was bit soap operaish, but having Taker back and questing for Vickie's soul helps establish the dead-man image. Of course he does not need these gimmicks as he is fantastic in the ring, but it help keep the story line fresh and adds some theatrics when you have moments like the ring catching on fire. This is what wrestling is all about, putting on a big spectacular show to keep the crowds coming.

It was a great night for those who will be in the Championship Scramble as they had singles matches against each other, except for Brian Kendrick. I let me say I really didn't miss Kendrick on the program. I'm still not sure why he is in match for the title but that's the WWE's choice. Shelton Benjamin did a great job of raising his stock as he and Triple H put on a nice long match. Benjamin was able to match the champ blow for blow and showed the powers that be that he is serious about being a major player in the company. But for what ever reason they had to ruin this match by having Khali come to the ring. I though it was over with him and Triple H, as H beat him cleanly and nobody wants this to continue, so why keep getting him involved. It did open up the chance for Benjamin to attack Triple H from behind but that could have been done without Khali.

Jeff Hardy and MVP also had a good match that featured Hardy using some technical moves. It was not till the end of a very long match that Hardy reached into his aerial arsenal to get the win over MVP. The ending of this won feature Benjamin running in and taking out both MVP and Hardy after the bell. Now this helps to establish a strong US title picture as all three of these men now have beef with each other. This will also help establish some heat for the Scramble as you figure these guys will be at each other in order to win the belt.

Big Show made it know that he is tired of being overlooked for matches on this brand. He showed his displeasure by interrupting a tag match between Hawkins and Ryder against Jesse and Festus. Since the bell rung Festus was of no use as the Show proceeded to take out all the rest of the participants. The crowd reaction was on Big Shows side and they have been loving him since his return. I'm not sure if the WWE wants him to be a face or heel but it doesn't seem to matter as the fans love him regardless. He would perfect fit for Triple H fora few months until we sort out who should be the big opponent for H at Mania.

The divas had another one of their tag matches as Michell McCool and Maria would lose to Maryse and Natalia. They are starting to develop Maryse into the main rival with Michelle now. This is good as it give us another heel to challenge for the belt, but I think there is still some unfinished businesses between McCool and Natalia. Yes they have met but it's always in tag matches and they have not defended the Divas belt since its inception. But given the lack of female talent on Smack Down we will see those two again.

It was a great night to be new talent on Smack Down as both R-Truth and Brie Bella both walked away with wins. Truth got a big win over Kenny, who now has become the whipping boy as of late on the show. I like what Truth brought to the ring, other than his entrance. If he is supposed to be this tough streetwise guy lose the Dance Fever routine. With the push of this guy look fro it to mimic what MVP went through when he debuted a few years ago. I would not be surprised if he ends up in a program for the US title within a year. As for Kenny things do not look good for him as he keeps losing and you have to wonder if this will help his career or not. Brie on the other hand may have won but it was not impressive at all. She was very lucky to be paired with a seasoned veteran like Victoria who did everything in her power to carry Brie. Her moves were horrible as Victoria would stop and pose and wait for her to put the move on her. Yes Brie has the looks but she needs to get her act together in the ring if she wants to stick around.

Article on Killer Kowalski Being Taken Off Life Support

Walter Kowalski has always been known to be a battler.

From his early days breaking into the wrestling business, to his years as a top trainer to some of today’s biggest WWE superstars, “Killer” Kowalski has certainly left an indelible mark on the wrestling world.

But the Malden resident and WWE Hall of Famer’s biggest battle continues to be the fight for his life, after suffering a massive heart attack Aug. 8 that has left him near death.

Since that time, Kowalski, 81, has been in critical condition at Whidden Hopsital in Everett. With his condition showing no signs of improving, Kowalski’s family decided to take the wrestler off life support, Monday, Aug. 18.

Kowalski’s wife, Theresa, as well as his family and friends have been by the wrestler’s side during this very difficult time.

Click HERE to read the rest of the story


The Good, The Bad, and a Final Grade for Friday's SmackDown

Another week of SmackDown is in the books, this weeks show coming from the Igloo in Pittsburgh, where this year the Penguins played the Stanley Cup vs the champion Detroit Red Wings. The show was full of two women's matches, a pair of long, very well fought matches with Jeff Hardy vs MVP and Shelton Benjamin vs Triple H, and the on-going saga with Undertake vs Vickie Guerrero. Here are some thoughts from the show:

The Good:

* Both the MVP-Hardy and Benjamin-HHH matches were very good. They were long, but both deserved the time they got. Didn't exactly like Khali coming out at the end, thought that was a waste, but I know it's all an attempt to build the scramble challenge at Unforgiven.

* Good to see Taker actually talk again. He's always been good on mic in my opinion, and for him to waste his character by simply grunting "Rest in Peace" every now and then is not enough. He's not Ric Flair when it comes to promos, but then again, he's good enough with his look he doesn't have to be.

* I like the build they are giving Mayrse, who really has been able to come on as of late. They need to continue to develop different divas for title shots, and you can see Mayrse getting one very soon.

* Big Show is headed for a title shot at some point, and while it was a waste for him to come out and lay out the tag teams like he did, I have no issue with him doing it to prove once again that he can be a force.

The Bad

* Not quite following the Taker-Guerrero storyline. I mean, let me understand this. Vickie says she's sorry, and that she wants to make it up to Taker. Taker says no, and that he's going to send her to Hell. In the meantime, Chavo, Bam and Hawkins and Ryder leave her in that room all night, and to top it off - she's locked in till the end (I guess with a cameraman?). Then we have her in the dark, screaming at the end. Not the best of endings to an otherwise pretty good show.

* I realize that Victoria is the diva that never is allowed to win a match, but her match vs the newcomer - Brie Bella, was so one-sided, that once Bella was allowed to win with a weak roll-up, I actually felt bad for Victoria. She's reminding me more and more of Ivory before she left the company a few years ago.

* I was more interested in the promo that Kenny Dykstra cut than the match and eventual loss to Ron Killings, now known as "R Truth." Here's a vote that Killings will win for awhile, then fall into mid-card hell and become a nobody.

Final Grade for the Show: B-

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts on John Cena

Jim Ross updated his blog over at where he spoke on John Cena’s recent injury:

I was shocked to see John, who had just had neck surgery earlier in the day, up and around much less dropping by the ancient Igloo to simply say hello to “the boys.” As I understand it, a disc in Cena’s neck herniated and a fragment stuck into his spinal cord causing obvious discomfort and numbness down his right arm and into his hand. Dr. Joseph Maroon, a renowned Neurosurgeon and Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers expertly handled the Cena’s repair. This was a procedure that Dr. Maroon called an “emergency surgery.”

John’s surgery was a micro-surgical removal of a large piece of disc material that infringing John’s spine. Cena told me that the doctors took a small piece of bone from a cadaver to use for the neck fusion. Cena is expected to begin physical therapy next week and could be back in the ring in between 2-4 months according to Dr. Maroon.

Wednesday morning as I was going thru the Pittsburgh Airport one of the security guys said Cena had come thru earlier alone and in excellent spirits and moving just fine. Cena’s surgery wasn’t as drastic or invasive as what some other WWE Superstar’s have endured and one thing that helped was the quick response time of Cena himself. If John had ignored the symptoms this matter would have ended up an entire different story without the quick and positive results of Tuesday.

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Taker to Take on the Scramble Winner at Unforgiven?


At the moment, WWE has plans for the winner of the SmackDown Scramble match at Unforgiven to subsequently defend the title later in the night against Undertaker. The idea is that Vickie Guerrero would be giving him the title shot as a peace offering.

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Backstage Update on Kim Coming Back to the WWE

From: PWTorch

PWTorch is reporting that the primary reason Gail Kim has left TNA for WWE is the significant discrepancy between what TNA offered her and what WWE offered her. It sounds like it’s hardly news, as she obviously went with the “better offer.” What has become clear this week from multiple sources is that Kim did not want to leave TNA, but she felt she had no choice based on the massive difference between the two offers.

TNA’s offer, well under 100,000 per year in the form of a soft guarantee (based on a target number of matches, but paid per match) was less than one-third of the offer WWE presented, a six-figure downside with three years offered. There is potential to earn significantly more than the downside. TNA’s offer was less than three years (one source believes just one year). Kim still had to be talked into leaving by friends as she had a strong sense of loyalty and contentment with her situation in TNA. She loved the company and her friends there, but she couldn’t justify not taking the much better offer.

One friends says she really had no choice, she had to opt for the financial security the WWE offer provided. Another source in TNA, disappointed in her decision, said she chose to be unhappy for more money rather than remain happy and loyal and stick with the smaller company that made her a star.

There was a real void backstage at TNA this week as Kim’s friends couldn’t believe she was gone, especially since she left without saying goodbye. Her departure was rather sudden and unexpected, but when she was given a supposedly final offer by TNA that was deemed to be “insulting” and “possibly sexist” by one friend with knowledge of the lowball offer, she couldn’t risk getting hurt or being jobbed out once her decision was made.


Joey Mercury Says He's Coming Back to the WWE


At a Maryland Championship Wrestling show this past Saturday, former WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury cut a promo saying he was going back to WWE along with former ECW Superstar Christian York. Kevin Nash was also asked about his contract status with TNA by a fan. Nash said if TNA gives him the money that he wants then he will stay and if not, he will leave. Below is an e-mail sent in on Sunday from reader Everett who was at the show:

Last night MCW held their monthly show and I got a couple of news bits for you. This is my first hand report not second hand from someone else. Joey Matthews during an in ring promo said that he was going back to WWE in December along with partner Christian York. Joey said he spoke with John Laurinitis earlier in the day and he was going back as Joey Mercury.


SmackDown Preview from

In less than two weeks, WWE Champion Triple H defends his title in an unprecedented five-man WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven. But first, The King of Kings will take on one of his scramble opponents – United States Champion Shelton Benjamin – on SmackDown in a non-title Champion vs. Champion bout. Can the Gold Standard send a message to Triple H, or will The Cerebral Assassin demonstrate why he is a 12-time World Champion?

Undertaker has made it clear. He’s not interested in forgiving SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero or members of “The Family.” Last week, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder felt The Deadman’s wrath. Who is next?

At SummerSlam, a fired-up Montel Vontavious Porter overcame the high-flying Jeff Hardy in a hard fought bout, thanks in part to the involvement of United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. But on SmackDown, Hardy gets a second chance at MVP in a SummerSlam rematch. Will The Legend Thriller get some payback against SmackDown’s Franchise Playa?

Last week on SmackDown, an angry Big Show expressed his displeasure at not being considered for a WWE Championship Scramble qualifying match by clearing house in the 10-Man Battle Royal. What will The World’s Largest Athlete do this week?

Stay tuned to SmackDown on The CW Network at 8/7 CT as all of SmackDown’s Superstars get ready for battle at Unforgiven.

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Foley Making the Jump to TNA


Wade Keller is reporting that Mick Foley has agreed to terms with TNA and will debut as soon as he is contractually free to do so. His WWE contract expires within days.

Foley's TNA deal was worked out with help from Spike TV, which may have subsidized the contract. He may end up being involved in other Spike TV projects.

Foley was dropped from WWE storylines once WWE learned that he was unhappy and likely not renewing his deal and instead interested in signing with TNA. While there's been a lot of buzz about Foley in the locker room among wrestlers, the management team had been quiet about it and perhaps largely out of the loop, but were hopeful Dixie Carter was getting the deal done.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Updated Card for 2008 Unforgiven

WWE has confirmed the following matches for their Unforgiven PPV on September 7, 2008:

WWE Championship Scramble match
- HHH vs. Jeff Hardy vs. MVP vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Hvt. Championship Scramble match
- CM Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. JBL vs. Kane

ECW Championship Scramble match
- Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay vs. The Miz

World Tag Team Championship match
- Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Cryme Tyme

- Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho


Update on the Return of Mysterio at Unforgiven


Obviously the decision to bring Rey Mysterio back this soon for the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match at the Unforgiven pay-per-view was a last minute one. Basically, WWE did what they had to do and with Cena’s injury, a lot of booking and storyline direction had to be changed. Rey Mysterio was not in the building on Monday night, which is why they just went with a video on the big screen of him in action instead of a live appearance. Like I said, everything was pretty much last minute.

Rey will probably work limited spots in the Scramble match as he was just able to start fully training again just a little over a week ago. A guy like Rey Mysterio can get back into shape in no time, but he most likely will not be 100% for the Unforgiven match but he will be close. Rey still has a little bit of work to do before getting ready for the match but he has been known to come back strong before.

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Kennedy Out 4-6 Months After Upcoming Shoulder Surgery


SmackDown Superstar Ken Kennedy is scheduled for shoulder surgery this Friday. Kennedy injured his shoulder during a house show match with WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin earlier this month, and has been working lightly ever since.

Kennedy was diagnosed with a torn labrum and damage to his rotator cuff by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama. After two weeks of rehab and no progress, it was determined he would require surgery. He is expected to miss four to six months after the procedure, which will be performed by Dr. Andrews.


Couple Big Names Working Through Injuries


Several sources including The UK’s Sun is reporting that several top WWE Superstars are working hurt right now and won’t take any time off for fear of losing their main event spot.

Edge is taking some time off to sell the angle from The Undertaker but also to heal up after the recent promo time allowed him not to have to wrestle on TV besides the Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam. Edge is said to be a man who is constantly in some kind of pain but doesn’t want to give up that main event spot.

The Undertaker is also working hurt as he returned from a knee injury early for SummerSlam. One more knee injury for The Dead Man and he could have to call it quits or work a more limited schedule than what he is already working.

The word going around is that the injury bug and wear and tear of WWE’s grueling schedule is taking its toll on several WWE Superstars and not just Edge, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and John Cena.

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Cena Out Two to Four Months After Surgery

John Cena had neck surgery today in Pittsburgh, PA by Dr. Joseph Maroon, who heads up WWE's medical program. It was originally speculated that John Cena might have a neck fusion, which would have kept him out of action for up to a year, but after the surgery today, the time that Cena was expected to miss was reduced significantly.

Dr. Maroon told that Cena will be able to start working out next week. The former WWE Champion is expected to be back in the ring within 2-4 months. The earliest he's expected back is the Survivor Series pay-per-view, which is in his hometown of Boston, MA or the Royal Rumble 2009 at the latest.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scramble Mania

I guess the WWE has run out of ideas as we will see our third title scramble match at Unforgiven for the ECW belt. For a new concept it is a very bold move for the WWE to place three of these matches on one pay per view. If the concept is a dud we will be faced with hours worth of terrible matches. The concept seems to be just the elimination chamber minus the chamber except no one will be removed from the match if they are pinned. I have stated my concerns as it could become confusing with all the action going on and trying to keep track who is the "current champ", but we will have to see if this is hit or miss.

ECW was able to have yet another entertaining show by using tonight matches as qualifiers to meet Mark Henry at Unforgiven. We saw Matt Hardy, Finlay, Miz and Chavo all qualify tonight. The major omission from this list would be John Morrison who lost to Hardy. You figure you could swap either the Miz or Finlay for Morrison, but I like the group they advanced. First, out of the former tag champs we know Morrison will move onto bigger things soon. So allowing Miz to prove himself as a solo wrestler will allow him to push his profile on the roster. And this is great for him as the Miz has really worked hard to show he can hold his own and is not just a reality star who got a cheap break. Adding Finlay also brings a good veteran presence to the match so he should be able to control the pace to make the match believable and entertaining as you know he is good for a few scraps.

The qualifying matches were all good and have some potential for future programs. First the omission of Morrison only gives him reason to want to challenge Hardy. You knew these two would pair up as they are the best talents on ECW. Look for Hardy to win at Unforgiven then get challenged by Morrison who missed out at a shot at the title. We finally saw the tension between Mike Knox and Finlay come to a head and it should continue as Finlay got a cheap win by using the shillelagh to knock out Knox. This should be good for Knox as he put on a good show matching brawling styles with Finlay. Don't see anything coming out of Chavo and Dreamer as Tommy was just filler since there really wasn't anyone deserving to be in a match on the current ECW roster. But you have to wonder if Evan Bourne will continue on with Chavo, as Bourne's match with the Miz was pretty good. It would benefit both Bourne and the Miz to be involved in a program as they can showcase their skills. But Bourne could gain valuable experience pairing up with Chavo. We may see Bourne bounce back and forth as the competition on ECW is thin and I really don't think the WWE wants to bury these three guys.

Kendrick Gets Hitched to Former Tough Enough Personality

From: WrestleNewz

The Brian Kendrick, who is in the middle of the biggest push of his career, got married to former WWE Tough Enough personality Taylor Matheney over the past week or so. Matheney was a finalist on WWE’s reality competition and went on to work for several independent companies. She has since went on to work as a makeup artist in Hollywood.


Does Kane Someday Belong in the Hall of Fame?

Last night during the main event of RAW between Batista and Kane JSX and I had a rather spirited discussion about the WWE Hall of Fame and some of the "fringe" wrestlers that do or do not belong in it. The one name that always comes up in my mind about if he should make it or not eventually is Kane. Yes, the Big Red Machine has had quite a WWE run, way back from WrestleMania 14 when he first fought his brother the Undertaker.

Kane has also undergone quite a change from his time under the mask to now, as he's now simply unmasked and bald, as compared to back in the day. He's also been a heel and face about 50 times each, and I guess now fans are supposed to boo him again for his dirty deeds done to Rey Mysterio and last night to Batista.

I personally would put him in. He's the overall best rival that Taker has ever had, and had two solid WrestleMania matches (14 and 20) against him. He has fought just about everyone, and while I doubt we'll ever see another major title around his waist again, he did hold the WWE Title for one day when he bested Steve Austin at the King of the Ring on the same night Taker threw Mick Foley off the top of the cage.

He also has had the IC belts, Tag belts, and ECW title on a few different spots. He's always in some sort of main event mix, and has never had any issues with the company (at least none that have ever really come to light) like suspensions or walk outs like some other major stars. He's been a solid talent for the past 12 years, and the Kane character will always have a place in the company.

Kane in the Hall? Someday a sure thing.

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Statement on Foley's Freedom Expected Soon


The Gillespie Agency is expected to release a statement on Mick Foley, similar to the one they did for Ric Flair, around the first or second of September with information on how Mick Foley can be booked for various appearances and things since he will be done with WWE. For all purposes, Foley is done with WWE. Most people within WWE expect Foley to be 100% finished with the company now. The Gillespie Agency represents Ric Flair, Mick Foley and Roddy Piper, among others.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cena Out, Mysterio In

Tonight we got the news that one previously injured WWE superstar would be replacing a newly injured one with the news of Rey Mysterio taking John Cena's place in the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. While some may see this as somewhat tragic losing Raw's biggest name, it may very well have saved the WWE some face. Since the move of Batista to Raw many have speculated he and Cena would meet at Mania. Before Summer slam neither the two have met and it would have been great to have their first meeting on the biggest stage of wrestling. But for whatever reason the program was rushed and Batista got the win. With Cena out for at least a few months this story can be fresh and should be able to be rekindled in time for the road to Wrestle Mania. Imagine the hype they can build by pitting these two against each other for the World Heavy Weight Title in the coming moths leading up to Mania. No offense to CM Punk, who is doing a great job as champ, there are no bigger names on Raw than Cena and Batista.

Speaking of Punk he and JBL had another decent match to open the program tonight. I know I have stated I really don't see JBL as a legitimate title contender and wanted to see this program end, but tonight was another great match. JBL has really worked himself back into shape as you can tell he has slimmed down over the past few months. This has translated to better performances from him as his brawling style has matched well with Punk's martial arts. Still this program will not last as Punk needs to tka on bigger competition to prove he is a true champion and not just one of transition. If he can bring the level of performance like he has against JBL he will show everyone he belongs. Here's betting this kid will be a top contender for the championship fro years to come.

Batista and Kane met again to finish their business from last week considering Kane taking out Mysterio. For two big men this was also a good match. I have wanted to see Batista take on someone other than the Undertaker and look good to prove he belongs with the big boys and his matches against Cena and now Kane have done that. For all the critics of this guy you have nothing to stand on now and get use to him being one of the top dogs in the WWE. We all know Kane will give a solid match, but Batista tonight raised his game to sell it. Look for these two to keep on facing each other until Unforgiven as we had a DQ tonight and Kane will not get involved with Mysterio until after the pay per view, as that is most likely when Mysterio will be back in the ring.

HBK helped to fuel the fire with Jericho tonight by challenging him to a match to get revenge for all Jericho has done to him and his family. Jericho accepted via the WWE studios and the two will meet in a unsanctioned match at Unforgiven. Look for this to resemble a street fight match as both men will want to take the other out. Finally this program has gained the dimesion it has been lacking since it started shortly after Mania. Their last match was a blood bath and I look for it to be the same again.

Glamorella had its ups and downs tonight as Beth Phoenix tasted defeat and a broken nose at the hands of Kelly Kelly. The win did come about due to Santino's distraction of Phoenix, but I really want to give credit to Kelly Kelly. For once she did not look out of place and held her own against a superior wrestler in Phoenix. She has been working very had to look good in the ring and it's started to bear fruit. I will always give credit to the women who transform from being know for their looks into solid in ring performers. And Kelly Kelly making this transformation is awesome as it gives another legitimate face to the women's division.

The other half of Glamorella found victory as Beth Phoenix quickly forgave Santino and helped him defeat Kofi Kingston in an Intercontinental championship match. There most likely will be another rematch at the pay per view, but it still will be good as both these guys work very well together. We all know about Kofi's athletics and Santinos comedic antics help bring a little fun to the matches while he is more than an adept wrestler who can give some good performances.

Other action finally saw Rhodes and DiBiase take on Lawler and Hacksaw Duggan. The elder statesmen had beef with these cocky youngsters about a month ago and we finally saw a match with them. Not much to talk about in the match as it mostly featured Lawler against the champs. Of course the new guard won but not before a challenge from Cryme Tyme. The reason Cryme Tyme stole the belts last week was to get a championship match that Rhodes and DiBiase accepted for Unforgiven. This should be a good test for both sides as Cryme Tyme is looking to reestablish themselves on the roster while Rhodes and DiBiase are new to the circuit.

Attention, attention we have a Charlie Haas citing, or should I say Chalito. Haas took on Carlito's little brother, Primo Colon, dressed as the Caribbean Cool One. The gimmick did not work as Colon would win and dazzle with some decent moves. As for Haas it should be awhile, if ever again, when we see him. When your regulated to dressing up as a wrestler who is in the doghouse with the WWE and lose to a new guy you know your days are numbered.

Cena Out for Unforgiven; Headed for Surgery

As was just announced on RAW, John Cena is OUT for the Unforgiven PPV in Cleveland in two weeks. The story goes that the injury is legit, and Cena is in bad shape. The following below is from about the injury:

John Cena is currently working through a neck injury. The MSG match this past weekend was changed from a singles match to a tag match with Cena and Batista vs. Kane and Chris Jericho with Cena sitting on the apron for most of the match. Apparently Cena has been having these troubles with his neck for a few weeks now, likely before SummerSlam. One source reports that WWE brought John Cena in yesterday for some medical tests on his neck.

Until he is 100% cleared to wrestle, WWE is probably going to book Cena to protect him from getting hurt anymore until the Unforgiven pay-per-view match. We should have more details on Cena’s injury later on.

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Latest Update from Jim Ross' Blog

Jim Ross is back with another blog and Q&A update over at Here are some of the highlights:

- Ross on WWE’s Legends of WrestleMania: Yours truly worked several hours Friday night on the upcoming THQ produced video game featuring amny of the greatest the legends ever of the WWE. I presented the THQ rep a J.R.’s BBQ truckers cap, our $9.99 red neck special which is available here in our store, and he was most appreciative. Hey, some folks collect caps, what can I say? The creative on this game is being kept under wraps as it relates to all the amazing stars that will be featured. Nontheless creative fans will be able to book some of the greatest, dream matches ever. We are slated to do two more days of voice overs next week. To tell you that I am simply having a blast doing audio bytes for these guys would be a major understatement. This is the game that will likely encourage me to get video game friendly.

- Ross on WWE and Politics: Interesting note that several WWE wrestlers are attending the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions. It’s good that some wrestlers want to see the political process of selecting our Presidential candidates and not just do a drive by for a photo op even though there will be plenty of those. I’m not sure whos going where but I do know that Batista and President Bill Clinton would have a helluva time together considering they are both socially inclined. We dont’ do many politics on this site but I will tell you that Ihaven’t decided who I am going to vote for come November. Professional politicians who can’t even balance our country’s check book and who govern only to be re-elected and not to better our country have used up all their “passes” with me.

- Ross on Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy: Really nice, old school match on Friday Night Smackdown between Finlay and Shelton Benjamin. Both men wrestled aggressively and in a bad mood. I loved the physicality. It seems as if Benjamin is starting to come into his own. Amazing athletic gifts like Shelton’s should be taken advantage of by the bearer. I like what I have been seeing lately from the amateur standout from the University of Minnesota. Whin in college, Shelton was a regular workout partner with Brock Lesnar after Bejamin used up his eligibility for the Gophers. I’ve heard that some of their wrestling room workouts were special to watch. Shelton would seem to have the skills to have been a superior MMA competitor if he had chosen that route. Shelton has told me many times that people can’t fully comprehend just how fast Lesnar is not to mention that his strength is freakish.

- Jim Ross on Takeshi Morishima in WWE: I haven’t heard a word about how well his matches went. I watched his match in Moline and it was o.k. Not bad, not great. It looks like Morishima might want to focus on his athletic conditioning and hit the gym more frequently. I am not being negative here only realistic. Morishima has “something” that seems like it might be worth exploring. I like his timing and there is no doubt potential with this young man.

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Raw on Scifi for one night only!

Don't Forget, Raw airs tonight at its normal time, but on the Scifi Channel. Heres a list of whats on tap for this very special Raw.

  • A live Appearance by Shawn Michaels
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Santino Marrella for the Intercontinental Championship
  • Batista vs. Kane
  • and much more

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More on the Release of Stevie Richards


Despite being released from his WWE deal, Stevie Richards was often praised by the agents for his in-ring work. Richards was even previously used to get Shane McMahon ready to work in the ring.

Apparently Richards had some backstage heat on him for rubbing people the wrong way by offering creative ideas aggressively. Richards had struggled to distance himself from being labeled just another ECW wrestler but had become a poor politician backstage. Despite his efforts, it was obvious Richards would never climb the ladder, so to speak, and he was released.


WrestleMania 25 Plans Already in the Works


WWE has already started thinking about what they want to do for next year’s WrestleMania in Houston. For the event, WWE is looking to do either a Triple H vs. Undertaker match or Edge vs. Triple H match. Either match would be for the WWE Championship.

One qualm with the Triple H vs. Undertaker match is that most everyone would know the result to Taker’s undefeated streak. However, Undertaker would be fine with losing as he’ll do whatever Vince McMahon feels is right for business. McMahon goes back and forth on whether the streak should end.

In some little known trivia, there were plans for either Batista or Edge to end the streak at one point. Also, Mark Henry was actually briefly scheduled to defeat Undertaker in their Casket match at WrestleMania 22.

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Updates on the Unforgiven Championship Scramble Matches


WWE came up with the Championship Scramble matches for the Unforgiven pay-per-view because they didn’t have any strong matches lined up for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The plan was to build the show around the Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels feud.

The word coming out of WWE this weekend is that officials have been tossing around new ideas for the Championship Scramble matches. WWE may be announcing more rule changes or stipulations this week, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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RAW Preview from

Who ordered the Scramble?
August 25, 2008

On Raw, General Manager Mike Adamle instituted a “Championship Scramble,” a 20-minute match for the World Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven between champion CM Punk, John Cena, Batista, Kane and JBL. The night’s show saw each of those Superstars except for Punk win a match. With so many determined competitors in the mix, will they be able to contain their ambition in the scant weeks leading up to Unforgiven?

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk’s aforementioned loss was suffered at the hands of the ruthless Chris Jericho, fresh off an accidental attack on the wife of his rival, Shawn Michaels. The first-ever Undisputed Champion has urged HBK to remain at home and comfort his family, but directly after his wife was laid out by Jericho, The Showstopper seemed to have something else in mind. Michaels gave up his career at SummerSlam – after the assault on his wife, will he still follow his doctor’s orders? Or will Jericho find himself on the receiving end of some retaliatory Sweet Chin Music?

Last week on Raw, it was revealed that Kane’s burlap sack contained Rey Mysterio’s mask. This week, Kane explained how he brutally assaulted the Ultimate Underdog and stole his mask. Following the revelation, Mysterio’s former tag team partner and good friend Batista rushed to the ring and attacked Kane, who managed to get the upper hand over The Animal due to his injured leg. What is the condition of Rey Mysterio, and will the rivalry between Batista and Kane spill over into their Championship Scramble?

For the answers to these questions and more, watch Monday Night Raw live at its regular time of 9/8 CT, this Monday on Sci Fi Channel - for one night only. Or catch the action at 11/10 CT on USA Network.

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Vicious Set for a Comeback According to Sirius Radio

According to Scott Ferrall of Sirius Satellite Radio, Sid Eudy, known to wrestling fans as "Psycho" Sid or Sid Vicious, is reportedly in the final stages of signing a deal that will bring him back in to World Wrestling Entertainment. Sid has been telling friends that he will back in WWE by September, and Ferrall reported earlier today that the deal is nearly complete. While we do not have confirmation of a return date for Sid, expect to see him back with WWE in the very near future.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Were the Highlanders Fired?

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Both Highlanders - Rory and Robbie - were finally released from their WWE contracts last Friday. Rory's pectoral tear injury from back in January likely held off their firing as they wanted to wait until he was healthy to part ways with them. Rory made his return to the ring on August 11 and was gone by the end of the week.

When they were first starting out in WWE, a number of people in the company were fans of them. The road agents liked them from the start as they were impressed by how bad they wanted to be in WWE. When they first got their tryouts, they made their costumes within a 48 hour notice. Creative member Ed Koskey as well as Fit Finlay were pushing for them to get a significant push, but as heels. However, Raw writer Brian Gerwitz wanted to recreate The Bushwhackers with them. Gewirtz never saw The Sheepherders (The Bushwhackers in a sadistic, savage brawling gimmick), which is what Finlay had in mind. Despite the vignettes and heavy push during the summer of 2006, The Highlanders failed to get over and they were quickly put on the back burner, never to recover. By the end of 2006, they mostly competed on Raw's sister show Heat, occasionally making appearances on Raw, throughout 2007, primarily to job to other teams or singles wrestlers such as Snitsky.

Following the announcement of his release last Friday, Rory posted on his MySpace account that he's not bitter, has no regrets, but only wished things had gone better for them in WWE. Rory put over John Laurinaitis, who both hired and fired him. Rory said he lived in his car when he was working the indy circuit, and thanks to WWE, he now has a home. However, he was becoming very unhappy during his last days in WWE. He said WWE hired them based on how they wrestled on the indy circuit (similar to The Sheepherders not The Bushwhackers) and was upset that they weren't allowed to do be who they were before. Rory said he knew from day one that The Highlanders gimmick would be a hard one to break out of.


Still No Info on if the Randy Orton Accident was For Real

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We still have yet to find any concrete proof regarding Randy Orton's supposed motorcycle accident. The St. Louis media has yet to report anything on it, not to mention that haven't found any evidence of Orton being in a motorcycle accident from authorities. However, family & friends of Orton are saying that the story is exactly as he described it to

At last week's television tapings, people in WWE were talking about it as if it was real, but a few days later, they started to become unsure because nobody could find any real proof of him being involved in a motorcycle accident. They were also suspicious that it wasn't covered by the local media because Orton is a local TV celebrity and from his description, the accident could have been fatal.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was alerted about the supposed accident, but couldn't find any evidence on it being true. Orton claimed he struck a curb and was thrown from his bike on to the ground, which knocked him unconscious. In his words, he "bounced and rolled just under 300 feet, landing in a ditch." Orton said that when the police came, they couldn't believe he was okay other than re-breaking his clavicle, and that had he not been wearing a helmet, he could have died.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why the WWE Let ECW Ref Wes Adams Go

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

ECW referee Wes Adams was apparently released over a screw-up in a finish during the main event of the 8/12 ECW between John Morrison & The Miz vs. Mark Henry & Matt Hardy. The Miz was supposed to save Morrison after a super side effect, but he missed his cue to break up a pinfall attempt from Matt Hardy. Morrison ended up trying to kick out at the last split-second when he realized Miz wasn't coming in to break it up. That wasn't supposed to be the finish as it seemingly came out of nowhere.

Adams counted the pinfall nonetheless as WWE referees have been instructed to call every match as a shoot. When the match was over, you could tell that everyone was confused. Adams is being used as scapegoat for the incident, but a number of people in WWE believe he was a victim of a circumstance that wasn't his fault.

They feel Adams was only doing his job as he was instructed because if a wrestler doesn't raise his/her shoulder up by the three count, you count them down and end the match. Adams had a reputation in WWE for getting to the shows early, and staying late as well. A number of people figured he'd be in WWE for as long as he wanted. Adams is now taking on bookings as a wrestler on the independent circuit.

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Info on Why the WWE Let Stevie Richards Go

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A number of the recent WWE releases were due to the numbers game." In recent weeks they've been calling up several wrestlers from Florida Championship Wrestling and they had to let some people go to make way for them. At most, WWE holds up to 110 performers on the main roster. Basically, whenever a wrestler gets called up to the main roster, that's one more main roster wrestler that will eventually have to be let go sooner or later, and WWE finally dropped the axe on a number of fringe performers this month.

Stevie Richards fell into "the numbers game" category. While he always worked hard, it's been clear for a number of years that no matter how hard he worked, he was always going to be slotted at a low level in WWE. The road agents praised his work at house shows, but the creative team wasn't too fond of him. Richards would often come up with storyline ideas for himself, which the creative team actually doesn't mind, however, he was said to aggressive about telling people his ideas, which turned some key people off. Some people labeled him as a poor politician. Also, some key people in WWE saw him as a minor league wrestler due to his ECW stigma, which he never really shook off in their eyes. Basically, some key people in WWE are of the belief that the stars of the old ECW weren't real stars. Richards was well aware for a number of years that he could be cut at any time, so he's prepared to deal with his unemployment. Vince McMahon's take on Richards was pretty much indifference as he didn't care about him all that much. Also, Richards would often be used to get Shane McMahon ready and in shape for matches whenever he would come back to wrestle.


Austin Planning an In-Ring Return at Mania 25?

The Sun has an article on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin after it was reported that he would be appearing at the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view on October 26th.

The article speculates that Austin could be receptive to putting on one final match for WWE fans and getting a Ric Flair-style send off at WrestleMania XXV, which will be taking place in his home state of Texas.

In the past year, Jim Ross has dropped a few hints that Austin would be open to it, according to the article.

"Austin wants to make sure that if he gets into the ring, it's not just to capitalize on his name," one WWE source told The Sun. "He wants to be the best performer on the show. If he can't live up to that, he won't do a match. If he can be the old Stone Cold, then you'll see him wrestle at Wrestlemania XXV."

Click HERE to read the Article

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2008 No Mercy Poster featuring Jeff Hardy

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Scramble It Up Some More

Just like their sister show Raw, Smack Down also decided to go with the Championship Scramble for Unforgiven. This would be the second time in the last year the two major brands have mimicked each other at a pay per view. The last time we saw dual Elimination Chamber matches. They were able to pull that off, but I think they may have gone to the well one to many times with this copy cat move. Unlike the Elimination Chamber, this version of a multiple challenger match will be dull. As I eluded to in my Raw review this type of match will be long and possibly confusing with all the action going on at once. At least Smack Down used this type of match to hype up their show with qualifying matches to get into the Challenge.

The pairings they had left little doubt who would advance to take on Triple H, but for some reason every winner had to do so with outside help. Brian Kendrick won his bid by winning a10 man battle royal that was a who's who's of low level competition. Big Show did interfere as he was mistakenly left out of all the qualifiers. He did a great job of throwing everyone out, but Kendrick was caught by his adviser Ezekiel, thus preventing him from toughing the floor. Show then left the ring and the refs gave the win to Kendrick. A big chance for him to make some noise up against the best of Smack Down, but he will be outclassed by his fellow competitors and should spiral to the mid card again. As for Show, look for this over site to give rise for his challenge of Triple H for the belt. There really seems to be no major contender for H right now and logic would have it be Big Show as he has not established himself with anybody.

MVP won by count out in match against Festus. While out of the ring MVP took a cheap shot at Jesse, leading Festus to leave the ring to attend to his partner. This lead to the count out and MVP moved on after taking some more cheap shots at the subdued Festus who returned to his catatonic state after the bell rang to end the match. Shelton Benjamin looked good again against Finlay in a nice long match. With the help of Mike Know harassing Hornswoggle at ring side, Benjamin was able to pin a distracted Finlay. Despite the cheap win, Benjamin was able to match a skilled veteran in Finlay blow for blow. I really like the technical side Benjamen is adding to his game and it should help him establish himself. Jeff Hardy punched his ticket by pinning Khali after Triple H knocked down Ranjin Singh while trying to give him a chair shot. As Khali came to the aid of his interpreter, Hardy struck and used his airborne tactics to gain the win.

Tonight also featured the return of the Undertaker to Smack Down. A new attitude Vickie Guerrero has now turned back to her normal kind self as she is no longer influenced by Edge. Trying to set the situation straight she decided it would be best to apologize to the Undertaker. But the Dead-man was not there for apologies, instead he wanted Vickie's soul. The Family then rushed in to protect the matriarch but four men were not enough for the Undertaker. They did get some shots in, but in the end Undertaker would demolish each member of the Family. It should be interesting were they take this angle and if Edge will find himself intertwined in this ongoing story.

Divas action saw the continued featuring of Maria as we are short of face Divas on Smack Down with the release of Cherry. tonight it was Natalia taking on the Playboy cover girl. They had Maria winning the match before Maryse stepped in to settle a score with Maria, but it was not convincing. Of all the Divas, Maria still needs some major in ring work to pass her off as a convincing wrestler. She dominating over Natalie was not convincing as it featured simple moves like head locks, kicks and clothes lines. Maria needs to look more agile and comfortably in the ring to convince the fans she belongs, if not, all she brings is a pretty face.

SmackDown Preview for Tonight from

Preview:Is SmackDown on a highway to Hell?
August 17, 2008

At SummerSlam, Edge faced a returning Undertaker in an epic Hell in a Cell Match. The Rated-R Superstar vowed to show The Deadman the "purest form of hell." But after one of one of WWE’s most brutal matches, it was the legendary Phenom who sent the Ultimate Opportunist into the great inferno. With Undertaker back on SmackDown, will SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero – or anyone else – be safe from his vengeful scourge?

WWE Champion Triple H reigned supreme over The Great Khali, defying the odds by hitting the Pedigree in his very first match with the Punjabi Giant at SummerSlam. Now, The Game must defend his title in a five-man WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven.

This week on SmackDown, it will be none other than The Great Khali and Jeff Hardy who will compete in an Unforgiven WWE Championship Scramble Qualifying Match for an opportunity to face The King of Kings for his crown. What other SmackDown Superstars might get an opportunity to compete for a chance at the WWE Championship at Unforgiven?

Witness the fallout from SummerSlam on SmackDown on The CW Network at 8/7 CT.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


New York, NY (August 13, 2008) - Fuse, the national music television network, has signed Chris Jericho, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar and lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy, to host the new original series “Redemption Song,” premiering Wednesday, October 29 at 11pm ET. The series follows ten women as they compete for a last chance at musical stardom. The winner will receive a major record deal and star in a music video to air on Fuse.

“Many people know Chris Jericho as a WWE legend but he is also a musician and the lead singer of his own band Fozzy,” said Matt Farber, executive vice president, Programming, Development and Digital. “Chris is someone who has worked hard to get to where he is today, and that experience makes him a valuable resource and mentor for these women vying for a chance at stardom.”

For the last nine years, Chris Jericho has played for thousands and sold hundreds of thousands of records as the lead singer of Fozzy. As an avid rock fan and a rock star, Chris Jericho displayed his vast knowledge of music not only in talk, but in action as the host of the XM Satellite Radio show, “The Rock of Jericho.” During his WWE career, he has held six different titles and was the first ever Undisputed Champion of the WWE. From touring internationally to sold out shows, to starting his own record label, Ash Records, Chris Jericho understands the hard work and dedication it will take for these women to capture their dream of a record deal, that has long been out of their reach.

Produced by Zig-Zag Productions USA, “Redemption Song” pits ten talented female singers who have addictions, criminal records, emotional problems and bad attitudes against one another as they dream of fame and musical stardom. Each week, the women compete in a series of outlandish, transforming challenges, from performing at a Sweet 16 to being grilled by a publicist about their past, ultimately resulting in one girl sent packing. Only the strongest will be redeemed and given the opportunity to sign with a major music label.


Latest From Jim Ross' Blog

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are the highlights:

On Monday's Raw: I did get to see Monday Night Raw from Chicago nonetheless as the All State Arena holds many great memories for me. No, I am not specifically talking about the infamous "Country Whipping Match", and I use the term "match" loosely, that Jonathan Coachman and I had once upon a time. Chicago was the location where my induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was announced. It was one helluva moment for me and was overwhelming. I felt like Sally Field must have felt at the Oscars one year when she emotionally said, "They like me...they really like me." Enough of that.

On Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho has become an easy man to dislike these days and looks to be the hottest antagonist in the WWE now that fellow Canadian Edge is vacationing in his condo in Hell. I hear it is nice there this time of the year even though it is the hurricane season.

Jericho's accidental punch to Rebecca Michaels' mouth resulted in still yet to be confirmed damage to the young mother of two and the wife of HBK. It was obvious Sunday that her lip had swollen quickly immediately after she was struck by Jericho. This personal issue is arguably the most compelling matter in the WWE these days.

On Ric Flair: Ric Flair refereeing? I read of this recent Flair news item and I'm not sure that I agree with this assignment. "Naitch" is and will always be "The Man' but "The Man" doesn't need to be refereeing any wrestling least in my view. Perhaps it's just me and the respect that I hold for Ric but the Nature Boy being a referee seems beneath Flair at this stage of his game. But one has to assume that a nice payday awaits pro wrestling's greatest in ring performer.

On the Championship Scramble:
WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson told me that he loved the idea of the "Championship Scramble" coming up at Unforgiven in about 3 weeks. Patterson created the Royal Rumble concept and apparently Pat has visualized the "Championship Scramble" and he feels certain that it will be exciting. Before critics damn the match perhaps we should allow it to actually happen. I am reserving my opinion until I see the match. The success of this unique attraction is all in the execution, as usual. Plus it is a chance for multiple wrestlers to shine. Someone we unexpect may have a jaw dropping performance.

On Takeshi Morishima: Takeshi Morishima had a non televised match that I witnessed on Tuesday night before we taped Friday Night Smackdown. Morishima wrestles for the Ring of Honor organization which does a really nice job with their promotion for the record. When I saw Morishima in his wrestling attire I thought that the late Terry Gordy, who toured Japan many, many times back in the day, had fathered a "love child". Morishima's physique reminded me of the late Freebird in an crazy sort of way. If the young Japanese athlete can get to Gordy's level in the ring then Takeshi will have done something special because Gordy was extraordinarly special. I hope that WWE 24/7 highlights the tag team bouts that Gordy and Dr. Death had with the Steiner Brothers many years ago in WCW. These four gave the term Slobber-Knocker new meaning.

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WWE with Little to No Interest in a Dudley Boys Return


Team 3D's TNA contracts are expiring next month and the two sides are currently in the process of negotiating a new deal, reports ProWrestling.NET. The two sides hope to finalize the team's contracts before they expire. TNA is said to be confident in re-signing the duo as WWE doesn't appear to have much interest in bringing the former Dudley Boyz back to the company. Devon is well liked by people in WWE, but Brother Ray has rubbed a lot of people in the rival company the wrong way. One source said, "Devon is guilty by association. No one in WWE has any ill will or bad feelings toward Devon, but Bubba is a detriment to his career." Perhaps the biggest knock against the former Bubba Ray Dudley is that he has a reputation for taking liberties with young wrestlers.


Gail Kim Coming Back to the WWE


Gail Kim is jumping ship and heading back to World Wrestling Entertainment. Kim was offered a very sizeable offer and has taken them up on the deal.

Kim's contract is up about to run up and she will be free to start working for WWE once it expires. The decision for her to leave TNA for WWE was completely financial as she had been happy in TNA. The deal she was offered was a big one and hard to pass up.

Kim left TNA on extremely good terms and the door is always open for a return.

Gail will appear on iMPACT! tonight in a street fight with Awesome Kong.


MyNetwork TV to Air WrestleMania XXIV


WWE and MyNetworkTV will officially kick off their relationship on Thursday, October 2nd at 8pm with the first-ever broadcast presentation of WrestleMania XXIV. The very next night on Friday, October 3rd WWE SmackDown will premiere on its new home at 8pm. This will be the first-ever broadcast television debut of WrestleMania. MyNetworkTV President Gary Meidel expressed his excitement for WWE’s debut on the network, saying “These side-by-side primetime events are sure to deliver two nights of edge-of-your-seat, action-packed entertainment.” Vince McMahon added, “What better way to introduce MyNetworkTV viewers to the WWE brand than to schedule our first-ever broadcast television debut of WrestleMania.”

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Updated Lineup for WWE's Saturday House Show at MSG

Here is the latest card for Saturday's WWE return to Madison Square Garden:

On Saturday night WWE returns to Madison Square Garden in New York City for a Raw live event.

The highly anticipated John Cena vs. Dave Batista match has been scrapped. After several changes to the card over the past several weeks, below is what looks to be the final advertised line-up for WWE's return to Madison Square Garden this Saturday night:

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk vs. JBL

Special RAW Challenge Match
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Batista vs. Kane

Intercontinental Championship
Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston

World Tag Team Championship
Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme

WWE Women's Championship
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Also promoted for the show: William Regal, D'Lo Brown, Snitsky, and Kelly Kelly

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