Friday, February 26, 2010

Updated WrestleMania XXVI Card following SmackDown

After tonight's Smackdown, here is the updated lineup for Wrestlemania:

- World Champion Chris Jericho vs. Edge.

- WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista.

- The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. If Michaels loses, his career is over.

- Money In The Bank with Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. four more participants to be announced.

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Cole and Matthews from WWE NXT

There are people within WWE right now who are trying to say that the interaction between Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on WWE NXT this week was a shoot but some are skeptical. Joey Styles backed this up on Twitter as he “assured us” that the commentating between Cole and Lawler was “very real.” Styles said that Cole “lives in the WWE bubble.”

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Hart Family DVD preview

Here’s the latest promotional preview for WWE’s upcoming Hart & Soul DVD set on the Hart family:

The Hart family has long served as Canada’s first family of Sports Entertainment, from patriarch Stu and his Stampede Wrestling and Dungeon, a training site that has produced multiple Hall of Famers, though sons Bret, Owen, on to a new generation of WWE Superstars, The Hart Dynasty. But the family’s journey was never a smooth one, as their accomplishments were often punctuated with devastating tragedies and loss.

Now for the first time ever, fans can learn the entire story in Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology.

A brand new documentary chronicling more than 5 decades of family lineage is filled with never-before-seen Hart family interviews and supplemented with a dozen matches featuring Bret, Owen, Keith, Bruce, The British Bulldog, The Dynamite Kid, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, The Hart Dynasty, and more!

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Smackdown Preview

The following is scheduled to take place on tonight's edition of WWE SmackDown:

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth

Women's Title Match:
Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Kane vs. Drew McIntyre

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk

Main Event
Edge vs. The Miz

Also, there will be appearances by Chris Jericho, Big Show and more.

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Ross blogs about his contract

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a blog update on Friday morning with an update on his health and future plans in the wrestling industry. Ross wrote that nothing is finalized yet, but potential plans are in the works and he hopes to attend WrestleMania 26. Ross wants to return, but WWE's hectic schedule might be too much for him at this point. He questions whether he can still handle traveling 51 weeks a year while performing at the level he's expected to. "Thank God I'm feeling better but many, major decisions have to be addressed," Ross wrote. "I can only say that time will tell over the next few weeks and the best decision will be made. This by no means that my love for the business has diminished whatsoever."


Burchill and Helms both released

Here come the cuts in the WWE - the company on their website just a little while ago announced two superstars that are gone:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Paul Burchill as of today February 26, 2010. We wish Paul Burchill the best in all future endeavors.

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Shane Helms (Hurricane) as of today February 26, 2010. We wish Shane Helms (Hurricane) the best in all future endeavors.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Warrior declines 2010 WWE HOF Invite


The original plan for the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame was to make former WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior this year's marquee inductee. After Warrior and WWE settled a lawsuit several months ago, the two sides began discussing Warrior being part of the Hall of Fame this year. Warrior initially agreed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame but he made the decision last week to change his mind and reject the offer. It's believed that Stu Hart will be announced as the next inductee on RAW next week and he will likely be this year's featured inductee.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flair's Wife Arrested for Assault

Police say the wife of pro wrestler Ric Flair has been charged with assaulting him in their North Carolina home.
In a statement, Flair called the incident an unfortunate disagreement and said he did nothing wrong.
Authorities say officers were called to Flair's home in south Charlotte on Sunday night. Flair said his wife attacked him after they went out for dinner. He had minor injuries, but refused treatment from paramedics.
Police charged 41-year-old Jacqueline Beems with simple assault. She was released from jail a few hours after her arrest.
The 60-year-old platinum blond grappler nicknamed ''The Nature Boy'' is currently wrestling for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling after a long career with World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday, February 22, 2010

Five WrestleMania XXVI matches after last night's PPV

World Heavyweight Title:
Chris Jericho (C) vs Edge

WWE Title:
Batista (C) vs John Cena

Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk


No Hart tonight on RAW, Michaels will be there

From: PWInsider

WWE announced this afternoon that Shawn Michaels will explain his actions last night at the Elimination Chamber PPV where he cost The Undertaker the World championship on Raw

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Money in the Bank for Mania still undecided

There's still no official word about the status of Money in the Bank at WrestleMania this year and none of the WWE talents know for sure what's going to happen. With that said, some aren't happy about the possibility of the match being taken off this year's WrestleMania because it's a big payday for the 6-8 guys who are involved.


Brett Dibiase to induct his dad into the WWE HOF

Ted DiBiase Jr. noted on his Twitter page that he and his younger Brett, one-half of the FCW Tag Team Champions, would be inducting their father into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

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Final card for tonights Elimination Chamber

Below is the final card for tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. It's believed that another match, possibly Batista vs. Edge, will be added to the card but that's not confirmed.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title
Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Kane

WWE Divas Title Match
Maryse vs. Gail Kim


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Major WWE PPV Changes coming this Year

Aside from scrapping the annual Survivor Series event, has updates its upcoming pay-per-view lineup with several notable changes that begin after March’s WrestleMania. The changes include:

- Backlash is no more. WWE’s April PPV will now be Extreme Rules (on 4/25).

- With Extreme Rules moved to April, a new PPV event will debut on May 23 called “WWE Wild Card.”

- The Bash is also gone and has been replaced with “Fatal Four Way” on June 20.

- WWE’s Night of Champions PPV, which used to take place in July, has been moved to September. The July show is now titled “Money in the Bank” and will take place on July 18. This could mean there will be no Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania this year.

- Summerslam will take place on August 15th.

- Night of Champions will now take place on September 19th.

- Hell in a Cell will take place on October 3rd.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JR Blog: Rob Van Dam a High Priority, ECW Contributions, More

Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ Tuesday blog on

- I am told that I have at least four viable book deals that people want to discuss. No discussions have taken place as of yet but I am interested to hear the pitches and proposals. Once those meetings take place then I will better be able to decide if and when I want to assume this major undertaking. I can’t see it happening in 2010 but I assume stranger things could occur.

- ECW made unique and significant contributions to the pro wrestling world and their alumni should feel a source of pride for their accumulative accomplishments. I will enjoy watching old episodes of the “Original” for years to come when the opportunity presents itself. No one can tell the ECW story in today’s marketplace better than their one and only voice, Joey Styles.

- Speaking of ECW, of the many top hands that made their mark in ECW, none were more uniquely talented than Rob Van Dam who is one of the hottest “free agents” available right now. It would seem to me that RVD would be a high priority to any wrestling organization and that facilitating a travel schedule to his liking should be attainable. RVD is a one of a kind talent who connects with his fan base and Rob’s in ring work is singularly his which would be a breath of fresh air to many TV broadcasts.

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New Details Confirmed for WWE’s NXT Show

The speculation is over. After all the questions about how WWE NXT, which replaces ECW starting next week, would operate, the answer is finally clear–and, just for the record, it is not going to be a science fiction show.

In the same vein as shows like “The Ultimate Fighter” and WWE’s own “Tough Enough,” a Daily Variety article confirms that the series will employ a reality premise, following eight rookie Superstars from FCW as they work their way towards a spot on RAW or SmackDown.

The eight new wrestlers will each be paired with a WWE veteran mentor, “with egos often getting in the way, as they learn the ropes of competing in the ring in front of live audiences, creating characters and speaking on camera,” says the Variety story.

WWE is teasing the series as a window into how the company truly operates.

“These kids crash and burn a lot,” said Vince McMahon. “By putting them into this environment we’ll find out if they can make it. There’s no better way to develop skills than being in front of an audience. And that makes for good television.”

The show, set to air weekly year-round, will be broken into two or three seasons. As per earlier reports, it will also feature a new “look and feel” for WWE programming.

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Backstage News on the Final ECW

There were people within WWE who wanted to honor the ECW legacy on last night’s show by bringing back old ECW names for appearances. The feeling was that it was more important to get WWE NXT over and close out ECW quickly so they chose not to bring any old faces back.

Vince McMahon made the decision to put the ECW Title on Ezekiel Jackson last night so he would have momentum going to the SmackDown brand, where he will likely be kept with William Regal. The latest word is that the duo will end up on Fridays after it was first believed they would go to RAW. Some on the WWE creative team wanted Christian to retain the belt to give ECW a “happy ending” but that idea was shot down.

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ECW Title officially Retired

WWE’s website has confirmed that the ECW Title is retired. There was speculation last week that it may be kept around as a mid-card draw for some pay-per-views but it looks like that idea was shot down.


Hart's Raw injury

To keep with the Bret Hart injury storyline from RAW, WWE posted on their website that he has suffered “a broken left leg in addition to ligament and tendon damage.”


Hart's Raw injury

To keep with the Bret Hart injury storyline from RAW, WWE posted on their website that he has suffered “a broken left leg in addition to ligament and tendon damage.”


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morrison's Injury a Work

WWE star John Morrison's alleged broken ankle is a work. Morrison appeared to suffer an ankle injury at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings during a match with R-Truth. He later posted on Twitter that the ankle was broken in three places but that he'd just try to "walk it off." Morrison traveled to South America this week for the Smackdown & ECW live event tour will not miss any ring time.


Backstage news on Punk's New Woman

One of the reasons Serena Deeb was brought up to WWE’s main roster is because she was the only woman in developmental that was willing to get her head shaved for the storyline with CM Punk. Some of the Divas in FCW who turned the opportunity down did themselves no favors.

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Survivor Series Meets It's End Says McMahon

During an investor conference call this morning, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon revealed that after 23 years, the Survivor Series PPV concept has come to an end and will not be used again. McMahon stated:

“We think that Survivor Series is obsolete, as far as that title is concerned. It was something that worked many, many years ago, in terms of a creative standpoint, various teams competing. That really is not advantageous as the consumer now looks as what actually they are buying. And it’s such a broad … Survivor Series yes, many years ago, was one of the original four pay-per-views, but it’s outlasted its usage and it is one of the things in terms of re-branding, this year and going forward, that will be re-branded. No longer will we have that title, Survivor Series.”

WWE Survivor Series debuted back in 1987 and for many years featured primarily team elimination matches. The show had lost much of its identity in recent years and will likely be replaced next year with a new gimmick-themed event.


WWE Considering Several New PPV’s Including War Games, MITB and More

WWE’s 2009 financial results revealed a sharp decline in the 2009 Survivor Series PPV buyrate (down 26% from 2008) while the company’s new gimmick-themed events (Hell in a Cell, Bragging Rights, TLC) all did better than their 2008 counterparts.

In a survey sent out to the WWE Universe this morning, WWE asks fans what their level of interest is in the following potential PPV event themes:

Tournament Event Single elimination “bracket style” tournament where Superstars would compete in multiple matches during the night to become the tournament winner.

Street Fight Event Main events would include”street fight” matches where there are no disqualifications and pin-falls count anywhere. Superstars often compete in normal street clothes.

Legends Event Match participants would include WWE Legends from the past.

Money in the Bank Event The main event “Money in the Bank” match requires Superstars to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase hung high above the ring. The winner can “cash in” the briefcase for a championship title shot throughout the year. Qualifying matches earlier in the event will determine participants for the “Money in the Bank” match.

WWE Draft Event WWE’s annual Draft where Superstars and Divas learn which brand they’ll be a part of for the next year. The Draft is often the beginning of new conflicts and matchups.

Battle Bowl Event Random tag-teams compete together – sometimes arch rivals – with the winning teams being put in a 2-ring Battle Royal. The winner could potentially receive a championship title match.

Roulette Event
Main event match stipulations would be determined by the spin of a roulette-type wheel.

War Games Event Teams of 5 collide in 2 cages. 2 participants begin the match with a new participant added every 5 minutes. This process is alternated between teams until all members from both teams are present.


WWE Looking to Launch TV Network in 2011

During this morning’s investor conference call, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon says he is planning to launch WWE’s upcoming television network by next summer. He said WWE is already working on the project:

“Right now, we’re continuing along the lines of a formula in which we will soon be presenting and taking the next steps. We think there is tremendous opportunity,” he said. “If things happen as we hope, it will be a really big game-changer. There is huge opportunity as it relates to domestically and internationally. We are pursuing that and taking the next steps.”

McMahon does not think WWE’s current television partners will mind WWE promoting their own network during current WWE programming and compared their strategy to how the NFL promotes their own NFL network during NFL games on CBS, ESPN, etc. He also said WWE plans to keep RAW on the USA Network for many years to come, while SmackDown’s future is less certain.

“The strategy will be maintaining the broadcasts, therefore, keeping Raw on USA Net for many years to come and find a really strong home, whether it be MyNet or someone else, for Smackdown,” he said. “We don’t see any interruption for Raw or Smackdown. The new network could tie-in to Raw and Smackdown and enhance the two brands.”


Latest on the WWE Hall of Fame Names

Source: Wrestling Observer

- The 2010 WWE Hall of Fame class currently is made up of the late Stu Hart, Japan legend Antonio Inoki and Ted DiBiase Sr.

Celebrity names that have came up in discussions the past few months include Mike Tyson and Bob Uecker. Tyson has homes in Las Vegas and Phoenix, plus with the recent RAW guest host gig, he makes sense to be inducted this year.

Uecker has been asked about joining the Hall of Fame a few times in the past but has always turned down the invite as he’s been leery with media coverage of steroids in wrestling and his former sport, baseball.

No word yet on who the celebrity will be this year to get inducted.

For what it’s worth, The Ultimate Warrior’s name is still brought up in discussions about going into the Hall of Fame this year. Warrior lives in Phoenix and WWE is still in need of a big name to be inducted this year.

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Hart Speaks Out about His Mania Match vs Vince

Bret Hart spoke to Alez Marvez of this week in a lengthy interview discussing his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. He says his parents and Owen Hart would say “hell froze over” if they were still around to see him return to WWE after a 14 year absence.

Hart teased that his current storyline with Vince McMahon would culminate with a match at WrestleMania. Despite the stroke he suffered back in 2002 and the fact that McMahon is 64 years old, he can still move around well enough to put on a good match.

“I’ll never put on the performance I want to have, but I’ll be able to do enough to entertain and give a good show. I’m very careful about what I do and allow myself to do and what can be done to me. WWE has gone through great effort to ensure all that and make sure I’m comfortable with everything.”

One thing he was unsure of when considering a return to WWE was how his past issues with Shawn Michaels would come into play. “When I came back, I didn’t know if the whole thing with Shawn would erupt again,” he said. “The truth is, Shawn has been real good with the whole thing. You can tell this is a weight lifted off his back, my back and I think even Vince to a certain degree. It feels like a new start.”

The Montreal Screwjob was a long time ago, but the situation set off such shock waves in the industry that even today, many fans can’t tell what aspects of his current WWE run are part of the storyline. “I’m trying to turn a negative into a positive,” Hart said. “I think this is good for wrestling fans. I know for a lot people this whole thing seems quite real. If I can deliver realism in today’s wrestling, I’ll think I’ve done a good job.”

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Draft News About Big Show and Swagger

There’s a lot of talk in WWE going on about the Draft after WrestleMania this year. Plans right now see Big Show and Jack Swagger being sent to SmackDown.

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Morrison Says He Has a Broken Ankle

John Morrison revealed on Twitter today that he broke his ankle in three places last night at the SmackDown tapings but was still headed overseas for the WWE tour beginning this Thursday. Morrison wrote that he was going to just “walk it off.”

There is some speculation from sources that the injury is legit as the belief is that WWE wouldn’t send a talent with a broken ankle in three places overseas to work.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Talent to Be Busy WrestleMania Weekend

WWE is planning on promoting WrestleMania weekend in Phoenix this year so hard that hopefully fans won’t have any interest in attending the other wrestling shows that weekend such as DGUSA and Ring of Honor. They’re also looking at keeping the WWE talents extra busy so they don’t have time to attend the shows either.


Backstage Update on the Undertaker

Partial source:

The feeling within WWE is that The Undertaker will probably work two, possibly three, matches between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania. The tentative plan is to get the World Heavyweight title off him before WrestleMania but that could always change.

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More Details on WWE NXT

As noted before, WWE has been going back and forth on whether or not to have veterans on the new NXT show. Word now is that the show will still feature veterans from other brands to help draw ratings. Apparently there will be regular appearances from WWE Superstars on the show to “mentor and hinder” the new talents on NXT.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jim Ross Blog : Brock Lesnar's Future, Super Bowl Prediction, Saturday's UFC PPV

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Here's what JR said about:

Super Bowl
"The Super Bowl is Sunday..duh..and my head says the Colts win and cover the spread. My heart is pulling for the Saints so that's who I'm picking. There are too many former Sooners playing with New Orleans for me to pick them to lose plus after enduring Hurricane Katrina one has to believe that N.O. is due the ultimate prize for their beloved and embattled NFL franchise."

Saturday's UFC PPV: "UFC 109 is this Saturday night in Vegas on PPV. I wish I was going to be there but I'll definitely be watching on pay per view. Obviously the focal point of this event will be the fight pitting two MMA HOF'ers going at it when former Oklahoma State mat star and MMA legend Randy Couture battles another veteran and legend, Mark Coleman. Coleman has so much to gain professionally and personally if he can beat Couture which MMA fans no doubt are aware and is what makes this main event such an emotional one."

Brock Lesnar's Future:
"Curious to see if Brock Lesnar appears at (UFC 109). If I had to guess, I would speculate "no." I do hear that the lethal Lesnar would like to fight Couture again for the Heavyweight Title if Randy is successful against Coleman. If talkative Frank Mir can continue to win and Brock does as well in addition to continuing to get 100% healthy, Lesnar vs. Mir will be huge."

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Joey Mercury Joining CM Punk’s Stable?

One idea currently being discussed by the WWE creative team is to have Joey Mercury return on the SmackDown brand as part of CM Punk’s Straight-Edge Society. Mercury was released in 2007 and it is well documented that he had a pain killer addiction, so the angle would likely be played off from this.

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Updated Card for WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV

Below is the official updated card for WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view after qualifying matches were held on last night’s SmackDown.

CM Punk earned his spot in the Chamber by defeating Batista on a count out. It was interesting how Batista lost as he just stood in the corner once the bell ring, waited and finally just left the ring and headed to the back, giving up his spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title

Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title
Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio

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Thursday, February 04, 2010


Last night on ECW, Vince McMahon announced the brand is coming to an end and a new show featuring the “next generation” of WWE programming will debut in 3 weeks during the same timeslot on SyFy. The brand will be called WWE NXT, as in “next generation.” Word came out earlier today that there’s already an “NXT” wrestling promotion based out of Scottland. To give more background on the original NXT promotion, it’s actually a developmental promotion of sort for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, a member of the UK’s branch of the National Wrestling Alliance.


RAW Going to Three Hours?

Sources confirm that WWE and the USA Network are seriously considering having RAW air for three-hours each Monday night if TNA goes to Monday. WWE officials did not like the idea last year when USA pushed for it but now they are considering it.


Details on Why WWE Might Have to Suspend Hurricane Helms

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- As noted before, Gregory Helms was found with a single soma pill in his bag when arrested with Chris Jericho. If Helms didn’t have a prescription for the drug like he claimed and even though the police aren’t charging him for it, WWE would be forced to suspend him for 60 days on his second Wellness violation. WWE’s current policy says that every prescription a wrestler has is supposed to be filed ahead of time with Dr. David Black. All prescriptions are supposed to be written by the company doctors who travel with the WWE crew. Helms has a previous violation against him for his name coming up in the Signature Pharmacy scandal in 2007 and has never failed a WWE drug test.

There has been a lot of talk backstage regarding Helms’ future with WWE after the incident. Based on the success of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view which he was pulled from, Helms missed out on a payoff from the show that would have been around $5,000.

It’s said that Helms was apologetic to WWE officials for the incident.

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Jim Ross Updates His Blog

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog. Some highlights:

- I will always have great respect for the Original ECW because of the passion and work ethic of all involved. Paul Heyman had great vision for what he wanted to create and his talents bought into that vision. I bring this up because the letters “ECW” will leave weekly TV in 3 weeks and will be replaced with a new, WWE produced program. Anxious to see what they come up with for Sy Fy.

- I am excited about the future primarily because I’m feeling so much better physically and am presently in a great place mentally.

- Must be lots of new rumors on the ‘net about my future. If any of you get some concrete info on what I will be doing for a living in the coming months, years, etc, please let me know because my status, goals for the future, etc are the same as I have repeatedly stated for months … I have actually been discussing some projects totally unrelated to the wrestling biz which are intriguing.


The Rock Planning Summer WWE Reunion

There has been speculation for weeks that The Rock may once again reunite with the WWE shortly. In prior years, The Rock has distanced himself from professional wrestling, but in recent interviews, The Rock has warmed up to the idea of returning to the WWE on a short-term basis.

Comments by The Rock in recent interviews began fueling speculation that the WWE was interested in bringing in The Rock in to face John Cena at WrestleMania 26. The Rock was scheduled to guest host the RAW that Mike Tyson hosted just a few weeks ago, but that had to be moved so The Rock could promote his new movie, Tooth Fairy.

Sources are now indicating that The Rock may return to the WWE sometime this summer. It is entirely possible that The Rock's return may be more than a one-time RAW hosting gig and may actually lead to a match against John Cena at Summerslam.

In a recent interview, this is what The Rock had to say: "Will I go back? Absolutely. The goal is to go back and do something special. I talked to Vince (McMahon) a couple of months ago and we're trying to come up with something."

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Monday, February 01, 2010

WWE Hall of Famer Jack Brisco Passes Away at 68

It's sad to report the death of WWE Hall of Famer Jack Brisco today. Brisco passed away this morning at the age of 68. He underwent a triple heart bypass surgery a few weeks ago and had been resting in a rehab center. More details should be available soon.

Our condolences go out to the Brisco family and friends.


Former WWE Tag Team Champion Returning To The Company

Former MNM tag-team member and former Champion Joey Mercury is set to return to World Wrestling Entertainment, according to

Mercury was released by the company in 2007 and retired in 2008, reportedly due to injury issues. He is slated to be on SmackDown, which is where his former tag-team partner John Morrison is also.


WrestleMania 27 to Be in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome

ATLANTA, GA – February 1, 2010 -- The Atlanta Sports Council, Georgia World Congress Center Authority and World Wrestling Entertainment® are proud to announce that the Georgia Dome will host WrestleMania XXVII on Sunday, April 3, 2011.

The announcement was made at a press conference today at the Georgia Dome. The Honorable Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta Sports Council President Gary Stokan, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development Ken Stewart and Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay joined WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon in making the announcement. WWE Superstars John Cena®, Batista®, Big Show®, Rey Mysterio®, Mark Henry™ and WWE Divas Kelly Kelly® and Eve™ were also on hand for the announcement.

“Atlanta has a long-standing reputation of hosting the highest level of sports and entertainment events and adding WrestleMania XXVII to the list is a major coup for our great city," said The Honorable Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta. "We've built our reputation on over-delivering for such prestigious events like the Olympics, Super Bowls, NCAA Final Fours and All Star Games. WrestleMania will further showcase Atlanta as one of the leading sports and entertainment capitals of the world and will bring substantial economic impact to Atlanta and the state of Georgia."

“We are thrilled to bring the biggest sports entertainment event in the world for the first time to the city of Atlanta in 2011. The enthusiasm of the sellout crowd at last night’s Royal Rumble® was just a small sample of what to expect when WrestleMania XXVII takes over Atlanta,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “We look forward to focusing the eyes of the world onto the great city of Atlanta and making history at the Georgia Dome.”

Visitors from around the world are expected to converge on Atlanta and participate in a week-long series of events that will culminate with the annual pop culture extravaganza, WrestleMania XXVII. Among the activities will be the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, WrestleMania Axxess, WrestleMania Art auction and a Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament. The pay-per-view event will be televised to more than 100 countries. Last year’s 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania and the events surrounding it pumped nearly $50 million into the local Houston economy, as 72,744 fans converged on Reliant Stadium for the event.

The Georgia Dome is no stranger to hosting major sports events such as Super Bowl XXXIV and XXVIII, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four, the SEC Football Championship and Chick-fil-A Bowl, along with major entertainment events such as U2, Rolling Stones and NSYNC.


Antonio Inoki the first name for the WWE Hall of Fame


- It was announced in Japan last night that the legendary Antonio Inoki has been invited to join the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Word is that Stan Hansen will be inducting him.

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JR Blog: Royal Rumble Highlights, Tonight’s RAW and More

Jim Ross has updated his blog with the highlights below:

* Enjoyed watching the Royal Rumble on PPV as the show closing last few minutes really made the show for me.

* CM Punk had a memorable Rumble match. Great mic work. Punk’s hairy chest, as I pointed out during the show on Twitter, makes him look even more like a villain. Punk had a stellar night.

* Edge was the star of the night and him winning the Royal Rumble disrupts the Road to Wrestlemania and makes February’s Elimination Chamber PPV more intriguing. That PPV is only 3 weeks way. I like the episodic way that several issues are progressing.

* Anxious to see the Hitman=McMahon confrontation Monday night on Raw from Nashville. I’ll miss being there with King as we always went downtown to Jack’s BBQ near the Grand Old Opry for lunch.

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Latest News on WWE Changing the ECW Brand


- There is still a lot of talk from within WWE about changing the ECW brand. The latest is that the new version of ECW’s show on SyFy will premiere some time after WrestleMania. The idea is to use a lot of younger talent on the show but with a few veterans also, basically what they have been doing for months now.

Everything is still in the planning stages but the company is thinking outside the box with the new ECW show with talk of making it fit in more with SyFy programming by going with more conspiratorial storylines.


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