Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three Hour RAW Set for December 14th

WWE has another three-hour episode of RAW scheduled for December 14th. A three-hour edition of RAW is also scheduled for the night after the Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 23rd.


Hardy Appears in Court

Jeff Hardy’s first court date was today in North Carolina. Hardy will be arraigned on the following charges: Felony possession of cocaine, Felony drug trafficking of opium, Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug (two counts), Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution and Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor).


Tiffany Talks of a Broken Arm, Message Pulled

As reported last night, ECW General Manager Tiffany wrote on her Twitter account that she suffered a "broken humerus" which was "snapped in half." The humerus is the bone that connects from the shoulder to the elbow.

The injury occurred in the ring at last Thursday's Florida Championship Wrestling television tapings.

WWE created a storyline saying she was in a car accident to explain her absence from last night's edition of ECW. William Regal was appointed the interim General Manager of the brand.

The message on her Twitter account detailing her broken arm has since been removed.

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New SmackDown Announcer Pulled

Reports have surfaced online saying the new ring announcer of SmackDown, Lauren Mayhew, was pulled from her ring announcing duties during last night's SmackDown television taping in Boston. According to a correspondent's report, she missed her cues during the dark match and was replaced by Justin Roberts for the rest of the taping.

"She was sort of scolded at ringside by WWE staff and then went backstage only to return some time later and sit at ringside the entire night," the correspondent in attendance wrote. "Mayhew took notes all night long."

Lupo Entertainment, which represents Mayhew, contacted a few wrestling news outlets to dispute the correspondent's report saying she was pulled during the show. They explained she was simply scheduled to serve as the ring announcer for the dark match at the tapings and therefore not pulled during the show as a result. Essentially, this was a practice session for her to get her feet wet in her new role.


JR on the 10th Anniversary of SmackDown

- Jim Ross has updated his blog at Here are some highlights:

* The Rock's promo that will air on Friday Night Smackdown broadcast celebrating the decade of SD is amazing. "Vintage" Rock delivery and amazing content... Rock freely talking about hosting Raw someday was hugely received by the fans in Boston. No date has been set that I am aware of but let the speculation begin.

* Same with Bret Hart as I can see Hitman returning for a guest shot but I am unclear if Bret would ever want to commit to a weekly gig with any entity. That would eliminate Hart from becoming a brand's G.M. but I could be plesantly surprised.

* I have to admit that I shed a few tears while watching the Eddy Guerrero video that airs on SD Friday night. It brought back a flood of emotions about my personal relationship with the multi talented wrestler.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Creative Not Happy About the Hell in a Cell PPV

WWE creative is not too fond of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view because of the issues with having to do three Cell matches on one card. Some are dreading it because of the idea of three Cell matches with no blood allowed, if they go that route. The current plan is to have the Cell matches take place back to back with DX vs. Legacy first, Undertaker vs. CM Punk second and John Cena vs. Randy Orton last.

There is talk of making the United States Title Triple Threat a Ladder match but with the TLC pay-per-view coming up they may just keep it a Triple Threat.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

JR Speaks Out on Jeff Hardy, Hell in a Cell PPV

Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ latest blog on

- Word has it that Jeff Hardy is “laying low” these days and diligently preparing to meet the challenges that await him. The more I hear of this legal matter the more I think that there is MUCH more to this story than meets the eye and that Jeff Hardy is far from being a drug trafficker. To even think the latter is ridiculous. I feel confident that in the coming weeks that Jeff will have his day to reconcile this matter and to better address it publically. Until then, Jeff is wise to remain silent and not feel obligated to tweet, etc his fans as no one needs or deserves any information on this issue until the proper time. Just from what I have been able to ascertain, this case looks much worse on paper than it actually is but let’s all allow the legal process to address this matter and remember that we, as citizens of the United States, are innocent until proven guilty.

- I don’t know the details of what going to occur as it relates to replacing Lilian Garcia, whose last night on the job was this past Monday, but I suspect that Justin Roberts, the current SD ring announcer, might get that nod. That’s just speculation on my part but Justin does a really nice job and is a reliable, professional young man. I think getting a female who also sings to do Lil’s role has its challenges. However, it’s obvious that a new ring announcer is needed and someone will be introduced next week or so it would seem. The young lady who worked in Tulsa Tuesday night seem to sing the National Anthem quite well.

- Tickets are still available for the SD 10th Anniversary Show in Boston which should be a good night. Some fans want to see an ample array of highlights while others want live action. I have no idea what we will receive but I do know that all three WWE brands will be on hand for the last broadcast prior to the “Heck in a Cell” PPV.

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More on the Decision to Move Batista

WWE’s decision to relocate Batista, who recently returned, to the SmackDown roster is seen as interesting among industry types. While the idea of bolstering the thin SmackDown main-event roster makes sense, especially with Mysterio off the road until next month and Undertaker not working an active house show schedule, Batista is not the most logical candidate for the role.

The Wrestling Observer Observer notes that because Batista returned early from injury, he will presently be working a limited schedule (primarily television and pay-per-view). So, if WWE were looking for someone to beef up the touring card, Batista is not the guy, and many are thus perplexed that WWE would so hastily blow off his feud with Randy Orton.

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Chavo Defends the Hornswoggle Storyline

Chavo Guerrero posted a few messages on his Twitter account defending his ongoing storyline with Hornswoggle:

“You all realize that it’s not wrestling anymore, right?” Guerrero wrote. “It’s entertainment. Sometimes I wonder by your comments.

“You guys realize that I can out “wrestle” most guys in the WWE, right? The way you guys respond makes me think that you actually think I’m losing. It makes me think I’m responding to RETARDS! We’re not the UFC. It’s not real. I can beat up a midget any day of the week and so could you. But who wants to see that?”Cha

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WWE Offers Kanye West $10 Mil

A report on urban celebrity news site says that controversial recording artist Kanye West has been offered close to $10 million to come to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The report states that Vince McMahon and WWE have offered Kanye close to $10 million to show up at 3 events: two television appearances and one pay-per-view event. Word is that if he accepts the offer, Kanye would have to do some “light wrestling.” According to MediaTakeOut, Kanye is “seriously considering” the offer.

While the idea of Kanye in WWE sounds like a great chance for WWE to get some mainstream media attention, take this report as a rumor at best. Several years ago this same site reported rapper Eminem was training to become a WWE Superstar, which never happened, so consider the source.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jeff Hardy DVD Off the Drawing Board?

It was recently reported that WWE was looking to release a DVD on Jeff Hardy as soon as possible. In fact, Matt Hardy noted on his Twitter account last week that he recently filmed footage for the project in his hometown of Cameron, North Carolina. In light of Jeff Hardy’s arrest yesterday on drug charges, WWE has called off plans to release the DVD. The project is officially off the drawing board.


Mickie James Has an Implant Bust

Earlier this week it was reported that WWE Diva Mickie James missed a house show on Sunday in Madison, Wisconsin and Monday’s RAW from Chicago because one of her breast implants ruptured during a a recent match. The report is accurate and the former Women’s champion will undergo a corrective procedure this weekend. She will likely miss this weekend’s house shows as a result.


Jim Ross on the Hardy Arrest, New Hogan DVD

Jim Ross is back with another blog on Some highlights:

- The news of Jeff Hardy’s apparent arrest on drug charges is disturbing. I have spoken to no one about this matter and only know what info that I have read that was distributed by the police in North Carolina. I hope that there is better news on this matter forthcoming from Jeff or his attorney. Hopefully, Jeff has retained sufficient counsel to help him address these issues. I know that Jeff Hardy is a good young man with endless talents who finished his stint in WWE in grand fashion. Jeff, as are none of us, isn’t perfect and I only hope this matter can be resolved quickly and efficiently so Jeff can move on with his life in a healthy and positive way. Jeff Hardy is innocent until proven guilty as there is likely much more to this matter than we know at this time.

- Regarding the Undertaker ever losing a submission match, the answer to that question is no. Plus, the Undertaker has never lost via submission. I think, to the best of my knowledge, that both those statements are accurate.

- I have no personal interest in seeing a Chris Benoit DVD produced at this time. Perhaps I will have a different mindset in the future. I don’t know the answer to if or when that might occur. Yes, Chris was a great wrestler but exploiting his image on a DVD after the way the Benoit family tragically lost their lives would be untimely in my view.

- I may have mentioned this in a past blog but for the upcoming Hulk Hogan DVD there are some really unique matches of Hogan versus a variety of opponents including 3 that The King and I narrated especially for the DVD. Two from 1980 when Hogan was a villain managed by Freddie Blassie and the hairy backed version of Hulk faced Bob Backlund for the WWWF Title from Philly and Andre The Giant in Madison Square Garden. We also narrated a Hogan vs. Kamala bout from Paul Boesch’s retirement show in Houston in 1987. I think you will enjoy what you see and what you hear on these narrated bouts. Let’s just say that the King and I had alot of fun with this project as you will hear.

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WWE Stars Comment on the Jeff Hardy Arrest

Several current WWE Superstars have posted thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s arrest on Twitter. Below are comments:

Chavo Guerrero: “Hey guys, just heard about jeff Hardy. Don’t know details yet but i want to give my support. Jeff is a classy person and also have his back!”

Chris Jericho: “Don’t think of judging Jeff Hardy until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. I will always have Jeffs back…”

Matt Hardy: “Thanks for the support on SD tonight-I know I’m not 100% yet, but I promise you I’ll get there. And remember, innocent until proven guilty… It’s been a long, stressful day for me.. But, everything will be ok.. Guaranteed. Like Public Enemy said “Don’t Believe The Hype!”"

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Updated and Final Card for Breaking Point

WWE has added a United States Title Match to tomorrow’s Breaking Point pay-per-view. Here’s the updated card:

I Quit Match for the WWE Title

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Submissions Match for the World Title

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
DX vs. Legacy

Singapore Cane Match
Kane vs. The Great Khali

ECW Title Match
Christian vs. William Regal with Ezekiel and Kozlov

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match
Big Show & Chris Jericho vs. MVP & Mark Henry

WWE United States Title Match
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

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Jeff Hardy Arrested

According to an article on, former WWE star Jeff Hardy is in a Moore County jail after being arrested on charges of “trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids.”

The article states that Hardy was arrested after a search of his residence in Cameron revealed he was in possession of 262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 Soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a “residual amount of powder cocaine” and drug paraphernalia items.

Jeff Hardy has denied such wrongdoing. Jeff Hardy had the following to say on his Twitter regarding news of his arrest this afternoon: “Alot of exaggerations are out there today, don’t believe everything you read 4 it is not true, I am at home and fine-thanks for your concern” and “The media is the media, I wish they would at least report the story correctly & accurately. I will make a statement later.” Hardy’s official Twitter page is


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chaos at Last Weeks RAW Involving Mayweather

Source: Newsletter

For those wondering, Floyd Mayweather Jr’s legal issues surrounding a shooting did indeed cause him to arrive late at the building for RAW last week. A WWE source says that company officials handled him “with kid gloves” and noted Mayweather was noticeably, but understandably, distracted.

His delayed arrival caused a lot of last minute re-writes by the RAW creative team and they had to bring him up to speed on what he’d be doing on the show. One source says that Vince’s birthday celebration was moved to the opening segment because Mayweather wasn’t ready to go yet. In a show of just how chaotic things were backstage, during the broadcast Michael Cole plugged a Kofi Kingston match for later in the evening which never took place.

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Batista Speaks Out on Hot 99.5 in DC

Batista was a guest this morning on Hot 99.5 in DC.

He talked about his injury and goofed around a little bit with the host. He was asked about how he's doing with the injury, he said he's feeling better each and every day and can't wait to get back to WWE. He said he missed Wrestlemania and was bummed out because it was the 2nd one he missed in a row. He says the main thing is he gets healthy and recovers from nagging injuries so he can be at his best for next year's Wrestlemania.

The host questions him on the current Raw gimmick with the guest hosts and he says he hosted Raw last month and it was a lot of fun and he likes the idea. He says they've had guest hosts like Freddie Prince, Seth Green and Jeremy Piven and they have Bob Barker next and says he's a legend.

The host brings up his book Batista Unleashed and says in it he dated Melina and says she's so hot, how did he manage that? Batista says she's a great girl, very sweet and they are still good friends. The host then asks what its like to work with such hot women and does it distract him from his job. Batista says hes a professional and separates the 2 apart, he says he's been with a few of their divas but when it comes to work, he's professional. He says he's been with Melina, Kelly and he was with Rosa until a couple of months ago. The host jokes and says is he trying to complete the set of all the divas? Batista says they have the most beautiful women in the world. The host then asks if there's any other divas he'd like to hook up with next. Batista says he has a thing for twins and that they have a couple of those.

The host then asks about Summerslam and Batista says it was a blast and great to be back and it had a big feel in LA because they did the fan access stuff. He says he watched the show and thought it was very good and says CM Punk has become great while hes been gone.

He finally plugs Raw on Monday again with Bob Barker and tells everyone to tune in.


Spoiler News on the Story to Get the IC Belt off Rey Mysterio

Because the following story contains full details of the Rey Mysterio angle on this week's SmackDown! telecast, those looking to watch the show with a clear frame of mind when it airs this week are urged not to continue.

After Rey Mysterio went public with his frustration about the WWE Wellness Suspension, his backstage heat with officials escalated to the point at which numerous disciplinary actions were considered. The feeling was that since Mysterio criticized the company without interview authorization, it would set a bad precedent to let him walk away without a punishment.

Possible punishments discussed included lengthening his suspension term and removing his mask on television. Those ideas were ultimately fleeting, however, as WWE creative quickly turned to peaceful solutions for writing Mysterio off television--one idea even called for Mysterio to keep his Intercontinental title and miss the thirty days due to a storyline "injury."

Ultimately, WWE decided to have John Morrison defeat Mysterio for the belt on SmackDown. Even that can be taken as a concession on WWE's part, however, as Morrision has tremendous credibility with the veterans backstage--the feeling was that Mysterio would be more comfortable losing his belt to Morrison than Dolph Ziggler, who had been feuding with Mysterio for the latter part of the summer.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Latest on the Ted DiBiase Face Turn

The latest word on Ted DiBiase turning face for the release of WWE’s The Marine 2 is that WWE is looking at doing the split art the Survivor Series pay-per-view in Washington, DC on November 22nd.


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