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How the Card for WrestleMania 24 Seems to be Shaping Up

I know we are still three plus months away, but the writing seems on the wall for some of the matches that we'll see at the big one - WrestleMania 24. The massive event in Orlando is going to try and pull out all the stops, and here are some quick match predictions based on the events currently going on in the WWE:

WWE Title Match - Triple H (C) vs Batista

This one has been teased a few times already. The setup is that HHH wins the belt from Orton at the Rumble or possibly No Way Out, and then Batista, now the ex-champ on SmackDown, wins the Rumble to set up the title shot.

World Heavyweight Title Match - Edge (C) vs Undertaker

Right now this one is the most obvious match on the card, as for the next 3 months Edge and Vicki Guerrero make life tough for Taker, stopping him at every turn. Then Taker wins the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, forcing the title match.

ECW Title Match - C.M. Punk (C) vs Shelton Benjamin

This could be the best ECW title match they have put out there since the brand started. Punk is solid, and Benjamin still has all the talent in the world, which would make this a very good match. I hope they let this build and give this match at least 10-12 minutes on the show and don't rush it.

The Great Khali vs Hulk Hogan

Setup on last Monday's RAW 15th Anniversary, as Hogan saved Hornswoggle from Khali, yet never did what we all know he is going to end up doing to Khali - slamming him. Can't see this angle going any other way, and Khali's stock will be that of gimmick jobber to lose to the Hall of Fame Hogan.

Chris Jericho vs JBL

Match set up on Armageddon and on the Tribute to the Troops show, a match that will be better with the promos then it will be in the ring in my opinion. They really should save it for Mania, as JBL's first match back in over a year and a half should not be a TV match or even at the Rumble or No Way Out. They can really let this build if they want, and they should.

WWE Women's Title Match - Beth Phoenix (C) vs Candice Michelle

Basic solid women's title match with Phoenix putting the belt up against the former champ in Michelle who wants revenge for the injury that Phoenix "caused" her that sidelined her.

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