Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roddy Piper Beats Cancer

Roddy Piper went in for another cancer check up yesterday and posted the following awesome news on Twitter:

“I beat cancer again. My Tweeter’s are the best.Thanks for your love. Now Indi, here I come. Warn the week of heart..

Piper also continues to talk about Drew McIntyre and wrote the following about putting CM Punk, John Cena and The Rock in Piper’s Pit:

“Put ass kissing Cena, Bigger kisser the Rock, CM Punk, all in Piper’s Pit at once. I DARE YOU..Baby Jesus, I promise, I would burn em down”


WWE Stars Reportedly Interested in Leaving

A source within WWE notes that Chavo Guerrero quitting is bigger news than most think, noting that Batista, Chris Jericho, MVP, Matt Hardy and now Chavo all asked to be released or let their contracts expire, and CM Punk is doing the same.

There is said to be a handful of other stars who have been talking about doing the same thing. Guerrero’s departure caught a lot of the WWE talents off guard and several were praising him for having the guts to walk away.

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Randy Savage Died From Cardiovascular Disease

From: TMZ

Macho Man Randy Savage died from a serious "cardiac event" he suffered moments before plowing his car into a tree last month -- this according to the Pinellas County Medical Examiner.

According to the medical examiner, Savage suffered from cardiovascular disease -- and the deadly "cardiac event" resulted from the condition.

According to the toxicology report, Savage tested positive for alcohol and hydrocodone (an opiate) during the time of his death ... but neither played a role in his death.

As we previously reported, the wrestler's brother said Savage experienced a heart attack before the accident -- and that's what caused him to lose control of his vehicle on a Florida highway and slam into a tree.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linda Hogan - Ultimate Warrior is Gay

Linda Hogan appeared on the KQRS morning show on Wednesday to promote her new book. Linda spoke about a number of topics, including recent allegations by the Ultimate Warrior that she and Hulk Hogan had an "open marriage.' She denies that claim and says based on what she's heard, Warrior is gay.

Regarding Warrior's claim that she and Hulk had an open marriage where each of them had romantic relationships on the side, Linda responded, "It's shock value. There's no truth to it as far as I'm concerned. As far as my life and what I've done and where I've been, absolutely no truth to it at all."

Linda claims she doesn't even know Warrior - and based on what she's heard, Warrior is gay. "I don't even know that guy. I've seen him behind the scenes at wrestling events back in the day. He's never been to our house. My kids don't know him. I've never met him other than hi or bye at an event. The truth is I don't know what my husband said to him. I don't know what they did behind the scenes. I wasn't even aware what my husband was doing in our marriage behind the scenes recently. In fact, the rumor is that Warrior is gay."

Linda was also asked about comparing herself to O.J. Simpson's late wife Nicole during a recent interview, when she said Hulk Hogan was physically abusive towards her and didn't want to wind up [dead] like Nicole Brown Simpson.

"No disrespect, I'm not comparing myself to her, I was comparing the situation. I put that message in my book. That's what I wrote the book for was to put that message out to women that you have a decision. If you're living in a marriage with abuse, and it can come in the form of infidelity, lying, and physical abuse, and as it escalates throughout the years, you tolerate some and it gets a little bit worse, and you tolerate that and it becomes the norm."

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The Rock Slams CM Punk Over His RAW Comments

The Rock is the latest former WWE superstar to sound off on CM Punk's promo from RAW. Unlike most of the wrestlers who posted positive reactions to Punk's promo, The Rock stays in character and lets Punk know who the real star in WWE is to this day:

“CM Punk: it’s simple business – The Rock is the main event at Wrestlemania cause it draws more money in one night, then u will in lifetime.”

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Jim Ross Reaches Out To CM Punk In His Latest Blog

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety over at JR talks about a number of topics, including the premiere of Shawn Michaels' new hunting show, his online BBQ store, the Shawn Michaels - Bret Hart DVD project he is a part of, a top UFC fighter suspended for steroids and much more. He also spoke at length about CM Punk's memorable shoot promo from Monday's RAW. Here's what JR said:

"CM Punk's show closing promo on MNR is still seemingly the talk of the wrestling biz. It was the best promo that I've heard on TV in years. Can't say it was the definitive 'best ever' but it ranks among the best that I can recall. Steve Austin, who cut some memorable promos in his day, was extremely impressed with Punk's work as were several other great promo men such as JBL and Mick Foley."

"Normally when a talent is extremely passionate about a topic or an issue and speaks from their heart and not from a memorized document, the promo has a fighting chance at being stellar."

"The first thing that must be in place for a promo to be great is that it must be natural ala from the heart and not from memory plus the talent must believe in what they are saying and not simply verbally filling time. Every promo must have a reason for taking place much akin to why most matches occur especially on PPV or in TV main events"

"Talking on a wrestling show should be special, and that means all talk, and with the special meaning that all talk should have a purpose. Too much talk for talk's sake waters down the product, slows the process and disconnects with many viewers especially when it is obvious that the talents that are talking are not skilled and/or are simply reciting what they've memorized."

"Punk says that he is leaving after the MITB Ladder Match PPV in Punk's hometown of Chicago in July. He also says he's leaving WWE with the WWE Title. Those two elements certainly should make for some compelling TV on Monday Night Raw. Whether Punk wins or doesn't win the WWE Title is a hill I choose not to die upon but Punk staying in WWE is something that I personally hope happens in some shape, form or fashion. punk has as much to say about that eventual decision as anyone and as we have seen if one can predict what Punk's going to do next then take those instincts to Vegas and make some big money."

"Punk's promo was reminiscent of the Attitude Era but it was totally PG. PG can be edgy but it doesn't need to travel an uncreative, low road to be attitudinal or cool. "

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Orton Interviewed by Rock Station in Phoenix

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton participated in an interview with Phoenix, Arizona based rock station 98 KUPD promoting this week's SmackDown tapings. Highlights from the interview are as follows.

* Orton discussed his past issues with drug abuse, including an incident in 2006 where he overdosed, stopped breathing and his wife called an ambulance to save his life. Orton said he and his family discuss the bad choices he's made in WWE's upcoming DVD release, Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator

"I was ashamed of it for a long time, but now talking about it and getting it off my chest—when my in-laws and mom watches it, they're going to cry. My wife talks about when I stopped breathing and the ambulance came," Orton said.

* Orton noted his recent concussion at a live event in Spain, saying the Raw taping the day after was "the biggest blur" and that he "couldn't focus or concentrate." He said it was the sixth concussion he had suffered, which had WWE worried. He said it was three years since his previous concussion, and that he had suffered some "bad ones" earlier in his career.

* Orton was broached on the subject of not being able to say he's a wrestler, but rather, a "WWE Superstar." Orton added, "Honestly, a lot of things we've talked about thus far in this interview, they'd be upset with. I'm not like, 'eff it,' but I try to be real."

* Orton shared a story of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson trying to get him in trouble prior to WrestleMania. Orton said he gave his opinion on The Rock during a media interview—that he wasn't buying his return speech about returning to WWE and never leaving again. John Laurinaitis told him he "got in trouble" with Vince McMahon over his remarks. Orton said Johnson called management and claimed the WWE Superstar slammed him and Triple H in the interview. Orton feels Rock mentioned Triple H to grab their attention even though he didn't criticize "The Game" in the interview.

* Orton said Cena is "light years" ahead of everyone in WWE on the microphone, including The Rock. Orton then criticized Cena's wrestling ability by laughing at his in-ring style.

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Kurt Angle Threatens CM Punk on Twitter

Kurt Angle wrote the following about CM Punk’s RAW promo on Monday night, on his Twitter page this afternoon:

“CM Punk had classic promo last night. Good for Him. But if U ever say another word about Me again, Ur toast! If U don’t believe Me, try Me!”

It should be noted that Punk didn’t mention Angle on Monday night. Angle may have been referring to a comment Punk made on Twitter a few months back, mocking Angle for when he said his Twitter was hacked.

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Notes on Punk's Speech - Was it Scripted?

Sources report that CM Punk’s entire promo at the end of RAW this week was improvised by Punk and not scripted. Nobody in the back knew what Punk was going to say until he said it live on RAW.

WWE officials told Punk to go out and say in his own words why he was leaving the company, why he wanted the WWE Title and why he wanted to leave with it in his possession. There was a discussion that when officials felt Punk was going too far, they would pull the plug on the segment and cut his mic.

It’s said that Punk was upset months ago when Triple H came back to feud with The Undertaker and while some of his comments on RAW towards Vince McMahon were well thought out to appear not as a shoot to the average viewer, most believe that Punk’s comments towards Triple H and John Laurinaitis were strictly a shoot.

Word also is that Punk had some notes for his speech jotted down on his wrist tape.

As far as his contract status, Punk’s deal apparently expires the second week of July but he signed an extension to work through Money in the Bank. Still with last night’s new storyline development, sources maintain that Punk is leaving at Money in the Bank.

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Hart, Cena and WWE Mag Comment Punk

Bret Hart wrote the following about CM Punk leaving WWE: “Can’t help but feel like @CMPunk leaving WWE is like Steve Carrell leaving “The Office”

John Cena wrote the following on Twitter regarding CM Punk’s RAW promo: “CeNation. Headed to australia. Very excited. I feel as if I do not need to comment on raw last night. I think what happened needs no explination.”

For what it’s worth, the people at WWE Magazine wrote the following online after Monday’s RAW: “The mood backstage is…edgy, to put it mildly. @CMPunk is in a meeting with a lot of the people he just called out…

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CM Punk Shoot On RAW Video 6//27


Monday, June 27, 2011

CM Punk Suspended After RAW Rant

The following comes from

"Monday Night Raw’s abrupt conclusion last night was not due to technical difficulties. The decision to suddenly end the broadcast in that manner was made by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who gave this quote to

“CM Punk was suspended indefinitely for his unprofessional conduct as soon as Raw went off the air.”

With his WWE contract expiring on July 17, one can only assume that this suspension effectively terminates CM Punk’s tenure with WWE."

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Cabana Comments on His RAW Shout Out From Punk

"Love Ya @CMPUNK. Just watching you make HISTORY!!! This is soooo f**king amazing...AMAZING!!! #IWantWrestling

Colt Cabana's Trending but @CMPunk should legit trend FOREVER. Coolest thing on wrestling since 1998. Can't believe theyre gonna let'm walk

Should I be taking advantage of this?!?! art of wrestling on itunes?! ROH, Extra Polar Ice Gum, Diet Coke, Hugs..."

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What Punk Said as RAW was Going Off the Air

Here is what CM Punk said after the R Truth/John Cena match on tonight’s episode of Raw. This is not a full transcript of what he said, but covers what he said.

Punk takes a seat as he tells John Cena that while he lays there hopefully as uncomfortably as he can possibly be. He wants Cena to digest some of the things that Punk wants to get off his chest before he leaves in three weeks with Cena’s title. He doesn’t hate John and he actually likes John. He says that he likes Cena a hell of a lot more than most of the people in the back.

He hates the idea that Cena is the best because he is not. Punk says that he is the best and the best in the world. There is one thing that Cena is better at and that is kissing Vince McMahon’s ass.

Punk says that Cena is just as good as Hulk Hogan was. He doesn’t know if Cena is as good as Dwayne because he is a pretty good ass kisser and still is. Punk says that he is breaking the fourth wall and he waves to the camera. Punk reiterates that he is the best wrestler in the world. He has been the best since day one when he walked into the company and he has been vilified and hated since that day because Paul Heyman saw something in him that nobody else wanted to admit.

Punk says that he is a Heyman guy and he says that another person who was a Paul Heyman man was Brock Lesnar. Brock split just like he is splitting. Punk says that the biggest difference between him and Brock is that he is leaving with the WWE Championship.

Punk says that he has grabbed at so many of Vince McMahon’s imaginary brass rings that it dawned on him that they are completely imaginary and the only thing that is real is him. The fact that day in and day out for almost six years he has proven to everybody in the world that he is the best. He is the best on the microphone, in the ring, and even on commentary. Nobody can touch him.

Yet no matter how many times he has proven it, he is not on the lovely little collector cups, he’s not on the cover of the program, he’s barely promoted, he doesn’t get to be in movies, he certainly not on any crappy programs on USA Network. He isn’t on the poster for Wrestlemania, he isn’t on the signature that’s produced at the start of the show. He’s not on Conan O’Brien, he isn’t on Jimmy Fallon. Punk says that he should be.

He says that this isn’t sour grapes. The fact that Dwayne is in the main event of Wrestlemania next year and he isn’t makes Punk sick. Punk wants everyone who was cheering him to know that they are the biggest part of him leaving as anyone else.

Punk says that they are sipping out of those collector cups, buy those programs that his face isn’t on the cover of. Then at five in the morning, at the airport, you shove it in my face for an autograph so you can sell it on eBay because you are too lazy to get a real job.

Punk says that he is leaving with the WWE Championship on the 17th. Who knows, maybe I’ll defend it in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Maybe I’ll go back to Ring of Honor. Hey Colt Cabana, how ya doing.

Punk says that he is leaving because of the people. After he is gone, they are going to continue to pour money into this company. Punk says that he is just a spoke on the wheel and the wheel is going to keep on turning and he understands that.

Vince McMahon is going to make money despite himself. Vince is a millionaire who should be a billionaire. He says that it is because he surrounds himself with glad handing, nonsensical, (word was omitted, but sounded a lot like d-bag), yes men like John Laurinaitis who is going to tell him everything that he wants to hear.

Maybe this company will be better after Vince McMahon is dead, but the fact is that it’s gonna get taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family.

Let me tell you a personal story about Vince McMahon. We do this whole bully campaign . . .

At this point Punk’s mic is turned off and he gestures about being silenced by the WWE and then they go to credits.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Plan Between Rhodes and DiBiase

WWE officials now realize that they have dropped the ball twice with Ted DiBiase Jr. and reuniting him with Cody Rhodes on SmackDown is supposed to be a way of reversing things.

The idea now is to re-create the dynamic that Alex Riley and The Miz had, with Rhodes and DiBiase. The plan right now is for DiBiase to continue doing Rhodes’ “dirty work” until Ted turns babyface and feuds with Cody.


New Countdown Show Before RAW?

The Wrestling Observer reports that there has been talk of adding a new WWE TV show before RAW on the USA Network. The new show would be something like a countdown show similar to what the NFL does before games.

Matches for Tonight's SmackDown

Matches for tonight’s WWE SmackDown on SyFy include Sin Cara vs. Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett vs. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jinder Mahal, The Usos vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, plus Kane vs. Christian in a #1 contender’s match.

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Tough Enough Winner Ripped Backstage

After the Tough Enough finale part of RAW a few weeks back, WWE’s John Laurinaitis ripped into Andy Leavine for about five minutes about how Leavine shit on everything Vince McMahon and Steve Austin have done for the business, and about how he was a piece of crap who will never amount to anything in the business. Laurinaitis was mad because they felt Andy should have stayed down longer after the slap from Vince and the Stunner from Austin.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jim Ross Blogs Thoughts on Tonight's WWE PPV

Jim Ross blogs on tonight's PPV in Washington, telling WWE fans that on paper, it looks like a good show.

WWE Capitol Punishment is in Washington, D.C. tonight on PPV. Card looks solid on paper and after reviewing each scheduled match, there isn't any valid reason that I can foresee that should preclude any bout from being very solid if not much better.

Cena vs. Truth....WWE Title...Cena likely wins but if Truth upsets Cena as I mentioned earlier in the week the Raw deck is reshuffled considerably. Without question, this is Truth's biggest professional opportunity ever IMO. The newly minted villain has only one chance to make an impact in his first ever, WWE PPV main event. How Truth comes out of D.C. is intriguing.

Orton vs. Christian...World Title...might be the show stealer especially now that Orton has been cleared of concussion issues. It would be interesting to see Christian win (Sheamus??) as Orton feels as if he would be a nice fit to 'chase' Christian for the World Title. Bottom line is that these two have the potential to have a great match. I like this paring because it can realistically go either way.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett...IC Title...long way from the days of Steamboat vs. Savage, among many others, for the IC Title. IC Title needs to be repositioned and it seems as if Ezekiel might be headed in the direction to attempt to do so. One can only assume that this will be one of the shorter bouts on the PPV. Its time for both these men to raise their individual bars. Good money awaits guys like Zeke and Barrett who transition from 'new guy' to 'main event guy' who becomes rooted in main events. They need to go for it within what they are able to do well inside the ring.

Ziggler vs. Kofi....United State Titles...much of he IC Title logic applies here. US Title has lots of clout from over the years but also needs some shine. Absolutely no reason that this can't be a super in ring bout considering the level of athleticism of each participant. Would love to see a true hunger in these two high level athletes to steal the show, enhance their reps and turn heads. Love them both as athletes but they, not any one else, must make me care about their in ring persona's.

Miz vs. Riley...this has been a nice, developing story. Miz seems Teflon coated, which is a good thing for an antagonist, and he is still one of the most viable, new main event talents in WWE while Riley 'spun out' from being aligned with Miz and is try to gain a foothold. I like Riley's aggression and raw athleticism. He seems to be headed in the right direction and a win tonight would be helpful but a loss doesn't kill A. Riley either. This match is another classic example of where WWE is in today's market; attempting to feature, highly athletic, big upside, young guys in hopes of them evolving into permanent, main eventers. Both these two performers are seemingly big parts of WWE's future growth.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk....looking forward to this bout as much as any on the show because I am a big fan of both men. Love the in ring stylings of each and they have a nice back story that can be told. Punk is arguably the best in WWE at what he does especially now that Edge has retired. Rey is so unique that no matter the outcome, if these two have the time, this will be a superb performance.

Big Show vs. Del Rio....Show is PO'ed...this story has been well told over the past few weeks...Show's absence from TV after the car incident helped better tell the story. Another match that likely won't go too long due to the circumstances coming into the bout. The fact that there is a clear cut reason for this bout helps one invest in it.

Professionally and from my former position within the business, I look at this PPV as extremely important for several talents to compete to impress tonight.

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Final Card and Picks for Tonight's "Capital Punishment" PPV

WWE Title Match
R-Truth vs. John Cena

While I love the character of R-Truth and the push he has gotten, I can't see them putting the belt on him. About the only way is if it's a one month reign, and then Cena wins it back in time to face off with Alberto Del Rio at SummmerSlam in Los Angeles.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian vs. Randy Orton

Orton had a legit concussion that they worked in the storyline, and if they want to give him time off, they can put the belt on Christian tonight and keep that angle hot. SmackDown needed a top heel, and it was a good decision to take Christian in that direction. With that, I think they keep the strap on Orton with possibly a cage match between these two next month.

Intercontinental Title Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

While I like Jackson, Barrett is the up and coming star, and unless they are going to push him into the semi-main angle with say a Big Show or Orton, I can't see them giving the belt to Jackson. Getting Barrett's old partners involved may be a way to have him lose if they go in that direction.

WWE United States Title Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Like the direction Ziggler has been heading in, and while Kofi's act is always a crowd pleaser, I hope they give Ziggler the strap, as he's been working hard and they can keep this angle fresh and have other faces go after the US Belt.

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

This could be the most heated match on the card, and I for one am looking forward to this one. Riley has been red hot since going face, and I think he and Miz will have an excellent match. I'll go Miz here, with Riley getting over at the PPV next month.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Show has this new aggression thing going, which is cool, but not sure how it's going to work as I think they need to keep Del Rio hot, and keep him winning. They could allow Show to get his revenge and lose via DQ, which is very possible, and then next month go over clean in getting ready for Cena at SummerSlam.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Throw away match to probably go on 2nd or 3rd. No real angle built up, and just a way to get these two mid-card guys on the show. With the future of Punk very much in question, I think they let Mysterio go over here.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riley Talks PPV, Fans Chanting for Him

RAW Superstar Alex Riley spoke with to promote tomorrow's WWE Capitol Punishment. Here are some highlights:

Washington City Paper: You grew up in Fairfax, Va., and get to make your pay-per-view debut in front of hometown pals. Geeked?

Alex Riley: I’m excited to come back to D.C. And turning into a face here, or at least moving in that direction, I think it’s a great place to start. If I can’t get [the fans] there, I can’t get them anywhere. ... I think I might stay at my old house the night before the pay-per-view and get a nice home-cooked meal. … I’ll sleep in my old bed that I used to grow up in and just spend the day in Northern Virginia as much as I can.

WCP: Your character’s heel-to-babyface transformation was really well done, but were you surprised how quickly you were embraced by the fans?

AR: If anybody stands up to the Miz, they’re going to get a big reaction. … Was I surprised it was going to be so big? I honestly didn’t know what to think. There had been a lot of stuff brewing between me and Mike [the Miz]. When I came into the company, I didn't want to go in and carry somebody else’s bags. I wanted to go in as my own guy. I felt like I was talented enough and charismatic enough, and had the tools to make an impact. But I was extremely happy with the position they gave me. Mike is a great character, he was on a fantastic run, and he's a great guy to work with and learn from. But when that moment happened [where I turned on Miz], there was a lot of realism in that moment. A lot of the things he said, he truly felt; and a lot of the things I did I truly felt. When you can capture that, and it is such a real moment in front of 20,000 people, it’s hard to not get a reaction.

WCP: WWE was also smart having you turn ‘face while accompanied by John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin one week, followed up by Rowdy Roddy Piper the next. That’s some positive rub from, arguably, three of the top names in WWE history.

AR: Yeah, and I’m extremely fortunate to be put in that position. Even when they put me with Miz to start. I went from [the WWE TV program] NXT, which is pretty much a reality show where I didn’t even have a contract, trying to fight for every word that I got to say, every match, every move. I’m out there fighting for attention and trying to get noticed to a point where I’m in the ring with The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena—because of Miz. But there comes a point where there’s a lot of pressure that goes with that: If they put you in the ring and you don’t stand out, or you don’t do well, or you get lost among 10 stars and have no presence, then you’re very exposed at an early point in your career, and you don’t want that to happen, either.

I think I did a pretty good job of handling my own in there, and then they gave me this opportunity. And, yeah, they keep putting me in the ring with guys who are legends, and I’ve been able to feed off their credibility and all that they’ve done and it’s worked out extremely well.


Miz to Go Face Soon in WWE?

There has been speculation that WWE will be turning The Miz babyface after the new commercial for SummerSlam features him hanging out with other face stars on the beach. Word is that turning Miz face is not the plan and the video was just one of WWE's "out of the box" ideas to market the pay-per-view.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RAW Rematch on SmackDown This Friday

A tag team rematch from Raw, Ezekiel Jackson, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, is advertised for this week's episode of SmackDown.

Sin Cara scored the three-count for his team on Monday.

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Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch Says He's Coming Back to Company

Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch, who had recent tryout matches with the company, says he’s returning soon. Here are some highlights from an interview with

How do you feel about returning to WWE?

I’ve been doing this since I was 18 years old. So I’m at an age where when I went to WWE the first time I was 25 years old and I’m really excited that I’m still at a young enough age that I’m going to be able to go back and do some good things on TV. My [5-year-old] son is now old enough to see me and understand that daddy is on TV and he loves pro wrestling. So I’m fired up to be able to get back to working on TV again for sure.

You recently had a tryout with WWE. How did that go?

They went great actually. The first night I wrestled Evan Bourne. The second night I wrestled Jey Uso. My concern going back wasn’t the wrestling part. It was there’s a lot of new faces on the WWE roster. They’re almost all new faces. And I was concerned that I was going to get back there and on one was going to know me or everyone was going to snub me a little bit. “Who’s this guy?” and “he’s just going to try to take our spot.” But when I went back, everyone was super nice and were extremely respectful and excited to see me. It was a very welcoming experience. Not to mention that I had two really good matches.

Do you have an indication of what WWE wants you to do when you get there?

No, actually. I’m kind of an open book and can do whatever I gotta do to have a good time but also to put on some good matches and also focus more on the sports entertainment side rather than just the pro wrestling. When I went in the first time, I wouldn’t say I was naive, but I was more focused on the just the wrestling part. Whereas, now that I’m a little bit older and I look back on it … I’m going to focus just as much on the entertainment part as I am the wrestling part. The last time I was there, I was like, I was trained by Harley Race. The cream will rise to the top. I’m a pro wrestler. As long as I have great matches, everything will be fine. That’s only one part of it.


Orton Tweets on His Concussion

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton wrote the following on Twitter when a fan commented about him not having a match on RAW:

“because I was knocked out in Spain. U can’t wrestle, or should i say, perform, the day after a concussion.”

As noted before, Orton has legitimately suffered a concussion. The latest word on his status for Sunday’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view is that it will be a “day of game” decision but WWE is hopeful that Orton will be able to wrestle in the match against Christian.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another New Manager for Tyson Kidd

On this Thursday's WWE Superstars, Tyson Kidd will once again have a new manager at his side. This time it will be fellow WWE Superstar JTG.

JTG appeared with Kidd at tonight's tapings and before the match, cut an in-ring promo about success. Kidd then lost the match to Kane, making a rare WWE Superstars appearance.

Kidd has used various managers over the past few weeks including Armando Estrada, Michael Hayes, Vickie Guerrero and Matt Striker.


Title Change for Randy Orton DVD

WWE has changed the title of the Randy Orton DVD set that will be released later this year, according to WWEDVDNews. “The Randy Orton Experience” will now be called “Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator” and will be released in North America on September 6th in three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray formats.

The format of the DVD will be similar to last year’s “The John Cena Experience” DVD set. Here is the official synopsis:

“He’s one of the most popular superstars in the WWE, but he has never been the subject of a home entertainment release—until now. This 3-disc set takes an in-depth look at WWE’s Apex Predator from Elimination Chamber through the road to WrestleMania and Orton’s brutal bout with CM Punk. Along the way, fans learn about the Viper in and out of the ring as he reflects on his career to date. Family and opponents contribute never-before-seen interviews about Orton’s past, present, and future. In addition the set is packed with some of Orton’s most memorable matches and moments from his career.”


TNA Inks Former WWE Wrestler

TNA has reportedly signed second generation wrestler Dakota Darsow to a contract. Dakota is the son of former WWE star Barry Darsow, also known as The Repo Man and Smash of Demolition. Darsow was signed to a WWE developmental deal from 2008 to 2009.

Darsow worked a dark match before the Impact tapings at the end of May, losing to independent wrestler Jesse Sorensen.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WWE Over the Limit Draws Near Record Low PPV Buys

While WWE has yet to release the buy number for last month’s Over the Limit pay-per-view event, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the show is estimated to have garnered 65,000 buys in the United States (based on trending patterns as well as actual cable reports).

Should this number hold up, it would be WWE’s least watched pay-per-view event in nearly five years. The 2006 pay-per-view event December to Dismember drew approximately 90,000 pay-per-view buys, with 55,000 of them domestic—the lowest buyrate in company history.

To show the accuracy of trending numbers, they would have indicated 90,000 for TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (real number was 101,000), 260,000 for Royal Rumble (real number 264,000), 160,000 for Elimination Chamber (real number 136,000) and 630,000 for WrestleMania XXVII (real number 617,000).

Over the Limit was headlined by John Cena vs. The Miz, Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler, and Randy Orton vs. Christian.

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Jim Ross Tweets He's Having Stomach Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross announced in a blog posted on Sunday that he will be undergoing stomach surgery this week.
To read the full blog, including news on JR's online BBQ store temporarily closing, head over to

Here's what Ross wrote about his surgery:

"I will be undergoing abdominal surgery this week. I am bothered by a traumatic incisional hernia that needs to be addressed. My surgeon is the same one who performed colon surgery, and no, not the beloved Dr. Heiney, a few years ago on me. He's a great doctor who actually was a former Oklahoma Sooner footballer back in his college days.

This issue evolved just over the past 3-4 months and I'm told that getting it repaired now would be timely and prevent other related health issues going forward."


JBL Rips LeBron James Over Tweet After Finals Loss

Basketball superstar LeBron James' Miami Heat came up short in the NBA finals, losing the decisive Game 6 against the Dallas Mavericks. In a post-game press conference, LeBron gave the following explanation as to why his star-studded team was unable to bring home the championship they promised the city of Miami:

"The Greater Man upstairs know when it's my time. Right now isn't the time."

It wasn't that the Mavericks were a better team, it's God's fault.

Former WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield has posted a lengthy response to the claims of "King James," which he calls a classless move. JBL wrote on Facebook:

"There are reportedly one billion people in this world that are hungry, several wars and people worldwide trying to get over terrible disasters-I don’t believe God cares who won the NBA Finals."

"LeBron James brought his “talents” to South Beach, too bad those “talents” don’t include a heart-or the ability for correct introspection. Now, after the worst final choke in history his answer is that God didn’t want him to win. He tweeted “The greater man upstairs knows when it is my time. Right now isn’t the time.” At least he acknowledged that God is the greater man.

"Does this mean that God is a Maverick fan? Or that God was rooting for Dirk or Jason? Or that God was just rooting against Miami?... Thank God for your health, for your family, for the opportunity-but please don’t thank God anymore for sports victories-I don’t believe he is a sports fan, and I hope he is not because I hope he has bigger issues to work on.

"And, PLEASE whatever you do-don’t blame him for your losses-that is just classless.

"Now as LeBron stated so emphatically-I’ll go back to my daily life as we commoners tend to do. Which isn’t so bad-and, BTW, I have as many rings as LeBron."


WWE Says "So Long" To Five Wrestlers reports that WWE released the following five wrestlers:

* Michael Tarver

* Jacob Novak

* Buck Dixon

* Buddy Stetcher

* Ethan Levine

Friday, June 10, 2011

Goldust Not Allowed on Twitter

According to sources, WWE Superstar Goldust has recently been told by WWE officials to no longer use Twitter.

Goldust, who since last year has posted over 30,000 messages on the website, began blocking fans from accessing his page due to them asking "trivial questions" and would even block people for no clear reason at all.

No official reason has been given for this decision from WWE, but the above statement is being speculated as the explanation as to why Goldust has been told to no longer use the website.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Latest on WWE's Planned Cable Network

Regarding the planned WWE cable network, word going around is that the ideas of what to do with the channel are constantly changing and nobody really knows what Vince McMahon's vision for it is.

It's said that WWE isn't getting the commitment from the cable industry they had hoped for and there is talk of pushing the network more in the direction of a channel that would have programming available on Xbox, Roku and other similar content providers.


Talk Regarding Triple H Using Nash/Waltman in FCW

There are people within WWE who don’t feel that the current developmental system is giving the company a return for their money. While everyone is expecting a complete revamp of the FCW developmental system, nobody has a clue what changes will be made now that Triple H has a much bigger role.

A lot of people expect Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman to be involved in whatever changes happen because Triple H trusts them to give him straight answers on the developmental talents.

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Road Warrior Animal Discusses Politics in WWE and Being Pulled from Live Events

WWE Hall of Famer and brother to WWE’s John Laurinaitis Road Warrior Animal spoke to Brian Fritz of and says politics are stopping him from getting a job at coaching WWE talents. “To get in that, it’s a good old boy club. You would think with the people I know, I could get a job in the company, but it’s just one of those deals – maybe I’m just not a butt-kisser,” he said.

Animal says he hasn’t spoke with WWE since getting a phone call from his brother telling him that they were pulling him as a host at RAW live events last month due to comments from a pre-WrestleMania interview where Animal seemed to blast WWE’s Wellness Policy.

He said, “I don’t have anything to prove to anybody after all of these years. If they actually are going to think I’m that stupid after getting into the Hall of Fame and I’m going to be that disrespectful and slam them. So, it was a misunderstanding and they made a big mistake taking me off those shows. I didn’t do anything to get taken off the shows. It’s just that stupid political game. You talk about before, ‘Why aren’t you in there?’ There’s a prime reason.”


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tough Enough 2 Coming Soon?

Steve Austin appeared on KATT radio in Oklahoma City Monday morning to promote last night’s Tough Enough finale. Regarding a second season of the show, Austin said:

“I had a damn blast doing this show… It’s a deal where USA Network and WWE are going to have a little bit of a tiff and make sure they’ve got all their ducks in a row. If this show didn’t get lit up for a second season, I would be highly surprised.”

Austin was also asked if he would be interested in commentating for WWE. Austin said he hadn’t thought much about it but would be up for giving it a try. He said he wouldn’t want to be on the road every week but said if he was doing it with Jim Ross, it would be an easy transition.


WWE Announces 2011 Fan Axxess for SummerSlam

The interactive WWE fan experience, SummerSlam Axxess presented by the National Guard, is coming to Los Angeles from Aug. 13–14 at the Nokia Plaza at LA Live.

Saturday, August 13
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, August 14
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Tickets available at the Staples Center Box Office,, or charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000.

General Admission - $20*
VIP – $75*, Includes a special VIP Meet & Greet with Autograph Signing, and more!

VIP Tickets include:
• Autograph from designated Superstar at VIP Autograph Stage – VIP Talent To Be Announced
• Entrance to VIP standing area next to ring at SummerSlam Axxess
• 8x10 Superstar Photo
• VIP wristband required for meet & greet
* does not include fees or taxes


Miz NOT Injured in Monday Night's Dark Match at RAW

Earlier reports about The Miz being injured in a dark main event after last night's RAW at the hands of John Cena are false and were sent to another website by some fans with too much time on their hands.

The Miz wrote the following on Twitter regarding the reports: "Tsk tsk kiddies did we learn something tonight? Don't believe everything u read on the sheets."

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Content Listing for Upcoming Rey Mysterio - The Life of a Masked Man

The content listing for WWE's forthcoming three-disc DVD set on Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio - The Life of a Masked Man, has been revealed. This title will be released on July 12, 2011.

Disc 1


Rey Misterio Jr. & Konnan vs. La Parka & Psicosis
ECW Hardcore TV 28th October, 1995

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera
ECW Extreme Bash 9th March, 1996

Experiencing ECW

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera
WCW Pro Wrestling 3rd November, 1996

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerreo Jr.
WCW Saturday Night 11th January, 1997

Eddie’s Guidance

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero
Nitro 8th September, 1997

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Jericho
Nitro 17th November, 1997

The Creation of the Mask

Rey Mysterio Jr., Super Calo & Hector Garza vs. Psychosis, La Parka & Silver King
WCW Saturday Night 17th January, 1998

Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera
Nitro 28th December, 1998

Who’s That Jumpin’ Out the Sky?

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Rey Mysterio & Edge vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero
SmackDown 24th October, 2002

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Vengeance 27th July, 2003


Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle
SmackDown 28th October, 2004

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero & Booker T. vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam
SmackDown 30th December, 2004

Disc 2

Gone Too Soon

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
WrestleMania 21 3rd April, 2005

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. MNM
SmackDown 16th December, 2005

On Top of the World

Mysterio’s Opportunity for a World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 22 is on the Line
Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
No Way Out 19th February, 2006

Viva México!

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero
SummerSlam 26th August, 2007

Stretcher Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Cyber Sunday 27th October, 2007

Putting the Mask on the Line

If Rey Mysterio Loses, He Must Unmask
Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
No Mercy 5th October, 2008

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Judgment Day 17th May, 2009

The Art of Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison
SmackDown 4th September, 2009

Disc 3

Respecting the Mask

#1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
SmackDown 18th December, 2009

Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels
SmackDown 29th January, 2010

Coping with Injuries

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble 31st January, 2010

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
SmackDown 5th February, 2010

Alone Time

Rey Mysterio Joins the SES vs. CM Punk’s Hair
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
Over the Limit 23rd May, 2010

“I Can’t Do It Solo.”

Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. The Big Show
WWE Fatal 4-Way 20th June, 2010

Opportunity Knocks

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown 18th October, 2010

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
WrestleMania XXVII 3rd April, 2011

Fantasy Warfare

Special Features

Going Home

Standing Ovation


Warrior Continues to Bash Hulk Hogan

Ultimate Warrior revealed last night on Twitter that his much anticipated "Karma is Coming to Collect" video will be posted in less than 48 hours and that he has plans to expose him.

"Hogan takes high road-where?when? Never has," Warrior wrote. "In WM6 best sports entertainer in the world prevailed. Today, best man will. No punches pulled."

He added, "Terry, almost time for KiCtC. Better triple your meds -- or have your PoS friend Knobbs come over and feign heart attacks...good for laughs.

Warrior also commented on Hogan's Facebook flap over the weekend: "Hogan blames the fans, then acts like it never happened... good example of Hulkamania's positivity and authenticity. He is totally lost."

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal to Wrestle The Big Show?

Following NBA star Shaquille O'Neal announcing his retirement earlier this week, WWE is teasing that Shaq could be returning to the company to rekindle his feud with the Big Show. Shaq was the celebrity guest host of an episode of RAW back in July 2009 and had a memorable confrontation with Show.

The following was posted on the WWE website on Friday:

"WWE Universe member Shaquille O'Neal has had the world abuzz since announcing his retirement from the NBA. After his tussle with Big Show as Raw guest star, WWE fans might wonder if the 15-time All-Star will now look to settle his one-night rivalry."

Earlier this week, Dragon Gate USA booker Gabe Sapolsky wrote a blog in which he suggested that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reach out to Shaq. Sabpolsky wrote:

"It's no secret that wrestling .. errrr ... sports entertainment needs something to shake it up," Sapolsky wrote. "WWE gained a great boost recently with the return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Now they need that one hook for the mainstream public like Mike Tyson was in 1996.

"'The Answer' just quit his job and became a free agent. His name is Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq is on the market. It's well documented he loves wrestling. He understands how to entertain and perform. He has size and athletic ability. The best part is he could now make a long term commitment and he's looking for something new to do."

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Mick Foley Teases Return To WWE Following On-Screen Firing; TNA Contract Status

Last night's episode of IMPACT WRESTLING concluded with Hulk Hogan announcing that Mick Foley had been fired as the Network Executive.

Hogan opened up a legal document and said that effective immediately, The Network has exercised the option of terminating said position. He then said to the camera, "Mick Foley, you're fired!" Hogan's theme music played and Bischoff said, "This is the happiest day of my life."

Foley lampooned news of his on-screen firing on Twitter. He wrote, "Wait, I was FIRED?!? Are you CEREAL..I mean SERIOUS?!?"

He added, "Wait, I just checked my DVR and it cut out during Bischoff's speech. I can't be fired; I just got back a few weeks ago. Right?"

Foley then teased a possible return to WWE, saying The Miz needs a new assistant (following the dismissal of Alex Riley) and he needs a new job.

He wrote, "Good point @DHStom - I think @mikethemiz might need a new assistant..and I need a new job. Interesting, huh?"

He then retweeted a fan's comment indicating that he could have appeared at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's birthday bash rather than return to TNA for a few weeks. It read: "Good thing Mick had to stay around for 3 weeks rather than be at @TheRock 's bday bash. #baddecisions"

In accordance with the storyline, his profile has been removed from the company website's roster page. Foley, however, is still under contract to TNA. It expires in early September and he stated during an interview late last year with that he doesn't plan on renewing it. "The Hardcore Legend" said he was frustrated with communication problems inherent in the structure of the organization and that he wasn't pleased that they didn't air footage of his appearance at Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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Riley Officially Now on RAW has moved Alex Riley's profile from the SmackDown roster page to the Raw roster page.

Riley was moved to the SmackDown brand in the 2011 Supplemental Draft. He debuted on the April 29 episode of SmackDown, interrupting Randy Orton and given an RKO in response. This was his only television appearance on the brand. Riley continued to appear on Raw, alongside The Miz.

The Miz fired Riley as his assistance on the May 23 Raw, blaming him for his lack of success in regaining the WWE Championship. It was announced the following Monday that the Anonymous Raw General Manager had hired Riley, therefore moving him back to Raw.


Why WWE Changed the Uprising PPV

Regarding WWE changing the October pay-per-view from Uprising to Vengeance, the decision to call it Uprising was made and then they found out that the Dragon Gate USA promotion is already using that name for a pay-per-view.


New Matches for WWE House Shows

Beth Phoenix vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas Title, Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes are some of the new matches booked on upcoming WWE live events.

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Jim Ross Blogs: The Miz and Riley, WWE12

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on this week. Here are some of the highlights from this entry:

- @IAmJericho, Chris Jericho is looking at doing a 3rd book! Amazing. I can’t even put a plan together to write one while wanting to stay away from a full blown autobiography at this time. Jericho is uber talented in many areas and has likely not wrestled his last WWE bout. The thing about Jericho is that he’s going to do things on his time line and that he enjoys doing. When or if he becomes ready to return to WWE he will. The Winnipeg native and Fozzy front man certainly doesn’t ‘owe’ any of us one more match.

- Yes emailer….Alex Riley has upped his game the past two weeks on Raw while beating up The Miz. The key to Riley’s rise to stardom and latching on to something tangible at the next level is his continued ability to shine and to get on a roll. The roll has started but how long will it be sustained? That’s always going to be the question no matter the talent. Riley-Miz has been some of my favorite, MNR content the past two broadcasts. It feels new and fresh.

- The THQ rendition of the WWE12 video game is going to really be slick. THQ has some very educated and intelligent fans of the genre working on this game and I look for it to be the most ecstatically pleasing and exciting to play video game that THQ/WWE has done to date.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Warrior Calls Out Hogan For Censoring The Warriors On Twitter

Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior posted a video yesterday evening calling out Hulk Hogan for censoring his fans, the Warriors, on Twitter. Some of his followers informed him that they were blocked by Hogan on the micro-blogging site for voicing their opinion.

Warrior said, “Hey Terry! Rumor has it that the Warriors trying to get into your social networking party over there are being shut out. What’s up with that, BROTHA?! And to think you used to be such the party animal. I mean what’s wrong, you don’t have the guts for the game anymore now that the playing field is level? That’s ashame. I was hoping to come through the front door, get a hug, one of those womanly handshakes. That’s okay, man. Me and the Warriors, we’re going to make our way through the wall! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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Kharma Blogs on Her Comments About Jim Ross at RAW

Kharma started her own blog and here is what she wrote about her promo from RAW this past Monday:

“I’ve been told that a lot of people are taking pot shots at Jim Ross lately.
If @JRsBBQ hadn’t shot from the hip all those years ago, I wouldn’t of had the fire to succeed as much as I did. I wouldn’t of had the strength to sacrifice being with my family, my country, my native tongue to live in Japan for 6 years and learn this craft. I owe Mr. Ross a great gratitude. Not only for setting me on my path to success, but also being there with open arms at the end of my journey and escorting me to the finish line. Many of you may not know this but JR lobbied for my recruitment to WWE. We met at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas and I became fast friends with him and his lovely wife. He had heard the noise I was making in the industry and graciously gave me kudos. You never have to worry about where you stand with JR. He’ll give you constructive criticism when you need it and praise when you’ve earned it. He’s no sycophant and that is something to be celebrated. I’m hoping you all send him a thankful salutation, I know I will.”

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Strange Happenings with Mark Henry After Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

An odd situation happened after Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Des Moines, Iowa. After SmackDown ended, Mark Henry came out for a dark main event that was advertised to be Christian vs. Randy Orton. Henry entered the ring and just waited as no opponent ever came out. Henry waited for around five minutes before finally beginning to cut a promo to the crowd. Each time Henry would begin to speak, the microphones were cut.

Instead of getting a promo accomplished, Henry began to taunt some fans at ringside. After 15 minutes of this going on, ring announcer Tony Chimel announced that while fans waited for Mark Henry’s opponent, WWE thanks the fans for attending.

Henry’s music started playing for a few minutes before stopping. Hornswoggle’s music then hit but he never came out. After a few minutes of that, The Great Khali’s old theme music played but again, nobody came out. Khali’s music stopped and Vince McMahon’s music played but as expected, he didn’t come out either. After about 20 minutes since SmackDown ended, Henry got tired of waiting for an opponent and walked to the back. No word yet on what happened but it sounds like WWE was playing a big rib on Henry.

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Talk Regarding Kharma’s WWE Future

Nobody within WWE expects Kharma to be released while she’s pregnant, based on how high officials were on her and other factors like Linda McMahon considering a Senate run in 2012 and WWE already being sued once for releasing Dawn Marie while she was pregnant. Kharma will likely have how ever many months she’s out for added onto her current contract to make up for the lost time.


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