Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More on Dreamer's Last Night on ECW


- The Tommy Dreamer farewell on last night’s ECW was a decision made by Vince McMahon, to thank Dreamer for his service to WWE. When Dreamer returned backstage after the match, a lot of the WWE roster was waiting to greet him.

As of this writing, WWE has not removed Dreamer from the ECW roster page on their website.

Fellow ECW Original Taz wrote the following on his Twitter regarding Dreamer’s departure: “A well deserved & proper send off for a TRUE Pro & a real ECW orig named Tommy Dreamer.”


Steve “Dr. Death” Williams Passes Away


- It’s sad to report that wrestling legend Steve “Dr. Death” Williams lost his battle with cancer last night and has passed away. More details should be available soon.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Williams.


Hart Sent to Make his WWE Return Monday Night

This past week on RAW, the WWE set the table for Bret Hart's much hyped return to the WWE next week on RAW. Bret Hart will return on the day that TNA attempts to wage war with WWE by going head-to-head with WWE's flagship program.

Vince McMahon appeared on RAW saying that he had Bret Hart host next week's RAW because there's nothing that he wouldn't do for the fans of the WWE. During the segment with Vince, the famous 1997 Survivor Series Montreal screwjob footage was shown. Shawn Michaels later interrupted Vince McMahon after McMahon proclaimed that he would never allow Bret Hart to come back to the WWE because Bret disrespected him at his Hall-of-Fame induction by failing to shake his hand. After Michaels asked McMahon for rematch with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26, Shawn then lobbied for Vince to bring back Bret Hart.

Vince then made the announcement that 2010 will start off with Bret Hart hosting RAW.


Friday, December 25, 2009

How Will Shawn Michaels Work with Bret Hart?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- As noted earlier, sources in WWE are interested to see how the politics will be with Triple H once Bret Hart is back in the company. Many are curious to see how diplomatic Triple H will be with the whole situation.

Most feel that given the recent changes in his life, Shawn Michaels will get along fine and wouldn't be surprised if he gave Hart an apology.

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Bret Hart to Host RAW on January 4th

It's been rumored for several weeks that WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has signed a new short-term contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and will be returning as an on-air character in early 2010. There has been a great deal of speculation that Bret Hart will make his WWE return on the January 4th edition of WWE RAW, the night TNA Wrestling goes head-to-head with RAW for the first time ever.

Cable provider DirecTV has released its preview for the January 4th RAW and confirms that the Hitman will in fact be hosting RAW that night. Their preview reads:

"Shocking Guest Host Bret The Hitman Hart returns to confront Mr. McMahon."

It's also worth noting that the January 4th RAW is listed as a 2-hour show, contrary to speculation that WWE will add a 3rd hour to compete with TNA's 1-hour lead-in.


Why Michael Cole Ripped JR at the Slammys

Regarding Michael Cole ripping on Jim Ross during his Slammy acceptance speech a few weeks back, he was given his script and lines before the show and told by Vince McMahon that they were counting on him to make the segment work. Still, Cole didn't deliver all the rips towards Ross that were written for him.

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MVP Admits to Smoking Pot

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- It was noted earlier this year that several WWE Superstars had their pushes stopped due to excessive marijuana test failures. After MVP appeared on Opie & Anthony last week, one could assume that he was one of those stars.

MVP appeared on the radio show on December 16th to plug WWE's Troops Tribute but talked about how much he enjoys pot. MVP said when he was in Iraq, one of the soldiers told him that a lot of marijuana is grown in Afghanistan and MVP said he's now disappointed this year that he didn't get to go to Afghanistan.

MVP said that while he enjoys pot, he no longer does it because WWE's $2,500 fines started to stack up.

MVP also told a story about doing a tryout match in TNA years ago when a "washed-up wrestler" came up to him and said he, MVP, was sitting in his seat. MVP sensed the guy was picking a fight and claims he got up and punched the wrestler in the face. MVP wouldn't name who he claimed to punch but said his name rhymes with Maven. Obviously he was talking about Raven.

He was also asked about ring rats and said he got into the business 10 years too late because there are no longer women waiting in the hotels after shows. MVP blames this on Vince McMahon putting on a PG show.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Latest Rumors on Bret Hart's Return


- The short-term deal that Bret Hart has signed with WWE is a performer's contract so he will be an integral part of the storylines going into WrestleMania. It's still believed by many that he will be doing one match, most likely against Vince McMahon.

Bret is old-school and is trying to keep everything about his return quiet. Because of this, a lot of news might not get out about plans for him in WWE before his first appearance. It's still not confirmed that Bret will be hosting the January 4th RAW.

Bret is heavier than he has been in the past and is trying to get back into shape. He has a bad back injury that has made it hard to train.

Bret hasn't talked with Shawn Michaels or Triple H since Montreal so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out between them.


WWE Removes Mention of Mike Tyson

WWE has removed the earlier mention of Mike Tyson hosting RAW from their website. The RAW on January 11th that Tyson is set to host will go head-to-head with the UFC Fight Night special. Below is the text WWE pulled from their site:

"Very familiar with being the center of attention inside the squared circle, Mike Tyson is ready to return to the ring. Unlike old times, however, the former heavyweight championship boxer will not be slipping on the gloves and delivering knockout punches. He will, on the other hand, be delegating responsibility to WWE Superstars as Monday Night Raw’s special guest host on Jan. 11 from Minneapolis."


Sheamus Sucking Up to Triple H?

There are mixed feelings on new WWE Champion Sheamus in the locker room. While some feel his friendship with Triple H has been blown out of proportion, others are accusing him of being a "shameless suck-up" to Triple H. The word going around WWE continues to be that Sheamus and new WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre are the favorites of Triple H and Shawn Michaels right now.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Edge Speaks on His WWE Return, Sheamus, His WWE Contract and More

Source:, Terri Bey

- Edge appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge show this morning. Here are some highlights:

* He mentioned he was in the North Carolina mountains in new property he has there. He said he didn't mind sitting out and getting paid.

* His WWE deal ended in October but they added on injury time and said however long it takes to recover, that much time will be added to his deal.

* He said he's went to Dr. James Andrews for follow-ups to the injury and is doing some major therapy in North Carolina with other therapy sessions in Florida.

* Edge said Christian and Shelton Benjamin had the best match at WWE's TLC but he also enjoyed the main event.

* He put over Sheamus. He also put over FCW and talked about Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre coming out of FCW.

* Edge said Umaga's death hit him hard as they were close. Umaga called Edge the night before he died but he said he didn't even think to keep the message.

* Edge put over The Undertaker and said he has no idea how he performs so well. Edge said they have always been on good terms.

* He has no idea when he will return. He was originally told six months to a year. He has to see Andrews and then get in a wrestling ring to see how everything holds up. He said he's hoping for the first quarter of 2010.

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Bret Hart Speaks Out on a WWE Return, His Favorite RAW Star & More

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart appeared on yesterday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio on Here are some of the highlights:

* Bret said he doesn't have faith in Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan when it comes to recreating the Monday Night Wars with TNA. He respects TNA as a company and hope it brings competition for the sport but doesn't think they're going to do anything major. Bret said Hogan has played himself out to the American audience and doesn't have anything to offer anymore.

* He feels he still has lots of ideas and different things he can contribute to wrestling. His ideal job in the business right now would be something similar to what John Laurinaitis does for WWE. He would want to be involved in planning matches and storylines.

* TNA has always been good to him as far as extending offers go.

* Bret says he is a big fan of Randy Orton's work these days but not impressed with the storylines he's been involved in. He also said he's impressed with Kofi Kingston and is a mark for Melina, calling her creative and very imaginative when it comes to doing her moves. He also feels everything Sheamus is doing right now is impressive and also is a big fan of Jack Swagger. Bret feels Swagger has good potential to be a top wrestler and character.

* He would loved to have wrestled Kurt Angle and David Hart Smith. He also would have loved to work as a heel against John Cena because he feels they could have told a good story together. He hinted that Cena's abilities in the ring are limited but he is still good.

* As far as all the news about his WWE return, Bret said he can't talk about the rumors but did say that he was talking with WWE and "we will see what happens."

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McMahon Not Happy with Dennis Miller from Last Week


- There was said to be legitimate tension between Vince McMahon and Slammy guest host Dennis Miller at last week's RAW. Miller was late to the building and sources say he arrived only a couple hours before the show.

Vince really did try to give Miller some comedy
pointers for his stand-up on the stage. The comments Miller made during their appearance on stage together about Vince giving him comedy pointers were unscripted.

WWE officials weren't happy with Miller not being able to connect with the live crowd.

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Jim Ross Signs Short Term WWE Deal

WWE Hall of Famer has announced on his website that he's signed a short-term contract extension with WWE.

"My contract status with WWE has changed somewhat," Ross wrote in a Friday blog. "We have agreed to terms on a contract extension for a few months to allow me to completely heal from Bells palsy #3.

"I don't expect to go back on the road until, at the earliest, March but that is an approximate time frame. The story making the rounds that I'm targeting WM26 to return to the airwaves makes for a good story but it is not accurate as I am hoping that I heal quicker and can get back in the game in some form sooner than March 28. That particular issue isn't up to me."


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bret Hart Inks a New WWE Contract

Amid speculation that Bret Hart is in talks to return to World Wrestling Entertainment to host an upcoming edition of WWE RAW, it now appears Bret Hart's involvement with WWE will extend well beyond a 1-night appearance.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has signed a short-term talent contract with WWE that goes into effect on January 1, 2010 and runs until April 10th, approximately two weeks after WrestleMania 26.

There has been talk of talk of Hart returning to the ring for one match, but that is still speculation at this point.

Although nothing is official, he is expected to debut on the January 4 Raw show that will go head-to-head with TNA's Monday Night iMPACT! special.


Bret Hart Coming Back to the WWE?

Bret Hart has had discussions with WWE officials in recent months and is now open to the idea of returning as a regular television character, reports

It should be noted, however, that he would not come as a full-time wrestler considering he’s 52 years old and has not wrestled since suffering head injuries (and later a stroke) a decade ago. Instead, it’s being speculated that he may return as a general manager should he decide to come back.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WWE to do a Hart Foundation DVD?

Jim Neidhart said at an autograph signing this past weekend in Long Island, New York that WWE is working on a DVD looking at The Hart Foundation, likely the whole family and not just Neidhart and Bret Hart's tag team. Apparently Neidhart just finished shooting some interviews for the project.

With WWE teasing a return by Bret Hart on last night's RAW, this adds to the speculation that Bret might be returning to WWE in some fashion.


President Barack Obama to Appear at the Tribute to the Troops Saturday

WWE issued the following announcement today:

President Obama To Deliver Special Holiday Message to the Troops this Saturday on NBC’s `WWE Tribute to the Troops’ Holiday Special

The holiday season
is approaching and once again World Wrestling Entertainment® in conjunction with NBC will honor the United States Armed Forces
. Taking ‘the reins from Bob Hope,’ Vince McMahon and the WWE Superstars and Divas traveled to the Middle East for the seventh consecutive year to put smiles on the faces of the men and women of the U.S. military.

The hour-long holiday special will air this Saturday, December 19 at 9:00 PM ET /8:00 PM CT on NBC.

President Barack Obama
via tape will deliver a special Holiday message to the troops. In addition, General David H. Petraeus, Commander, U.S. Central Command, will also deliver his holiday wishes.

WWE Tribute to the Troops chronicles the three days that the WWE Superstars and Divas visited multiple forward operating bases to meet the troops, culminating with a special live performance in front of thousands of military personnel. The WWE makes its annual pilgrimage in recognition of the sacrifices made by our nation’s service men and women and to thank the troops for their commitment to our country.


MTV Mocks Batista at the Slammys

At Monday's WWE Slammy Awards, Batista interrupted Maria's acceptance speech for Diva of the Year in what appeared to be a parody of the infamous Kanye West - Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. "That's great, congratulations, I'm really happy for you," Batista said. "No disrespect, but let's talk about the greatest award ever: The Screwjob of the Year award, which goes to me! I got robbed last night. I should be World Heavyweight Champion, and I should be up for the Superstar of the Year award." MTV writer Kyle Anderson implied the joke is dated and has been done to death already on countless award shows since the VMAs.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ross on his Health, Mark Cuban, his Contract

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Here's what Ross said about:

Personal Responsibility as a pro athlete: There is so much money to be earned in the world of pro wrestling and MMA that if an athlete manages their money wisely meaning they receive professional help and live within their means they can establish a nice level of security to last them the rest of their days. Unfortunately, many competitors and performers forget to save their dough, they forget to file their income taxes, but they certainly remember when the new, luxury cars and Rolex's become available.

Mark Cuban: Mark Cuban did a nice job on one of my favorite shows, ESPN's PTI, this week further discussing his appearance on Raw last Monday in Dallas. Cuban came off well as he explained that he had fun, was a little sore from being driven thru a table and looked at being associated with pro wrestling as a positive experience. His ego seemed to be in the right place plus he did not come off as an insecure, elitist as many celeb's and those in the media do when speaking of pro wrestling.

Dennis Miller Hosting Monday's Raw: Wonder how kind Dennis Miller, with his caustic wit and fabulous vocabulary, will be to WWE after Miller hosts the three hour Slammy Awards this Monday night in the Slammy Capital of the World, Corpus Christi, Texas? Miller does a fair amount of observational humor and he will certainly observe some unique things this Monday....and that's just in catering. Do Miller and Matt Striker use the same type of dictionary...curious minds might want to know...but then again.

His Own Health: "I have been feeling much better and expect the results of my blood work from the Rheumatologist to come back next week. Hopefully, that info will be good news, I refuse to think otherwise, and I will continue to get better and take one more step toward returning to work"

His WWE Contract Expiring: Working on one's contract, as I have been focusing on for the past few days isn't one of my favorite things to do particularly at the 11th hour and especially due to issues regarding my health not to mention that it's the holiday season. I expect something to be worked out regarding this matter in the next week or so but I am not going to stress over it one way or another.

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Story Behind Maryse Fainting


- As seen on RAW last week, Maryse looked to faint after her Divas tag match with Melina and Gail Kim. The story behind her falling is that she was just really tired and blown up. She went to do her signature hair flip and realized she wasn’t on the hard camera side so she just laid down and laughed about it.


HBK Speaks Out About His Schedule

Shawn Michaels spoke with to promote Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view and had the following to say about his schedule:

“I actually don’t have to take on the schedule that the other guys have to take on. I wrestle more on a part-time basis. I take four months off in the summer and just spend time with the family. It’s a tough line of work. Those injuries hang around longer and those injuries are tougher to deal with. When I stop, my body will have an opportunity to heal and rest. That comes along with the territory.”


Umaga Was Close to Coming back to WWE

The Sun reports that the late Eddie “Umaga” Fatu was set to return to WWE by the end of the year of early 2010 had he passed a screening test. One source expected Umaga to return at the Royal Rumble.

Umaga had two strikes against him with WWE and was released this year after refusing to enter rehab. Had he returned to WWE, his previous two offenses would have remained. also reports that Hulk Hogan wanted to bring Umaga to TNA following the Hulkamania tour last month. Apparently Umaga told people there was no way he was going to TNA and he was headed back to WWE.


WWE Holding Off on Royal Rumble Angles Until January


- The current plan is to not shoot any major angles for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view until the 4th or 11th of January which means the December 21st and 28th RAW shows will be kind of “lame-duck” shows that are used to further build guys like Kofi Kingston and Sheamus.

The original plan was to shoot a big Rumble angle at the January 11th RAW but that probably has changed to the 4th after TNA announced their big special.


More Details on WWE Making Changes to SmackDown and ECW


- With the record low rating for ECW this week, speculation regarding the show’s future on SyFy remain. With the current TV deal expiring soon, WWE has been working to freshen the show up to help the ratings. There was talk of a magazine style show that didn’t work out. One recent idea was to drop everything ECW related and focus the entire show on new talents from the brands.

Changes are still being discussed for the SmackDown brand but word is that there won’t be any major decisions made until after the first of 2010.

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TNA Going Head-to-Head With WWE

On January 4th, 2009, TNA will air a 3-hour special that will air head-to-head with Monday Night RAW. TNA issued a press release for the big news about their special and highlighted the press release with the news that Sting will make his return that night.

Also advertised for the show are TNA champion A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, and Matt Morgan. A press release issued over the weekend also teased several big surprises for the show. Sting’s last TNA television appearance was at October’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Since then, TNA has been teasing that Sting is considering retirement from the ring.

Right now, this is only a one-time experiment by TNA, but if the ratings were to surpass their normal numbers there is every possibility it would lead to going live every Monday night.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Promo Blurb for WWE’s John Morrison DVD

Below is the official blurb for WWE’s upcoming “John Morrison: Rock Star” DVD set. Apparently the DVD will also be available as a digital copy, which is a first for WWE. The blurb:

“He’s the Shaman of Sexy, the Friday Night Delight. John Morrison is one of WWE’s best and brightest rising stars, having held numerous tag team championships, first as part of MNM and then with The Miz. He’s also had great solo success, earning the ECW and Intercontinental championships. The DVD is packed with a revealing 1-hour documentary, as well as bonus matches, interviews, Dirt Sheet segments, and more featuring John Morrison, The Miz, Melina, Joey Mercury, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels”


Possible Spoiler on Cena vs. Sheamus at WWE’s TLC

We don’t have a full spoiler report yet but TrooperH provided the following information from WWE’s Tribute to the Troops taping yesterday:

“During the tribute to the troops taping earlier today, Cena did a promo with Sheamus and said when “I [Cena] get my rematch”…. Neither came down with the belt, but, since the tribute show airs 6 days after the PPV, it seems like they may be foreshadowing that Sheamus is going to win at the PPV.”

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WWE PPV Buyrates For Breaking Point, Hell In A Cell & Bragging Rights has updated some new financial information
that includes PPV buyrate estimates for three of the company's new gimmick-concept events.

- WWE Breaking Point drew under 200,000 buys, making it the least successful event of 2009. The submission-themed show featured The Undertaker's first WWE match since WrestleMania. By comparison, the event that Breaking Point replaced (WWE Unforgiven) drew close to 225,000 buys last year. WWE recently released its PPV schedule for 2010 and WWE Breaking Point was not part of the schedule, so this event may be a one time affiar.

- WWE Hell in A Cell PPV, which featured three Hell in a Cell cage matches, drew around 300,000 buys, way up from the 261,000 buys that No Mercy 2008 drew.

- WWE Bragging Rights, which featured a Raw vs. SmackDown theme, drew approximately 200,000 buys. This is a big improvement over the event it replaced (Cyber Sunday,) which drew 153,000 buys in 2008.


Umaga Dies at 36

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Edward "Umaga" Fatu passed away around 6PM EST in a Houston hospital. Apparently he suffered his second heart attack and didn't make it through. He was 36.

WWE has confirmed Fatu's passing on their website with the following:

WWE would like to express its deepest condolences to Mr. Fatu’s family, friends and fans on his tragic passing. Mr. Fatu was under contract with WWE at various time periods and most recently performed under the name "Umaga." Mr. Fatu's contract was terminated on June 11, 2009.

Condolences go out to the Fatu family and friends.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hornswoggle Run-In at TLC?, More on Why Little People's Court Hasn't Happened

Timing issues also played a factor in "little people's court" with DX and Hornswoggle not airing on RAW this past week. WWE's talent relations that were to book the little people weren't getting answers back from creative as to how many they needed, who would get what roles or a male/female breakdown.

The original idea for the segment came from Vince McMahon and nobody wanted to commit to doing anything about the angle until it came from Vince first and since Vince didn't get around to it until the weekend, it was too late to throw everything together for Monday. Word is that those in creative weren't really crazy about the idea to begin with.

For what it's worth, there is consideration of Hornswoggle doing a run-in near the finish for the DX vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show match at the TLC pay-per-view.

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Backstage Dislike Real for John Cena?

The angle concerning locker room resentment for John Cena, as highlighted in promos from Jesse Ventura and Carlito, has some footing in reality. While the ill will was obviously exaggerated for storyline, a number of wrestlers do reportedly resent Cena's standing with management, a feeling that is attributed to either envy of his cushy position or disgust for his "company man" attitude, depending on who is asked. Sources say his public airing of grievances with The Rock, regardless of the fact that he was likely reading company-fed lines, did not help his standing with "the boys."

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Latest on The Rock's Possible WWE Return

Though The Rock remains committed to making a return appearance on WWE television, there is some concern that he will not be able to do so in January. WWE, especially given the possibility of episodes going head-to-head with live programming from TNA and UFC, wanted Rock to host an episode of RAW in the first month of the year, but there is now a question of whether Rock will be able to extract himself from promotional duties for "The Tooth Fairy." Production starts on one of his upcoming film projects at the end of January, so the talk now is that if something in early January cannot be worked out, his WWE gig might be delayed until March.


Irish Backing For Sheamus

Sheamus' is being backed to win the WWE Title from John Cena by The blog notes that the big Irishman can appeal to the 40 million Irish-Americans in this country. The article also calls John Cena a "has been" and refers to Vince McMahon as "a great Irishman". Check out the article here.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ross on Sheamus, Raw Monday

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in it entirety at Some highlights:

Monday's WWE Raw: "I felt the show needed more bell to bell wrestling. Only two bouts in the two hours stayed with me....Kofi vs. Orton and HHH vs. Jericho. Good to see that Kofi is remaining relevant. Kingston's growth continues. I don't get too wrapped up in wins and losses."

Sheamus' Push: "Sheamus did not lose any of his 'steam.' That was a positive. Too much negative is being made of Sheamus vs. Cena at the TLC PPV. WWE has to try and elevate new talents and Sheamus is getting a shot. He's a tough guy who works hard. Why shouldn't Sheamus be given a shot before he's condemned? Let's see how his match goes with Cena on PPV before all the 'internet experts' anoint this pairing as a failure.

"The theory is to get new bodies in the main event mix. It seems like it is damned if one does and damned if one doesn't these days with who gets the nudge to the upper regions of the cards. That just too much negativity. That's exactly why I delete so many emails as they are either overtly negative from start to finish thus depressing to read or they are way too long."

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Huge Changes Coming to SmackDown in 2010

It's been reported this week that major changes are coming to WWE in the early months of 2010, with the ECW brand likely being shut down. According to a report on, WWE also has big changes in store for the SmackDown brand. The feeling is that Raw has enhanced its identity with the Guest Host concept and SmackDown needs something of its own to stand out. While nothing official has been decided on yet, it's believed that any big changes will take place after year ends.

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WWE Responds To Jesse Ventura's Criticism

Earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura appeared on ESPN radio and criticized World Wrestling Entertainment for their longtime company policy of classifying wrestlers as "independent contractors" and not employees. Ventura acknowledged that he had participated in a WWE event just a week ago when he hosted Raw, but says the wrestlers are treated unfairly and denied benefits because of WWE's refusal to acknowledge them as employees.

WWE spokesperson Robert Mitchell has responded to Ventura's remarks with some pretty sharp words of his own. Mitchell tells the Hartford Courant: "We find it highly hypocritical that Jesse had no problem coming on Monday Night Raw last week to promote his new project or was happy to be paid all those years by the WWE as a performer. He is just looking to garner additional press for his fledgling show, appropriately entitled 'Conspiracy Theory.'"


Details on the Piggy James Angle

Partial source:

Regarding the “Piggy James” angle from two weeks ago, the segment was rehearsed earlier that day with Mickie herself being well aware of it as she was given a script beforehand. Prior to the live taping, she saw an unfinished version of the video on the “Titantron,” but didn’t see the final cut until showtime when she was in the ring. Rumors surfaced noting that WWE surprised her with the degrading video.


Update on The "Little Peoples Court"

The creative decision to not have “little people’s court” on RAW this past Monday was made over the weekend and kept quiet since WWE officials weren’t happy about it leaking in the first place. There was talk of filming the segment in Dallas, Texas next week before RAW but the belief after RAW this week was that they will probably string it along until the week after the three-hour RAW with Dennis Miller and the Slammy Awards.

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Legal Update on Jeff Hardy

Source: PWInsider

Jeff Hardy’s probable cause hearing, which was scheduled for today, was pushed back to January 27th, 2010. This is the second time that the hearing has been delayed.

The probable cause hearing was to determine if there was enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury. If that happens, the grand jury would then decide if the case should be prosecuted or not.


WWE’s New Diva’s Porn Past

WWE has signed Playboy’s 2008 “Model of the Year” Jillian Beyor to a contract. While her modeling work is well-documented, her film work has largely fallen under the radar. For those unaware, Beyor appeared in a few adult-themed fetish videos in 2007 under the alias “Brianna.”


Update on Lauren Mayhew Leaving WWE

As reported last week, Lauren Mayhew, the ECW ring announcer, has left World Wrestling Entertainment. She parted ways with the company after both sides were unable to come to terms on a new long-term contract. Vince McMahon is looking for someone to replace Lilian Garcia both as a ring announcer and someone who can sing the national anthem. One person said Mayhew’s heart was never into wrestling and that she’s leaving to pursue acting.


Kaval’s WWE Roster Debut

Kaval (the former Low-Ki) is expected to be called up to WWE’s main roster any week now.


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