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Sh*t Sandwich

Yes, I know its been used before. But I feel my favorite review of Spinal Tap's album Shark Sandwich is more than appropriate for tonight's ECW show. Two good matches sandwiching two lack luster matches ( and that's putting it kindly). The show started off explosively with a rematch of last weeks tag match. Miz and Morrison once again took on Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. This match delivered big time with plenty of high flying moves courtesy of Yang and Moore. As I said last week , I love this pairing and tonight they proved they deserve a title shot, if not a chance to be champs. This match was of pay per view caliber as Wang and Moore left nothing on the table with huge moves in and out of the ring. We also saw the possible end of Miz/Morrison as good ole Johnny Boy cost them the match by accidentally kicking the Miz in the head as the Miz was tying up Yang. the good news for them was the belts were not on the line, but I think its time these men refocus on ECW.

Now to the matches that no one really cares about. Shelton Benjamin continued his reign of terror by beating on some local stiff. They are easing Benjamin into his run at the championship and if this is what they have in store, let's hope it gets here soon. Benjamin needs to make the most out this opportunity, as many in the WWE feel he can be a great star. The only problem is he has yet to deliver consistently. Just look back to the Money in the Bank match at Wrestle Mania 22 to see what he can bring.

We also had Kenny take on the every popular Nunzio, who was dressed as an elf tonight. Of coercer Kenny had no trouble beating Nunzio. Not much else to report on this one. Wait, did I mention Nunzio was dressed as an elf. Yeah, I guess I did, but did I mention he was passing out candy canes. See, I knew I forgot something very important about this match.

The main event had a lot of potential as I was anxious to see CM Punk up against a major opponent. Tonight he had his chance against MVP. The match was not bad, but it was not really good either. It did prove Punk can hang with his Smack Down counterparts and one has to wonder how long it will be until he gets his chance and being on one of the WWE's big shows. For over the past year he has been a big fan favorite and has participated in some big matches against top WWE superstars, but he still is stuck on ECW. As of right now they don't even have a major program for him. I know he has found himself in the dog house a few times, but come on guys , give the kid a chance to show what he has. He proved tonight he can a least hang with your mid card guys. As for his future program it might include Chavo Guerrero, who made an odd run in tonight. Not sure what Chavo's beef with Punk is, but I guess we'll find out soon enough what it all means

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