Saturday, July 24, 2010

Legit Heat Between HBK and Vince McMahon?


There may be some tension right now between Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. According to Dave Meltzer, McMahon recently made the decision to have the announcers no longer refer to Shawn Michaels on TV. Additionally, there is to be no footage of him shown on WWE television.

Reports are circulating about what the reason for the heat between the two is. Word is that Michaels was very unhappy about the Bryan Danielson situation. It’s also believed that McMahon is still upset that Michaels decided to reture, as McMahon felt Michaels could give him a few more years. Michaels is said to be very distances from wrestling these days.

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Orton Says He Thinks Danielson Will be Back

Randy Orton (@RealRKOrton) responded to a fan on Twitter who asked a question regarding the firing of Bryan Danielson: “I understand why it happened,” Orton wrote. “But he deserves to be there. I’m sure he’ll be back. Very talented in my opinion.”

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Steamboat Out of the Hospital

Jim Ross noted on Twitter that WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat has been released from the hospital. It’s believed Steamboat will return to work in a month or so.

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RAW Main Event for Monday Night Reveled?

Radio ads in San Antonio, Texas are advertising this coming Monday’s RAW main event as Sheamus and Nexus vs. John Cena and Randy Orton in a handicap match.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

John Cena for

WWE Star John Cena tells the world to check out the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Ultimate summer job blog...or else!


Two RAW Guests Hosts Announced

WWE has announced that actor Bobb’e J. Thompson will be the guest host of Monday Night RAW on October 18th from Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Thompson is starring in WWE’s movie Knucklehead with Big Show. That movie comes out October 22nd.

WWE also announced that country music singer Toby Keith will be the guest host on October 25th, the night after the Bragging Rights pay-per-view, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Keith will be promoting his new album, Bullets in the Gun, which comes out on October 5th.


No More MITB at WrestleMania?

There’s speculation that with the apparent success of WWE’s first-ever Money in the Bank pay-per-view that the MITB match will be scrapped from next year’s WrestleMania 27 event. The Money in the Bank matches would then only take place at their yearly pay-per-view.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Former ECW Star Attempts Suicide

Former ECW star Chris Hamrick reportedly attempted suicide on July 13th at his home in North Carolina. On his Facebook he wrote, “BIG announcement tonight. Stay tuned. It’s to die for!” Then later he wrote, “Hey world I just took 25 sleeping pills. Goodnight.”

Hamrick also reportedly sent several strange text messages to friends before authorities were notified and sent to his home. Hamrick is reportedly getting the help he needs from friends and family.


WWE High-Flyers DVD Out Later This Year

Below is the official synopsis for WWE’s Best of the High-Flyers DVD that comes out later this year:

“Some of the most exciting moments in sports entertainment history have come through the air. High-flying Superstars have always brought fans to their feet, from “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, the Killer Bees, the Rockers, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and more. This 3-DVD set, “Best of the High Flyers”, collects some of the greatest aerial displays in sports entertainment history. The dozens of matches in this collection represent the “Creme de la Creme” of WWE, WCW, ECW, WCCW, and more.”


Cena or Triple H Behind Nexus?

WWE is entertaining the idea of turning a top Superstar heel and have them be the person behind The Nexus angle. The main people being pitched for a heel turn are Triple H and John Cena, believe it or not.

Although Cena could definitely use a fresh role within WWE, especially since he hasn't played the role of a heel throughout his WWE career, the move most likely will not happen. Cena turning heel would be a risk to WWE because of his popularity with kids and his strong merchandise sales that WWE does not want to lose out on. Triple H, on the other hand, has wanted to turn heel for a few years now, but with injuries to him and his co-workers, the opportunity to turn heel has never presented itself.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melina Chats on Her Return to the Ring

Melina is scheduled to return to the ring at tonight’s FCW show in Florida. She wrote the following on Monday:

“This tweet is about my day at fcw. Everyone thinks I’m wrestling right now and I have to do some wrestling style therapy to see what I can actually do and if it’s safe for me. The wwe doctor still needs to talk to my doctor in LA, then get back to the fcw therapist. I admit, certain moves scared me. I’m not sure if what I feel at times is bad, normal or all in my head. We just have to wait and see. I will keep you posted each day.”


Updated 2010 Over the Limit Buys

WWE’s first-ever Over the Limit pay-per-view this year did around 198,000 total buys worldwide with 115,000 being in North America. This is down from 2009′s Judgment Day pay-per-view which did 228,000 buys.

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Updated Money in the Bank Card

WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view is this Sunday. Below is the updated card for Money in the Bank coming out of Monday's RAW:

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. Sheamus

World Heavyweight Title Match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Edge vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne vs. The Miz vs. Mark Henry

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs. Big Show vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match
The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty

WWE Women’s Title Match

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

WWE Divas Title Match

Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

SummerSlam Axxess tickets go on sale TODAY!

SUMMERSLAM AXXESS - The Interactive WWE Fan Experience

Saturday, August 14 - Sunday, August 15
Multiple sessions available

As part of SummerSlam weekend, SummerSlam Axxess is coming to Los Angeles August 14 through August 15 at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live. This is one event WWE fans of all ages will want to be part of!

Live Matches and Superstar Q&A's · Superstar Signings · Photo Stations · Superstar Entrance and much more!

Tickets go on sale Tomorrow at 10AM



Includes a special VIP Meet & Greet with Autograph Signing and more!
August 14th, Session 1 - Meet WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio
August 14th, Session 2 - Meet WWE Superstar Randy Orton
August 15th, Session 3 - Meet WWE Superstar Edge

*Prices are PER SESSION and do not include applicable fees or sales tax
Children 3 years and under - FREE

Tickets available at and the Staples Center Box Office

Saturday, August 14:
Session 1 - 11AM - 3PM
Session 2 - 4PM - 8PM

Sunday, August 15:
11AM - 3PM

Friday, July 09, 2010

Carlito Says He's Been Dying to Get Out of the WWE

Appearing on Monday’s edition of the Right After Wrestling Sirius satellite radio show, former WWE superstar Carlito opened up about being depressed and trying to leave the company on numerous occasions before he was finally released due to his refusal to enter rehab for an alleged pain pill addiction.

On wanting to get the hell out of WWE: “I had been asking for my release for a long time. I tried to finish up my contract, which I think was up in August. I had been trying to leave for about three years. For the last year, I was just miserable. I wasn’t even myself. I was dying just to get away.”

On being fired for a Wellness Policy infraction and refusing to go to rehab: “I wouldn’t say I got myself fired on purpose, but in that last year, I really didn’t care. They wanted me to go to rehab. My opinion was I didn’t need it. I’m not addicted to pills. I think what happened is I was depressed. I have scripts (for pain medication) legit reasons for using them. I think I was abusing them as anti-depressants instead. I remember other people not in WWE would tell me to go to rehab because it looks good on paper. I said, ‘One, I don’t want to keep my job. Two, I’m not going to admit to a problem I don’t have.’”

On the grinding travel and not being utilized properly on television: “I was always grinding. I was always working. Mainly, my big problem was I thought they were f**king with me. I didn’t like the mind games and all the bulls*** they were putting me through. Maybe it was all in my head, but I just felt that’s what they were doing with me. I could never get a straight answer. I get sometimes you have to take a backseat, but how long am I supposed to sit in the back?”

On dealing with the backstage politics and people’s claims that he was lazy: “I remember people would tell me to just play the game. I can’t just play the game. I can’t be fake. I love the business, I just don’t like the politics. I want to be able to help out and give back in somehow. In WWE, I wasn’t doing any of that. I also felt I was gypping the people (in WWE) putting in three-minute matches that didn’t mean anything. It just breaks your heart when you can give so much more.”


Triple H Out for a Few More Months After Surgery

Triple H recently underwent surgery for an undisclosed reason. We have learned that the surgery was to repair a torn muscle tendon in one of his arms, an injury that surfaced during his time off from WWE.

Sadly, this injury will sideline Triple H for several more months, which means that his scheduled return for WWE SummerSlam against Sheamus in August is now off.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ric Flair Chops Banned

The is some truth to the recent rumors that Vince McMahon is banning “Ric Flair chops.” Sources say that the chops were actually banned after Shawn Michaels retired and before that, they were banned for everyone except for Michaels. McMahon does have a problem with the “Whooo” reactions that the chops get from fans. Yoshi Tatsu, who may not have gotten the word, did the Flair chops before RAW in Nashville this week and it got the same reaction from fans.

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Cody Rhodes Upset at NXT

There was an incident at Tuesday night’s WWE NXT tapings where Cody Rhodes was upset at Rookie Lucky Cannon. At the end of the tag team main event, Lucky didn’t take Rhodes’ finisher, Cross Rhodes, very well. Cody was visibly upset at the effort from Lucky and continued to vent backstage.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

McMahon Upset with Y2J Over Game Show

The fact that Vince McMahon is mad at Chris Jericho for hosting ABC’s new game show Downfall has a lot of people within WWE scratching their heads.

There was a bit of an unspoken agreement when Jericho returned to WWE a few years back that he would be allowed to pursue outside interests. Now that Chris Jericho is doing other things besides Fozzy, Vince isn’t happy with it.

Some people think that Vince is still bitter over top guys like The Rock leaving WWE for other projects.

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Undertaker and Michelle McCool Wedding Photo

Above is a photo from the wedding a few weeks back of the Undertaker and diva Michelle McCool. The two have been dating for sometime.

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Former WWE Star to star in a Movie

Former WWE star Snitsky will be starring in a new movie called “Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge.” The movie is a sequel to “Manos: The Hands of Fate” from 1966 that Entertainment Weekly called “the worst movie ever made.” It will start filming in early 2011 and is scheduled for a release in 2013.


Summerslam 2010 Update

This year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view is scheduled to be built around the returns of Triple H and The Undertaker with Triple H facing Sheamus and Taker facing Kane in a casket match. Another match penciled in is a rematch from Fatal 4 Way, The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs. The Usos and Tamina. This match may be scrapped or already changed as The Harts vs. The Usos was just announced for Money in the Bank.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Change to the WWE Money in the Bank Card, New Match Added

A WWE Unified Tag Team Title match has been added to WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The card has seen another change as WWE did a storyline on RAW where R-Truth was injured and pulled from RAW’s ladder match. The updated card looks like this:

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. Sheamus

World Heavyweight Title Match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Edge vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne vs. The Miz vs. One RAW Star TBA

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs. Big Show vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. Two SmackDown Stars TBA

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match
The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty

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Drew McIntyre Returns to WWE at a Show Last Night

Drew McIntyre made his return to WWE last night at the SmackDown live event in Savannah, Georgia. McIntyre cut a promo before the crowd and it’s expected that he will be back on WWE TV at tonight’s tapings in Atlanta.

WWE did an angle where Drew was deported for work visa problems, which was not far from the truth, as he had to return to Scotland to get a new work visa.


Austin Chats About RAW

WWE teased Steve Austin as being the anonymous General Manager on last night’s RAW. Austin sometimes Tweets during RAW but didn’t last night. However, he wrote the following after the show: “busy all day folks…working on a project to be shot in Vancouver in a few weeks….more details later…gonna hit the hay..good night.”

Fans bombarded Austin’s account with comments and about him being the General Manager and the teasers on RAW. Austin replied: “I missed it but it sounds like It was an interesting RAW.”

Sources indicate that WWE does not have Austin planned as the General Manager.


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