Monday, May 31, 2010

"Viewer's Choice Night" on RAW next Week

Bret Hart announced that next week's Raw would be a "Viewer's Choice Night" with fans getting their chance to vote on what they wanted to see on the Three-Hour edition, similar to the old Cyber Sunday PPV event.

Hart also announced that the Smackdown roster would be appearing next week in Miami, Florida for the Raw, which will be hosted by UFC star Quinton Jackson and actors Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley to promote the forthcoming "A-Team" film.

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Undertaker Injured - Fatal 4 Way Appearance in Jeopardy

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It is being reported that The Undertaker has suffered a broken orbital bone, broken nose and concussion which has put his Fatal 4-Way appearance in doubt. Taker sustained the injury last Tuesday against Rey Mysterio during the Smackdown tapings. It is believed 'Taker suffered injury while taking the seated senton move by Mysterio during the match.

Undertaker is being advised to take time off to rest up however it is anybodies guess if he will be apart of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Fatal 4-Way. Should he not be involved Rey Mysterio is likely to be called back from vacation to fill the spot.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

WWE Pushing new Hosts for RAW

WWE issued a press release touting its upcoming roster of celebrity guest hosts, which includes Ashton Kutcher, "The A-Team" cast members Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley and Mark Feuerstein.

Predictably, WWE did not reference Jackson's current standing as one of the UFC's most popular fighters. It did, however, take the opportunity to plug Feuerstein's involvement in WWE Films feature "Knucklehead."


The Undertaker Bleeds on SmackDown, Update on WWE's No-Blood Rule

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Undertaker suffered a busted nose on this week's SmackDown, thanks to Rey Mysterio's 619. Taker bled for a few minutes before the match ended and no trainer was sent out to stop the blood. It's interesting that this happened after two matches were hurt at Over the Limit due to trainers coming out to stop cuts.

Some people in the company figure that the no-blood rule is just a phase and blame it mostly on Linda McMahon running for office. One of the main reasons WWE has stopped wanting blood on TV is because agreements that have been made to attract a higher class of sponsors. The feeling is that if WWE's popularity goes way down then they would probably change the rule but Linda McMahon winning or losing the election won't bring any changes. Dave Meltzer believes that the PG rule will likely be in effect until either the license deal with Mattel runs out, which is years from now, or another company, such as TNA, takes away from WWE's popularity.

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Arn Anderson going into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame?

Ric Flair said in a media interview this week in the UK that WWE will be inducting Arn Anderson into the Hall of Fame next year in Atlanta.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jim Ross Gives an Update on his Future

Jim Ross has finally stated what he will do in his future, you can read it below or see the entire rundown of what he will do HERE

My plans for the immediate future have been a point of discussion in some circles and we now have something finalized. (This is usually where I do the obligatory pitch for your on line biz because YOU KNOW that I want to sell you some BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup, Beef Jerky or a signed JR's Cookbook.) Aside from that here's the story....

I have worked out what we believe to be a win/win, employee agreement with WWE and will remain with the company that I have been with essentially since 1993 when I debuted at Wrestlemania 9. (To celebrate this occasion, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a toga.)

Going forward, I will be focusing on a variety of talent relations matters, essentially as a consultant, of which will not require weekly travel. I will be visiting FCW in Tampa on a regular basis to observe the development of the young men and women who, I hope, all want to headline Wrestlemania some day. This area of the company has always been of particular interest to me including when we opened developmental areas years ago in Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Southern California. Many of the WWE's biggest stars of this generation came from those areas.

The future of any wrestling company is largely dependent on developing new stars. That matter hinges on the type of individuals that are intelligently recruited and properly trained. Charismatic, world class athletes getting diverse and unique individual training has never been more timely or important.

We are still going forward with our book concept which is evolving really well. I tell myself every day that I'm NOT going to write an 'average,' wrestling book. (For the record, I'm still battling on what to leave OUT of the book in order to keep it around 275-300 pages.)

Our public speaking facet is also in place and we are reviewing some potential bookings on that front beginning at summer's end. (BTW I'm not going to take dates on Oklahoma football weekends which I'm sure will be an eye roller to some. Yes, I will turn down a pay day to see my Sooners play.)

I've also been offered a position to do some free lance writing for a major, national sports website which we'll update you on within the next 10 days or so. It will likely focus on College Football, the NFL, and MMA.

The new arrangement with WWE will allow me to explore broadcast options in other, non competitive areas such as MMA if I so choose. (For now, being a MMA fan and watching the UFC this Saturday night on PPV works for me. I'm still an Evans 'lean.' as this one has Slobber-Knocker written all over it.)

I will not be returning to weekly, WWE TV or their monthly PPV's. However, being involved with other WWE broadcast products is a possibility. A few opportunities have been discussed.


Get a Brand New Gillette Fusion ProGlide

When you thinking shaving, you think Gillette, not those other brands that do a sub-par job at giving us a close shave while protecting our skin. Something that’s always been a hurdle for product makers in the past has been the “tug and pull” dilemma. The ProGlide, part of Gillette’s ProSeries, packs significant enhancements, that not only address the skin, but the hair as well. So what separates this new razor from the Gillette Fusion or other ones from years past?

First, and perhaps most importantly, the blades have been re-engineered to be thinner, with finer edges and have been given an advanced low-resistance coating, allow the razor to cut effortlessly through hair with less tug and pull compared to other leading razors on the market. Other enhancements include a larger Lubrastrip for an even smoother layer of protection even when on repeat strokes, as well as the addition of a Microcomb, which helps to guide hair directly to the blade.

The Fusion ProGlide goes on sale in a manual and Power option next month, but Gillette’s actually been kind enough to give some of you guys out there the opportunity to grab one for free. A total of 500 razors are up for grabs, which you can grab below. It’s pretty simple, hit the widget, follow the instructions and get yours for free. No gimmicks!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The reason for Batista's RAW exit

Batista had originally agreed to work WWE live events until late June but when he suffered the back and tailbone injuries at Over the Limit, the decision was made to have finish up on last Monday’s RAW. Most everyone in the company is under the impression that he will be back soon, likely in time for WrestleMania 27.


Backup Plan for Randy Orton injury

epending on what happens with Randy Orton’s injury, there is a back-up plan for the Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view where Sheamus would storyline injure him either at RAW or early the night of the show. Another Superstar would then fill-in for Orton in the main event. This would lead to an Orton vs. Sheamus feud in July, if Orton needs to take time off until then.


Officials happy with Punk for PPV Head Shaving

WWE officials were happy with CM Punk for doing what he had to do to get fans back into the match during last Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view after the match was stopped so a trainer could come down and treat his wound. When the crowd began to turn against the match, Punk jumped up and attacked Mysterio in an effort to get things back on track.


Drew McIntyre’s stock falling among officials?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It’s said that Drew McIntyre’s stock has fallen within WWE a lot as of late because he’s gotten the reputation of being high maintenance and the feeling that he’s not really getting over. Some feel that this led to Drew losing the Intercontinental Title while some are under the impression that he is being set up for a World Heavyweight Title run. There was at least some early discussion recently of having Drew win a title shot at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.


Enter the Gillette Fusion ProGlide ‘The Ultimate Summer Job’ Contest

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion ProSeries will be available in a broad range of traditional and online retail outlets in North America beginning on June 6, 2010.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fallout from the 'Over the Limit' PPVRa

While an injury isn’t confirmed, there was talk after last night’s WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view that Ted DiBiase may have been hurt in the match with R-Truth, or possibly hurt at last week’s RAW.

Word going around WWE on the reason for CM Punk losing last night and getting his head shaved is because Rey Mysterio is expected to take a bit of time off following tomorrow night’s SmackDown tapings. It’s unknown yet if Rey is taking time off for knee surgery or just to spend time with his family and rest up.

Randy Orton may have been injured before his match with Edge at last night’s Over the Limit pay-per-view. Footage is available here.

John Cena will defend his WWE Title in a Fatal 4 Way match at WWE’s first-ever Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view on June 20th. The RAW Main Event will be a Fatal 4 Way with Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena. Jack Swagger will also defend his World Heavyweight Title in a Fatal 4 Way match. Swagger’s opponents will be determined at tomorrow night’s SmackDown tapings.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

RAW GM Rumor - Abraham Washington?

The rumor going around about RAW’s new General Manager on Monday is that it will be former ECW personality and WWE developmental star Abraham Washington, of The Abraham Washington Show fame.


Content listing for upcoming Elimination Chamber DVD

Below is the content listing for WWE’s upcoming three-disc DVD set titled “Satan’s Playground: The Elimination Chamber Anthology.” The set comes out on July 13th.

It’s worth noting that the Elimination Chamber match at New Year’s Revolution 2005, won by Triple H, also featured Chris Benoit. The content listing doesn’t mention Benoit by name and the DVD will likely only feature parts of the match.

Disc 1:

The Chamber is born.

Survivor Series 2002
Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Kane and Booker T

What makes the Chamber unique.

Summerslam 2003
Triple H, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton

The King of Kings is King of the Chamber.

New Year’s Revolution 2005
Triple H wins his third chamber in a row

Edge takes advantage.

New Years Revolution 2006
John Cena, Kurt Angle, Carlito, Kane, Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels

ECW takes center stage.

December to Dismember 2006
Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, Big Show, Test, Hardcore Holly and Rob Van Dam

The Monsters invade the Chamber.

No Way Out 2008
Undertaker, Big Daddy V, MVP, Batista, Finlay and Great Khali

No Way Out 2008
Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, JBL, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Umaga

Disc 2:

Two is better than one.

No Way Out 2009
John Cena, Edge, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, Kane and Chris Jericho

No Way Out 2009
Edge, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker, Vladimir Kozlov and Triple H

Shaping Wrestlemania

Elimination Chamber 2010
Sheamus, Ted Dibiase, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston

Elimination Chamber 2010
Undertaker, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth

What’s next ?

Bonus Content:

The Game speaks out on his signature match.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match: Chris Jericho vs Carlito

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match: Shawn Michaels vs Kane

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match: Triple H vs Rob Van Dam

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match: Undertaker vs Mark Henry

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Baltimore Sun's Over the Limit Preview

Here's the Baltimore Sun's Over the Limit Preview

WWE champion John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match: Unless WWE is planning a swerve of monumental proportions, this one looks like a no-brainer. Beyond the fact that this very well could be Batista’s last match in WWE for a while, hearing Cena utter the words “I quit” is just inconceivable. The wild card here is Sheamus. He has had a presence throughout the build for this match, so it’s likely that he’ll get involved tonight. I expect Cena to score a decisive win in the final chapter of this feud, and then go on to defend the title against Sheamus, Edge and Randy Orton at next month’s Fatal Fourway pay-per-view.

World heavyweight champion Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show: At this stage of his career, Big Show doesn’t cut it as a world champion, so look for Swagger to leave the ring with his reign intact. Another possible scenario is that Big Show wins the title and then drops it back to Swagger in a rematch on Smackdown this week. Either way, it will be interesting to see what kind of match these two can put together.

Edge vs. Randy Orton: The first match of this program between two of WWE’s top superstars could go either way, but I have a feeling that Orton is coming out on top in this one. This figures to be an excellent match.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio: On a card that appears strong on paper, this match has potential to be the show-stealer. Because of the stipulations – Punk gets his head shaved if he loses, and Mysterio has to join the Straight Edge Society if he loses – this is the most compelling match on the show, in my opinion. At one point I was sure that Punk was going to end up bald – which could actually add a new level of creepiness to his character – but I now think that Punk will prevail thanks to another assist from the mysterious masked man (who most likely will be revealed as Joey Mercury). Instead of Mysterio joining the SES, however, I could see Punk and his followers attacking and injuring him, which would give Mysterio a story line reason to take some time off and get the knee surgery he has been putting off for months.

Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston: WWE has done a good job of getting heat on McIntyre over the past few weeks and also putting over the prestige of the title. It’s too soon for McIntyre to get his comeuppance, so look for him to cheat his way to a victory.

WWE unified tag team champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz:
The whole reason Raw’s Jericho and Miz formed a team was so they could win the championship and appear on Smackdown to exact revenge on Big Show for knocking them both out. I think that’s how it’s going to play out. Plus, there’s a lot of entertainment value in a Jericho/Miz partnership.

WWE Divas champion Eve vs. Maryse: It looks as if WWE is getting behind Eve as one of the centerpieces of the women’s division, so I expect her to win.

Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. R-Truth: I think the key to this match is Virgil. Wait, did I really just write that in 2010? Anyway, I believe the DiBiase/Virgil alliance is going to be extremely short-lived. Virgil, recalling how much of a spoiled brat Junior DiBiase was as a kid during his years working for Ted Sr., turns on him and helps R-Truth win the match. And DiBiase’s search for the “new Virgil” continues.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jim Ross Blog: New RAW GM, His WWE Status, Daniel Bryan's NXT Promo

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Some highlights of what JR said about:

Miami Wants WrestleMania: "Miami is among many cities being smart and working hard to romance WWE in hopes of hosting Wrestlemania 28 in 2012. The stadium in Miami is big time, I went to the OU-Miami college football game there last year, but how does one address tropical rain issues that might wreck havoc on WWE's biggest event of the year? This is far, far from my call but if it were I'm sticking with a domed stadium. Sorry, South Florida.

Daniel Bryan's NXT Promo:
"Amazing discussion virtually every where one looks on the net about the Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole dust up on NXT Tuesday night. Honesty, I feel that it helped both individual's persona's and will likely encourage fans to tune in again to see the follow up on the matter. I'm not so sure that I wouldn't have something occur Sunday in Detroit at the PPV to add a little fuel to the fire and if not there on Monday Night Raw in Toledo for sure. The end result is to first create awareness for the wrestler and then to further develop Cole's on air persona."

New RAW GM: "Yes, Raw is going to name a new GM this Monday night and even though my name has been one of many under internet consideration I can assure you that I have no plans whatsoever to be in Toledo Monday but rather will be watching Raw, as usual, in my La-Z-Boy in my living room in Norman. I hear by nominate US Champion Bret Hart for the task. Or Chelsea Handler. Or Joey Styles. Or The Fink."

JR's WWE Status: "No...there is a misconception that I am 'gone' from WWE and that is not accurate. I am an employee in good standing, over 17 years, with the company and within a few days my new job description, etc will be established. At that point I can either commit and go kick ass in a new arena or I can say no thank you. I actually do have many interests within the biz that interest me other than announcing although that is my favorite thing to do professionally. Finding another Stone Cold or Rock is intriguing and challenging, for example. I am a major proponent of the developmental system within the business and feel it is the life blood for the long term future of wrestling. Even at 58, one finds it hard to leave 'the nest' especially if one helps build the nest."

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Full Content Listing for WWE's New Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat DVD

Below is the full content listing for WWE's upcoming Ricky Steamboat DVD, The Life Story of The Dragon. The three-disc DVD set will be released on June 29th:


Documentary Chapters:
Growing Up
The Dragon
WrestleMania III
World Champion
Fire Breathing Dragon
Hall of Fame

Special Features:
Ricky’s First Car

Mike Graham Remembers Richard Blood

Ricky Forgets His Name

Having a Positive Attitude
World Wide Wrestling – February 16, 1982

Tuesday Night Titans – April 5, 1985

Steve Lombardi Remembers Ricky’s First Match in the WWE

The Body Shop
All-Star Wrestling – June 22, 1985

Becoming the Dragon… The Three Moments of Truth

Chris Jericho Meets Ricky Steamboat For The First Time

Tuesday Night Titans – September 10, 1986

Update with Gene Okerlund
Superstars – January 31, 1987

Dragon in the Oven
Superstars – April 11, 1987

Return from Japan
World Championship Wrestling – March 18, 1989

William Regal Remembers Watching Ricky Steamboat & Ric Flair

World Television Champion
Saturday Night – September 19, 1992

Ricky Steamboat’s Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame – April 4, 2009


NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Jack & Gerry Brisco vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Starrcade November 24, 1983

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
Boogie Jam March 17, 1984
(Commentary by: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Matt Striker)

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Cowboy Bob Orton
Capital Centre July 20, 1985

Lumberjack Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. The Magnificent Don Muraco
Maple Leaf Gardens September 22, 1985

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Boston Garden August 9, 1986

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
WrestleMania III March 29, 1987
(Alternate Commentary by: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Matt Striker)


2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
Clash of the Champions VI April 2, 1989

United States Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Lex Luger
The Great American Bash July 23, 1989

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyzsko
Clash of the Champions XVII November 19, 1991

Iron Man Challenge Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Rick Rude
Beach Blast June 20, 1992

No Disqualification Match for the WCW World Television Championship
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Steve Austin
Clash of the Champions XX September 2, 1992
(Alternate Commentary by: Ricky Steamboat & Matt Striker)

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Chris Jericho
Backlash April 26, 2009


Carlito released after refusing to go to rehab has announced that Carlos Colon (Carlito) has been released from his WWE contract as of today May 21, 2010.

According to WWE, "Carlito’s termination was due to his first violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility."

Jim Ross just put on his Twitter that he was sad to see Carlito go:

Too bad to hear Carlito got released 4 wellness issues. Talented young man. Hope he gets back on track. The balls n his court. Pulling 4 him

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Randy Savage and his new bride

For those that are wondering what former WWF Champion Randy "Macho Man" Savage is up to, he recently got married. Here's an actual photo of Savage and his new bride.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ultimate Warrior Shoots on Ted DiBiase Sr.

The Ultimate Warrior has posted another (very long) blog on his website firing back at the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s comments that he doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame because he was a terrible worker and a didn’t appreciate what the industry did for him.

Warrior shoots hard on DiBiase. Visit to read the whole blog. Here are just a few quotes from Warrior:

DiBiase’s Christianity & Past Sins: “Let’s be honest, here, Father Teddy. (What irony, having to instruct a man-of-the-cloth to be honest.) It was never guilt that made you change your ways to become a man of God. It was gluttony — and your dark desire to continue getting away with it. You’ve never had the discipline, in your whole life, to restrain your appetites for anything — and you still don’t. All you’ve done is substitute vices and indulgences. When you were in the business and your ego was powered by your gimmick and your fame and celebrity, you were gluttonous for sluts and salacious thoughts and living. When it was all over, the superficiality of celebrity was gone and you had nothing to cling to anymore to cover up your natural repulsiveness. Even the worst whores have standards. Once you were nothing, without the TV and the Million Dollar Man gimmick (which WWF footed the entire bill for), they wanted nothing to do with you anymore. You crawled home on your knees to your wife and God, all seemingly in the desire to be forgiven. But all you’ve truly done is use religion as an excuse and means to continue getting away with other forms of self-indulgent gluttony.”

DiBiase Calling Himself a Warrior: “Let’s get real, Teddy. You certainly never, ever came close to looking or acting like a warrior at any time during your life. On some level, it seems to me and I imagine many others, associating oneself with the concept “warrior” should or would have something to do with self-discipline, meaningful sacrifices, inner strength, digging deep within oneself to be the best one can be, integrity, honor, etc. More especially so in your case, now, since your goal as a man-of-the-cloth is to guide people away from the forces that lure them to be the worst they can be. And to do this you use the Bible’s inspiring stories of warrior-like individuals who practiced these honorable virtues, right?”

Satan’s Pig: “I really think this is where you fail the best in being a fraud, a hypocrite — a real snake-oil salesman. In fact, you fail so successfully at gluttony, I think you missed the calling of what would have been your best gimmick. The one that truly fits: Satan’s Pig. You are the embodiment of Satan’s Pig. Your face, body, mind and spirit provide the perfect image of it. Amazing, isn’t it? After all these years of stumbling around to squeeze yourself to a gimmick, you finally come face to face with your best gimmick — the real you.”

Warrior’s Success vs. DiBiase’s: “You say the only time I had a great match was when someone was leading me around by the nose. Once and for all, let’s stop the bullshit and put things in no uncertain terms: without guys like me, Ted Dibiase, you never would have worked a Main Event match in the WWF.

“You were so smart about the business, Teddy, you were too stupid to figure out how it really works. Guys like you funded petty cash. Guys like me — and Hogan and Savage at the time — paid the mortgages and the travel bills and the production costs of the whole operation. Your profit making contribution was like hitting three cherries on a nickel slot machine. Mine was like hitting the Powerball Jackpot. I earned my limousine. Yours was provided as part of your silly gimmick. Reality check: my quarterly royalty checks were for more money than you made in a whole year. It was never about who could draw money with a guy like you — it was always about who could draw money with a guy like me. Guys like you were one-of-many. Guys like me were one-of-a-kind.”

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Who will step up to replace Beth Phoenix?

With Beth Phoenix out of action due to injury, there are a lot of people in the company who regret them releasing Mickie James. There is talk of bringing Gail Kim to SmackDown or hiring a new babyface Diva that can actually wrestle for the SmackDown brand.

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Plans for the WWE's Fatal Four Way

The updated plans for the Fatal 4 Way main events at the June pay-per-view has Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show on SmackDown and John Cena vs. Edge vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton as the RAW main event.

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The latest on Batista's WWE future

Batista’s future with WWE is being kept a secret from almost everyone in the company.

While the main reason they changed the Over the Limit stipulation from Loser Leaves Town was because of TNA doing the same match with Tara vs. Madison Rayne, they also felt that Loser Leaves Town wouldn’t be good in case Batista wanted to return quicker than expected.


Final card for Sunday's 'Over the Limit' PPV

John Cena vs. "The Animal" Batista
"I QUIT" Match for the WWE Championship

Jack Swagger vs. "The World's Largest Athlete" Big Show
World Heavyweight Championship Match

"The Viper" Randy Orton vs. "The Rated R Superstar" Edge

Rey Mysterio vs. "The Straight Edge Superstar" CM Punk

Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. CM Punk's Hair Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre
Intercontinental Championship Match

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Friday, May 14, 2010

WWE Makes Big Error at SmackDown

WWE’s production crew made a big technical error before the SmackDown tapings this past Tuesday night in Buffalo at the HSBC Arena. While fans were waiting to get in the arena, a TV with no audio in the front lobby was on and it was showing the WWE crew rehearsing for the show. Fans saw Teddy Long & Kofi Kingston rehearsing their segment, the Divas rehearsing their match and Jack Swagger practicing for his segment. The WWE stars prepared for the show until the doors opened for fans to come into the arena.


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Stip for Batista-Cena at Over the Limit

The talk within WWE is that the stipulation for John Cena vs. Batista at Over the Limit may be Loser Leaves WWE, depending on if Batista is really about to leave WWE or not. Word is that WWE creative was told in the last few days about TNA doing a similar stipulation with Tara on their pay-per-view. When this was brought up to creative, there was talk of possibly changing the stipulation from Loser Leaves WWE.

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Betty White set to Host Memorial Day RAW?

Actress Betty White's Wikipedia page claims she will host the Memorial Day edition of WWE Raw on May 31. The show will take place from Austin, Texas. Wikipedia is not the most reliable source, so take this one as a rumor for now. The 88 year old actress hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live over the weekend and the show drew a better rating than usual. Her SNL hosting gig came about after a grassroots campaign on Facebook.


WWE hoping to get Michael Jordan for RAW

WWE has contacted Michael Jordan’s representatives about hosting a future episode of RAW. As of last week, Jordan’s people still hadn’t got back to WWE. It’s worth noting that the June 14th episode of RAW takes place at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC, where Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats play.


WWE Gets Press on RAW Hosts, Comments from Steph & HHH

The New York Times ran a big article this weekend on WWE and their celebrity guest host program with quotes from some of the past hosts and WWE stars.

In the article, Triple H talked about WWE’s PG product. “I’ve got young kids,” he said. “Years ago, we were what we were, and I certainly wouldn’t want to have my young kids watch that product. We’ve evolved.”

After SNL and MacGruber star Will Forte compared WWE to SNL, Stephanie McMahon made a reference to SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels and her father Vince. “Vince would hate that I said this,” she said. “But he and Lorne Michaels are a lot alike. They both have a clear vision, and they both know exactly how they want you to execute it.”

The article also mentioned the previous report about astronaut Buzz Aldrin hosting RAW on May 17th.


Friday, May 07, 2010

James Comments on Her Fan Who Was Arrested, WWE Releasing Her and More

Former WWE Diva Mickie James recently appeared on the Busted Open satellite radio show. Here are some of the highlights:

Mickie on being released: "I really don't know what happened. I was doing interviews for the draft that morning and then a couple of hours later, I got the phone call. I was baffled. I guess they just wanted to make a roster change."

Mickie on working for another company: "I don't know. Never say never. My focus right now is on the album and you cannot wrestle for a certain amount of time anyway, so I have some time to take a look at it."

Mickie on Piggy James: "It was definitely one of those difficult storylines to do because it did touch really close to home. It sucked people into the storyline and to get the retribution at the end... You can completely embrace it and knock it out of the park."

Mickie on her crazed fan who was recently arrested: "I have a lot of friends that work in the Headquarters. I would never want anybody to do that. I appreciate him being a fan and everything else, but that is a little much. Anger never solves anything."


WWE reveals PPV buyrates, WrestleMania 26 comes in soft

As part of its Q1 2010 announcement, in which WWE achieved operating income of $37.3 million and net income of $24.7 million off revenue of $138.7 million, WWE revealed pay-per-view buyrates for Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 26.

While the Rumble and Chamber events improved over their counterparts last year, WrestleMania 26 declined from last year's already-disappointing number. According to WWE, the show generated 885,000 buys, down from last year's 960,000 (note that WrestleMania 25 took place in the second quarter of 2009).

The strong UFC 111 pay-per-view, which aired the night before 'Mania, will likely receive some credit for adversely impacting the WM26 buyrate.

Royal Rumble, meanwhile, posted a figure of 462,000, up from last year's 450,000. Elimination Chamber topped 272,000 for No Way Out with 285,000.

In another interesting note, despite WWE's price increase to $44.95, and the increase in buys for Rumble and Chamber, revenue was slightly down compared to last year. The January and February shows garnered $13.6 million in 2009 and $13.4 million in 2010. This can be attributed to a relative increase in international buys, for which WWE does not receive as much revenue.

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WWE talking again about their own cable network

Variety reports that Vince McMahon said yesterday that they are pursuing the WWE cable channel harder than ever and are looking to launch it as early as this year. WWE is currently talking to cable providers about carrying the network. The WWE network is being planned to be made up of a "variety of shows that don't revolve around the kind of in-ring wrestling that it currently airs each week on USA Network, Syfy, MyNetwork TV and WGN."

WWE is hoping that the network will serve as a way to appeal to a broader audience than they currently attract. Vince told the shareholders: "Many times, they are the gatekeepers of the future on whether they encourage kids to watch our program. We haven't appealed in terms of our product to our older audience as our younger audience."


WWE ready to release Elmination Chamber DVD set

The new name for WWE's upcoming Elimination Chamber DVD set is "Satan's Prison - The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber." The movie will be released on July 13th of this year. It's interesting to note that all recent WWE DVD releases carry a PG rating while the upcoming Undertaker and Elimination Chamber DVD's are rated PG-13.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WWE Tag Team Reunites on the RAW Brand

The WWE Superstars match taped before last night's RAW saw Carlito and his brother Primo fight to a no contest.

About seven minutes into the match, Carlito went for his Backstabber finisher but stopped it and grabbed a microphone. Carlito talked about how nobody cares about the Colons anymore. Carlito said they should be a team again instead of fighting each other. The brothers then hugged and left together. Carlito's NXT Rookie Michael Tarver was at ringside and didn't seem happy about the reunion.

As noted before, WWE has been planning to turn the Colon brothers heel and have them feud with The Hart Dynasty for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles. It's also expected that their cousin, Tito (Orlando) Colon, will be called up from developmental soon.

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Jim Ross Updates His Status & Comments On Thursday iMPACT!

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website.

Ross answered a question about why WWE would let him go when he's still the best in the world at what he does. Ross asid, "WWE simply wants to go in a different direction on air which is their call entirely. I don't agree with it but that opinion, too, is a non issue. Obviously, I feel that my work will compare favorably to anyone broadcasting pro wrestling today."

Whether he returns to WWE, goes to TNA or calls MMA or football, he is not short on opportunities. "Time will tell as to how every thing works out but I stress to all that I don't have to stay in pro wrestling to continue broadcasting. At the end of the day it's all about being happy and enjoying what I do for a living. I'm at the point in my life where that requirement is attainable.

Ross also spoke about TNA's decision to move iMPACT! back to Thursdays and what he thinks Vince McMahon would think of the situation. He said, "Obviously Monday mights were not going to work for TNA and let's hope that Thursday nights help them build their brand. I have no idea what Vince thinks or doesn't think about TNA nor do I plan on discussing it with him.

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Mick Foley Calls Out Triple H For Making Fun of Lilian Garcia

TNA star Mick Foley is calling out WWE superstar Triple H for his "shallow" and "mean" joke about Lilian Garcia's appearance on RAW two weeks ago.

Garcia returned to WWE for one night to guest ring announce when the RAW crew was stranded in Europe. During the opening segment of the show, Triple H had a microphone and went over to her and said, "Even Lillian Garcia. If Lillian wants to come back here for night to the WWE just to horse around, she can do it." After Triple H's remarks, Jerry Lawler make a horse sound on commentary. Triple H's "horsing around" comment reportedly a reference to a backstage joke about Lilian that her face resembles that of a horse.

Foley wrote on his blog that Triple H's joke was the latest incident in a pattern of cruel on-air behavior from Vince McMahon's son in law:

"Why does someone like Triple H, one of the most talented, well paid guys in the business, do something so shallow and mean? Why would a multi-millionaire, with millions of fans around the world, feel the need (several times over the years) to say something that is only meant to hurt? I don't get it. I don't get why it's done, I don't get why it's condoned, I don't get what possible satisfaction anyone involved gets from demeaning someone like Lillian Garcia. I just don't get it."

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

A great old school shoot interview with the Undertaker


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