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Edge Heads one and all

So the reign of terror of Vickie and Edge grows in magnitude as the former Major Brothers join the unholy fold. This is one of the 3 major stories of tonight. So before we get to them let's do a quick run down of the other stuff. Rick Flair made a major speech about how great it is to possible face Triple H in his final match. Great way to trick the fans into possibly thinking the next match is Flair's last. I'm not buying it one bit. Flair is to big to end his career in this way. Even if he loses to Triple H , trust me he will be back somehow. Festus beat Deuce, or was it Domino, or maybe Dice Clay in a Santa match. I'm not sure who lost, but does it really matter. And Finlay and Hornswoggle beat Kahli and Ranjin Singh in a hilarious humiliation of Singh. Please let this end and restore some dignity to Finlay's decent wrestling career.

Now onto the big stories. First, another great 6 man match with Punk, Kane and Mysterio vs MVP, Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Everybody but Henry once again did a great job with some great moves and performances in the ring. This match was a good way to keep things fresh until the Royal Rumble and let some great performances show. We know MVP and Mysterio will continue, but how else will the other situations fall. I would love to see V and Punk develop more, as the first short lived program between them was decent. I say give V a shot to show everybody in the WWE what he can really do. As for Kane, I hope they have better plans for him than Mark Henry. Kane may not be the most exciting performer, but at least he give a good effort every night. Just look at the last Mania. He turned a horrible match into something that at least was entertaining for an opening match. As for Henry, give it up WWE. You have tried to make him popular, and it has failed time and again. Cut your loses and let him go.

JBL tonight announced he is leaving Smack Down to return to the ring on Raw. I love this, as JBL is such a lovable jerk. He has the perfect heel attitude, he is full of himself, hates everyone else, except other jerks and is great on the mic. This will clearly give Jericho something to occupy himself with until he is ready for a major title push. Not sure how long JBL will last, as he is not in the best shape. He may want to return to the ring, but how far will that desire last. He has enough money and other distractions in life, so one has to wonder if his heart is really in it full time. I hope he lasts for at last a year, because in my opinion his presence is really needed. Especially since Raw does not have a heel with his charisma.

Finally lets get to the start of the new Rated R era on Smack Down. Now armed with the former Major Brothers, Edge started his mockery of everything held sacred on Smack Down. With the help of his "lover", Vickie Guerrero, they were able to screw Batista in his rematch tonight. It ended up being a 3 on 1 match with Edge and the former Majors vs Batista. So the Animal pinned one of the former Majors, but Vickie lets us know the belt can only change hands if Edge is pinned. So the match continued, and Batista looked as if he was ready to win, as he was ready to put the Batista bomb on Edge. But those former Majors used a chair shot to earn the DQ and preserve the title for Edge. This dalliance with Edge could be a big push for the Majors, or they could fade into obscurity as a plot device. With the air time they have received in the past month, this could be the start of good thing for them. Let's wait and see.

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