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Predicitions for Armageddon

Let me take time to peer into my crystal ball and see what Armageddon has in store. First off, Finaly vs. Kahali. Look for Finaly to win and the beginning of the end for Kahli. Triple H and Matt Hardy. H gets his title shot and hopefully Hardy spring boards his career. Mysterio/MVP will be a win for MVP and a start of a great feud between these two men. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Sorry Mickie, I love ya but Beth is going to win this one. Jericho and Orton will have Orton retain his title. To soon for Y2J to be champ, maybe after Mania. Punk/Kane vs V/Mark Henry. A big win for V and Henry so they can push Henry's lack luster performances. Edge, Batista and the Undertacker will see the ushering in of the Edge and Vicky Guerrero reign of terror on Smack Down. And finally Kennedy and HBK. Look for Kennedy to win and hopefully run with this push and make a solid name for himself. For more in depth coverage of Armageddon don't forget to check out the pre and post show with Matt Loede and myself. Also don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and register to win a free copy of Raw's Greatest hits.

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