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Baltimore Sun's Over the Limit Preview

Here's the Baltimore Sun's Over the Limit Preview

WWE champion John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match: Unless WWE is planning a swerve of monumental proportions, this one looks like a no-brainer. Beyond the fact that this very well could be Batista’s last match in WWE for a while, hearing Cena utter the words “I quit” is just inconceivable. The wild card here is Sheamus. He has had a presence throughout the build for this match, so it’s likely that he’ll get involved tonight. I expect Cena to score a decisive win in the final chapter of this feud, and then go on to defend the title against Sheamus, Edge and Randy Orton at next month’s Fatal Fourway pay-per-view.

World heavyweight champion Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show: At this stage of his career, Big Show doesn’t cut it as a world champion, so look for Swagger to leave the ring with his reign intact. Another possible scenario is that Big Show wins the title and then drops it back to Swagger in a rematch on Smackdown this week. Either way, it will be interesting to see what kind of match these two can put together.

Edge vs. Randy Orton: The first match of this program between two of WWE’s top superstars could go either way, but I have a feeling that Orton is coming out on top in this one. This figures to be an excellent match.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio: On a card that appears strong on paper, this match has potential to be the show-stealer. Because of the stipulations – Punk gets his head shaved if he loses, and Mysterio has to join the Straight Edge Society if he loses – this is the most compelling match on the show, in my opinion. At one point I was sure that Punk was going to end up bald – which could actually add a new level of creepiness to his character – but I now think that Punk will prevail thanks to another assist from the mysterious masked man (who most likely will be revealed as Joey Mercury). Instead of Mysterio joining the SES, however, I could see Punk and his followers attacking and injuring him, which would give Mysterio a story line reason to take some time off and get the knee surgery he has been putting off for months.

Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston: WWE has done a good job of getting heat on McIntyre over the past few weeks and also putting over the prestige of the title. It’s too soon for McIntyre to get his comeuppance, so look for him to cheat his way to a victory.

WWE unified tag team champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz:
The whole reason Raw’s Jericho and Miz formed a team was so they could win the championship and appear on Smackdown to exact revenge on Big Show for knocking them both out. I think that’s how it’s going to play out. Plus, there’s a lot of entertainment value in a Jericho/Miz partnership.

WWE Divas champion Eve vs. Maryse: It looks as if WWE is getting behind Eve as one of the centerpieces of the women’s division, so I expect her to win.

Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. R-Truth: I think the key to this match is Virgil. Wait, did I really just write that in 2010? Anyway, I believe the DiBiase/Virgil alliance is going to be extremely short-lived. Virgil, recalling how much of a spoiled brat Junior DiBiase was as a kid during his years working for Ted Sr., turns on him and helps R-Truth win the match. And DiBiase’s search for the “new Virgil” continues.

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