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Jim Ross Gives an Update on his Future

Jim Ross has finally stated what he will do in his future, you can read it below or see the entire rundown of what he will do HERE

My plans for the immediate future have been a point of discussion in some circles and we now have something finalized. (This is usually where I do the obligatory pitch for your on line biz because YOU KNOW that I want to sell you some BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup, Beef Jerky or a signed JR's Cookbook.) Aside from that here's the story....

I have worked out what we believe to be a win/win, employee agreement with WWE and will remain with the company that I have been with essentially since 1993 when I debuted at Wrestlemania 9. (To celebrate this occasion, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a toga.)

Going forward, I will be focusing on a variety of talent relations matters, essentially as a consultant, of which will not require weekly travel. I will be visiting FCW in Tampa on a regular basis to observe the development of the young men and women who, I hope, all want to headline Wrestlemania some day. This area of the company has always been of particular interest to me including when we opened developmental areas years ago in Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Southern California. Many of the WWE's biggest stars of this generation came from those areas.

The future of any wrestling company is largely dependent on developing new stars. That matter hinges on the type of individuals that are intelligently recruited and properly trained. Charismatic, world class athletes getting diverse and unique individual training has never been more timely or important.

We are still going forward with our book concept which is evolving really well. I tell myself every day that I'm NOT going to write an 'average,' wrestling book. (For the record, I'm still battling on what to leave OUT of the book in order to keep it around 275-300 pages.)

Our public speaking facet is also in place and we are reviewing some potential bookings on that front beginning at summer's end. (BTW I'm not going to take dates on Oklahoma football weekends which I'm sure will be an eye roller to some. Yes, I will turn down a pay day to see my Sooners play.)

I've also been offered a position to do some free lance writing for a major, national sports website which we'll update you on within the next 10 days or so. It will likely focus on College Football, the NFL, and MMA.

The new arrangement with WWE will allow me to explore broadcast options in other, non competitive areas such as MMA if I so choose. (For now, being a MMA fan and watching the UFC this Saturday night on PPV works for me. I'm still an Evans 'lean.' as this one has Slobber-Knocker written all over it.)

I will not be returning to weekly, WWE TV or their monthly PPV's. However, being involved with other WWE broadcast products is a possibility. A few opportunities have been discussed.


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