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Bret Hart Speaks Out on a WWE Return, His Favorite RAW Star & More

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart appeared on yesterday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio on F4Wonline.com. Here are some of the highlights:

* Bret said he doesn't have faith in Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan when it comes to recreating the Monday Night Wars with TNA. He respects TNA as a company and hope it brings competition for the sport but doesn't think they're going to do anything major. Bret said Hogan has played himself out to the American audience and doesn't have anything to offer anymore.

* He feels he still has lots of ideas and different things he can contribute to wrestling. His ideal job in the business right now would be something similar to what John Laurinaitis does for WWE. He would want to be involved in planning matches and storylines.

* TNA has always been good to him as far as extending offers go.

* Bret says he is a big fan of Randy Orton's work these days but not impressed with the storylines he's been involved in. He also said he's impressed with Kofi Kingston and is a mark for Melina, calling her creative and very imaginative when it comes to doing her moves. He also feels everything Sheamus is doing right now is impressive and also is a big fan of Jack Swagger. Bret feels Swagger has good potential to be a top wrestler and character.

* He would loved to have wrestled Kurt Angle and David Hart Smith. He also would have loved to work as a heel against John Cena because he feels they could have told a good story together. He hinted that Cena's abilities in the ring are limited but he is still good.

* As far as all the news about his WWE return, Bret said he can't talk about the rumors but did say that he was talking with WWE and "we will see what happens."

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