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RAW 9/18

I had the sense going into Monday Night's edition of RAW that the show would probably underachieve based on the recent strong shows, and also the over the top PPV on Sunday that was highlighted by lots of blood and weapons. This show would be used to try and establish some new feuds (DX vs Cade&Murdoch) as well as continue the ongoing title feud between John Cena and Edge. The crowd in Montreal made the night passable, and their reactions against had to be something to see live. As for Cena, he continues week after week to not get rattled by the fans that despise him, and his character is truly one of kind in that regard. What other main event star can you remember in the same chant being told to "Let's go" and "F**k you"? With that said, Cena is at least inciting a reaction, which is better than some of the wrestlers on the roster.

Interesting decision as well to suddenly give this major push to Cade and Murdoch. Where exactly have these guys been over the last few months (and don't tell me HEAT, because if your still waiting week after week for HEAT, you have some problems), and why now are they getting this major push with DX? The only thing I can think of is - default. I mean, who else is there on the roster to give DX a match that currently are either a tag team, or a pair of guys that it would make sense to pair to go up against HHH and Michaels? I can't think of anyone, and the only other true heel team on the roster are the Spirit Squad, and the company pretty much laid waste to them when they went against DX.

Some other highlights of the show included the six-pack IC challenge, that had both its funny parts as well as some pretty good wrestling as well. It gave an opportunity for six of the wrestlers on the roster to be in the ring at once, but you knew pretty much from the moment that J.R. said that Nitro's title was in serious doubt - that he would win the match. And that he did, with a pin over Chirs Masters, who if I am counting right has been pinned 3 times over the past 4 weeks. Not a good return from the roids suspension for the "Masterpiece."

Lita and Mickie James was another highlight, as I think the two are going to have a pretty good female feud leading up to who will eventually become the woman's champ again. Interesting with no Vince McMahon that they made really no advancement in trying to set up something for the women's title. The rest of the night had a forgettable bout between Ric Flair and Johnny of the SS, Kane losing to Umaga via DQ, Candice over Lita with a James distraction, and another humerous side bar with Cryme Tyme.

As stated above, a transition show that was not going to have the type of heat or build up as the previous three weeks did leading up to the PPV in Toronto. The build up coming in the next few weeks will now be for the Cyber Sunday PPV that will take place in Cincinnati in four weeks. I would think next week we are going to hear the options that fans will have to choose from for another Cena-Edge showdown, and some sort of match that will highlight DX vs Cade and Murdoch.

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