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ECW 9/12

The first ever ECW event from Madison Square Garden could have very easily had a special feel with the crowd that was hot for the show, but instead, failed to deliver and was nothing more than an hour of blah wrestling with very little else to speak of. The main event was another title bout, which now if I am thinking right is the third, between Sabu and Big Show. While both men worked hard during the main event, I think that anyone who has followed the product for any length of time knows that Sabu is not getting the title, and match after match with Show is getting somewhat stale.

Of course they have to continue to have Show win since he is part of the second main on the PPV on Sunday. If nothing else, ECW has sort of re-established Show as a player in the world of wrestling. It also has done the job of making him a pretty effective heel. For Sabu, the three losses may still be punishment for the drug bust with him and RVD back two months ago. The backstage word is that while Vince likes Sabu, he was not exactly happy with the incident with he, RVD and the law.

The RVD- Bob Holly opener was okay, the crowd made it bigger than it was. Holly and RVD really need to be allowed to have a few Hardcore rules matches to allow them to show their talents. Predictable ending with the interference, and it was a easy way to allow Sandman and Dreamer onto the show without them having a match. I'm sure a six-man is to follow in the next 1-2 weeks.

I can't believe they finally let Shannon Moore wrestle!? What gives on that one?! C.M. Punk of course did an effective job and the match went pretty much as planned. Moore took most of Punk's offense, and even took longer than usual to tap out to his finish, which I thought was an interesting move. I guess we can expect to see these two a few more times with the same type of outcome.
Then it was the highlight, or actually low light of the night - Kelly Kelly. Yes, once again we as fans had to cringe in fear as Kelly tried to, with "try" being stretched on this one, seduce Punk backstage. There was just something not right when she informed him that she wants to go to clubs, but she's only 19. I mean - what's next - a 16-year-old diva? Maybe they can roll out some 11, 12 year olds? I'm well aware of 19 being legal, but give me a serious break. Maybe the reason she can't act and sucks so bad is because she is still a CHILD! Get a clue, and get her off of TV...now.

Rene Dupree made his in-ring debut, and looked totally out of place and will be gone within 3 months - mark that down. Then the main with Show and Sabu closed out the show. Again, the crowd from watching seemed to be into the matches and talent, it just seems that the talent, all besides Show and RVD and maybe Holly, were out of place and not in their element. Then again, this brand has had a tendency to be like that on more than one occasion.

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