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WWE News, Notes & Thoughts

A lot is going on as we get set for Sunday's RAW PPV in Toronto, and here are some recent news and notes and some thoughts to go along with them:

* The WWE has removed Greg Gagne from the booker of OVW, and then released him from the company. Word is that Gagne was never with the modern times of wrestling, and from the moment he was brought in he was like a fish out of water. Sounds like a deal of trying to make a former star into something he was not - someone with a grasp on the current state of the sport.

* With the loss on Friday Night's SmackDown to King Booker, Batista seems headed for a mid-card feud with Finley. The former World Heavyweight Champ has not been faring all that well since his return. First his feud was Mark Henry went down the toilet when Henry was hurt at Saturday Night's Main Event. Then he actually lost a few matches to Ken Kennedy. Then the lame DQ at SummerSlam, and now the clean loss on TV. Word also is he is going through a divorce from his wife who was suffering from cancer, and is now dating 27-year-old former Diva Search contestant Rebecca DiPietro. Seems like the Animal has lost his edge.

* SmackDown is taking a huge hit right now with many markets not showing the program due to its move to the new CW Network. A lot of cities have yet to debut the network, and some still do not have a station yet for the channel. SmackDown is one show that cannot afford to lose any more viewers.

* Chris Masters time as a possible main event superstar has seemed to pass. At one time he was being groomed to be a main event heel, and now it appears that with two losses to Super Crazy that his one time push is over. While he looks smaller and more lean, his wrestling is not any better than when he left, and its going to take a lot to get him back to the heel level he was at when he was suspended.

* Let's hope Sunday's Hell in a Cell is the end of the feud between DX and the McMahon's. As usual when a McMahon is involved, it seems like they have dominated the airwaves way too much on RAW over the last two months, and the feud has really run its course. The finale on Sunday between the two teams should end it, at least it had better.

* Randy Orton has reportedly failed a WWE given drug test, but with a new loophole in the policy, has not been suspended. The policy now calls for wrestlers to be docked pay and bonuses for thirty days after the failed test. They will continue working television and pay per view events but will only receive travel expenses. Orton has already had enough trouble, and has already gone through one suspension. Advice to the third generation start - shape up, or be ready to face the actions taken against you.

* "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson's new movie - Gridiron Gang, opens tomorrow. Word is that with new movies in the works, that Johnson is ready to drop the name - "The Rock" and just go by his real name. I can't blame him for that, as with the dropping of the nickname of "The Rock," it looks as if Johnson is only going to be a distant memory when it comes to being in a WWE ring.

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