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Thoughts and Predictions for Unforgiven

Sunday night the WWE will take to Toronto for what is shaping up to be a very interesting "B" Pay-Per-View; Unforgiven. Below are thoughts on the matches and some of the sidebars on what to look for.

Edge vs John Cena TLC Match - Once again the role reversal in this match as Edge will likely turn into the face with Cena the heel with the match in Edge's hometown. Interesting stip if Cena loses he goes to SmackDown. With that, I like Cena to walk out with the belt in what should be a very physical match. Look for some high spots and for both men to pull out all the stops. This has been a solid feud and should keep going with Cena getting the belt back for at least a few weeks.

DX vs McMahons & Big Show Hell in a Cell - HIAC matches are either really good, or really bad. I think this one, knowing how Vince and Shane go balls to the wall, should be a good one. I still find the using of Big Show interesting, but he fits the role of a wrestler that can help the McMahons out when it comes to having to do moves and not just major bumps. Expect to see Shane take a big bump in this one, as at 61 years old, I think Vince's days of coming off of cages into tables is over. This one should finally end this feud.

IC Title Match Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy - These two have had some good interaction leading up to this IC title match. Hardy seems to have gained momentum after a slow start, while Nitro is starting to show some star qualities as well. Of course Melina will get involved, but I think we see a win here for Hardy and the two to continue to have a promising feud.

Women's Championship Lita vs Trish - The farewell (at least for now) match for Trish, I think that the crowd will either make or break this match. If they are behind it, the match could actually be a show stealer. If not, it could be your typical womens filler that ends the Hall of Fame career for Stratus. Lita should win since she's stickin around, but something tells me that Trish wins and the belt goes up in a mini-tourny Monday or battle royale.

Tag Titles Spirit Squad vs Highlanders - If the Highlanders don't win the belts here, I don't think they ever will. Jim Ross teased the breakup of the SS in his latest blog, and its been talked about for the last two months. I am already calling for three title changes, so why not a fourth? Major interference by the SS, but somehow Highlanders will overcome it and get the straps.

Carlito vs Randy Orton - Carlito has not been happy with his role as a mid-card guy with no real push into the main event status. A good match here with Orton could push him more towards that top face status, but where he goes from here is anyones guess. Orton will get a push after this match, likely into a feud with Cena, so you can mark that this match will be the conclusion of this feud. I don't see Stratus getting involved despite her make out sessions with Cool.

Kane vs Umaga - Expect a 5-minute punch and kick festival for these two that ends with outside distraction costing Kane the win. Umaga is also due for a push, and his interaction and match on RAW recently with Cena shows that he has what it takes for the role. They have done a solid job in protecting him for the push, and a win here will only help him.

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