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SmackDown 9/15

The mess that continues to be WWE SmackDown continued on Friday night, this time with a #1 contender match for the World Heavyweight Title, and a bunch of nothing as the brand tries to build something out of nothing as they get set for their next PPV which will be on October 8th in Raleigh. The show was highlighted by Bobby Lashley winning the title of Number one contender as he will now take on King Booker for the title at the No Mercy PPV.

There are so many things wrong with this match, and I cannot see myself, or many people paying $40 to watch these two go at it for the title. I cannot believe that the WWE would even think about putting the strap on Lashley, meaning that going in you pretty much know that either Lashley will get a cheap DQ win, or Booker goes over clean. Either way, its a lame duck match that is not going to draw any numbers whatsoever for the company. How about Chris Benoit? You could have rushed him back and he and Booker would ahve had a much better match. At least if it was Benoit and Booker you know that you are going to get a solid match.

Other junk on the show included Kennedy defeding the US Title over Rey Mystero. This match was lowlighted by Mystero's kid, who was in the back watching the match and then was bombarded with Vicki and Chavo Guerrero. The whole distraction was too much, and of course Mystero ended up losing. Again, this feud is going nowhere, and the sooner that it ends, the better. I for one, simply cannot stand Vicki each and every time she shows up on TV. Get her off, and get this feud over with. It will happen at the PPV.

Vito had a big presence on the show, which is awful as well. He beat Regal, got into it with Booker, and now for the debut on the CW Network next week, Vito will take on the champ. Just get away from me with this already. I think the line of the night was Vito saying - "I'm all man." Excuse me? All man? If I remember right, most men that walk around in dresses want to be women. If you want to be a man, how about putting on some pants. Ugh.

The Miz beat Scotty 2 Hotty, it was not much of a match, and anytime I see Scotty coming to the ring, I know that someone else is going to get a win. Brian Kendrick beat Kid Kash and Idol Stevens in a three-way. Does nothing put set up the three-way for the PPV.

I am really frustrated with this product right now. I cannot stand the fact they have very little direction, and with the lack of talent on the roster, they are just throwing matches and fueds together on a whim and hoping they stick. And then when they don't they quick yank the feuds and go in another direction. As much as I have enjoyed RAW the last few weeks, I have disliked this show just as much. It had better go the other way in a hurry, espically with the new network starting in seven days.

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