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Kane-Umaga Feud Will Continue

A little surprised at where they are going, at least it seems on paper, with the whole Kane-Umaga feud based on the ending of the pairs match on the PPV Sunday. One would think that with where Umaga is in his development as a soon to be major star, that he would be able to score the clean win over Kane, a wrestlers whose career seems to just go from feud to feud with really no talk of a singles title or any real push into another main event role. Kane is the perfect guy for Umaga to over against, a guy who is established, yet it is not so far fetched that he would get the win against him.

That is what made the ending of the match somewhat surprising. Kane had tons of offense throughout the match, and never appeared to be in any serious danger of taking the loss. The match ended with the men brawling to the back and the official declaring a double count-out. One would think that this thing will continue for the next few weeks, probably with a final blow-off at a RAW, as I don't think the feud has that much steam to be able to carry itself into the next PPV, which for the RAW brand would not be until the combined PPV with Smackdown in November - Survivor Series.

A decent brawl between two big men that had sort of a head scratching ending. Then again, with two title changes that most saw coming that did not take place, the PPV seemed to be headed into that bewildering type of thought process all night long.

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