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Solid Unforgiven Opener with Hardy-Nitro

The opener of Unforgiven was given to the IC title matchup between Johnny Nitro and Jeff Hardy. The two men worked hard in this match, and the WWE does deserve some credit for not hotshotting the title change to Hardy right away and making the fans wait awhile before doing so. Nitro has risen his game to another level over the last month or so, and I think a lot of the credit goes to the three-way feud he had with Shelton Benjamin and Carlito. It was in those series of matches on both TV and at house shows where Nitro really came into his. While he is not ready for a main event type of feud with Cena or anyone of that nature, he looks like a younger version of Edge from about 3-4 years ago, and looks like a guy that will someday be ready to be a real star.

As for Hardy, his energy back on RAW has been a welcome sign, and I will be the first to admit that right when they brought him in I thought his signing would be wasted. It still may in the long run, but his backstage trade off with Matt Hardy and Lita really makes it look as if the Hardy Boyz (yes, they had the Z in their name, not an S) will have a reunion before too long. I could almost see them getting back together just in time to take the tag titles away from the Spirit Squad. This is of course if the plans go that way, instead of keeping the two single and continuing the Hardy-Nitro feud. Overall, a good opener that should continue to take Nitro to the next level in his development, and we'll see if this is a cross roads for Jeff Hardy or not back from single wrestler to a tag team with Matt.

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