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Perfect Sendoff For Stratus

This was the way it should have gone down, and for the WWE and Trish Stratus - it was the perfect sendoff to the most successful women's wrester the company has seen since the glory days of Fabulous Moolah. For Trish Stratus, her final match in a WWE ring on Sunday night had it all, a solid opponent, enough time to work with, some great brawling, a few solid near finishes, and I think the best part of it all was the surprise ending with the use of the sharpshooter to get the win. While we are at though, give credit to Lita for a very solid match as well. It takes two to tango, and Lita did everything she was supposed to do exactly the way it should have been done to get her future Hall of Fame opponent over.

Maybe WWE will learn that when it comes to women's wrestling, if you have two established stars and give them enough time - they can turn in a solid performance. You also have to give props to the fans of Toronto, who made Trish seem like a mega-star in the match, and after the win gave her the sendoff that she deserved. There were various parts during the card that I thought the crowd was sort of dead, even in the Hell in a Cell match, but for this particular match I thought the crowd was with it, and they did everything to show their support for Trish.

So now, following the win, Stratus takes her leave. I guess Monday night we are due to hear what will happen next with the womens title. As I said Friday, I could see a mini-tourney with Mickie James and Lita in the finals, or just a battle royale with the winner getting the belt outright. I am likely to go with the latter based on the fact you may not want RAW with the prospect of running 3-5 womens matches in one night. For Stratus, it was a classy, almost perfect way to go out, and here is hoping that someday she decides to make a return.

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