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Unforgiven Hell In A Cell Lives Up To Hype

In the history of Hell in a Cell matches, the matches themselves are usually not that good, but what happens in terms of blood and weapons usually takes to the forefront of the matches, and makes them what they are. In that respect, the match between Big Show and McMahons vs DX at the PPV on Sunday night delivered. The match in terms of any sort of wrestling was weak and void of much, but the weapons, the blood, and the crazy ending was enough to make the match a solid one for a second main event.

Unlike many HOC matches, there was no crazy bump, which I thought we would see Shane McMahon take in this one. The logic was that Show was too big to take that type of bump, and at 61 years old, Vince McMahon shouldn't have to. Instead, the match had enough other things so one didn't have to take that type of bump, and each man other than Show shead enough blood that the bump was not needed. As for Vince, again, give the chairman credit for allowing himself to get shoved into Show's behind, and then the sick looking ending with the sledgehammer.

I was a little shocked to see the match not make its way to the outside, but with the new bigger, stronger HOC that they spoke of many times, I don't think that there was much of a chance to get out of the cage. It was a solid match that delivered I think what the fans wanted to see. Now the question is what happens to DX? Is there a chance of a breakup? Word continues to go around that HHH is headed for a showdown with Randy Orton, and Shawn Michaels needs time off for injuries and possible surgery. Has the team run its course? That remains to be seen.

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