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ECW 9/19

Four matches and a pretty funny appearance from King Booker highlighted the ECW show on Sci-Fi on Tuesday night. Booker was the "guest" of ECW commish Paul Heyman, and his character being so over the top made for some pretty funny backstage stuff. The shows four matches were okay, with the best being the main event between old friends as Booker went at it with Rob Van Dam. The match had a decent feel to it, but of course since it was "Extreme Rules," you had outside interference from Bob Holly, who beat down RVD and eventually allowed Booker to get the cheap pin. I am a fan of the "Extreme Rules," but it seems all it opens the door for is outside interference, which is cheap and usually does nothing more than get the fans ticked off.

The opener six-man was weak, with Sandman getting pushed off the apron by Matt Striker, and then having to be helped to the back. I'm sorry, but this version of the "nice" Sandman is a total joke. And what was with him lying there saying "I'm sorry" over and over to Tommy Dreamer after the cheap DQ finish? Sandman either needs to turn heel, or at least get some backbone back and do a major beatdown on Striker in the next two weeks to get some props back. As far as I'm concerned, he might as well come out next in Vito's dress.

Talk about no build up - how about at least a hint, or maybe a run-in for Francine, instead of her just for no reason coming to ringside for Balls Mahoney as he again lost to Kevin Thorn. I get why she was out there, to help against Ariel, but they could have made it a little more special. I wonder if you had not heard Styles and Tazz make mention of her, if you would have known who she was - as she now looks totally different than back in the old ECW days.

CM Punk teased a future showdown with Booker backstage, which as I have stated I can see him moving up to Smackdown within the next few months. That would be an interesting feud for the World Heavyweight Title, and it would be a good show for the fans, as both Booker and Punk are good workers. Punk of course went on again to beat Shannon Moore after the little backstage run in with the King.

Then the main with Booker and RVD, this coming after RVD challenged the King backstage, and he accepting. As stated above, a solid match that ended with a lame run in from Holly. The match was good, the ending was bad. It seems like right now with ECW, you never know what you are going to get. They of course kept Big Show off the show to sell Sunday's Hell in a Cell match with DX. Expect him back with a possible title defense or at least a match next week.

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