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A Look at Sunday's WWE Armageddon

WWE Armageddon will take place Sunday evening from Richmond, VA. The card is made up of a main event which features two champs - John Cena and Batista, taking on King Booker and Finley. I am holding firm that I think this will be the start of interaction with Cena and Batista that will lead to a match at WrestleMania in Detroit.

The rest of the card appears as follows:
Undertaker vs Kennedy in a "Last Ride" match
Kane vs MVP in an "Inferno Match"
Miz vs Boogeyman
London and Kendrick vs Dave Taylor and William Regal for the WWE Tag Titles
Jimmy Wang vs Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Title
Chris Benoit vs Chavo Guerrero for the US Title

For a SmackDown show, this is actually a pretty decent card. You have a main event with the RAW champ, two major stip matches with Taker and Kane involved, and then three title matches to go along with a bad match with Miz and Boogeyman. Overall - not too bad of an effort from the booking department, now we just have to see how it all plays out.

I like the main event, even though it will likely get thrown in the middle of the card. I can't see Cena and Batista going at it after the match for any reason, but something is bound to happen to continue their interaction that I again think will lead to some match at WM with the two.

The two stip matches with Kane and Taker I can see going a few ways. They really need to protect Kennedy here, so I think they will somehow again find a way for him to win. Probably tons of interference, mostly from MVP will help that happen. Kane should go over on MVP, as I think we're gonna see MVP slip to being a mid-card type of guy that can win some weeks and lose some weeks.

Look for the Taker vs Kennedy match to be pushed last, as I think that it's the singles match with the most star power. Reminds me of last years WWE Armageddon when Taker took on Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell. That match was last of the night, with a meaningless tag with Batista and Mystero vs RAW's Kane and Big Show middle of the card.

I think we'll see the demise of London and Kendrick on this show, as those two are going to start a program of matches in the dead of winter months coming up. They lose the tag belts here, and then within a week or two are going at it for the love of Ashley. Looks very much like Kendrick is the heel of these two, and I think that a title switch is in the works on this one.

Don't know what direction they are going with the Chavo vs Benoit angle. The match at the last PPV was very good, and many had Chavo winning the strap. Same here, if he doesn't win, what good does it do for this feud to continue? They are scheduled for a series of house show matches for the next month or so, which means that a title switch would keep the feud hot.

The Miz - Boogeyman is a squash, as Boogeyman will come out with his same old tatics and eventually win the match with his limited offense. I thought the WWE was doing the right thing with firing this guy, but for some reason they felt that bringing him back was a good move. Think again.

Wang and Helms should be solid as well, but no reason to think that Helms would lose the belt here. Wang's "girlfriend" Amy was given the boot by the WWE earlier this week, so now I guess he'll go it alone.

Overall, should be a decent outing from the "B" brand. Look for Friday nights taping to be nothing more than a series of interviews and short matches to build up this card. One thing to remember, this show can't possibly be as bad as the ECW outing earlier this month.

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