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ECW PPV a Total Bust

Sunday nights ECW "December to Dismember" will go down as the beginning of the end of the ECW brand. The show, a total of about two hours and 16 minutes, was filled with nothing but squash matches with lower rated talent, and the main event, which ended up being a showcase for Bobby Lashley to overcome the odds at the end and win the title. This came with a hostile crowd waiting for blood, some major bumps, and then at various points chanting "boring" and "TNA."

First off, they took Sabu out of the main event, as it seems that rumors have it that he is on his way out of the ECW brand. He wants out, and must have done something pretty bad to earn the "backstage beating" to take him out of the main event. The crowd was mad about this, and the fact that it wasn't a surprise wrestler coming in to replace Sabu but Hardcore Holly made it even worse.

The elimination of both RVD and C.M. Punk left the crowd with just one fan favorite, and you could tell it was the least like fan favorite in Lashley. It's not that Lashley is a bad guy, or a bad worker, but its just that on this nite you could tell that the crowd really wanted it to go to either RVD or Punk, and since they didn't get that, they sort of turned on the whole match.

The rest of the night was snooze-fest, with the opening of Hardys vs MNM being the only other highlight. The match was well worked, and got the night off to a promising start. It went downhill from there. With the Hardys getting the win, things quickly turned ugly, as we had to put up with a Matt Striker vs Balls Mahoney match, a Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay vs. FBI match, Daivari vs. Tommy Dreamer, and then the worst bout of the night, a Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly vs. Kevin Thorn & Ariel. All the matches were pretty bad, and it seems like they really did nothing to advance any programs, nor was there any build to these matches, so the crowd didn't care.

This show really killed this brand, and I really thought that they would pull out some stops for this one - surprises, major use of weapons, some blood. You get the point. Instead, it was boring, never had any point, and I feel bad for anyone that spent $40 on what turned out to be a total waste of time.

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