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A Look at the 2006 Survivor Series

Sunday night in Philly the WWE will present its 20th annual November PPV - the Survivor Series. The event has always been anticipated with great promise, but has rarley delivered. I personally was at the very first event held in Richfield Ohio back in 1987, with the event built around the in ring meeting between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. The two were team captains and it was set up as the first meeting between the two in ring since WrestleMania III. I remember how upsetting at the time it was to see Hogan not win the whole thing, but the fact that all the other faces before that match had one should have given me, at 12 years old, a clue as to what would happen next. Oh well. Now, here we are 20 years later getting set for the 2006 edition of the event, and with it some of the better matches on a PPV card in sometime. Here is a quick preview and predicition column on what we might expect on Sunday.

DX, Hardy Boys, and C.M. Punk vs Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms, Mike Knox - Looks as if this is what they are pushing as the main event, based on the all the ads running around it. It's going to be a 5-on-5, which is what all the original SS matches were, which should make it pretty good. I can't see it going any other way than with DX coming out on type, especially with the way that Cyber Sunday ended for them.

John Cena, Kane, Lashley, Sabu & RVD vs. Big Show, Test, MVP, Finlay & Umaga - Not sure about this one, only that Big Show is going to be limited with his injuries, and the storyline with Cena and Umaga needs to move forward, so look for a possible Umaga win, or a double type count out with the two that takes them brawling all the way to the back. Lashley, if he is to win the ECW title at their PPV, could go over here as a push for that title upcoming. Most of the heels are fillers - Test, MVP, and Finely.

Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter & Ron Simmons vs. Kenny, Johnny, Nicky & Mikey - All that really needs to be said here is that the legends will go over, with the squad finally having that one big break up that will end their team once and for all. It really does not matter what legends will go over, but trust me - they will.
Chris Benoit vs Chavo Guerrero (US Title Match) - The obvious feud with Rey Mystero gone for Chavo has come through, with what should be a solid match for the US Title. Chavo has more to gain with the belt, so I think with this feud scheduled to last through the new year, he will for sure win this match and continue to defend the belt against Benoit.

King Booker vs Batista (World Title Match) - Friday nights stip added that this would be Batista's last title match if he loses basically clinches that he is due to win back the belt. Booker has had a good run, and with house show matches due for the two well into January, you know that those matches will be with Batista with the strap. Both men do need to pick it up a notch, as their past matches have been lackluster at best.

Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy (First Blood Match) - Another feud that is slated to continue, I can see MVP interference costing Taker to bleed first and lose the match, keeping the momentum with Kennedy. Taker losing will not hurt him, as at this point in his career, nothing really can hurt Takers legacy.

Mickie James vs Lita (Womens Title Match) - What a turn the womens division has taken in the last four months, first with Trish gone and now with Lita slated to lose to James Sunday and leave the company. A real sign of the times. Look for a spirited performance from both ladies, with James getting the win. Also look for a James-Melina program to start to pick up the womens division once Lita departs.

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