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2006 Survivor Series Thoughts

When all is said and done, the 2006 version of the Survivor Series will not go down as one the best ever, that's for sure. Too many gimmicks, certian matches not getting enough time, and a lackluster main event that ended up being way too predictible made for a show that in the end was just your average WWE pay-per-view.

Some of the good included - the Chris Benoit vs Chavo Geurrero match. Those two work well together, and I am happy with the decision to keep the belt on Benoit for now instead of a hotshot change over to Chavo. I know they have this ridiclous storyline in the works with something to do with Eddie Guerrero's "estate," but I hope they back off of it and just let Chris and Chavo continue to have strong matches.

Depsite a really bad way to go with the finish, I thought that the DX-Randy Orton/Edge Survivor Series match was pretty good. I totally didn't like the burial job that was done to the Edge/Orton team with all of them losing in what seemed like record time, and having all five DX guys win, but I thought the action of the match was the best of the 5-on-5 matches that they had. Way better than the Legends SS match and it was better than the Cena vs Show led match as well.

The Lita-Mickie James match was way too slow for what it was. Take what Trish and Lita gave us two months ago in Trish's last match, and this one was not very good when you break it down. Then you have what ended up being a totally dumb comedy skit with Cryme Time and Lita, and it ended what was a solid career for one of the better women's wrestlers that we will ever see.

The Cena-Show 5-on-5 was okay, but I really didn't like the way they wasted Umaga, and some of the overall eliminations all night were weak, but this match and the way some of the guys were eliminated I thought was weak. I really thougth they should have used Umaga better, and I think tonight on RAW you will see the program with he and Cena get a major push.

The main event was also very weak, and I can't believe with all the hype they went with a cheap finish of having Batista win with a belt shot. I was really looking forward to this match, but it totally failed to live up to the billing, and it was just a sad ending to a pretty medicore show. I like the fact that we get some fresh stuff with Batista with the belt, but the switch has a long way to go for me to like it if we have more of the same between Booker and Batista, which it looks as if we'll get based on the lineup for the December house shows.

I was looking at this show to be a winner, and truthfully, I think that it was okay at best. I guess now we really are going to have to just sit back and wait for the Royal Rumble for the next big PPV for them to get another shot to get it right. They had a shot last night, but really came up short.

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