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ECW 12/5

ECW on Sci-Fi Tuesday night was highlighted by a title match between new champion Bobby Lashley and Big Show that will be the last match we see out of Show for awhile. It also is the last show for the at least near future for Paul Heyman, as the angle of where he was told to leave at RAW on Monday was actually true, and for the time being, he is gone.

I feel with this brand that they are in the fourth quarter and they are down two touchdowns and about to make a quarterback change. It basically now is up to the teams head coach, in this case Vince McMahon, to finally right a lot of the wrongs with this brand and make it watchable again. Reports say it was McMahon that made a lot of the last minute changes and decisions for Sunday's PPV, which scares me based on how bad the PPV was. Yet after it was all said and done, Heyman was the guy taking the fall.

As far as Lashley goes, I don't have a problem with him winning the title or being the champion, but as stated here last week, I would have loved to see some up and comer like C.M. Punk get a shot with the strap. Lashley has your typical size and look of a world champion, but let's remember that the highest rated champion on any TV this year was Rey Mystero, and I thought Punk could have sort of played that role of the underdog champion who TV viewers turn on each week to see overcome the odds.

Instead they went with the safe choice of Lashley, who it was obvious they brought in just for the sake of bringing in an outsider to win the belt. He really needs to work on his overall character and get working on his mic skills in order to become a champion that anyone cares about. His feat of strength last night in slamming Show was impressive, but no more impressive than when John Cena gave Show the FU at the Survivor Series two weeks ago. He's not Andre, and even he (Andre) was slammed quite a bit his last 2-3 years as a pro.

RVD and Punk beat Test and Hardcore Holly via DQ in an okay opener. Tommy Dreamer, selling a shoulder injury from Sunday, overcame Davari, but then was squashed on a chair by Kahli, and Kelly Kelly rolled up and beat Ariel in a weak match. The post match saw Mike Knox try to get back with Kelly, only to throw roses in her face and then laid her out with his finishing move.

Again, a lot of work has to be done with this show if its going to be even close to the level of SmackDown or RAW. I think that a combined PPV with SmackDown and ECW would do both good, as it would give a fresh look to two brands that tend to struggle on their own. ECW will not return to TV till next Saturday due to an overseas tour. Let's hope a lot happens between now and then to make this train wreck better.

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