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RAW 12/4 & Heyman Goes Home

Monday nights RAW from Charleston SC was an okay show with some pretty decent building of upcoming storylines, but some pretty bad wrestling that took some of the advancement of storylines down a notch. The highlight of the night was the brawl that took place between Umaga and John Cena to further their storyline going into the main event for the New Years PPV on January 7th in Kansas City.

Umaga and Cena has the makings of being a very solid program, and I do like the direction they are taking those two in. Of course what you will see over the next 3 weeks of live RAW (there will not be a live show on Christmas) is the two of them going back and forth a lot. Monday Coach announced that the two, Umaga and Cena, cannot touch each other prior to the PPV, but why do I think a loophole will be coming to make that null and void?

Five matches on the show, the best being the main event which was a 8-man tag with MNM and Orton and Edge vs DX and the Hardys. Of course Matt Hardy, as usual, was made the scapegoat and lost with a spear from Edge. Overall though, it was a good match, and they even threw in the use of Kenny, who I guess will be the only Spirit Squad character to still be around after last week. Kenny spoke to Edge and Orton on camera at one point about wanting to be out there vs DX, and by the end of the night, he was getting a beat down by DX. It will be interesting to see what they do with him in the long run.

A bad tag match with the Highlanders vs Cade and Murdoch, a weak womans match with Maria and Victoria, Carlito and Vis, and Shelton Benjamin and Super Crazy were the other four matches. Those four matches all were pretty bad, with the Benjamin - Crazy match being the only one I would rate as okay. Charlie Hass came out at the end of that match to celebrate with a confused Benjamin, meaning that within two weeks the two will be a tag team again, which is a great move for two wasted guys.

Another attempt at the heel turn was also on the show, as Eugene beat up Val Venis during a weak "kiss me" segment. Another segment that has to be pointed out is the open, which had Cena and Melina going back and forth, promoting the New Year's Day match with he and K-Fed. Chris Masters came out and tried to attack Cena at the end, which lead to the "Masterlock Challenge" match the two had that saw Cena reverse the hold and come out on top. Masters' stock has really dropped since coming back a few months ago.

That was it for the show, again, I decent show in which the storyline advancement was solid, but the matches were all pretty weak minus the main event. The other big story on Monday was reported on WWE.Com with Paul Heyman being "sent home" after showing up at the tapings in Charleston. WWE is taking it like fact, and even had wrestlers commenting on it. It could very well be an angle that will eventually lead to his return. After Sunday night though, the ECW brand needs a major overhaul, and if Heyman is the problem, then get him out of there and get someone else in there that can do the job - fast.

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