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RAW 11/27

Monday Night RAW from Pittsburgh this week was designed to further two feuds, while getting major heat on the heel team of Edge and Randy Orton as they will continue their ongoing program with DX. Edge and Orton got the heat this past week with a major bloody beating of Ric Flair, who earlier in the evening was a partner of DX as they took on the Spirit Squad. The other program that was finally introduced to us officially was that of Umaga vs John Cena. They went about this the old fashioned way, and that is by Umaga's manager Armando coming out with the Samoan and saying that its time for his man to get the WWE Championsip, and that Cena is on notice. I liked the way they went about this, as the whole concept as to getting someones attention with a sneak attack sometimes gets old.

The rest of the night was mostly filler, with such things like a womens battle royale to see who Mickie James would face in her first title defense (Victoria), Eugene trying with no success to turn heel by beating Hacksaw Jim Duggan, then telling the fans to stop laughing at him (who was?) and that he is special. Then there was another awful comedy script with Cryme Time beating on a comeidan who was pretending to be Michael Richards. The author of that bit, even if it was Vince McMahon himself, should be fired.

The actual wrestling main event of the show was Edge and Randy Orton vs the Hardy Boyz, who look more and more like they are going to be linked together once Jeff drops the IC belt. The match was for the tag belts, and the Hardys had the match won before Edge used a belt shot to get DQ'ed. It was a pretty solid match between four good workers, and while it got Edge and Orton over as major heels, it also didn't bury the Hardys totally in the process.

Nothing much else happened on the show, and with plenty of time till the New Years Revolution PPV in January, the brand has tons to time to build up to the event. Of course based on Monday night, you can bet we'll likely see some sort of special stip match with DX vs Edge and Orton, and a one-on-one match for the WWE belt with Umaga and Cena. Mondy was a little lacking, but a good way to start both these programs for the build up to the PPV.

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