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SmackDown 11/24

SmackDown! Friday night was the go home show getting ready for Sunday nights Survivor Series, which is shaping up to be one of the best PPV's that the WWE has offered this year. The show was well put together, and the first three matches of the night, all within the first 50 minutes of the show, were the real highlights. The final segment of the show was a "contract signing" between Booker and Batista, as they get set for their "final" title match on the PPV Sunday.

Of course the way it looks, they are setting up Batista to finally win back the belt on Sunday night. It's at the site where he had to give up the belt sometime ago, and now, it looks like the place where he will finally get it back. Frankly, I would be shocked at this point if he does not get the belt back. It seems that he has regained all the momentum that it looked that he lost when he came back and didn't win the belt at SummerSlam, so now, he really should get it back.

I liked the 3 matches that started the show, MVP vs Kane in a cage, Jimmy Yang vs Gregory Helms, and William Regal vs Brian Kendrick. All three matches were won by the heels, but they all were well done matches, and all six guys worked really hard. MVP gets a lift with his "clean" win over Kane, Helms and Yang had a soid match, and it looks as if Regal and Dave Taylor will soon be getting the belts as for the last two weeks Regal has scored single wins over London and Kendrick. The eventual breakup of London and Kendrick will soon happen. Trust me.

The rest of the night was spent getting set for Sunday night. Mr.Kennedy did a promo for his "first blood" match with the Undertaker, and at the end Kennedy was showered with blood from the top of the arena. Those two have had decent matches, and the feud has made Kennedy for the most part. Should be a Taker win Sunday, but we'll see.

Finley beat Chris Benoit in a non-title match, which was solid. Of course they had to use Chavo and Vicki to run distraction, which basically does nothing more than builds up their match for Sunday. Chavo has more to gain with the win Sunday, but as for the stupid "estate" storyline, I think its way past done, and very not believeable.

The Boogeyman and his 10 cent gimmick ended the matches for the night with a countout win over the Miz. What a bad way to end what I thought was about the best night of matches we've seen on the show for sometime. I could have done without the return of Boogeyman, and this go around with him and Miz is bad to say the least.

Overall more good than bad, and I think that the PPV is going to be something to see on Sunday, and it seems like they are really putting some solid effort into making this a must see show. I for one am looking forward to it.

I think the Boogey Man is the best character to come around in a long long time. He gives the stale state of wrestling a much need shot of inovation.

The gimmick for the most part has been very cool, but give me a break, he has no wrestling skills whatsoever, and what is going to happen (and we're almost there) when the fans get tired of scared wrestlers and women gets slimed with worms? His character is very limited to say the least.

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