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ECW 11/14

ECW on Tuesday night was also taped from Manchester England, with the show revolving around the brands newest wrestler being brought in - Bobby Lashley. The angle to bring Lashley in was that Paul Heyman opened up the door for a wrestler to come in from any brand to join the six-man elimination chamber match for the brands PPV, and at first it appeared to be Hardcore Holly, but at the end Lashley snuck up, attacked Holly, and took the place as the 6th man.

I like the prospect of Lashley in ECW, and think that his style will fit that of a monster face that can be headed for some main event program down the road with guys like Test and Show. In the end, he is a good addition to the roster, and I am glad that they didn't just throw Kahli into the mix, or even go that route with putting Holly in as a member of Heyman's faction.

Three matches on the show, two which ended with DQ's and the only clear win was for C.M. Punk as he once again forced Mike Knox to tap out in the opener on the program. I am not sure why we had to see this again, as it was basically a rerun from a week ago.

Tommy Dreamer got a DQ win over Daivari when Kahli pulled Dreamer into the post crotch first for a DQ. Not a very strong match, and any sort of push that Daivari was getting is gone with this finish. I hope if nothing else they have been working on getting Kahli ready for in-ring action, as seeing Daivari week after week is already starting to get old.

The main event was a match between Lashley and Hardcore Holly, with interference from Show pulling the ref out of the ring caused a DQ ending that saw Lashley get the win. The faces in the six-man eventually found their way to the ring as the show ended basically with RVD and Lashley facing off, which I don't really get as of right now, but whatever.

A basic show with the debut of Lashley as the highlight. They have got to start getting some other stuff going for the December PPV or its going to bomb bigger than they even think.

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