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Armageddon Post Show Thoughts

WWE Armageddon from Richmond, VA had its share of memorable moments, and being one quick to discredit something bad or give credit for a job well done, I would have to say that the WWE got it right for the most part on this one. Coming off the worst PPV that I have seen in quite a few years with ECW, this PPV had its share of very good matches, great work rate by all the wrestlers, and the gimmick matches made it seem like one of the better PPV's we have seen in awhile.

The Inferno Match with Kane and MVP started things off, and despite the fact you could plainly see that MVP was scared to death working this match, I thought it came across well considering that you knew there was not a heck of a lot either guy could do in this match. This type of match is made for a character like Kane, so it is not shocking to see him win whatsoever. Of course one thing that started with this match, continued all night, and really got annoying at times was the over the top announcing of Michael Cole and JBL. I am a big fan of JBL behind a mic, but on this night in plenty of spots both he and Cole were just way too fake, and I thought it really started with this match and continued all night.

What more could you say about the ladder match than WOW! For sure a 5-star match and one that is going to have plenty of votes for match of the year. Great call adding the Hardy's and MNM to the mix, and it made what looked like a bland tag match that we have seen before to one that I think we will all remember for some time. Of course the real slam of the night was the shot that Mercury took with the ladder on the teeter totter spot. His face looked like he just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. No doubt that was about the sickest spot I have seen this year. After all was said and done, I was a little surprised to see London and Kendrick hold the belts, but man, they deserved it after this one.

Miz vs Boggeyman was about as bad as I thought it would be, and the only thing to come out of the match was that it was nice for the first time ever to see Boogeyman actually sell an offensive move. Maybe he will have a good match in his career before he gets fired again by WWE, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it.

Benoit and Guerrero was another solid match, and I don't know where they are going to take this feud now that Benoit has beaten him a few times on PPV. Unless they do a switch on SmackDown this week or something like that, I don't know how much longer they can drag this thing out. I really felt that Guerrero would win it here, and the interference from Vicki would have been the perfect spot to do it, but I guess not.

Helms vs Yang was also pretty strong, but the crowd was totally dead and it took away from anything this match had to offer. I wish that the crowd would have given this one a chance, because if you watch it without any sound, you would be entertained and realize that it was a pretty solid match. No surprise at all to see that Helms won, and I am beginning to think he's going to have this belt for quite some time.

The Last Ride match was okay, but I thought it under delivered just a little. I am a big Kennedy and Taker fan, and have enjoyed their previous matches, but I think either they were too concerned about the crowd here, or just didn't have it to click on this one night. They had good previous matches, but this one dragged and I thought the high spot that Taker took was pretty lame considering that from the moment that it took place you could tell that the crowd didn't buy it. I just didn't get that big match vibe from this one, and even the blood and near finishes were a bit dragged on. This was not a good way to end this feud.

I won't even really comment on the women's contest, since it was pretty lame. The main event with Batista-Cena vs Finley and Booker was okay, but while the crowd was into it, the match itself was kind of a snoozer, and the ending was sort of under whelming. I think and hope we have seen the last of Batista and Booker working together, as I don't know if I have ever really seen those two have a good match. Even the big match at Survivor Series with the belt change with those two was not very good. I think the match overall did what it was supposed to, but again, for the hype the last two matches didn't deliver like I thought they should.

Again though, this was heads and tails better than that crap they threw on us at the start of the month from ECW, and the ladder match made this thing a must see in my opinion. A solid effort from the SmackDown brand, despite the fact they needed a little help from the RAW side to get it done.

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