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WWE News, Notes & Thoughts

Some recent news and notes this week from around the WWE and the world of wrestling:

* A recent post on Kurt Angle's website states that he has retired from pro wrestling. Word is Angle is training to fight in the MMA in early 2007. While I know that Angle is bitter about the way things ended with the WWE, I don't believe for a second that he has wrestled his last match for the company. I wouldn't doubt a try at MMA, and then for him to be back in a WWE ring before the end of 07.

* I'm not much of a ratings guy, I personally think they are overrated, but this weeks 1.6 rating for ECW has to draw some concern. I know that the overall tone of the company is still hot and cold on the entire ECW product, but for sure some things are going to have to change for the company to make it seem worthwhile to lose money on this project forever. I think that bringing in WWE guys week after week doesn't help, and even my wife pointed out Tuesday that all ECW seems to be is another WWE show with different guys. If as a moderate fan she can pick up on that, then the product is clearly not any different from your usual RAW or SmackDown, which I thought was going to be the point of a new show with new guys.

* One guy that has benefited the most from ECW has to be the Big Show. Show is currently the champion, but has gotten to be on big parts of PPV's for both RAW and SmackDown over the last three months. Currently the plan for him is to be the champ and headline the ECW PPV in December vs RVD. The latest news is that Hulk Hogan is pitching an idea for Hogan vs Big Show in Detroit for WM 23. Gee, I only said that one months ago when we first started this site. It makes perfect sense, and the current roll that Show is on would make him a strong opponent for Hogan. Of course if that plan is a go, you can bet Hogan is at the ECW PPV show in December to start the feud to try and bring in some interested viewers.

* I know that I wrote on it yesterday, but can anyone be excited about the upcoming "No Mercy" SmackDown PPV on October 8th? With a current main of Lashley vs King Booker, you can bet on this being the least watched PPV of the year for the WWE. At this point they really have no point other than to go with it, as with it being just over two weeks away they clearly do not have enough time to get anything else ready.

* SmackDown is pulling out all the stops for its "season" premiere on the new CW Network tonight. Vit has "stepped aside" according to WWE.com to allow the Undertaker (remember him) to go up against King Booker. Of course this means that Kennedy will interfere and then Lashley as well. Also they are bringing in John Cena as he will "thank" Teddy Long for a contract offer, and it states that Long has "something special" in store for Cena. Actually sounds like a SmackDown that I might be able to sit through without yawning.

* Tickets for WrestleMania 23 in Detroit go on sale November 11th. Wonder where those hot $30 seats will be located? Look for WM 23 to be the highest grossing show in the companys history. Reports say that WWE officials are looking at Las Vegas for being the site of WrestleMania 24 in 2008.

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