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No Mercy Shaping Up To Be No Good

In taking a quick glance at what is ahead PPV wise for the WWE, the next thing on the docket is a SmackDown PPV - No Mercy, that will take place on October 8th. SmackDown is still a far cry from where RAW is, and week after week the show tries to establish new stars, and most of the time those new stars either never come to form, or they simply give up on them and go in another direction. This PPV is shaping up to be one of the weaker ones of the year, and a quick look at the top four matches that will take place will show you how bad this card very well may be.

Bobby Lashley vs King Booker for the World Heavyweight Title - To actually look back at Sunday and see a RAW PPV main of Edge vs John Cena, you see how far down this match is compared to that. If Lashley was on RAW, he would be so far down the list he would be in about the same position as Chris Masters is right now. No way does he get the strap in this one, and on paper it does not really even look like that good of a match based on Lashlay's in-ring skills. Should be nothing but an easy win for Booker.

Rey Mystero vs Chavo Guerrero Steel Cage Match - The end of what has been a rather surreal feud with Vicki Guerrero getting involved and what not. The storyline of Chavo turning because he felt that Rey was using Eddie's name to get over is not all that far fetched, and you can sense in the crowd's reactions that they feel the same way. While Rey is still a very popular star, it seems that in the long run, due to Eddie, that no one really wants to boo all that much for Chavo. This should be a strong match with plenty of high spots. Rey should also be gone after this match for awhile to have surgery.

Finley vs Batista - It has been well noted that Batista has not been the same since his comeback on the show about two months ago. While his character seems over, his wrestling skills have gone downhill, and his matches with wrestlers like Kennedy and Booker T have really lacked in energy and intensity. Finley should give him a pretty solid match, but again, this is a match I would not pay to see.

Undertaker vs Kennedy - No idea where the premise of this match came from other than Teddy Long decided it should take place. As usual, a chance for Taker to come on and earn a paycheck at a PPV, and likely get the win against a guy that should get the push, but will probably not. In due time I can see Kennedy going to RAW, but not before he takes a loss in this one.

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