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Waltman Makes His Way Into Ring at House Show

Please, whatever you do, tell me that this isn't going to happen. Sean Waltman, of the late - not so great X-Pac fame was at the WWE DX Reunion Tour house show over the weekend, and even made his sorry way into the ring after DX won its match and did the crotch chop with HHH and Michaels. Word is as of this moment, that he was there as a guest of HHH, and he is not signed in anyway to a contract. HOWEVER, it has been stated that with the WWE brigning back 90's stars that they would not be shocked that he gets another deal to come back and work with DX in some fashion.

I never thought Waltman was that great of a worker, and with his whining mentality in the locker room, I think that bringing him back would be nothing more than a short term solution to a long term problem, which of course is trying to create new stars instead of bringing back old ones. The DX with Waltman was successful, but again, that was 7-8 years ago, and now is not the time to try and relive those moments. The current DX regime has already run its course, and that was shown with the feedback after the RAW a few weeks back with them defacing all of McMahons stuff with green paint.

So sit back and wait, because it seems like when there is smoke, theres fire, and with Waltman at the show and in the ring on Friday night, I would not doubt that he somehow gets another shot in the not so distant future.

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