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RAW 9/4

The latest edition of WWE Raw, on Labor Day, spent pretty much the entire two hours buliding towards the next PPV on 9/17 - Unforgiven. It was a pretty good show, with solid matches and some good lead ins for the PPV. The IC match between Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro was the wrestling highlight of the evening. After a slow start, Hardy has had a few good matches, and you can bet the PPV match between he and Nitro will have a pinfall ending, and likely it will be with Hardy walking out with the belt.

The Higlanders are now the #1 contenders for the tag titles, and that comes as no surprise considering the two stiff teams they went up against. The one thing I don't understand is if they want the belts on the Highlanders so bad, why didn't they do it a month ago at the RAW in Cleveland? The word for the last two months is that they want to break up the Spirit Squad, and again, why they have not, is beyond me. Maybe this match at the PPV, and possible title change, will mark the end of the squad once and for all.

The DX-McMahon stuff was pretty well done, and keeps things in line for an interesting handicapped match at the PPV. They have done an interesting job with the Big Show, using him in just about every way they can leading up to this next PPV match. I guess they want to justify his huge salary. Next weeks Vince vs HHH match at the Garden will be nothing more than a blow off and probable beat down on HHH by the threesome as they get set for September 17th.

The main with the inter-gender tag was pretty solid, and it got very solid heat all the way around. The thing that stood out was J.R. trying to sell the match as the biggest main on RAW ever. I mean, how quickly did we forget the title match where Edge won the title just two months ago? Wasn't that a huge RAW match? Whatever, I know that J.R. is just taking orders, and they are trying their best to build up ratings.

Good show, enjoyed just about the whole thing, and ECW with Show vs DX should be pretty interesting as well.

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