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Smackdown 9/8

The latest WWE SmackDown had some pretty weak moments, and the shows big build up for the main event between Batista and Booker T for the World Heavyweight Title was a complete letdown. I guess it takes awhile, but I am officially on the bandwagon of getting rid of each and every heel needing either outside help or a weapon in order to beat a superstar face. It never ceases to amaze me that as a champion, Booker T will likely never get a clean win, unless they throw him on TV to face a guy like Vito or Tatanka. If you go back and check the history books as of late, even champions like JBL were able to get a few wins without interference or a weapon. Let Booker get a clean win, and if they are going to let him keep the belt, they had better do a better job then week after week of disputed win.

The rest of the show was built on trying to build up what is sure to be a very lackluster PPV in No Mercy in about a month. Ken Kennedy, fresh off the heels of winning the US Title, stated he wants to go to RAW, but instead will now have a match with the "where have you been lately" Undertaker at the PPV. Its interesting that evey Taker appearence has to be this super match with with a stip on TV or on PPV. Sure it makes it feel special when he fights, but it sometimes gets a bit old, as you know each and every time he's out there he will win.

Now they are playing the "woe is me" thing with Mysterio, as he lost to Finley, and then was disgraced by JBL about the whole Chavo situation. Chavo and Vicki Guerrero make a weird combo, and talk about someone who honestly does not look right in a ring - how about Vicki Guerrero? Ugh. Of course we know that all of the back and forth with the two is going to lead to another match at the PPV, which should end the feud and probably end the TV appeareances of Vicki Guerrero. Thank goodness for that.

The Miz - Matt Hardy match was what you'd expect, while Miz gets a push, Matt gets buried more and more each week. With that said, I still think he and Gregory Helms can have a heck of a match at the PPV if they give them enough time. The 6-person tag match was bad, and the Lashley vs Regal was really nothing more than a blow off type match for Lashley to get over.

Back to the main, it looks like now we are going to see Finley vs Batista at the PPV, which is odd considering all along it was supposed to be Booker vs Batista. The only thing I can think is if they are going to go the route of the really goofy main event of Finley & Booker vs Batista in a handicapped match, or maybe some wacky three-way, which would be nothing more than a glorified handicapped match. We shall see. All in all, a pretty lackluster show that is going to have to get some major overhaul before the debut on the CW Network.

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