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SmackDown 9/1

Smackdown this past week had a few surprises, the biggest of which was a new US Champion in Ken Kennedy. It is about time that Kennedy gets a chance with a belt, and now you can look for an upcoming feud with he and Bobby Lashley that looks as if it will lead to a 1-on-1 match at the October PPV. I thought that was pretty much the biggest highlight of the show.

Batista and Booker are going to go at it for the title next week on SmackDown. Interesting booking here, and I think its still a given that Booker keeps the title, only to then have a third match at the PPV with some sort of special stipualtion involed. Some sort of stip may be what this so far lackluster feud needs to give it some spice. Or maybe they just want to end it and get it over with becuase they know that the overall feud has no chance to succeed.

The Mystero-Vicki go around in the open was sick. Again, what this woman is doing in a ring, and why its being done is beyond me. Backstage, Vince McMahon is the man who is calling the shots in this saga, and he ought to be ashamed that he is using Vicki to try and get this thing over. No one wants to see it, no one cares, and the sooner they get it done, the better. Let Eddie rest in peace, and let Rey get out of this feud asap so he can get surgery and get back to a real wrestling feud.

Other than that, they threw more fire on the Vito-MVP back and forth, which appears headed for the PPV match, and the three-way that seems set in the tag ranks looks better in the ring then it does on paper. Next weeks show with what they do with Booker-Batista should be interesting.

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