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ECW 9/5

The latest edition of ECW on Sci-Fi saw an overhyped main event of a handicapped match as DX took on the champion Big Show. The match was done all right, and ended with its normal DQ as Bob Holly and Paul Heyman's cop enforcers of the Bashman Brothers interfered, causing the quick ending.

The show came across okay, keeping most of the stuff pretty much tell-tale most of the night. The opener with RVD and Sabu vs Knox and Test was okay, and it was an Extreme Rules Match, meaning it was able to make Sabu look strong in showing him using the weapons in all his normal spots. Knox and Test are really just big jobbers when things break down, and with Sabu and RVD getting over with a pin over Knox, you sort of get that they are jobbers type impression. I think of the 4 guys in this match, Test will eventually get the biggest push. Kelly Kelly has also become an afterthought. Maybe the booking figured that out as each week they would roll her out to dance, and she would get the most yawns in the crowd each week.

The other stuff on the show included Balls Mahoney vs Stevie Richards, with Stevie getting a rare win due to interference from Kevin Thorn on Mahoney, thus putting their feud back in motion. Can't understand that since Thorn already had a clean win over Mahoney a few weeks back.

I loved C.M. Punk basically punking out that freak Shannon Moore and slapping him. I still think that Punk will be on at least Smackdown by late 06 or early 07.

Again, not a bad main event, continues the set up for the Unforgiven PPV in two weeks. The ECW brand continues to be a lacking third behind the other two, but at least the effort is there.

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