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New Years Revolution Marred With Major Injury to Superstar

The latest WWE RAW PPV took place Sunday night from Kemper Arena in Kansas City as the company presented New Years Revolution. The night will not be remembered for much else other than a major superstar going down with an injury that looks as if it will keep him out of action for at least 8-9 months. The matches were okay, with the highlight being the tag match that turned into a nightmare with the injury to HHH that we will have more on in a moment. The main event between Umaga and John Cena for the WWE Title was okay at best, clearly not a main event that should be repeated for a PPV, and the clean pin win for Cena really means that the program could come to a standstill if they want it to.

There was a lot of build, as to be expected, for the title match, but to me it really didn't live up to what it could or should have been. It was somewhat lackluster, and I'm not sure if each guy was off, but I was expecting a better match than what I and others got. With that, I was surprised at the clean finish, and was expecting some sort of double DQ or something along those lines to have the program continue with a rematch with a stip at the Royal Rumble in three weeks. Now, they can go in a lot of directions with Cena, but even with a clean win last night, they are likely to still have him fight Umaga at RR again just to finish the program once and for all.

On to DX vs Rated RKO. A brutal match with lots of high spots and solid wresting between four foes turned into a disaster as HHH suffered what may be a second quad tear in five years. The spot took place after he came in after a long beating to Shawn Michaels, and was beating on both Randy Orton and Edge. He went for a spinebuster on Orton, and right away you could see his leg get pinned and then give out under him. The rest of the match was really odd looking, since they really had to protect HHH's leg, and you could see from the moment that it happened that it was not a work, as Orton and Edge did not go after the leg.

The end came with tons of chair shots from DX on Edge and Orton, and Orton took a sick blade job with blood everywhere. Thinking about the situation, it was just amazing that HHH was able to continue this match at all, and as he tried, with no success, to put Edge through a table with a pedgriee, I for one was starting to think that he may be okay. That was not the case, as right when the match ended there were doctors and trainers out there helping him to the back. The official WWE website says that right now they are expecting it to be another quad tear, and that he is headed to see Dr.Andrews in Alabama today to see 100 percent if that is the case.

The injury again puts a major dent in the storylines as well as the entire landscape of now what they are going to do with DX. The first thought is a long injury break for HHH means that Michaels will either do one of two things, dissolve DX as a whole, which I think with the money that is being pushed their way with merchandise is not going to happen, or they are going to have to try and scramble and get someone to join the group. Right now, there is no one on the WWE roster that I can think of that would have the character to join Michaels, so unless they bring someone from the outside in, what they are going to do from here is anyones guess. A very unfortunate injury to HHH to say the least, and one that if severe enough is going to hinder and possibly end his career.

The other match of note on the card was Nitro vs Hardy for the IC belt in a cage, which was a solid effort from both men, and the ending was good with Nitro being crotched on top of the cage with Hardy getting out the door. Looks to me like with Nitro telling Melina to call Joey so they can wrestle the Hardy's that we may be heading for a MNM vs Hardy's TLC match or ladder match at Mania. That would be something to see for sure, epically after the hit that Joey took the last time a ladder was in the ring.

The other matches on the card were Cryme Tyme winning a tag-team turmoil match for a future title shot, which was sloppy at best. Chris Masters in a bit of a shock beat Carlito and then laid him out after the match. Mickie James beat Victoria with a DDT to keep the womens belt. All in all, as stated above, the night will be remembered with some disdain for the injury that HHH suffered, and what twist the storylines take after the injury remain to be seen.

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